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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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October 20, 1953
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Approved For'ftIease 2001/08/20 : CIA-RDP57-00384'R 01300200003-5 20 October 1953 *ORAN= PM: Personnel Office STATOTHR STATOTHR laic acquai STATOTHR by letter iv attached, this letter vas ion was She 'P-Vs to wht She had been coni:idenL3 . a of these have written her letters of appreciation, e with her file. 2 pi 5-n mentioned that she kuW Mr. Jaa ess aerrib theap end they of her but say they am not in a position to make co=eat on qualif'i.ca$i.o or character. She apparently has boon very unit a yin her recent job and has submitted her r*si ation, effective 23 October 1953. According her troubles stem from her fooling that the other girls the - . .. _ _ _ _ _.a....._ ..-.--.mot .....9 a- * this A icy. I have tamed to both -: but states that she will. "take anything :.i. the wa;My tervi,e +' and can be :reached at Worth 7-5330 or, tf no es can be 1e:'t at Ebert 2-328, Pxt. 602. Tit R. Z USIT'0t3 LEt General Counsel 1 Att - File on Subject OGC:LRH: eb OGC chrono AppraDW Udir,fWbaWip3d*9li-RDP57-003848001300200003-5 vibes to curry #'avcar with their officer bosses. She hopes for a secx'*terlal job and is presently at the mentio i Bri ie r 00aM ael Louis Fort . ~_ we not celled him. She states she is available at v , ApproveWftI01 \G PA..G384R001300200003-5 ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S):