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December 9, 2016
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September 2, 2000
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March 4, 1947
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Approved For Release 20OW67/25 : CIA-RDP57-00384ROO1300240 -6 GEORGE T. TOWNLEY STUART N. UPDIKE J. HOWARD CARTER JAMES W, RODGERS JOSEPH B. DUGGAN CARL S. FORSYTHE JOHN R SCHOEMER,JR. THOMAS P. TREDWAY, JR. JOHN J. MACCHIA EDWARD M. MAHER 25X1A STATOTHR 25X1A 25X1A STATOTHR TOWN LEY, UPDIKE & CARTER 220 EAST FORTY-SECOND STREET NEW YORK 17, N. Y. March 4, 1947 Mr. Lawrence R. Houston General Counsel Strategic Services Unit War Department 21st and Virginia Avenue, N.W. Dear Larry: sending t by a friend of mine, rewith a letter which q am cr regarding an cati.i made ment to Central Inte gence Group. I have met but I seem to re his name pose North Building. During the war, according to my information, he served for a while with naval intelligence and later was a naval aviator. or poi am not sure that TELEPHONE MURRAY HILL 2-4567 making the intelligence service a lifetime occupation. able chap who has independent mea I believe they are now investigating his appli- cation and if the investigation is favorable, he will probably be called to Washington for an interview. Although I know you cannot recommend since you are not acquainted, I thought if you to know you might inquire regarding the status of application and if any additional information is needed, I will be glad to be of help. When you are next in New York, be sure to stop in and see us. I had dinner Saturday night with. Donald and his French bride and we had an interesting time discussing some of our mutual experiences in F.T.O. and the Mediterranean theatre. CSF:JAR With best personal regards, SA I `8foly yours, Approved For Release 2001/07/25: CIA-RDP5