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December 19, 2016
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October 18, 2005
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%wlApproved For Releaga 1X/ FCA4T [)P 00039A000 030122-0 1. That the Conference is: A full-time 5-day conference of selected ORR officials, Staff and Division Chiefs through Assistant Director levels, dealing with typical management problems and management measures. Such a program was proposed several months ago by (ER, and a preliminary outline was developed for ORR consideration by OTR. After study and modification, the program has been adopted for a trial by the Assistant Director for Research and Reports, with the endorsement of the Deputy Director for Intelligence. 2. The purpose of the Conference: To provide time and favorable circumstances in which the group of supervisory officers in (ER can give thought, individually and in exchange with others, to the management responsibilities which to a degree they share in conzim n: accomplishments, problems and prospects. 3. Vhen the Conference is to be held: 27 February . 2 March, inclusive. The meetings are to be held away from Washington, but no travel time will be required before Monday morning, and, barring foul weather,, none will be required after 1700 Friday afternoon. Full time, including evening work, will, be called for from each participant. 4. inhere the Conference is to be held: At a classified site out of town. It is far enough so that participants will not be pulled back to their desks by minor crises, but can be reached by telephone at any time, and can return to Washington, in case of serious need, in _,less than Approved For Release 2005/11/17 : CIA-RDP58-00039AO00500030122-0 Approved For Releaa"2DB5 Ti- &.;00039A0005 030122-0 24 hours. The site, on which participants will be fully briefed, is not to be discussed with anyone who does not have a need to know. This Conference, the first use of the site for an exclusively DD/I activity, should not be the occasion for a breach of security. You will be supplied an dTR telephone extension through which your office can reach youj transporta- tion by air will be provided to the site on Monday morning, 27 February, and back tjo Washington on Friday afternoon, 2 March. 5. that participants will be called on to do: Essentially, to put assignments on the job into perspective as management problems. This can be done only by the individual participant for his awn job, but the Conference will provide certain exercises and stimulation, among them: a. Advance reading. Slightly less than 600 pages of general background reading are strongly urged for all participants. Book sets are being made available to participants. b. Lectures. Four to six hours of Conference time will be devoted to lectures covering one or another phase of the theory of public administration. c. Supplementary reading. A kit, issued to each member of the Conference, will contain a sampling of current manage- ment periodical literature. d. Exchange of ideas in discussions. Case histories, reading,, and supervisory problems will, furnish the basis for the exchange of ideas and/or prejudices concerning management problems. e. Preparation of study paper estimating the present situation in (R with respect to a particular aspect of management. Total reading time required before the Conference is approximately 12-15 hours for an average reader, correspondingly less for a rapid reader. There will be relatively little free time during the week of the Conference. Discussion and reading can be counted on to fill most of the unscheduled periods. Approved For Release ?PlyY 1 f1 L:IC -_FC jj 20039A000500030122-0