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November 11, 2016
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December 31, 1998
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Approved FdT"~elease :A-00453 RD 100270003-3 Date 1. This is to notify you that the United States Government, as represented by the Central Intelligence Agency, has accepted your em- ployment effective Base Salary: 2. You will be entitled to receive annual and sick leave, retire- ment coverage and such other employee benefits as may be provided by Agency regulations or applicable Federal laws and regulations. 3. As a condition of your employment by the Central Intelligence Agency, you are subject to assignment to tours of duty at posts outside the continental United States. Each time you are so assigned, the dura- tion of the tour of duty will be prescribed in advance and will normally consist of a period of 24 months. You will be required to serve the prescribed period of the overseas tour of duty from the date of arrival at your overseas post of duty unless this tour is sooner terminated by the Government for its convenience or it is terminated for circumstances that are considered by the Agency to be beyond your control. 4. If you terminate your assignment at an overseas post of duty for reasons within your control in less than 12 months from the date of arrival at the overseas post of duty, it is understood and agreed that you will be liable for reimbursing CIA for all travel expenses, includ- ing storage and per diem, incurred by the Government in the transporta- tion of yourself, your dependents, household effects and automobile to your overseas post of duty, and you will pay all return travel and transportation expenses to the United States. 5. It is further understood and agreed that if you terminate your overseas assignment for reasons within your control subsequent to the twelfth month but prior to the completion of your prescribed tour of duty, you will pay all return expenses for the travel and transportation of yourself, your dependents, household effects and automobile to the United States. 6. If you wish to return to the United States for personal reasons during your overseas tour of duty, all travel and transportation costs incident to such return will be borne b;y you, with no expense to the Government. FORM NO. All REPLAC S FORM N0. 51?IOA (Whe Approved or Release nF illedIn 7. Your employment is conditioned upon satisfactory completion of the training courses prescribed by CIA and satisfactory performance of duty for a total period of 12 months from the date of employment. In the event either training or performance of duty is deemed unsatis- factory by CIA, you will be considered for other types of available employment for which you are suited, or your employment will be termi- nated. 8. Your appointment is for such time as your services may be re- quired and available funds permit. Office of Personnel I accept the above agreement as a condition of my employment by CIA. (Employee) (Date) Approved For Release ? 8-00453R000100270003-3