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December 9, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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February 3, 1955
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OGC HA"LYALftase 20,0,1/08/24 CIA-RDP59-00882ROb620002{#'15-8 A*446tant Director for 'Fleroosml etion was, ez 1952, As 1. Year Mors U January 195S. o Uie41y Lwvx1 t. tbs, not v tive ~ rder 1 7?, .fiber 22 Cc sit, Wos s cc? the ; r 14490. U November 1950. At Agency. ce:rta I*xgwW was Inserts to enable a ms. t r sfe. Thereafter. in *es ordesee* voft to the t1 det.x rind tbt, ber.-auso of seety piscft pr?aCCsf., appoint- to have dart rb : a :ge y atti Smcb revi e being vieved as a r ett tre c;,cr.r tell. Up t*, t er 10577. Agewy 3a . with respect to t am-applicability tsized 1 e c+ vse estabs b sa and tgencie wft respect t proposed m v* rder 1G577. s aesat the C" S*r ce rules . eutherfs f ss< er &PP4intmeat Oyotez for tes . t ve service as eta tom4or of after a. At that time we re serked fist the tee *-*" d service .`, at it was defined therein. had rm Approved For Release 2001/08/24: CIA-RDP59-00882R000200020025-8 i Approved For Release 2001/08/24: CIA-RDP59-00882R000200020025-8 es ce Agency. rec m e : th some clerifica tiers, is aboeset some under s di 60 as t re,c . the i coty out personnel ad inWration. The Deputy tk ess#4ant tt*etor for mol and appears to ewer In t c tser to Cbe Daman, of the gwt by r Z Z, 1954, signed t Director e). A r+sadng of LxecuUve #" i r el 10577 curly d*man etr ties that no change was made nor P r c , er*tiou given to the ezprse=ssl c cern c to d in the sfG S toner. s t hut tau to perceive *fty iSAVWge the arse of , i . bole, for wMek "s#4 n it or s y be argued the :may is frt. never, believe t der ; shim to be that the personnel str* tion of this Agofty is +sentupon sst ssssees rtlojimg to s - e*t eontr . "Porvislont dtecU , eta. , *ad not i se for the application s. c ou mio i b o s si sl s s r e. . ffi,rxr..ati ts; tom: rr, tt .~~etitf tho Agency, in the tip fssie. with r the exec order rater tit: s si: or, other e 1 rcetuus t res nAibilities ' not be, s irs t ?r Co mmissioae atitcy. 25X1A9a cc: Legal. Vital Subject. Signer Chrono I the remarks referred to . Our Approved For Release 2001/08/24: CIA-RDP59-00882R000200020025-8