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November 17, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/09/06,:, CI -RDP59-0088 00200370012-4 Mr. Rose Pollock Chief, Career Development Pi gran Civil Service Commission Washington 25, D. C. 5'CIITTCT t Report on CIci Training Doer Ar. Pollocks in reply to your letter of 9 Nove sber 3.955, I f wish to agrees my sincere appreciation for the recognition you give to the limitations which are ieprsed on eat report of the training conducted by this Agency. Ihe training con- ducted by nW, Off ice is directly related to the r i es laid upon the Director of Central. Ihtelligence by the Mational security Council. The training objective* which we strive to meet be simply stated as the preparation of amploy*w of CIA for their current or projected assignments. I feel that I can report on certain expects of Agency train- ing without divulging the operational activities of the AgOM7; however, in doing so I mart request that this report not be given diaaerirwtion, since I an not at liberty to invite lateral inquiry from other government agencies or research gr*ups. The Central Intelligence, Agency has *stab] ishad the polity that all now emplayeear must rwo1ve a gaural orientation as part of the entrance-on-duty procedure. This Office is reopozu i- bl.e for providing the orientation programs required. All new clerical employees are tested on their ak333s. The results of these tests present a partial basis for determining Agency require- ments for clerical training. The clerical exployee is not usually assigned until his skills mew Agency stetdards of performance. Clerical refresher programs also offered for employees who find it necessary to improve their sk'13 after their assigmneat ha# been affected or when addditional, training Is necessary in preparation for s assignments. C TA has recognised the fast that professional employees possess a high dogree, of competence In their fields without having pr.viaeaasly acquired the som do tanco in the techniques of supervision and nanagere . As a Approved For Release 200 00200370012-4 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : ~I4erfl$ 0200370012-4 The r ing is o, t ~a a srr aialish has als weds rem drowitle remits. high pereentoge of their t re vis.ia written town that the can it ease their r+aediui speed an w oheoasan ti tgh psrt.ia:ipatiom in this tftinift grsrm. b 4 s hare "*"4 tip of the avwiw content to seat the rs to of who wsr+ o#a tafttly r,~ with written, XAt i , in le*ei'gn la ages and those w ell primer. with cable traffic. These i tatlans have proved it effective. It is hoped that this that the Central I 411igove Age y does reeogni" the S auce of trams for Its civilian Wei. This Office Is utilia: every ame-xis at its disposal to i ive ianrtre ion notbods and teely a[ 2+eacrts and dias a eta i d course . the policy 0Th/1P/IM :mjz (19 Bee 55) 0 V l - Addressee 1 - Gwmral Counsel 1 - DTR 1-PPS Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP59-00882R000200370012-4