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December 9, 2016
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November 10, 2000
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November 9, 1954
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OGC HAS REVIEWED. M0Rt F?R$ Office of General Counsel SUBJECT: Movement of Household Effects of 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 1. who is presently stationed In 25X1A6a wane. recently divorced and sent home his dependents and apprc iieately 10,700 pounds of household effects in anticipation of his own return to Headquarters. Under the Joint Travel Re -tlons the maximum household effects is permitted to ship at 25X1A9a Qoverneeent expense is 6,000 pounds net weight. Since approximately of the gross weight of household effects represents pscki g, he has already returned to the United States the saaziesnse which the Joint Travel Regulations permit at Hovernemenst expense. 2. After sending his dept home In July,, 25X1A9a obtained a divorce from his wife and then married a staff e4loyee 25X1A6a of the, ae, 25X1A9a 3. returned to Headquarters in 25X1A9a October she states that she has appro'daeately 3sO00 pow of household effects which she has asked the to ship to 25X1A6a the United States. When she first arrived in for her tour 25X1A6a of duty she carried with her only a small one unt of personal clothing no household effects. It would appear, therefore, that the 3,000 pounds she wishes to return to the United States represents the per- sonal belongings of her husband or effects which she has acquired 25X1A6a while in it. We are presented with the question whether Mrs. Virginia is entitled to ship any household effects to th15X1A5X1A9a United States as a result of her own swployseent since she took no effects with her at the time she was originally assigned to the The further question is also present whether her entitlements, f SAYP are merged with those of her husband. We would appreciate a decision from your office on this point. 5. As a scatter of future guidance we would appreciate your ad. Tice as to Just what happens to certain of the entitlements of eaaplofees in the field when they marry one another. At present CIt Approved For Release 2001/08/25 : CIA-RDP59-00882R000300290040-1 PPPP-PP,- regulations licit both single and married personnel to 3,000 pounds of offsets to be shipped to or froze overseas stations at Govern ent expense. If two single persons, each entitled to move 3,000 pounds of affects to and from the field, are warred chile abroad, are their 0atitlenents urged? If sop is the entitlement for the family unit 6,000 pounds or 3,000 pounds? Is the ana er to the question the same if one or both of the individuals arrive at his overseas post with no effects and acquire tit wiile In the field? 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/08/25 : CIA-RDP59-00882R000300290040-1