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September 12, 2001
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December 1, 1956
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Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 I'ROGR S RKKW OF TEE GECGIAMC AREA, on MO NM O F DWMW x.956 .CE OF TRZ CHIEF', G EC RESE.BC nts Caordinsti Activitiers A. Accom~l'Is- -- - et eneav - deacre st,. . ::_t .nS, a . groductiesn in the Ge:ogrephic hResesxcheyii dAar -s g leave during the month, releCti the inroads , e1ce there ;, ~ lesee ned actiVitY in CIA. iequi>`?e~ts related to Ru~Y and Car togmVhy jKvisions o Geeogmphi a timed to occupy the G 1'phY uced coincident with the visit Intelligence t on Kam'"'-r w fierce of Mr. Ncb u to the United 5tat as ~ i t lli n e and the '.hot0- iIIC1Lded studies~' destine ~t,leiY1s Saphic supper o ope' s and chae~ , of The Ge of phy Division a iplete:d u of S, g for the 5 in 22 were for CM., 3 for CCl, 4 I for for C , ecte Were 4 for the Department of Ste 6 A total of 3 i ~ DD/s, and c claponents; this is t First initiated, all, of which were for Agency ect for month in many yea" that the Division did nonats^ reian color the De nt of Smote The HIS Map Cocri v 19 fines a+d. I profs and 8 final maps d1 wing the nth, i ls x 37 projects is . Sum BranCh cow. prof in reproduction. The SPec and accepted requests for 39 map whets and 664 ro`~ 3. The Map Idbrax Division received 2,99W Of 99 these, ra n eed to late d publications fr< m foreign sources. 37% v 1.3$ to the 58Y mA y to AMS , 1.7$ to the ebr of COUB" o f -tic ant of the Interior. Items Cam, 24 were sent. Office of Geography y city plan of R ga; telephones II Oblast psi a 195 interest incl.ueled 1? 6 'ettoOr Of y, ni.a; a st a est for Minak and Kiehl v, a l95 of Yu#'os. w 1a, shsioff ~de for Bnhare stD 6 Chinese ati.ases, a 1956 is of l u O, A tote. n i? direndegctIIicaes atrati ire divisions; and a new Politics" t b e!cl mower to 96 in 15,633 gap Sheets were dis3 ted Sev r, r3+A 5` 4. The Photo ante 7 ence Division c Plant ; GP/1_ . $ Gorki Aim f _ 7L- es Memoranda IGF intealligenc " c tov Aire PfI~9 , r p t ]. Stov A P1aut; G Voro a za Aires Situsatio>ch; e c i .. ~3, eastCh f,----FeO COmcg&htrfxtio na End t CS eval uatiox s Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 EC-~RsE-`~ Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 25X1 C a_.. o aka ttcst~a rote aretation as wed, as indu.4trial photo ft`~*tratgtI a An the MIS Section 1 , Mr er on iOsebmir ; and thre~ nda , one GM GM?'~, The 66 Further presentations of the Industrial Photo Inter ;axetation Course are temporarily suspended, by pressure of works Conai ration in being given to a revi.e3ed, and I.enE~..henei course providing bacy . in tfa~nhiea find t ^+ ,. nit or,.s on p;.,'liicy With regard to veeken ` key. sonnei duty very i-'resented to -t!A- The policy as stated in ORB Ite ation R50-1,41-1_ is felt to r3+ ad clarification and sttexr.:then1ng _. a re is to be = ~*ouate (;up artve Of the coverage of. ease tial ORR functions. distribution of Division won oscis and i si s sibs , Res 1Tn teg review will. be .~ itieeo ate allts of the presented forty in the near future. 9. The failure of several it por'tfint coordinations betvu n the Geography Division and ele nts of the Econaadc Research Arft,jdur ing 1956 points up the increasing need for foxes 00 policy on line coordi. nation of research. The present situa.;;ion, in which coopent ion is fund?i aentally dependent on individual whim, is unhealthy and encourages the duplication of projects, divergence of vievpoiata, and a hayh=ard rather than cumulative advance of essential knowledge. The p>robla will be studied further and specific recce stud tiona deaelo pod. Tables of ni nation arcs position classifications within then U Ar a Division are currently urad,*r critical .ew, ;h the A'd 10- The Chief of the G:20& Division and other Divinion~ Onne 25X1 A concerned. with the, pro jectmet with of M /P and his people to discuss the question of 'iuore selective priorit-.e8 and wor. ka ' 25X1A9A 1?o` will report bads on the .ttmr, 114. A meting of the Arctic Work' ng Group was held dure .ng the ip ' 25X I A9/HDIVI5I rn related activities of other `avs 4~ Geographic Area T the poemts ea c an that are cc tr3buto to Arctic Eese aro! stub-fps were ea? ablished me to =irk up the DD/T- priority objectives on the Soviet Arctic; the econd to act. up a "clearing Operation" for Arctic info ti on a IS. The Staff on Soviet Mapping n :.l igesaace, D/G , concentrate r3 upon Antarctic activities during the Math Including the dn,E.clo nt of Agency vies on the US Outline Plan of Operations, prep ction of a briefing; for the DCI on problems on U; - Antarctic planning (0/I-n0).;` 25X1A2G 25X1A9A Approved For Release 2001/19/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 25X1A 25X1A9A the preparation of an article on Soviet activities for the C =eat Intelligence Weekly, and the briefing of the OCI representative on Antarctic activities for the DD/'r luncheon meeting of the ADda. 13. The Map Library Division furnished 0/fit with appropriate maps for the new course on "The Use of i 4pe for Intelligence Purposes". Samples of various zap projections, scales, grids and other Symbols were selected for presentation during the course and quantities of other maps were provided for class exercises. 14. MIcrofil'ng of Geography Division files for vita,?. Storage purposes c need. curing the month. A system has been achi =.wved -which will. make the reco information completely accessible. 16. ca:t'tographic survey trip to Western :ape was extremely success- . In order to permit full utilization of the knowledge and experience he has gained, the Cartography Division plans to assign him no administrative duties for several months so that he can organize a new Terrain Section and experiment further '4;h the new techniques he has learned. 25X1 A9A 17. Of the Photo Intell.gence Division attended the Eastern Joint Committee Computer Conference in rev York. 25X1A9A O/Ch/Gs~Jmc/535 (11 Jan 1957) 25X1A9A Approved For Release 2001/1.9/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 PSS e o F eey4.; I'm 'As~?.n~' F".ri 4i'r (,3~/? ^. ?;? D/c a ;' ,,ppry q@@ A 81 Y., .. L. ~~.&.:?.3 .~ ~ro;P.,:: 3n ~~-x'3 s?fi,~JS;x~~VM..'~3u,~ rf~e 'Y ~ a C. R3 > .rC:gQla w '':F ~ + a ? "..t~." Ct'',. , f ?t: rA'1 } -"ts, "-.a~..e,.'zr'? ? 33w '' '(r~ m, st FO Lgn d'' et Du ,&-, ~ d x~ .k. a?'.U'""..,::1' ,..a.81,..:C:,.:;.agr 'l~ra~"ia- 3rer~`4v..`'a5:r:~ Duo 'x.4'3 ~`u'?Is hal7a be,= uS ,~~?,F,~'s .3.;." 42. d ^y ^?,pq a Std, x.ia,44 ptk e. 'h+cri s.~ 9 i,:hewmt,rol tj?' tv'r.e'. w..11 i novy h`Y a . `a 1kA L pia of t ?1 a Cis , fs8 t.,3L;>g, E r A '"^3" .i ?:?;po o" ;2s?i So a o the c4:; ".. N .> 29i'.?9 is b 2::'v .' ''s? Approved For Release 2041/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 3 3 V HEMRT FOR TBE CCARTOGRAM D SIDS Month of December 1956 A. Sum r5 v of Ca ? , hic Production and A p li?ah ~a1,? 1. Thirty-two projects were initiated during the month of December in the Cartography Division, 7 were for ORR, 5 for OCI, -1 for the I('.s Office:, 11 for contributions to the NIS from CIA, and 8 for the DD/S. For the first time in many years the Division .id not initiate a new project from the Department of State for an. Wr-ire north. During the month the Division completed 46 projects, 22 for ORR, 3 for OCX, . for 0S1, 5 in support of N , 8 for the DD/S, and 4 for the Department of State. Thirty-seven projects 1 xd In reproduction as of the first of January which represents a considerable increase during the past 30 days. As will be noted in the Branch reports, considerable inroads were mm e into the backlog of work, with production for ORR being particularly heavy. 2. The ![S MaD Coordinator received from reproduction 11 color proofs a 8 final maps during December, leaving 19 finals as 1 color proof to the reproduction plant at the close of the repo: ti. period. assign additional support from Building 11. 3. The Special Support Branch accepted requests for 39 projects and co ipleted 37? A considerable backlog has developed In this Branch during December and with the absence of who will 25X1 A9A be on military leave in January it will probab be necessary to .eaini.stra,tive Problems and Other Activities 25X1A9A I., returned from a TDY in Western Europe at the ed of the Month. From all Indications his survey trip was extremely uecessful and in order to permit full utilization of the knowledge rrf, 1 experience has ,gained, It is planned to assign him no ad- n1wilstrative duties for several months but rather permit him to organize the new Terrain Section and. experiment further with the :, ;gar techniques he has learned from his work with 25X1A5A1 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 i 25X1A9A -- nthly Report for the Cartography Division - December 2.9 56 most efficiently on this project. a, is cooperating with the hies' of the Ca apky Division tiidiec concerned with new staffing patte-m a grade strt ctui s in the Division. The .SDecial Assistant to the : Chief, Geographic 2. Slow but steady pro ?ess is being undee on seal rog in and was assigned, to fill the vacancy. a ne v 25X1 A9A :lZr ' 3. signee" frcm the Euro - rjca cows ilat,on 25X1A9A h during, the month and cde al et his trai a:in ea p r ezsio ,i compiler, has indicated she Will A)D 7 January. !p, Because of the block transfer from the rt y t~ e Ito Cliff in 1947, this Division along with others in the Geographic .a a is plag ied. with undue nu er of fitness reports in December a. early January. It should be recognized that considerable ad- -k se arc portG as requested. Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 n trative time is therefore alloted duriqg this perk to complet1:rsg Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 : R! FOR ; R 6 % No. % Total Con- Total Tuber of T tl a$. Entered Ent 1d. p3e i CMm le, d Area feted Cow Ie OTAS 3% 0 0% ID/1: Zs 7 22% 22 W International & General 9 I 0 0% 4 9% 5 16% 3 7% 11 34% 5 17% mope & Hear Eat Tl CIA 149 100% 42 91% Far East & ITa H ? ye state 0 0 0% Staff 0 .4 9% 6 M. S' [T Y 24 5 22% fps and Chats Entered Now Maps and Charts qwnpl_-ted N ibsr of Prim i rras Complete Nom of PrinU _32 _46 16x571 22 7J,2OO r 60 32 U~76Z 23 2O 817 October 61 45 18993 11.,264 Sip e "be r 29 139 745 .9697 August 79 43 ,9943 24s849 66 :L6.196 268 2i.2 127 57.o 039 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA)DP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 IN mop LAPS AND ORA-Ph cs`NT . , D .CEM 1956 32 for CIA Ord ?~ : _s d. by Ra ueatiii Agency C:A/M 1219e - (1st Rev?) Northeast Ch . . 2553 - (st R 'v-) USSR: Ec no c Ass?tom to S i t Bloc Chi 25762 ba A Nev! Syria and The Near Eeat 25772 - Chico Cost Area 2V73 - K . ahydr Question 25779 - E US z Production of Aircraft Chaab 25`8 ? UWR ve U83 Pro&ctjon of Al i ft, Chart CA/001 13:25 - IIt Rev,) FbI-and: is y & Go'r'e 13215 a `1st Rey'') Y goslfe .ia Party & Gov't* Chart 25775 a Sa1bardt .ssis t C Fae 25776 - mo 3 Korea: Party- & Gov't. Org n? Chart y" Noah -11KOMP, j CIA/km tM. ? ( f Rte) >+.:. i.~Wii.A Pka ~~.w odi c dFi3 e:itii 2574 25765 25766 25X6 257 25769 X5770 25771 25774 - Be f l &1 1 Care 'ao ~ ti s 250924 - (Revised) CIA T : vet Author tion 02irts ra s~ n 25097 - (Revised) 252 40- (Rem sd) CIAf: I (IG Off , ) P5178 , USSR amd. Satellites of State NO Approved For Release RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 -- MRS AND M&P UPMED DECIMER 3956 - Ut d by Re c . s xg & gene for C,. C/R 33830 (2nd Rev. ))y~"0~@' ~?"~ o pg Minas R .R. 2087 e3 (1s id Re r ! WS49, L New Lai Pl"- rj +d E3 .t m P-5,089 r. Est free Season 25 - Moi.,a r Zoe; 25t4 . - US Ra. Cokes, Iron & Stool Pant 25b - (1st ft v.) Sim Soviet 71m de with U n i d led Countries a9 2,5493 (3 R -m-) 5494 .. (l qt 176V-) Sff .e '6' Bloc T e iaai.s is kl Wo 1 25495 - (1=t Rev) stet Bloc & Non B C o' tries - `i .e : 2 496 - ( e. Ravo) 3ano vlet Moan raft with : v e Warld by Area ,1534- Gast Rev,) a 'R x Eton a Asset, to Si no o i t Bloe 621 M s Int egioa 1 Coal Traffic - 1953 25637 - USSR Regisx xl 1) tributio t of Coal Traffic - Chart 25638 "' $R q 4 W if 13 2561.1 nay Chi-nag S ,cool a er cth -, Chart Cam. Chinas Esti i Irks - Chart 250t,9 - Ow, m. Chin . a Mdp g A L wing; in Ports - Chace 25M6 - USSR s Re pi o 1 Vo3 r3 of Oral T fi o, 1953 25729 - Sino Soviet Bloc Trade with Underdeveloped C'c rtteie 257h5 - (Jct. Ch p Di. visions 1 % 2577 - Kwhoir Question (M #2) OT4/ 0I 23i 4o - (3rd R o) C choel t ,s Party & Q Ito 'Pat 13197 ,. O Ran) Alt a s Pct & Govit0 C v t 2,5684 - Outer Kongo is Party & GovIte Mar 251161 c~ei_a a Radio & J aer 0 rrtionee 25715 ~ Fo G a, a r Orgawai, -tion of Ja r' r .s 25716 - L, G n my Radio Jetg Sttjtione 25736 - .F glen ,es of Ja. -M c 4~ ??i.e C.,;?; ;3 2533B - Eo s GNP &. om is C rta 535 - F.- Gear. s i 31n. of Ootra ion barbs 2 . E. Germ'. Pzv&ctim of + i 1o0 Ch* rt 25612 -- Swat. Ka e s Stmad r Bass 25633 - Wo,,~bh Koy a a to m.V J~ A Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 AND PHS `IP`P?E.0 C. 19,56 IF-.s ' :f a .est Ay CXA) 2!02 25093 2'09 9509.5 `i 2 X288 2;289 25290 (RL aefl) CT Travel Authorization Chatts, V a tt as n to as sa if at~a to to TO 51 7; ?o tt tt to is $X 4L3596 - Mw * ?1 t Approaches 13597 - a Ben-wary cht4" 3a PO W4 I.' t y.- coal &;. up -d-Le 2.5214 Chiles E1e t i P E .-- MPS AND Ga' ? IN PRO CTiONN - 31. eceb "w; 191-56 :t 206 . (1st Iev) Basil Pape Si Dam- 13193 - El Sa 1rm dor Stindard Base :3202 - Budget Cart W86 - (3 sheet) L.tin Amer-lea RcRo 1398 - ism s A n0 ,vl is ., 151,53 L V92 - ,x Vey rtm:--r 25030 - loe l Iron are b e 25039- a ineri.1 Ai :it 25081 - (7 `t Rev) USSR: IT n 25,085 - 0 t a Scd'in 2,5o to to VI a Regiong 251 , A &a ? a, wt P sa-,,' .t:.a 19511-55 25340 . El a1 .dor Inge Size Bass 25342 Hordures: Face Sim Base 25347 - S .et .Azvt1 c s Air I)ij1 eet 2'358- of r eaRi c =5349 - it i Air a l tie?; 25352 - tt to c eamirces, 2,5352 - r 25357 - China: tJ ( r P m Lion 2!3 - (1st v) 1g~riag As nine, DiV.1sion Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 M f MAPS AND GRAPHS I REPRODU CTIO - 31 Dc(m s ar ] %6 25408-9 - VV moU it Petri m M43-4 - UCSSf s Coal & Allay Deposits 25539 - Ai ni*u Ad j Djvjs:ia 25540 - u? t g cndemy of StieneeB thra 25,542 25608 - USSR $ New Y-anda * Chi 25609 as if sa g Tronspo; ?t1or 25641-3 'i etallurgy- Industry Charts 25685 Cw aa: vs TJSSRs New Lads A Comu r U on Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 EWWICE AND. REPRODU; 'IC N . C I(1 DURING PAST 6 MOM P-8 Nubber of Completed Months X- Jobs R o 's & is d X Jobs Number a cis1 Jo r 5 7-3 739 69 r -124 74- x108 O obea 171 102 S t bcr 43 96 683. Au st 77 U03684 Jiy 9 63 33 555 5 ic- TTA eepo are -m-n ms" Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-gtDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 p yH P m n; PJ T 6 mm-4 CTAIM State 7 g4 5 37 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 MONTHLY REPORT FOR THE MAP LIHFWRY DIVISION December 1956 25X1A9A 1. Summary of Statistics for Receipts, Processing,, and Dis- bursments of the Map Library Division, December 1956 (on next page), 2n The tapering off of the urgent calls for maps of the Near Fast, together w_th the advent of the Christmad seaso4 contributed to a decreased activity in the Map Library, in most parts, This was reflected in numbers of requests for service, as well as in sheets issued, 34 OTR, was furnished appropriate maps for the new course, The Use of Maps for Intelligence osea, Samples of v.srioua map projections, s cal s, grids, and#o a sy mio were selected for presentation during the course and quantities of other maps were provided for class exercises. In addition, Mr. Barnes,-the now Publications Procurement Officer for Moscow, was briefed on the needs of the Map Library and was given a selection of CIA and ANS maps for the use of the Embassy at Moscow. ., An element of service and use of the Map Library not reflected in the statistics is found in the use made of the collections by ACIC research personnelo They are required, in the course of their research? to fully exploit the Map Library, and frequently do all of their work i.n the collections,, not borrowing the maps for use in their awn offices. For the most part they are interested in recent, large scale special subject maps and recent city plans which have annotations and instal- lations0 5,, The review of map holdings covering the U.S,,ScR~ was completed,, and 425 special subject maps, 650 series sheets were selected Sr aforwarding to the Depository, 6~ Procurement operations continue to yield additional Russian and Satellite materials,, Those received in December include seventeen new oblast maps, a 1954 city plan of Riga, telephone directories for Minsk and Kishinev, a 1956 gazetteer of Rumania, street guide for Bucharest, six Chinese atlases, a 1956 map of Yuglaa showing administrative divisions, and a new political map of India, The gazetteer of Rumania contained an excellent map which is currently being reproduced in quantity for Library servicing requirements. Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 MAP LIRR.AR' DIVISION SU ARV OF STATISTICS - D',CE ^ ER a 9 RECEIP TS (For retentjo,r in `3p Library) M7 a,. Made in CIA/D/GC Specialty Map Sheet's ~^ erics jy Sheets purchases for stock 5,755 3,674 Co From other domestic, srn.arce; 218 0 do From foreign sources 526 688 e o From foreign sources for s to ck TOTAL Atlases and other reference materials 100 T' 53 aQ on a s - c race p an pv_rc sees for stow bo Fx'om other domestic sources co From foreign sources G"aloging Titles bo Special maps - All others 785 C. Series irdex and cataloged TOTAL 10 M O gi , etc. of Reference` 'material ao Atla306 4 bo Riac&- ame volumes 0 co ThablisherQs catalogs 0 do Other reference vo1ufaes 10 TOTAL DI SNITS R t u ao TO domestic establishments N ue.s a T lles i r, To C+IA 986 11,149 2t: To Department of State 162 352 3v To Department of Defense a) De t 135 is 1 par ment of the .&rwyy, 44 b) Department of the Navy 18 2 60 0) Department of the Air Force 43 43?, d) Other components of Defense 30 UL its Other government agencies' 61 305 bo To establishments oversees le To reign Services 3 9 2 a To foreign agent e::s 1 40 TOTAL Atlases and other reference materials ac To domestic es a`o men .6 b T f i 110 681 o o ore gn establishments TOTAL 1 1 Iuformat c i ao ace -name questions 150 bo Other reference inquiries 88 Yr , l.90 9,1129 2181 19 214 15-11 Total, VVoie,?i1' 7 I 316 SheetrJVolun 1? 78 ee30 Re uestolum 10255 1186 923 4243 16, 192 1,9026 3,907 883 32 90 ~'~a ~.. Far RP1Pac X001/10130 DP60-00WR000 -6 ese were separate '} A t:Th, Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 25X1A5A1 25X1A5A1 ? Over 28500 road maps were procured from Other significant items obtained from domestic sources were a new ate of Burma, a map of Salt Domes of the Emba Basin, ULS,S0R0~ 25X1A5A1 25X1A5A1 25X1A9A 25X1A 25X1A 3. Mr. Biggs, Geographic Attache for South America, completed his briefings and departed for Buenos Aires. All problems with ZAGS have been satisfactorily resolved, and it j ppears that Mro Holcroft will do joint map procurement in Central America and the Caribbean area to the extent that his office will allow,, This decision was reached in meetings here., and discussed with the Commanding Oflto r of TAGS in Panama by Ift'Q Biggs. 9 continues his training and map procurement work as an operating member of the 00 office. During the month a was the .,dap l ibraryr for three dayrs$ reviewing activities and developing procurement plans, 100 There were no significant problems in the Map Library during the past montI although it should be recognized that a personnel shortage is anticipated some three or four months from now unless additional folders are forthcoming from St/A0 3 domestic letters; 33 domestic trans- mittal letters; 4 informal. letters; 3 memoranda; I transmittal slips. and U. Inter=Departmental advices of obligation, Approved For Release 2001/10/30 CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 25X1 C 25X1 D Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 at, Di si- a efforts ,montinu to focua on top Priority projects for the DD/I and DD wv Sewn Pho agra is intc1 i ge ce / o nda we three e 3 ati ons w v issaed% MW substantive and technical x ti were hel,d a Work accowq is is noted below by supported, ; , DD/I., :e AD1 i : Special cupport s provided on Projects 70.159 and 7Oo213. - Work is under"y' on Project 72?237 aides in support of Project 72,,204 corncerni. 0 ,.. G,oo, ,p ..c Are.: Work continues on a series of uncoatro e. 1 o ?atR, Econo o Area: Work continues on Southeast China Studies and nne situation report (GP/1 232) and a study of Field Artillery Cone nw rations,, Southeast China Area (C P/Io233) were cou eted 3 trica, i ang lyais s con eted on Soviet Airfzame Plats at Gorkiy (CP/i-226), lorone (G?/1-2130), arkov Rostov (GP/L-229), and Kirov C PI-2283* Work continues < a study of Soviet ROD. Lima (Project 7O252) e Planning began on the utilimation of special photogr is .terk. .s of interest to DA that, will be received for s f. m DD 'm P jftt 72a229.v an aau i of Han on Ore Faci:l.ities,, .,mi o ncs11od for lack. of &dditiowl info ti.on. au CCX: Close liaison constiue a rd sa e . B ets were m .bide on the Southeat China situation ________________________________ !'zip wsists were prowwIded on the current s tne,tianG 'fork conin ss on an extensive study or cunt and current rail cons ruction 232 was issued prow a SouthovAt China Situation ;:wit and GP -233 ? reported. on Field Artillery Concentrations in the outhaut China Area* 25X1A2G 25X1 C 25X1 D 051: :Bison was > imt .ned Project 71*224 conceming a s oieal 25X1 A2G i e 1 ]At3.cxn near Mmsnx 3 s in alien 4rno Work continues on 25X1 A 'rojects 7 ?251 25C 70-7 25X1A2G 25X1 A 11 oi,sts w:-.o pro ova, ain no Ztori.a-lsfl O: zp/S s 226, 223, 229, 230g and 231 present the rem is of d s it rice1 ax l ei a of Airfr of t e~sr y, Se ,to ~ st g ` e r e , and larkov. Work coati men on a n r of other such plaubso Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release . A-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 he DD/P: Work continues on Project 74,.248 A Guide to Collection of Ground. Phatography of Ports and rborae The t ti ora of the FAD Ca ra oonti_nues (Project 70e225) Assists were provided the the al o 22 -.-.__-o .-..a...-...,..., k -&-w r. a a o jec;ry 6OQ 5 25X1 A2G r. - Punt g was begun for the utilization of considerable materials to result from a currant D.D/P pSro ject0 A debriefing of a g rmld. tg foreign tie l was held with DDf asai6bance at the : quest of . a Work continues and liaison maintained on Project 25X1 A2G 70,221 ~w Project ?Oml7l was c elled wd its x4Dv ? -its absorbed into Project 7 c,22l Three 0? e .cations were r Project 7Oo256 was undertaken ii the month and numwous assists Wmeare dew. in support of other OAR** An e .bit and briefing pe ei were provided in support the Intelligence Products eibito The ninth pr t.i.on of the Basic Industrial Photo Interpretation Courne ms colt fete o ' vther pies ntationss temp y suspended by pressure of work, Consideration is being given to a revised and lengthened course providing backgrounds in ogia hie and tactical photo interpretation as well as industrial photo interpretation o 25X1A2G 25X1A2G 25X1A2G 25X1A2G 30rcn sg 3onsi de bie time was spent on strata ve matters pertinent to the B0 I` QN 25X1 A9A 1 25X1A9A a t with (D 3/p) to discuss DD/P support re , -?- the Pacific areau 25X1 A9A 2 ' 25X1A9A ? Wit With in w a area of this Jo R ((CI) to discuss poser ali.gmant Ono 25X1 A9 3, with 25X1 A9A o D to discuss psr~ orn nce re ui ts~ to be levied against a DDT R & D product, 25X1A9A 4 t ith 25X1A9A Ye w 25X1 A9A (DDfP) to discuss the Di. .seionv's con- tributions to a i c . security problem 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 5, Mt With (051) to discuss the orie ,ti,on of electric power grids in the Nisi Tagi area of the R, Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 25X1A9A 6, attended the Eastern Joint Co.ttee Cpateer Conf'erenee in New York to hear so= of the papers presented. and to r:. r the e,bits 4 25X1A9A 7. visits the 25X1A5A1 25X1A5A1 to insect sand testa Platter prior to delivery 25X1A5A1 of the inst nt to the Photo I tei].ig nco Divisiono 25X1A5A1 attended a sfi on the operation of the 25X1A5A1 a st ,,aeopio plotting instr> ntm 25X1 A9A 9? Two wwabera of the Division entered on duty this month: 10 December and 3.9 Decezbera 25X1A9A Approved For Release 2001/10/3 CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 PtO HAMC GENcE D Iw TTATUB OF ACM 31. WCMW 1956 ft__OEM_0_qqLUted t r 1 6 "qtr SubJect fir C SIfIcation X12'/r.22? Oor3 sir% Piiznt I/,fit, Al (Project 7O 253) G?/I-228 s~ .tov M P1 iit I/AR (P-vjec' 70.253) secret Secret GP/I-229 HDFJ v , t om: P it I/Ali t (Project 70.253) sect 4.P/1-230 VOI'Me , . rcm#'t PIea b T/AR set (P ject 70.253) OP/1-231 Mmr* v Al rem-ft Pub I/. Secret #135 (Project 70.253) 25X1 C GP/I-232 ut e t Chum Situation OCI sit-corn (Project 70.47) GP/I-233 el?c. ArU11ery CORCM_ 25X1 C t tion in S.9 CbIm 00- ZI. Project (Projeet 70.247) 1etsa Pmts Due 90. eeter? Date 25X1A5A1 70.7 . .grace Ground pbotograft 7t.7O Gen 061 Open ODOU Cant Proj czit Pa j 25X1A5A1 70-79 ant Aerial Pmt Trapiv 70.159 t PV J 70.205 soviet P - ra t t Oat 3 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Project Title Due 70.210 25X1A2G GetksCBX Opft amt P!tj 70.221 M IM/P 01*4 In Pros 70.225 low Camera Evaumlaon 7I?/P Men In Pie-eas 70.239 Evaluation of CS Pieports Gan Open In Prot ss 25X1 C 70.247 Sl ChIna Si .aticn i s In Pro ss 70.248 /P 0 In Process 'F:+.250 25X1A2G 70.251 Metrical Analysis of USSR Aimra Punta OPM In P k eas 0 In proavas 0 In Pxo eas OP= lit Process 0.252 7O.2;3 25X1A2G 70256 71.10], 25X1 C 71.224. -(-0. 3.8T 72.2D4 25X1A2G 720237 I/AR IDD/P x. /P ,eo jo Power Iflst , onss Chi North rea , Mdpplug In MMMS Area, China special D%Wlatlon sear mMqDVMWS : in 8E China In Process GPM In M In Pzcees Owu In *21s Ogen In Pceas ODOn In Pfteess Open I Proc ss s process Approved For Release 2001/10/30 CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10130: CIA- DP60-00346R000100010013-6 PROGRESS REPORT FOR THE GEOGRAPHY DIVISION December 1956 Corm.leted 'Work M$o geographic intelligence rel-partsp one Section 19 of NIS Chapter I, one geographic intelligence grand , and three C'/I } a xa ada made up the completed work of the Gcok-rap * Division drag L , ce ber. :c ese ere 0-TOR-GR-135 Evasion Geo rap V of AF01 25X1 B ~ 25X1A2G r~rA/Ri CR _ Case K-43-594 NIS 12 Sec.l9, Ch"I CI../Fry-GN-2 C/I-209 'in?f and The Kashmir Question Security Measures Along NIBS Program Self -initiated nm/OI> 25X1 A2G C/I-210 the Austro.lE urigarlan Border Case X-4576 .SA/CPP for DCI 25X1 A9A t /I~2 .1 Cosrnents on AD/RH 25X1 A9A - Project for Power Production and International Waterway in Israel 25X1 B .:41e as:xa~ta c . g a.~f was issued during Deemer,, and th r e e o t h e r geo a p ~ a . j e s a at acepror action (Israeel and Jordan under one cover and Albsnja) g Poland i s been typed and ic'L3..L he sent oar-k. for ncv4n A ~?~~.s,.; G tiCI aa.eti+vt,YBL"*.B.l',AS.~ anavered 25X1 A dated 25 June 19 for a a- Iac an j . ntepretatios Study covering certain desi nated g yeas of terest within the, scop : of a rre ~.ous prepared study, i.e., CIA/N.R.Q. 2 , The Section 19, Chapter I. on Finland met its Decea,r er deadline to The second o ?a~p'aic intelligence m Om d oranddn, The Kashtr 25X1 A Questions, was prepared and pub :.i sh?sd, with ditstriiautiohn ".a~creaas~ d by 25X1 A 56, aercent; over the 44 r t s ire - Uau 1 Uji-20y, Security Measures Along the Austro-Huns tan. a der wail, prepared :i n the E., tern RUM a Branch in r es onse to a sctpa urgent r uestr from The S f" on Soviet p a ing Int gence prepared a Brief on ?. oblon s of U.S. /th: ..rctjc Planninga G/L.210, for SA,/cPP for DCI. Approved For Release 2001/10/30 CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/1 0/30' I- - DP60-00346R000100010013-6 25X1A9A t f"u ,.exits on Pro jec:t for Power Production and an :tnter.tior a1. wa tr-vay in Israel, G/L.2.1U.., wewe pre ?ed in mmorandim t be ant by the Al /"s'H to the Di)/I. 25X1 C 25X1C 25X1X4 25X1X4 Geography D ? eon submitted quirs nts as fol..ows: ?:O Case 1021&3 (St/2 Office Notice 99) (USN) ;1"B' Casa 3.Q3 54 (Viet Nam) ? 3partment of Air Force Message USAI Moscow Not .56-R1-).-C-145,5 (3-3 Dec) ' equireznts (USSR) ques c, to St/I ~l o indicated. inte eat; in f` n of ethnic ,soup In Laos that USIA pro-poses to make 4u'-"a ' nt for data on Fist Gerxz as to GA Br nn , ire exat on Israeli oil pipelines to Std /I . `CSI, Department of A1 , was contacted on mines along the 'J boundary., i;hh.ich is :'or} at on array bea fortda- cobx:.'111 r on an info rna,1 basis, %A req?,zen Tfvass levied on %mestic Px"ocuren e at DACE, "or : final r e-.wort on larapU- :.water +schstnes _m t a info: a:cti.on or, several other led to tkae 25X1 X4 c o~ i sa1?adn o an overall ' "e qu,ireaaenat on- a total of about st:i-r persons q riat aed .y familiar e= ith mapping and All' ,photo -a 25X1 X4 .~.,_. asking r tk r;ra o ?,e Pastors L+,urope Branch and D/GP be a c ed to tntervjew them in person.. sa time it is d _g xt i,a sino el hoped and expected that a m ber of the Geography Di .cioi will be one of `".3']Y.l QCs+'6'P19'A 9! ~er~w .e .R ?,. ....a .a\_ _ a Evaluations 25X1X4 25X1A9A 25X1A D.1 addition to s oa ne of the more r autine eetinCsg mkrine:lr of .' 9E-L , DD/P, were briefed on the Par East mnch needs and bi .itie or fulfilling their requ:i.r euts on Viotninr a 2 -day hrief g was gi i to Mr. Ed Vogel: of AMS for his pro ?e{riaxzt d scion `E o the and i UK Zaca lednavia3 Mr. s was briefed prior to his return to South. eri o a Ueo ? aphic Att chA;; i essre. a gee and T u;.e visited Nias Rhea Zt e, c a , State, do diticu aj her recent trip to the Far East and South Asia, particularly as rer da her obse ati. in Skim and. Nepml. Approved For Release 2001/1010k~ CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 Approved For Release 2001/10/30: CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010013-6 :2ree.;s of Work,Tn?ier tj7a. The following are brief characterizations of work under tray in the individual branches end staffs during December: !.Par East Bench: ntel .a Bean :e production during the month featured ~~ cxa~:,~3.r~t~oz~ and iraasuancm of GIVk~~~~.-GII-29 The Kadtadr Qaa.estimnm 111xial cssn- rr a bttor review ti v s , even Chapter IX, sd S xi ip a3 r Ssl,: anads Substantial prec es ' a _ made on the GO/F cont. ibuti.o'n to Chapter IX., 25X1A2G ;'SS 4`l North Korea,. the Met phase of ~ d the Regional yr C 2'r, a? 11m ;~s ~.?~ of ~a` P ~ar~i,.'~.anet~ Cans ide~x}azb19 t~:~?e eras to pnoble e our ,Ye i ca jf C1 j,) e r U' of tnoa r coon a r:s lm tion to IEEE' ex id ax: a.ppr aiea.l. of rather coa h ng critici ii 1 of-' our paps x' on. Goll activ3 x ation of G h"ix .ese agriculture, a A. ccrrasiderablo "'i'e over the %easS~t'2u The e Sn eF 1nua 6 d ` ' . 4 ?zc tJ t e cp,:tl 3 } lock o M . 25X1 A9A a. i ;ra . of iRx t,tae r?a :y~ c a p.-jded wolcome helpth clex i cad and se i.proxeesion~ 1 chox?a a that had been con etix .ng an unduly" . Large emouat of ...o?ezeion . sc.`cir~e USER W?ork pregre n the &' :1ricb -m me good deept to a i f ~sc:i ~.enc of , y k and annual leave r mid time spent in housekeeping arc tiv.ttiss (t e pr?:tpaaz ati.on of filee for r,zi.cro. .].?,ng, review and r yorgan:Lzation. of 25X1 A2G reg.i.orai. beok~e and erlodica .ay end nap ho].din e) Me Sant ist Arctic Clk P-R-G-15 w nt to Re aroduct~.ions in 25X1A 25X1A2G n completed and ,x?x ra tEli teed to the x~;equ.ea sac The o gw s -e r _...... _ ... a ....u6-lam ~ae completed and e ward s~7 t o C , G for r.eaaiev. Wo ?ks con Linz es can Soviet I iltrs~:.hd:, and r Zen a~ ?*;vision of the Terri trari a N4'dnin+.t t a.t: ` e DijTisi.on c of the USSR, ti ich f ll include a number Of raw it ;rte, is ne 1; ~e?g com72pletiorn, Subjecta are bai ig aau ,rayed for 25X1A2G POBOIWIe u e stern 1 p ,9z Considerable pr3 gees ',r?`as made in seve":r"el direction. d