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December 9, 2016
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March 30, 2000
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April 1, 1957
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25X1 D Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 PROGRESS REPORT OF THE GEOGRAPHIC AREA, ORR MOMS or APRIL 1957 arm% OF THE CHIEF, GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH A. lAcso9p1ishments_tpd_CoorAination_Activitiet 1. The published output of the Geographic Research Area increased aarply during the month. In addition, requests for reference service in the Mar Library remained at a very high level. Major coordinations conAnue to be pressed with regard to collection requirements, economic- aeciiraphic studies, Soviet geodesy and grwwimetry, mapping, photography, and ICY-Antarctica. The Cartography Division completed 59 maps and charts, 56 for IA and 3 for the Department of State. Requests were accepted for 61 mmpe and charts -- 54 for CIA, 6 for the Department of State, and 1 for the ASC. The NIS map coordinator received 32 color proofing jobs and 4 final NIS maps from reproduction, leaving 3 color proofing jobs and 90 final NIS maps. The Special Support Branch ccmpleted 34 maps and charts and accepted requests for 33; in addition, 1 revision and 3 reruns were requested and ccapleted. 3. The Map Library Division received 3,527 maps WA 1,178 related publications from foreign sources. Of these, 41% were retained in CIA, 33% sent to Army Map Service, and 21$ to the Library of Congress. A total of 29,134 map sheets were disseminated in answer to 1,423 requests, Outgoing communications totalled 266, of which 49 related to domestic correspondence and 217 to procurement at Foreign Service posts and foreign mapping agencies. new systZ-oflaentification for D GP reports has been sed t o approval of COG, St/C, and the AD/AR. The first report under the new systeswill be PIM-1, Stream Control and Utilisation in Southeastern Fukien Provincet China c been $ ? o 0 or printErind arirarnadm.- --. - 5. The Geography Division completed one Geographir. Intelligence Review (MR-51 )); five Geographic Intelligence Reports g-16, 21122112: Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00 46R000100010081-1 25X*2g 25X1X7 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 25X1A2g 25X1A2g Ural R 02; GR-105, Code: Area 12 ? GR-106, Cod..2AM Wrwe GR-14k, Urban 215.M,e Ca..112141Ener One OS support job. 6. At the request of the Deputy Assistant Director, CRR, the Office of the ChiefiG devote& considerable time to the preyaration of a paper on the mission of the CIA In coordinating geographic and. *otos, graphic intelligence. and GR-1146, A 8 efe of 25X1A2g and. Gra one 7. The Area yerticipetei in the preparation of 4 briefing on unclassified strategic information which was given by before a panel of Presidential consultants. 8. Several conferences were held on the form anderogremaing of 25X 1 A9 a Unconventional Warfare projects With of DWI) and rerre- sentatives of Arm, Navy and Air Fierce. It was decidei that work should now be re-direeted toward a-countryeby-country feasibility eraluation for the several types of areas in accordance with newly determined criteria. In Carlainai,eddiart.U0E0 drop all stud-Jetts .P4 the current projects; Codea not already in prdereis in DiDC? complete only those evasionegeograPhies that are now well along, and Shelve all Border Studies. 25X1A9a 9. The Soviet Mappie0mOLIntelligence Staff contributed to an NBC review of U.S. policy on Antarctica and the prOgreaS report of the CCB Working Group on Antarctica. :Comments were also submitted to the Legislative Counsel's office relating to proposed legislation to estab- lish an independent Antarctic Comminsien. ,A paper On capabilities in geodesyiiimmimaiamiscartography,aralviem given before the 25X1X7 10. The Cartograreley Division is likely to face a serious las pro- duction problem in the remainder of FY 2957, judging from the degree to which RIS contributors are presently behind schedule. e Concerted efforts to produce great hembers of Sections in the latter Tart of the fiecal year usually causes an intolerable jam of last-minute reeemsts for cartograehic support. Such moo as are 'requested after 15 NIsce will necessitate serious de/4y of hi -priority non-RIO work if they are to be completed within FY 1957. . 11. The Photo Intelligence Division initiated several adminiatrative changes during the meuth aimed at facilitating program devolvement and efficiency. Included is 4 weekly substantive meeting, open to all personnel, at which problems and research opportunities of common interest are discussed. 2 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 SIIPENVIVINIMINeem 12. Effective worlAng coordination with elements of the ERA can- tinned during the month. At the request of Acting Chief/E and the responsible analyst, ORR Project 10.831, R,eonal Distribution of Economic Attivi in Communist Chine, was yarRaZnamments prepare. =warded, tion, geographic analysis was provided in support of ERA atudies on USSR agriculture and on rail traffic flow in the Satellites. 13.IIIIIRIL/GG?.participate6 with the SA/DDI in a aeries of working group called by the head of the Policy Planning Staff, Department of State, to prepare a draft of a revision of U.S. policy on Antarctica. 14. of St/C and of St/I were 25X1A9a briefed on the Oeograic Area in preparation for their forthcoming 25X1X7 tours of duty 25X1A2a 15. D/OG, left on 22 April for a two months' area familiarization trip in Central America and northern South America. 25X1A2a 16. Chief of the Cartogeaphic Lab D/GC, attended the U.S. World Trade Fair Exhibit in New from 24 - i6 April. Con- siderable information on cartographic equipment was collected and is %ow currently being evaluated in D/GC. 17. Twenty Area personnel attended the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers held in Cincinnati tram 31 March through 4-Axwil. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a taur' 18. Several Area personnel attended the tuneday 11th Annual Confer- ence of the Middle Haat Institute at the Shoreham Hotel. 19. 1)/GO, and D/GC, attended the meetings of the Association for Asian Studies in Boston from 2 to I April. eo. of 1)/OP attended the Symposium on "FtemDiscrimination as Related to Military Problem, sponsored by the Armed Forces ERC Committee on Vision in Medford, Massachusetts. 21. of D/GP attended the "Symposium on WADC Infra-red Measuring Program, 1956" in Dayboa Chio. 22. DAG, attended. the Fourth Meeting of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage in San Francisco, California. 0/Ch/G jute/535 (9 Nay 1957) - 3 - Approved For Release 2000/09/1"TeR0346R000100010081-1 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 6111.41?11101memilmi.lilmidlimim MONTHLY REPORT FOR THE INFORMATION CONTROL SECTION ORR/Ch/G For the Month of April 195? .......0,4?*??.?,,u.R.ep 0,4 mg.., .1.1:.4.???4.0,111:WIM0.1.....?..441.10, Countable intelligence materials received, proces- EIEMNTION FILE-ROUTED sed and sent to components of the Geographic Arta. Countable intelligence materials, procesSed and sent on to other components of the Agency., U.,...rni,r7.44.1,1147441.407,410.6, Reproduction requisitions initiated and complet- ed jobs received, .......rocrosegivasiwoemskywrm....,.ore.t4A....sxamit.vrarachis* Purchase orders initiated and items received', warrormon...?????????19111........11 LOANS: Inter-.Agency LOANS: Other Government Agencies MAPS: Received thru D/GG (gvw,ReRuns,Revisions) MAPS: Sent, Primary and Initial Distribution FOREIGN PROCUREMNNT Materials received from foreign sources Materials sent (Foreign and Domestic SENT REQUESTS DOMESTIC MAPS 1493 30,765 151 PUBS 1h0 . 923 -3 sENT IlsufVu FOREIGN US,O0Vf PACKAGES 1),2 PACKAGES FOREIGN 192 n36 INITIATED 153 15 kr? 916 ' 1014 RECEIVED 167 66 P5 A 11_141 qh 621 TTERS ITEMS CIA 143 OTHERS 9010 ITEMS IS AGENCIES_ 3,467 RECfVD RETURNED COMER, LOANS DISTRI. AUTOMATIC 32F534 4 --LIM:- 199T- 3,967 ----X -2315- PACKAGES SENT lamboirantra... 1352 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : Q1A-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 mcarau REPORT Fal THE CARTOGRAPHY DIVISION Month of April 1957 A. Seelaa of CartnipamtlsProduction and Amonallenents 1. During 4rLit the Cartography Division ccepted reqeeats for 61 maps and chat, !:11. for CIA, 6 for the Department of state), and 1 for the ASC. or the total for the Agency, 35 were reqpested by OR, 3 by OBI, 13 for CIA contributions to EIS, 2 for OEE, end 1 for OCI. The 6 reps reqneeted from the Department of State involved 5 for NIS. During the same period, the Division completed 59 maps and charts, 56 for CIA, and 3 for the Department of State. During the month 71% of the completions represented work on the USSR and Satellites, 20% on the Far East, teed 7% on Europe-Africa and the Near Eat. At the closee of the reporting period, 22 items remained In repreduction representing a somewhat mormal situation. 2. The NIS Map Coordinator received 32 color proofing jobs and 4 flnal NIS mane from' reproluction during Narch. Six color proofing jebs and 90 for final printiag remained in reproduction at the close of the month. This is an unusually large number of finele in repro- duction. 3. The Special Support Brunch accepted reeuests for 33 new maps and charts and completed 34 during the month. In addition 1 revision and 3 rerune were reqpested and completed. B. Administrative Problems and Other Activities 1. coT projects of relatively high priority are currently requiring considerable amounts of man-hours in addition to regularly scheduled projects. The eompletion of several UW projects prior to the changeover to the Feasibility studies and a high priority map reqgirement on Indonesia reweeted by the Del are involved. 2. Several meebers of the Division attended the AAO meetings in Cincinnati 1 - 4 April 1957. 3. The Chief of the Cartographic Lab attended the U. S. World Trade Fair exhibit in new York 24-26 April and was able to make a thorough review of products of interest to 1)/OC and secure coisiderable literature in regard to them. NallENNINEPIPP1m1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 'taw 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1X7 %molv Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Monthly Rhpot for the Cartography Division April 1957 4. The Deputy Chief of the Burope-Africa Compilation 3ranch attended a 2-dey Conference of the Middle East Institute in Wait tot 19-20 April 1957. 5. bap completed the initial training phase , of the Agency and the Division and entered on duty in the Europe-Africe. Compilation Branch as of 6 May 1957. Considerable time is currently bel 4. assigned by the Staff of Di= to prepare,specifie requirements for guidance to the OBE Reading 'Panel mad the Information Control Unit of the geographic Area. 6. A proposed reviev of the OCI Handbook fornat involves considerable charges in the cartographic support end will involve a sizeable block of mew-hours in the Division? if approved. 7. During the month, OAD? nnd St/I, were briefed by members of the Division in preparation for their forthcoming assignment IL, The review of management and classification staff studies in D/GC,.although.started several weeks ago, has remained at standstill as far as contact in the Division is concernefl. 9.Seventyfive maps and charts were reviewed, nnd given editorial 0.Ht. Voir distribution during the month of April. 10. A potential production problem in the fourth quarter of FY 1957 is of considerable concern to the Cartography Division. Ac- cording to the lateat information from OBI, mvny the contributors to the LB program are seriously behind schedule at the end of the third quarter. Concerted efforts to produce great rumber of Sections at the latter pert of the fiscal year usually bri s about an intolerable Situation, in the Cartography Division .when last minute requests are made for cartographic support. According to pgreed upon scheduling, all maps requested in support of IS for FY 1957 should be requested before 15 May. Any requests received atter ttAst date will resUlt in serious priority problems in the Division and neeessitate delay on other committed high priority non-BIS work. 411. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA2FiDi560-00346R000100010081-1 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 6111.111011101000 SUM RY FOR itPRIL 1957 % of No Total Com- Entered Etd oleted % of Total Combleted Number % of Total _9A9sAreteleted__ 014: DDIARR 35 57% 10 16% International & General 1 2% OSI 3 4% 21 36% 001 1 Europe & Near East 4 7% NIS. 13 214 21 36% ONE 2 3% 0 0% USSR & Satellites 112 714 mis 0 0% 1- 2% _2g_l_, ....g_ Far East & W. He, ;.vt re 12 20% Total CIA 54 87% 56 95% State 1 Z% 1 2% Stat2ata_L_L_L%_ Natl0 Sc Coun. 1 2% 0 0% 6 MONTHS SUMMARY Month Apra March February January Daosiliber NaTember Tntol New Maps and New Naps and Charts Completed Charts Entered 61 56 79 71 32 60 Wo AllY1134.16118.9001.10MNIN Number of Reruns Prints Co.leted 59 6b890 22 37 12,186 17 98 24,872 23 611. 21,862 23 46 i6,571 12 , U76 ? 23 12C Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 No of Prints 12p701 18,055 16,665 12r964 7,200 MAL_ ' - Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 limPPINEMPRO 0 MPS AND GRAPHS JOTED IN APRIL 1957 Listed by Requesting Agemy &for CIA CIA/ORR 25935 95936 25937 25938 25939 259W 259,41 25942 259123 25944 25945 2596 25947 25940 259t9 25950 25951 25952 25953 25954 25956 25957 25958 25959 25960 25961 25962 25963 25964 25965 25965 25967 25963 25970 '45972 Soviet Bloc: Weather Stations - Latin Lnerica: Boundaries -- Hungary: Paper & Wood Industries ? " Tcztile & Leather " ? " Production -by Total Industry ? " s Value of Product by Industry . Mexico: Oilfields &Refineries . Venezuela: " ColarAbiaT Trinl dad: . Peru: . Argentina: . Chile: . Ecuador: . Bolivia: . Cuba: 0 Chart Chart ..Latin Amricat Oilfields & Refineries . USSR vs US: ProduOtion of Aircraft Chart N n n ri IS . atifina: Name Translation (Sheet ra '45) . v U 0 ( a NI ).7) .. N fl 9 ( a NJ la) . n a n ( p Nli 74) ,., 1 a 3 ( a PA 45) . Zgypt: Relief Map . - USSR: Inland Fleet Capacity Chart U 1 " Additions .. By Type " ? a n R Construction " . n el n GMS3 Additions Chart . n Cement Produc-Uon Chart V 9 Location . raol: Gronth of Water Development . USSR: Railroads, Electrification CIA/OSI 2597h - USSR: Possible Guided MiSsle Range 25975 u . 25976 U a a U.CS Cl SI U 41110?16?11?41. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 9,9114MMPWAms C mAP5 AD GRAPHS EVPUD DI APRIL 1957 - Listed f7 a( Agency 01A/ONZ 1:55,59 North v:tstnem (it Rev,;' 'awe: Vfieldrt, =MIS 11653 - (1st Rev.) Bulgaria: Agrimilture 12628 - (lot Rev.) USSR: Coal Deposits 12717 (let Rev.) USSR: Iniustrial Register Coda HIT 13729 (let Rey.) 'ENSR: Petrolem heeourses 13730 (It Rev.) WM: ReEineries and Pipelines 13e5o (1st Rev)) USSR: Syntbetic& Shale Oil 25534 - I cqillation & GNP aart :551e7 - CzecbosimaV,st Flour Mills & Storage 25578 : Syntactic Fats & Oils 25579 - : Coil Storage & Refrigeration - su;lw Factories & Refineries 25534 .See,h Vietnam.: HosAtsls 5535 F.vancet Tem-in & i!ranaportro:,ivo, CWOCI 25955 - Hoag 8tata (1st Ret7) Indonesia: Petroleum Resources - Location of Ceylon . Fedowaa. .Republie of Germav: Cerasiuntst Vote 2981 , Vghaniztal: Agricu%tural Revorroes 21',4982 & Coal Doosits Indust%,:litl assouraes 1-0.1.oatil. Sem_ tx.aury r.13. 2,5971 AntarsAica: nviorie:ions -64 Claims Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 ?Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 D iLJS AND GRAPHS COMPUTED IN APRIL 1957 - Listed bylisquesting AgenV 1.?. for CIA cuibm 25427 - lissRs Consumption of Sulfuric Acid . Chart 252430 " el n Sulfer . Chart 25431 " LoQation of Sulfer Eines 25'58 . : Investments Under 6th Five Year Plan ...Chart 25759 n Machine Building Cantors 25760 . " (Eastern Area) 25905 Rumania: Invostments Under 1t and 2nd Five Year Plan . Chart 25906 . Industrieal Production under lat & aid Five Year Plan . Chart 25907 n : National Income9 99 61 25927 . USSR: Bessmjannaya Volcano.Kawchatka GIA/00I 1332: (3r1 Rov) 7.3ulgaria: PartyeeGovto Organ. Chart CIAIDDAP 25662 . China: Name Translations (Sheet NH 46) 25683 - (Sheet NH 47) CI S (Revised) CIA Distribution Flou of Documents - Chart ciA/OSI 25600 . USSR: Organisation of SINOP Institute . Chart 25tiol . m a a a a 9 2O2 . " 251103 . II It II n 9 n Z5604 . n 4 /I 9 n n 25145 .,. If to r n 9 9 251436 . n n lk SUNGUL n 9 25W? . tt n t; it n II VW . USSR: Organization of Chemical Industry . Chart 25V)09 - n n u 9 it n 25610 . I/ II U n 9 a 257111 -0 9 n 11 n 9 II 2$612 . R 9 ti 9 9 9 6010?10?Wille Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 , Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 4.0.1110411.1004. ORPPHS COM?LITIED IN .tPRIL 1957 - Listed 1.:;,y Request:Int; Agency ,OSI (continued) 25d13 - USSR t Outline of AGUDZERI Institute . Chart 25828- 25'629 - ? Organ., of Admin. of Bi.Lateral Agreements a I. " " Inst.ltute of Nuclear Research . Chart 25910 3 t AdElniBtration ef OBINSIXOYE Institute . Chart . V It 259Xt . " : Orgnnisation a a a r Sketch a a a n 25912 . a g 25P13 .. Floor Plan ip a a n CIA/NIS 13650 r. (1st Revo) 1,ZSI: Synthetic Oil Refineries 215),26 Co,i iEonoiic & Production Charts 2511P ? " 2 Concentration of Industries 2510,- " aRlief & Summary Maps 251,70 . ? Ntneral Teposits by Province 25h7a - t' on-ferrous Motels 29172 .-, !2 Ft Clemicvl & Fertilizers 25133 .? LLght Netal Ores 21;680 . c' ii Malaria Ereas 25689 - Comma Chiar Ca I Cover Map 2571X . Utivxgez71 a D a et,V93 - Soviet ? to Sinv Soviet Bloc - Chart 2,53694 . Soviet Foreign Traee Ministry Changes - Chart ? Soviet T' 4' with Blec and Non Bloc Areas - Chart 2569( - Soviet Ra.,:m.,!it ',Lrade by Major Cormodities . Chart 25097 - Soviet PoAver Trade with Free World Areas . Chart 25;98 . Soviet Re;.:.-a,f;1 t'rade (Private es Socialised) . Chart 2509 - Soviet Budget Aevennes & Expenditures - Chart 255:00 - Soviet Stata BAdget for National Sconemy . Chart 2,523 - South PacIfio: Cover kap 25924 - Tenganyiktm Co Ter Map ? Deoto of State 25?.60 e, Nigeria: Mineril Deposits 25:16.4 - " nthin3 Cowries on the JOS Plateau 25933 . Location Map e Ceylon q. 6 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 . MAPS Alm GRAPHS fl REPRODUCTION AS OF 1 Play 1951 11347 - (lut Rale.) Finland: Page Site MI; Base 12977 - (let Rev.) Israel: Administrativo /3270 - (3rd ReY.) Hungary: Party & Govt.1 Chart 25300 . (1st Rev.) Radio FaciltUes Dirsoted at Soviat Blco 25353 - Iran.USSRs Boundery Problems 25532 . Costa Rica: Health Centers 25666 . Morocco: Medical Facilities 25669 . Hungary: Ch. I Relief Map 25727 - Ceylon: Administrative 25361 . British Borneo: Petroleum FacilLvdes 25876 ? Berlin: Transportation 25889 . Cenil'al America: Military Facilities 25890 . USSR vs US s Supply of$: Eaergf Chart 25391 - USSR: Production of Energy 25892 . " Gos Producing Areas 25901 . Comp, China: Cement Production Chart 25902 . " " Organisatim of Constructiila 25903 . " " Major Resm-voirs 25904 . R. R. Construction 25915 - Worlds Range of E ffectWeness og Radio Broadcasts 25953 . USSR vs JS s Production of Aircrart Chnr/ *ay 25954 7 1111.110111111.1001= Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 wiVICE AND REPRODUCTION PROOESSIND DURING PAST 6 MONTHS Months Falidaal.1.041.1114?S??!6. February January December Novetber ? Number of Completed X-Jobs 9 a 3 8 35 wx.1 Manhours Required X-Jobp * Number of Processing Jobs 7 Nuviber of Items 34827 53 130 4/027 53 94 758762 160 84 52153 73s069 200 7k9108 h95 531 353?7b5 41.1104011..mi Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 1,1./IPS CLIZ7T3 COMPUTED 711 PAST 6 momp:,..s State 4titteoev Other Novembey) ftzraa..e..naisrmlay4 2 32 Deeembv? - 3? 5 0 January. 0 61. 4.00001...ED mt, March_ 2.5 10 98 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 37 5.9 25X1X4 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 41111111?EREPPIF MONTHLY REPORT FOR VU MAP LIBRARY DIVISION April 1957 1. Summary of Statistics for Receipts, Processings and Disbursements of the Map Library Divisions April 1957 (on next page). 2. There was a continued high demand throughout April for may, map-related publications and reference informations with a heavy concentration on the Middle East, Requests serviced by the Referenoe Brandi totalled 46 more than in the preceding month and items distributed amounted to 5,459 more than in March. There was an immediate active response to the new bulletin board in K Building which advertises the services of the Map Library. An increase for Place Name information was noted from non-IAC Agencies s such as the Department of Justice, the Department of Agriculture, and the Bureau of Standards. Thirty-six new CIA maps were added to the Reference Sample Filee 3. A selection of maps and publications on the following areas was made for the Vital Storage Collection: Afghanietans India, Burma, Ceylons, Nepal, Pakistan, Portuguese ladies and Egypt. 4. Maps of special interest received in April from foreign sources feature material on several East Zone cities; a political map of Poland and a 133-page list of place names keyed to the tap; a 1956 city plan of Szczecin; a 1957 oblast map of Tula; and a 1956 map of the Georgian SSR, 50 Special-subject material from domestic sourcea include CIA map 11546a2, annotated to show the power grid system of Hungary as of 1956; 3 taps and 32 drawings of the NATO infrastructure pipeline - system in Turkeys and other items on the Near East; an ICA city plan *f Kabul; and a city plan of Jidda showing power facilities. Misf1101/14/Filix/10/ Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 MAP LIBRARY DIVISION SUMMARY OF STATISTICS -APRIL 1957 RECEIPTS (For retention in Map Library) Specialty Map Sheets Series MU ...211E Total Map Sheets Made Mde in 01.A/D/bC On automatic Receipt and a. be -75-Y4 3617- purchases for stock 16,960 10,128 27,088 co From other domestic sources 3.713 0 174 de From foreign sources 1,200 459 1,659 ee From foreign sources for stock 829 0 - 829 TOTAL =m7 7572131 Atlases and other reference materials .?71:?&-"1"-WmariTiFireZit-VCIT-xur-C?hases for stock bo From other domestic sources co From foreign sources TOTAL PROCESSING Map Catalogyx a, Specfat maps made in CIANGC leo Special maps - All others co Series indexed and cataloged TOTAL Catalo ng etc, of Reference materials a, be co de 14.888 Place-name volumes Publisher Vs catalogs Other reference volumes TOTAL Titles 706 18 747 21 10 67 Trl DISBURSEMENTS ?1422.8. Requests ,?........... ae To domestic establishments le To pIA 864 20 To Department of State 343 3. To Department of Defense 168 a) Department of the Army 95 b) Department of the Navy 17 c) Department of the Air Force 40 d) Other components of Defense 16 4. Other government agenoies 8.3 b0 0Th establishments overseas lo To Foreign Services 1 1 TOTAL ryW4 Titlesq Total Volumes 5 497 rxri Sheets Volumes 10132. 1607 56 71 761 .P.2.32.1184--a'lumea _ Lait 20 To foreign agencies 7,048 997 812 3,145 20,720 2,404 6,126 111 10683 165 412 122 886 345 19515 72 151 30 Ts-,-54 30051 Atlases and other reference materials 140 683 938 "---iT-Tcidomestic establishments be? To foreign establishments 1 95 148 TOTAL UT 778 17,0Er6 Information 211 so Placeename questions b. Other reference inquiries 172 TOTAL 383 ? alumpemmr. * iTh6a3rani(Fdi-----VT-Rt eaetita-' 32-1570459CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 se.1.1111.11011 25X1A9a 79 had be training and briefing for his nap pro-.5X1A2a 25X1A6a curoment assignawnt i mill contiaae '6ho procurement 25X1A9a in Pari until arrives there0 Who is 25X1A9a ? going to la- also given a 25X1X7 briefing 25X1C 119 OL, and 25X1X4 25X1X4 .25X1A9a 25X1A9a represented ORR in meetings in the offices of the 25X1C At MD/Is request, Domet3tic Procurement continued to support another office in the Agency? * A record ,o4 orta ie .ece'ved &ring t onth0 100 :On 1 April:, assumed the duties of Area Desk Officer for Northwest EltrOplav in the Foreign Procurement Brancho resigned -from the Domestic Propureamt Branch to enter ,the Foreign Servite0 114 Al]. uncatalogued maps in the areap of Scuthoestern Asia and MeXico have :been catalogued* Daring the past two months, tbe Procurement and Processing Branches together weeded out and -cancelled more than 3000 outdated map shpetss, the najority of Tho onGerwlye;Africe, Norway, Belgium, Indonesia, Iceland, and Greniand0 12, conferrpd mIth of the Reproduction Plant, concerning the possibility of faster evrvice on the repraduction of nap outage or and Accession Lista sent by IVOL to the plant* It was decided that the problem could be partia4y solved by changing the method of reproduction Of the Accession Lists from the Multilith process to the use of Togvlar st&mcilso 136 During April, time spent on the Depository woject by Processing vas approximately the equivalent of that of we parson, ralb-tine0 Since ? it is anticipated that a sinilar amount of tiws will continue to be required for the Depository project :NI. the -next several monthso and sinco thare is a-shortaq,e of pemonsa in FrOcessing, many new maps will have to go into the Collection wwalogwd. 140 The Domestic Procurement Breach else hey a shortage of personnel and consequently does not have sufficient time to ite new requirements? 35. Outeoing communiclations totalled 266 for April, the highest monthly total within the past year. 217 Items related to foreign procurement; and 49, to domestic correspondence? Approved For For Release 2000/09/11 : CIORITINWRIMR000100010081-1 25X1A2g 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A1a Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/14-00346R000100010081-1 MONTHLY REPORT FOR THE PROW INTELLMENCE DIV/S1ON MONTH OF APTel. 1957 A. ACCOMPLISHMENTS 25X1A2g 25X1A2g 25X1A2g Noe 25X1A2g 25X6A 25X1A2g 25X1A2g Projects and. Reports a. The Division continues to spend. most of its efforts on top priority projects for the DCI, ID/I and DD/P areas. In addition to work accomplished In eepport of Project 70.159 11111111111111 three Photographic Intelligence Morena were issued and many substantive and technical consultations were held. Work accomplished is noted below by supported unit. 25X1A2g b. DCI, Dra, and AD/SR: Special support occupying the bulk of the Division's effort was provided en Projects 70.159 and 70.210. c. 0.1_Ro,ehicGeArea: A majer effort was made on Project 70.261, relating to Photo eralysis and graphics were completed on three areas and a fourth is near completion. Photography has not been received on the fifth and final area. Reports on each target area will be issued at a ).ater date. Work on Projects 70.259 and 72.204 "North KOI*11/1, Urban Studies" has been deferred Irapriority projects. The requiresent of Project 70.250 and 70.262 11" was deferred and Will probably be satisfied by a study by the Geographic Brenoh. Wiz* on Project 72.237 BIM" has ceased until completion of higher 25X1A2g priority projects and clarification of requirements from the requester. d. L_ORREconomicArea:OFIM/L-2 reports traffic on a railroad. i? the USER for .Projgot 70.257. OP/I-237 "Moscow Air- frame Plant No. 23" and GP/X-211.2 "Moscow Airframe Plant Nos. 30 and 81" were completed for Project 70.253. e. OCI: Liaison continues. several specific items of interest upon receipt of recently flown photography. P114-1 "Stream Control and Utilisation in Southeastern Fukien Province, China" (15roject 70.247) has been sent to OL/PSD for reproduction and dissemination. 25X1A2g f. OSI: Work has been deferred on Project 70.250 and 70.2;111111111111111 pending the arrival of photography and because of the priority of other projecte. The requirements of both projects will probably be satisfied by a study recently undertaken by the Geographic Branch. g. RRLE: PI4/L-2 and additional photglit11111!! continues on Projects 70.221 MO Camera," and 70.248 "A Gad. reports on traffic on a USSR railroad reproduction for Project 70.257. Work 70.256 "The Evaluation of the to the Taking of Photographs in Ports Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 25X6A 25X1A2g Nmoi 25X1A2g 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : ClArliDE6i-V46R000100010081-1 and Harbors." A lecture was eresented to DO, returnees. No further work vas ace lished euriug the month on Projects 70.256 and 70.255 An assist was provided rive. 2oX1A2g h. OrR: An exhibit and brieteg personnel were provided in support of the Intelligence Products ;Wenn and a lecture vas presented to the Intelligence Orientatiou feearse? 2. Ad_e1nistreand3A: Itmeiderable time has been spent on administrative matters pertiuent eo the functioning and program development of the Division. Of sigeifleance has beau the scheduling of a "Substantive Staff Neetine in addition to the regular "Staff Meeting" held each week. The sUbstmaiveneeting which es open to esmbers of the Division vell be devoted largely to the functienire of tha Division and its components and to Photo Intelligence topics of i7Aterest. B. COORDINATION 1, met with of the Naval 25X1A9a Photographic Intelligence center to discuss a Photographic intelligence Training Program. 2. met with and other DD/P representatives to discuss reporting I M IMEMB s for a DD/P project. 3. met within.. of DD/P to discuss photographic problems at an overseas station. vithirr frcel Chief, Geographic Area to provide background on present photograp facilities, pointed out weaknesses in, procurement, reproductieme research, end R & D in the photo- graphic field, and presented some recommendations for lecrevements. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 5. met with Mr. 'NU: of APOIN-1A2 aud of pRaD25X1A2g to got latest availabee information al the (C) Project. 25X1A9a net withrp......111 of Om to armee 6. for DiCIP to receive copies of op Secret Aerial photography and Photo Intelligence Reports. 7. =MEM attended a meeting called by from Chief, 25X1A9a Geographic Area office to discuss the availability or US open source ar-teriats, 25X1A9a C, mrscaumous 25X1A2a 1. 11111p1=um 111MI ateended the Armed Forces ARC Committee 25X1A5a1 on Visi os on as RelAted to Military Problems at . - 2 - 1011?1410111eilibm Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 25X1A9a 25X12' 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/11717M60-0Ul346R000100010081-1 2. attended "Symposium on WADC Infrared Wasuring Program 1956" at Dayton, Ohio, 31.......111 attended in a meetg of the Association of Am can Geographers at Cincinnati, Ohio fran 31 Mirdh through 4 April 1957. 4. Management'Course 5 April. 26 Arp;-11 completed the IOC on 5. tranaferred to the Cable Secretariat on 29 April, :-lnd resivied 26 April 1957. Industrial Branch, completed the Basic -3 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 PROTOGRMAIC INTELLMSNCN DIVISION STATUS OP PROONCTS 30 APRIL 1957 I- ileporte_leted DurLug April 1957 Ewalt Subject GP/I-237 GP/I-242 OPI00.2 Moscow Airframe Plant No. 23 tProject 70.253) ClessiV.catiev VAR Secret Moscow Airframe Plants Nos. 30 and 381 (Project 70.253) I/AR Secret DD/P (Project 70.257) :::=C0/15X1A2g 14; II. rmastgLin Process Due IlkatItA? TM* NMT#01. Date Status open Cent EVej Open Coat Proj 2 5X 1 A2 g Open Coot Proj oven in process 25X1A2g Open Cont Proj open oont proi25X1A2g open IA process25X1A2g Open In Process Opeu Coat Proj Open Coat Proj Open Da. Process open in pmeeen 25X1A2g Open in Process 70.47 Intelligence Ground Photography Gen 70.70 OBI '4116.79 Curreut Aerial Photography Gen 70.159 MCI 70.205 Soviet Photogrammetry Gen 70.210 Gen, on 70.221 DD/P 70.225 18450 Calera kiraluation DD/P 70.239 Evaluation of CS Reports Gen 70.247 SN China Situation OCT 70.248 Guide to Taking Photos in DD/P Ports and Harbors 70.250 OST 70.253 Metrical Ana1ysis of USSR I/AR Aircraft Plante Nap,' 1110100414M111. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 ?4.0, 1itsatsii_09 70.255 70.256 70.237 70,259 w.261 70.262 71.197 72.18T 72.204 7L237 VINISMeregeg Title ftlitst_Lir DD/? MVP DD/P DAM D/00 WOO Skipping in Shanghai Area,,Csina CBS Shipyards in SE China IAISt No. Korean Urbatt Studies DAG Due Date Status OPen In Process (*eh In Process 'en Climt PIN 25X1A2g Open In Process open In Pio ce as OPokil In Process OP= In Process Open In Proumss Open Deferred eVen In Pr0C*8625X1A2g Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 - . Approved For Release 2000/0410140?010MOMP-00346R000100010081 -1 PROGRES REYORT FOR THE GEOGRAPB7 Dn7ISION April. 1957 10 AGO OMPLISITENTS CC*522-etet.0. Production of report:a in final form by the Geograr;hy wan ex- treme4 good for dprilo One Geographic Intelligence Ravie, Axe geographic intelligence repoAs, 1 NIS Section, 6 meiforanda in the G/I, ad G/1 series, and 1 servtce job in Ur::: a/s category, av follows, wera leaueds EM21412E CIA/RR-M-51 Oey.:zraphic Intelligence Review Routine CIA/RG-.16 M; Volga-Ural Region 25X1A2g CO Codes (Area P-12) RQM/OIS 25X1A2g CIAX-GR-106 Co:los (Tibet) R4S/OIS CIA/RR-GR-114 Urtan Area Study; Tomsk TAA/DIS CIA/'R'146 A ,'F:iammary of Estimated Capabilities CaIC for Gon- in Geodesy, Cartography, and franc of Gravimetry 25 April 57 Section 19, Chapter I, Belgium NIS Frogram 25X1A2g 25X1A2g 25X1A9a 4.0 NIS 5 VE.66 Suggested Boundary Representation on American Geographical . Society Map of Europa and Africa k;epartment of 'j.ate for AGS GA-68 Code: Working Group on Antarctica,- OCB G/1-215 The Volcanic Eruption of $0 St/Gc.-5/RR. March 1956 on Kamchatka G/I-218, EvUuation of Recent Czecho- RQIVOTS Slovak Topographic Map Sheets G/I-219 Codes D/up/AR G -220 Garments Relative to Three N/AGM US-USSR Agriculture/ Analogue Reports, by Estimating Areas in the US and ? tICSE RR USSR in Connection with a Soviet Propooal re Aerial Inspection G Approved For Release nowowivrit Iffy 90346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 The Vo4ga4ra3. Regj...on? CIA/RR0,46, analyzes geographically 4 region 14411"1 in Ea'snrifira1i713-ea-GSSICIFoomion1y kion as the "Se,cond Baku" that has become strategically significart as the leading oil-producing region of the USSR ? and that has beet marks6 25X1A2g 25X1X7 25X1A9a 25X1A9a ,raordinary *conomic oroansion since the early World 11 period. One Code and one Cods 1111111 4reas are reported ae 25X1A2g comPlete. Me U.concrtioi Warfare work is reviewed in LC., Progreso 'Work Under Way, tolcref,) cp, o,:coiolott? Urban Area Stu di Toms?i,o is a de- tafled basic st14f of the city, with photographs aad map, 6vering te?rrain, oelentation, tranmport4tion, public utilf.tios, the milltaoy aitueion4 climates, the accomproying rar %.1hows the street pattern ard nanen,' external bouneary of the city, railroad ilme, larger permanent build:lags, and other peotinent data tn nnawer to ROM/WS Case K-21101, A Sommsty of Eotimattd Capabilities in, 'oodeoy,_,;oFto raph- aid Gravimet urrtii--z1-1176--- - ? -----rrid-Thi-plAicl."- -p"tariE2 .4.11 tile thu G,aided Missios IWAolligence Cualuittee, 1AC. Thi a sponsored by l panded by an additional oral presentation by map, given before the Conterenoe on 25 April 1957, prepared suggestions on boundary represontatione for two maps o 76urope? Africa, aod the Middle East1111111111 suppli*d by the American Geographical at th reques of Oeoerapher, Dep tment of State 25X1A9a (G/E-56). G/S-19 preanneA an area parison of the US-USSF relative to an 3oolety, com e i, , ar "Open Skiee problem. Other issuavase were of a routine nature, aper was further ex- 25X1A9a with di One isaue of the GeocYraphic intellioonce Review MR2 -5 is in Repreduction. ? ? .P Co Non-Zcheduled kotivitios The Division sUbmitted requirements aa follows: ORR Oases 1111O3, 11394, 10925, 109I49, 10947, 10436. -ROC 1556, 1551, 15590 . Some timeoas or,ent with D/GC checking data to be sent to in map form to enable our components to supply. us 'with brravriary waurity information. S..4 I Office Notices 110 (OCI) dated 21 April and No. 111 dated 21 Requirements on the Intermtional Hydrographic Conference. RequireuerAts oa a Spanish Returnee. Aequirerants en the international Navigation Congress. The Wear East riranoh's needs for information related to Taplin were de ed ulth Dontaztie Procurqment. - Map procuremer regoiremente for Korea were formulated and tranamittod to D/01, in anticipation of forthcoming trip to that area. An informal requevt wee sent to D/GL for procurement of geologic maps and '.velated data from Greece. :j*.aluations as follows ire submitted: lwo.P.uat3on of orop000d PPO trips and detailed suggestions for additioml trip for D/GL, Nin2uat1on of Lcaicon, of Cit1o6 of the USSR. PVI wao givuo an oral evalotion of MIN interrovatioa reports, Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA7RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 11.0?00?101.E0 25X1A6a March- 25X1A9a 25X1A2g 25X1X7 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 kimo?" C, tasress of Work Under 1.. The following are brief characterizationg of work under way in the individual regional branches and staffs during Aprils 25X1A2g 25X1A9a Isessi Far East Branch: Progress on etheduled production was unusually good during'fri; ssiliiiiIi7TRe106 ME-Tibet) was completed and delivered to the requester. Branch review and minor revision of the Tibet Border Studywas completed, and the draft was forwarded to Editing. Research for Areas 25X1A2g C1-6 and G-22 was completed texts have been drafted and manuscript overlays are readt!. for drafting. Draft of text for the Najin? North Korea', 'cl'arget Study was completed and the mosaic overlay is ready for drafting. Drafting of text for the Geography of Sinkiang eontinued. ? Completed research for to of the six Indonesian areas involved in . PN 6101506 was delivered to DatC for preparation of overlays, and research on the other four areas is in an advanced state of completion,- Loss of clerical assistance in the Branch., with the departure of leave a critical situatink i this respect. Near_EastiAfrica)3ranch: The Branch spent 14% or its time for the month atten'aing,"-aiareltia-is 'and probably as much again with the. lack-of-clerical- help. problem. However, progress was made on the Iraq and Algeria-Tunisia evasion geographies and on the Pipeline Nap Stations projeet? NIS Chapter "X on -Jordan was eom)leted in draft form and part of it typed6 afal-66 was com- pleted for The GM on Israel Water Development has been brought to the final oopy-fair drawing stagea The Branch participated in six 'de- briefings .and two briefings 25X1A9a Euroas Breaths One 4.111111111 area was completed by analyet and overlays 25X1A2g for smother esre in process in D/GC,i Draft text in the lattcr is also complete. Three eourstry MI projects under the new system Were initiated: ? East Germany, Czechoslovakia fk:nd Bulgaria, NIS 15, Chapter XX, io in progress. 25X1C10b 25X1C10b ' of-Austria wae completed in draft forma Assistance was given to ? on a railroad traffic flaw aaloject, Five short projects were completed, 25X1C10b 01110 other Yugoslavia, and three possible Mi Artie/eare in progresa. 25X1C10b USSR Branch: Production for the month me good. The iliolo-Ural Region, a ? SAlar.??14,???????,,,A, ,y,a ? ,44,01,1.1 and the Urban Area Stu Ve Tomsk were publiehed? and .0/1..215? Volcanic' Erution onlranaatg.-' as -reproduced in the Diviaion.and fomardea to the requesteic -FTQiii-erfore WAS concentrated on the -studies on Novaya 7emlya,- 25X1C10b Norilesk, SouthwestaUSSR Territorial.eadminietrative 25X1A2g 25X1A2g Divisione of the USSR, and Code Two areas are in various ? stages of editing; her, a lowepriority- on graphics to accompany them has delayed completion of the studies. Evaluation of one of the three .AFOIN orientation pamptilets 7yracompleted; the other two 14,11 go to the requester 25X1A2g in May.?Gi?1-219? Code and G/I-220? CoMMents Relative to Three US-USac .A.seicultural Anaisigue Reeterts? were initiateZ-elia-&-Fere'Co-dliiiiiiii-tre?saiinr,' - A stu'ai-an-ihe regional agmelimatic aspects of corn cultivation in the USSR ? was also initiated duriag the month. Two articlve in addition to the one atiiia on "Change in Soviet Time Zones" wee initiated for MR-53. Members of the Branch presented lectures on the eeonosaic geography of Asiatic USSR, OTRo Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA3RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/17=1111Z-00346R000100010081-1 %Imo Western HeTiepherelrench: The month was devoted to the final stages of PrUS7776:1470c-Assexismeil of Petroleum Potential in Latin America, And to providing research support to the Cartography Division on three major mapping projeotes The bonndary map on Latin America, the oil taps to :lee company Project 1470, and the Latin American railroad maps that are being changed to conform with suggestions received from the field. In addition, work progressed on the CIA contribution to the Chapter IX of NIS 90 Argen- 25X1A2a tine. was buoy preparing for his departure on 22 April for two months area-familiarization travel in Central and South America. 25X1X7 llaralijoiseAle_andIntelligmee Staff: Intelligence production ahd support was concentrated related to the MSC roView of US polioy and the OCB Progress Report on Antarctica, an well as in the pre- sentation of a paper before the Guided Missiles Intelligence Conference. Other activity included a contribution on an area analysis, e joint project with nG/S, a trip to review an 25X1A5a1 electronic positioning device, and a comparative US-USSR area analysis for an "Open Skies" problem. Coordination Staff; Considerable time was spent on oorrectione to the ChaptTNIS l2, Finland, Which was serato OBI in Mardh. The late ditto review Was necessary because of lack of a person to work. on the. Chapter coordination in the earlier stage. The Chapter IX, NIS 272 Turkey, due at OBI in, April, will not be forwarded before June. Several factors have contributed to the delay; The MIS-MOB contribution was not received until 28 February, 4 months late; the problem of security classification had be resolved between OBI and the Amer; lack of a coordinator. The initial coordination of Chapter IX for NIS 4101, South Korea, has been complet 25X1A2a byeliMMIP who also has the coordination of Chapter. IX for NIS 41A p. North Korea under way. ( is encountering major problems in con- 25X1A2a nection with the MOB contribution,; particularly in the. graphics? organization, and recomeendation sections.) The Section 19 Of NIS 50 Belgium, was forwarded to OBI during April, as scheduled. 25X1A9a itlitlegeekeLReyiew Staff: During April, work of the Staff approached nearer the normal than at apy time during the past 5 months. The most :Age nificant accomplishment was the review and editing of materials for WI, notably GR-146 and manuscript for an oral presentation on the game topic. 2. The Unconventional Warfare Work Several long sessions were held with and representatives of the Air Force, Army and Navy, one of Which was held in the office of the AD/RE, on the new form of the UW activities. In general, results. for the Geography Division are as follows: a. A country by country feasibility evaluation for the several types of areas -- escape and evasion, guerrilla warfare, subversion -- will be made by the Geography Division. A memorandum, dated 2 April 1957, prepared by an informal working group composed of representatives of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, set forth the criteria for area selection that are applicable to both unconventional warfare multi?purpose base areas and evasion and escape r fuge areas. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : ClAiRDP60-00346R000100010081-1 miNIONIMMILT Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 1)0 On the current projects Codes 2770A9a 111111 is willing to have D drop all studies not now in progress, in place 25X1A9a %we strR/as, requested that the Europe Branch prepare material considerable work on this; including investigation with S/TRUFRIEtine for a map; based on timetable sources that he would supply. did 25X1A9a Division of the possibilities of machine tabulation, but there is ne hope for a quick job. s/1R has been informed that the job is too intricate and time consuming for us to complete but that the Europe Branch will be available for consultation on a continuing basis in connection with the project. .ittp Evasion geographies that are now well along will be come, pleted. Starting of others will be sealuated at the proper time. d. Border Studies will be "shelved? forihe time being ee probably cancelled out later. II. RELATIONSHIPS OUTSIDE THE GEOGRAPHIC AREA 25X1A2g 25X1A9a The Division -Chief rtt With AOSI; on the Ge2 Urban Area25X1A2a Program. He also briefed several chiefs of station on the activities of the Geography Division. The first meeting of the ad hoc committee that is to consider including graphics in the NIS Sections 19 was poetponod from 11 April to 2 Eay. Draft of ORR Project 10.831; "Regional Distribution of Economic Activity in Communiet China," we reviewed by the Far East, Branch at the request of Ch/E and the responsible analyst, , Comments were prepared and 25X1A9a forwarded on 24 April. The Far East Branch feels that the coordination achieved on this project rapresents a considerable improvement in professional working relations between A/F and GO/F 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 5X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a prepared a tentative position paper on US policy in Antarctica in relation to Soviet activities for consideration by other Agency personnel?, and he and h d a lengthy discussion of the paper with DD/P repre- eentatiVes and Agency representative to the eriC Planning Board Assistants. While the proposals in this paper were not bought in their en- tiretyedthin the Agency; the substance of them was later incorporated in the progress report of the OCB Working Group on Antarctica and will thus come to the attention of OCB with the possibility that some action may be taken eventually, also prepared an interim revision of Map 2%, Antarctica: Exploration and Claims, for an NSC paper; and prepared a yore extensive and definitive revision, now in work in D/GC; for later and wider dieeemination, reports that commenta were prepared for an incorporated by the Legislative Counsel's office for the DCI ,s response to the Bureau of the Budget in proposed legislation to establish an independent Antarctic Couraission, contributed information for in. corporation into the report by Ch/G for integration into a budget briefing report for the DD/I. Approved For Release 2000/09/11: C1451RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 amilmFmamimbil 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a ?5X1A9a 15X1A5a1 25X1A5944ei 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 %se ifOri/01001#01/* ? Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 DoMbareneet Branch,, Guided Missilep Section, USAF Directorate of Operatione, coneulted the GGA Staff on the problem of (1) availability v. current US holdings of Soviet geodetic data and maps required for US operations and (2) methods and proepeete for collection of Soviet date, required for US operations. was shown the draft 25X1A9a Of a Collection Guidance Manual for Soviet Oso.detic and Oraviietric Materials . and was disturbed by the prospect of delay in its publieation; participated with the SAADI in a series of working group meetings called by the head of the Policy Planning Staff, DepartMert of State, to prepare a draft of a revision of US policy on Atnarctica III. ADIONISTRATION Ten people from the DiVision attended the Annual Meeting of the Associa- tion Of Ameriean Gecgraphero from 31 March through 4 April. 25X1A9a attended the Beaton meetings of the Aesociation for Asian StUdies on 2 through 25X1A9a 4 April end submitted the followeup report of attendanae. left at noon 29 April to attend the Fourth Meeting of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage in San Francisco, galifornia. In preparation for this conference, many meetings were held by him with other components of the Agenoy. attended the 11th Aneual-Con- feeence of the Middle East Inetituta at the Shoreham Hotel 12 and 13 April. articipated in a review of the electronic ground control device at orfolk. who has been orking in the Far East Breech since Deee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!porary'loan baais, ended her work there on 26 April. v - This leaves that Branch in .a critical position as regards cleribal/vemi-. professional help. 111111=111=1.1 entered on duty with the Editing Staff, transferring from the Europe Branch. left on 22 April for two months area familierizatiOn travel in Central America and northern South Americae spent core iderable time preparing for their area familierizetien travel to Europe, to begin in June. left 2 April on a 3-month piesonal trip to Europe. The Division Chief add Drench and Staff Chiefs participated in a meeting called be, the AD/RR for discussion of the draft statement of ORR Career Deve1opment 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 25X1A5a1 are taking the course in report writing problems, given by and report it to be very intereeting. 25X1A9a The Division Chief participated in the Clandestine Service Review Presentation 24 April. Microfilming of the various Branch and Staff files continues. Copies of DiGG reports produced during the first three months of 1957 have been forwarded to Vital Materials. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-IWP60-00346R000100010081-1 4010001114V4910P0 8011011.0110.11t. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 t4ime IV. PROBLEM AND RECOMENDATIONS Far East Branch: The preseure of work on the high priority project on veserSen 3 rq,^Den, Indonesia and the lose of full-time clerical assistance resulting from the 25X1A5a1 departure of underline the chief problem of the Branch -- the need for a full-time Intelligence Alaistant and at least one more geographer. The Indonesia job has necessitated coneentrated research effort by three membere of the Branch, with concurrent slighting of their normal research and administrative duties. The lack of full time Iutelligence Assistant help necessitates the porfornutrico of many routine chores by higher-talaried professionals or the "scrounging of clerical assistance from other parte of the Division -- in itself a time-consumieg procedure. Near_East/Africa Branch : A major development in the area is the emergence of a great power vacuum inVrench Black Africa. Full independence for all French Black Africa is considered inevitable by our hebansy in Paris; French officials estimate that French Equatorial and French West Africa will achieve complete political independence in from 2 to 7 years. The Soviets are moving rapidly into this vaceert: and there are strong leasens for believing they are Interested in the strategic mineral field. The IAC Estimatee program for the third quarter of calendar 1957 in- cludes Sudan, France (including Algeria), EWA, Ghana, and French Tropical Africa. There is need for a firm ORR policy for gathering and processing geographic information from the field and producing significant studies before the area gets so hot as to preclude the collecting of first-hand %we knedledge. *USAF * USSR Branch,: It apTears that in recent years the US Air Force has com- pleteleerlvilieqi the system of numbering and filing World War II Gem n n aerial photography in e WWWW2 that creates a number of serious difficulties. An order for photo coverage brought a shipment without a single print covering the area designated. Sore prints were as much as 50 miles off old "urban" rTarbann reports and ANS maps careailed with the aid of aerial photography definitely established almott complete photo coverage for the area. A second shipment was finally obtained that did contain some of the necessary coverage. The incident raises the question of how each coverage has been lost or mieplaced in revising the system of numbering. Another criticism cei! the new system is that in many instances the new AF numbers have been superimposed, thus completely obliterating the original German identifying symbols parts of mhich indicated such essential bits of information as the dates that the photos were taken. Coordination Staff,: The Staff preeently consists of two people, the Chief and the *USAF Declassfication/Release Instructions On File* Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIAADP60-00346R000100010081-1 #60.1527 V SCHEDUL PiCid For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Project Control Title 1:=i1RE:a?622. if ?Tale flame...WNW In Reprod, Bet. Date Publication May 57 ouna 57 iso.ra hie 60,1501 Geographic Intelligence Review; MR-52 Routine Geographic Intelligence Review, ma-53 Routine ence Re rts (for standard distribution) . CIA'RR-0 61.1211 Geography of Ningaia, Suiyuan, Charhar, RQM/OIS and, Shensi Delayed Open 61..1212 Geography of Sinkiang ROMS *** III 57 66,1257 Status of Latin Anmrican Boundaries Inter Ar ; Ocod.Surv *if* kV' II 57 61.1273 Geography of Tibet RQM/OIS Delayed . Open 62.1374 Northern Afghanistan Self.init, 61.1380 Regional Analysis of NF, Thailand Self-init. *** *** Iv 57 III 57 64.1430 Magadanskaya Oblast Self-init. In abeyance Open A, 66011170 Assessment of Petroleum Potential in Lt.Am. Self-init. 64.11,86 Geographical Analysis of Novaya Zemin Self-init. **ti* *** 11-57 III 57 as Fart of USSR Offense-Defense Perimeter 64,1487 Norilsk Urban Study Self-dmit. ** III 57 Geographic Intellic,ence Reports (for limited and a ecial distribution - CIA R-GR 25X1C10b AFOIN. 4t** Si 69.1189 Intel Collection Manual on Geodesy; Self-init. " Open Photegram. and Cartography 61.1238 Tibet Border Study acm/bis **** June 57 69.1279 Satellite Geodetic Activity elude the Self-init. Open Sofia Conference 25X1C10b AFOIN June AKIN Delayed Open .9 1323 1 i qua of Baic Problerne of (,-odeltic Self-init. **** Open Gravimetry" by Molodinakiy 63.1340 Urban Area Study; Korce, Albania RQM/OIS *** IV 57 - 63.1341 Urban Area Study; Sofia, Bulgaria RQM/OIS ? Delayed Open 63.1342 Urban Area Study: Burgas, Bulgaria RQM/OIS II 58 r?STrir?astTale for symbols Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 25X1C10b 25X1C10b Project Control. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 CIA/RR-GR Continued Title - 61.1357 North Korea Target Study: Chiang:Jim 61.1359 North Korea Target Stud 1 Na in 25X1C10b 25X1C10b 25X1A9a 25X/ 25X1C10b 25X1C10b 25X1A5a1 Contrib. to NI". 1... Gtody, Cartogrspny, oh- .1437 1.1 ,5 6o.1447 61.1448- 1459 Gravimetry Tr-Adm. Divis one of Code: Code: North Korean Target Studies (12 studies) 11111MIMMP Urban ea Study: Stalingrad Facilities of Certain Oil Pipeline Pumping Stations in Middle East o3 62.1k75 1 . 150o Safe Areas in Indonesia .1529 M,Iltivati.on in 1.7SSR Tr-rirriirr?age for aylb016 AFOIN AFOIN RfZeVOIS KM/GIS AFOIN AFOIN AFOIN OMIC A7OIN Self-Init. AFOIN RQM/OIS mmiois AFOIN RQM/OIS AFOIN (SAC) AFOIN *** Research **. Staffa DD/I AFOIN M/AG/RR In abeyance **** *** - Continuing. Continuing Delayed *if* Delayed *** Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Est. Datqr Publicatfl, Open III 57 In 57 June 57 PPaa Open Open Open ? Open II 57 Open Open : Open Open In 57 III 57 May 57 Open July 57 In abeyance. Open In abeyance In abeyance In abeyance Open Open Open Croject _?ontvoi 3.100.k.per Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA- 60-0034&Q1010081-1 Poordination NIS Chapter I Section 19 60.1406 0.1509 0.1510 Go. iii 60.1512 60.1513 60.1514 (0.1515 60.1516 NIS 3: France NIS 39B, Nat, China NIS 22, Rumania NIS 30, Iraq - NIS 6, Luxembourg NIS 17, Italy NIS 48, Morocco Nis 24, Greece NIS 15, Japan 1411DID2:51EILAASEIlien2-211,...22-01.1-21 60.1395 NIS 27, Turkey 60.1396 NIS 4176,. South Korea 60.1477NI _ S , 4IA', North Korea 60.1478 NIS 9O Argentina P 60. 3)1.79 NIS 29m, Jordan 69.1489 NIS 151, Switzerland 60.1481 NIS 31m, Israel ? 60.1482 NIS 77, Panama 69.1483 NIS 34, Afghanistan 69.1484 las 1., United Kingdom Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled EsticiateC. Date -41. OBI NO 57 August 57 September 57 October 57, January 58 February 58 March 58 April 58 june 5B In process June 57 In process june 57 In process Scheduled :ptembe-,r 57 Scheduled Catober 57 Scheduled Nvegter 57 Scheduled Jumueu 58 Seheduled March 56 Scheduled Ap7't138 Scheduled June 38 Approved For Release 200709/11 : GIA:RDPEDU0346R00010001Dutsi-1 25X1A2g 2 1X 4 25X1A2g Project Control ? Geographic 62.1494 62.1495 Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1 Reouester Status 1/ Title Intelligence Memorandum - CIA RR-OM Oil Enter Algerian-Libyan Scene .Growth of Israel by Water Development Geographic MemoranklE21(1 64.1523 Evaluation of AF Orientation Pamphlets Geo ph 61.1214 64.1497 64.1520 randvm 7 G/I Change in Province Areas, China Code: Analysis of selected elev., Semipalatinsk Service Jobe G/S 66.1185 RR Nat of Latin America 66.1186 Survey of Ro.Arctic/Sub-Arctic Research 63.1209 City Plat: GdansX, Poland 6B./316 City P)en: Bucharest, Rumania 60.1361 Intelligence Research on Antarctica 69.1362 Intelligence Research on the IGY 60.1381 Assistance to Office of Training 0-1419 USSR RR _Nal____ 60.1439 Code: MIMI 61.1489 Review of Nap, Evasion, Routes, Indochina #63.1,19 E.Germany RR Traffic Flow Data 1/ Status Initial reeearch etarted. Research 1/3 complete. Research 2/3 complete. Research in final stage. Preparation for reproduction in process. Self-init. Self-init. AFOIN M/Ag/RR C4IIC OSI/RED St/I/RR Self-Init. Self-Init. RQM/OIS RQM/OIS Self-Init. Self-Init. OTR S/TR/RR Self-Init. S/TR/RR Delayed: In abeyance: #: Rom= Numeral: Ent.Date of Publication In abeyance Open **** may 57 * Delayed *** e** Continuing ***a In abeyance Delayed Continuing Continuing Continuing Continuing **c. Nay 57 Open MaY 57 msY 57 11 57 Open Open XV 57 III 57 Open Open ReifipsegerplpffaineSmitlaman Work scheduled but due date and/or other work do not warrant beginnina project. Some work done but higher priority MOTX hae taken precedence. New project initiated during month. Refore to Quarter of the yo. Approved For Release 2000/09/11 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100010081-1