(Classified) Editoral Target List

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November 9, 2016
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October 2, 1998
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100120001-7 iMffiI AiDW( FOR: Assistant Director for ,,.search and Reports .. 25X1 A8a 1. _ weekly Iditorial Target List (obveles sttacbsd) is .rises current taforsstional requirements which have been sub- 25X1A8a Is.itted b 'IAC offices and 'BIA for guidance of Office of Operations,, Central. Istolligsscs AAgency. The purpose of the Target List is to provide 006cific guidance to monitors and editors responsible for the selection of 25X1A8a :eateri a to be published . the Target List is act a complete $ d definitive cos pilatics. of current intelligence objectives, but is rather a priority listing 2 ?CABs of iasedista and short-tern uirsseats. Targets of i>ssdiate interest are wired to the Target List is airmailed. Where the list contains so targets for a specific country,, targets are either aft submitted or are of such obvious sigaificaace that it is naaoeesary to include os the List.., 3. The effectiveness Of the Target List depends in great measure upc vbetber targets received from Intelligence offices are realistic sad adequate. Broad, general targets of manifest interest to intellipscs offices Ire of little valor to eptpsrieaosd editors and norrators rho follow current events closely sad possess a specialised knowledge of their particular arse, or Ooantry of coverage., Of particular wares as target Information a* I. Those it... of special signifioasas Lich si~bt` bee gemeraily overlooked of discarded in the trooI -s of swblection sand, ~ , ..~ . b. Those its which could be effectively *ttlisId to focus wiser Ittention as subjects of icing interest to IAC agencies. k. !br inclusion is the weekly Target List, eonsee*lations should be given by phone or $s writing to Liaison Officer, (Code 3A3, 13577) before Twreday on of each vaelk. ` Additions, +lel tires sad chileages to the pr vioeu List ors invited fro. sill. , Sanitized -Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100120001-7 .. Sanitized, Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100120001-7 25X1A8a SJBJIM. MIditori&I Target List 25X1A8a users Targets should first be collated within the ^ontributtng office to eliminate repetitious iteasaand to id ohe insure that stress is properly placed on the area or J% Departssnt or Agenc rather than individual area k, ~eires to have espbasised. iW is also prepared to accept classified targets at s y time. 25X1A8a 5. It is requested that this anorand~a be given appropriate dissemination within the couponsnt to familiarise analysts and area spsntalists with the purpose and function of Target List. All offices with a need for current fore' radio material are invited. to submit weekly requirraents to Lisisos Office in the smarrsr prescribed above. 25X1A8a - G. CARL! Assistant Director for Ogsratioo.s Attacbmwnt : Samples of TTarga e 25X1A8a Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100120001-7