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July 7, 1998
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July 3, 1957
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Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100490014 116 N IS COMMITTEE MEETING NO. 248 3 JULY 1957 25X1A9a The following were present: Mr. D. J. Clinton Cal. D. H. Smith Mr. J ; A. Minogue LCdr, H. W. Holschuh *Col. Sam A. Carnes Lt. Col., H. K. Avery Present Z July se; s:ion oKU< FY 1958 Production Schedule- l-L'Li/G- p/4 C. State Army Army Navy Air Force, Air Force CIA (Chairman) CIA (Vice Chairman) CIA. (Secretary) The members were handed copies of the FY 1958 NIS Production Schedule dated Z8 June 1.957 which reflecti; the changes agreed to at the last meeting (refer to Item 4 NCM 247). The State rrie:mber said hies agency excpect:~ to substitute three sections on other areas for the three %.vhich were dropped from the schedule on Near East Areas, and to add. some other sections acheduled for. FY 1957 on which State will default. The vice chairman requested the memberf; to submit first drafts of their agerxcie4' proposed production forecasts by 15 July 1957 in accordance with the approved planning timetable (refer to Item 8 NCM 243)., . Key Personalities "titan State member ncdted, hhat the Key Personalities unit for Communist China will comprise more than 800 biographies, which approximates the size of the K?' on the USSR a He felt that additional credit should be assigned to the coat:?ibuting a enc:ies+ for a work of this magnitude. The chairman replied that corxside ration will. be given to the aseii nment of additional credit to the larger KPde in accordance with the policy established in the cafe of the "Soviet Personalities" (refer to Item 9i. NCM i92). ~~~1:,~((s'1 Approved For Release 2000 - 346R000100490014-3 ~,-~ Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100490014-3 'Wwo, %1W T he chairman observed that a great deal of time was being spent in developing a complex institutional directory for the KP's. This in turn requires an elaborate cross-index which further slows down the production of these biographical units. He urged that the directory, if used at all, be simplified so that the major product, tion effort can be devoted to the biographies themselves. The State member indicated agreement with this view, and the Committee decided to leave optional the inclusion of institutional directories in future KP units. The Committee approved the release of Section 62 (Fuels and Power), Section 63 (Minerals and Metals), and Section 65 (Trade and Finance) on NIS 89 (Chile) to the U. S. Department of Commerce in accordance with letter of justification dated 18 June 1957. 5. NIS Contributor Statements The members were handed copies of the revised NIS Contributor Statements (refer to Item 4 NCM 244) for review and final approval at the next meeting. 6, NIS Reference Guide The Committee devoted considerable time to a detailed review of the page proofs of the NIS Reference Guide (refer to Item 3 NCM 247). A large number of changes, corrections, and deletions were made to improve clarity of presentation and correlation with the related treatment in. the revised NIS Standard Instructions. The date of release of the Reference Guide and the Standard Instructions is to be July 1957, and their texts are to be brought into conformity with the language of the revised draft of NSCID No. 3 which is presently under consideration by the IAC. It is the consensus of the Committee that the NIS Reference Guide should materially assist potential and actual users of the NIS. After it has been in circulation for some time it is the intention of the Committee to determine from those who have used the Reference Guide what revisions may be neces sary. Approved For Release 2000/8/22 : C A-RD 60-00 46R000100490014-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP60-00346R000100490014-3 7. Review of NISStandard Instructions The Committee reviewed the page proofs of the revised NIS Standard Instructions and approved the outline guide changes that had been worked out in a series of interagency meetings (refer to Item 8 NCM 247 and Item 4 NCA 246). Changes affecting the Standard Instructions that were made in the review of the Reference Guide were also approved by the Committee. The Committee discussed at some length the question of estimating military port capacity, and decided to increase the cargo handling factor of tons -per-linear-foot relating to standard wharfage from I ton to 1. 2 tons in accordance with the recommendation of the transportation subcommittee that the new factor reflects the present general improvement in cargo handling capabilities. The chairman observed that, since the estimated military port capacity is designed for comparison rather than for operational purposes, the attention of NIS use re must be directed to the 20%4 factor increase so that valid comparisons can he made between port capacities calculated under the old and new methods. a. The State member reported that field review comments for Section. 57 on NIS 13A (East Germany) are due shortly, and that field review comments for Section 55M on NIS 86 (Venezuela) have been received and the section is ready for final processing., He stated that final processing of Section 51 on NIS should begin 25X6A on 8 July whether or not the field review comments have been received, b. The Committee agreed to review Chapter I on Bulgaria at the next meeting. 9:. The next meeting of the NI.S Committee will be held at 1000 hours on Tuesday, 16 July 1957. 25X1A9a Distribution: 8 - 11,5 Committee 1 sea.:YCr, /JIG I St/PWRB .. SAi~P\. /DCi 4 e Ch/G/RR I DD/I 1 D/R/B.i 1 DDIP 8 DIE/BI ApprovddTF Release 2000/08122/'CIA-RDP60-00346R000100490014-3 I AD/RR 5 m OR!' - 3 i ,? C1//.RR