a. Revision of CSI 210-4 by Reports Control/RQM/FI should include the

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November 11, 2016
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February 12, 1998
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00538A000100100009-5 a* Revision of CS/ 2 fellowing; by the 25X1A8 a Chapter rrio Paragraph 4o, dated 23 Jam 195 (C button Indioatnt ), LU Reports Control Memerand $ and other fore of polio, guidanee relating to diatribution policy's and Unit Symbols and Copy Indioatora to b? used in distribution ladders of CS Information Report ltilith masters, should be oonsolidated and simplified eo that thor is provi a single explioit instruction on the prop r use of Unit Synbols and Copy Indicators. Agreement Should be Obtained bet IMP Report Officers, and Platt No. 2, personnel col: $ in o,,ee working out stand disation of Unit Symbols abbreviating all el nts of the Clandestine Servic s (ffeadqearter and Field) ehieh eill eppear as internal distribution addressees in the internal dietribution laddex's. The two CS publioations (Limited Distribution) ehich prev4e auoh gyme bole to the CS organisation should be either used or referred to in accomplishing this. 25X1A8a The use of ax" as a Copy Indicator should be disoontinued. Inate appropriate numerals should be used exclusively to indio te the exact number of copies to b distributed to the addremsoee in both diatribe on ladders of multilith masters as is pr oltly done in the CSAI seri An Ordinary Distribution Copy indicator Ch t of (Annex I, Tab 0)? showing the standard external, exceptional copy distribution Reports Should be provided by quarters Aeports Officers. of Copy Indicators into the distribution ladders the type proposed automatic internal, and formation to all 1.1 ad curate marking f masters by JD /P Reperts personnel, and would facilitate rapid computation of the number of copies to be printed in plant No. 2/f)/LO, (These improvements should establish a simplified and more easily under- stood common language of Distribution Indic tars 1-setre DDP neporte Officers and the 71ant Wo. 2 (DVS) pereonnel responsible for computation of copies and distribution of reports. To obtain compliance from divie pions, nesters containing symbols deviating from those approved by Reports Control should be returned by Plant 2 for correction before printing.) b. The Assistant Supervisor of Plant No, 2 P51)A0 Should be responsible for totaling the nueber of copies to be nrinted of CS Information Report masters. 25X1A8a Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00538A000100100009-5 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00538A000100100009-5 c. Closer coordination between the Chief, and the supervisor of Plant No. 2 Printing Services Division (LO should bring about a oonsultation at least one day each week (for the purpose of comparing the backlog position of CS Reports in Plant No. 2 with the backlog in Reports Offices so as to enable Plant No. 2 to anticipate sta:fing requirements for the next week). d. Considering the increases in the average month17 workload of routine type CS Information Reports since 1953, it would appear that consideration should be given to adding a =diem of two additional personnel in Plant No. 2/FLWOL, if possible, within the present ?ailing. (PSD is current17 studying the personnel eituation in Plant No. 2 with a view to determining whether an increase is necessary in arder to keep OS report production current) 111* An auxiliary or eUhstitute courier should be provided by DV? to supple-i ment the regular -courier whenever necessary and on the days when the regularly assigned courier is absent from duty. -2.. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00538A000100100009-5 25X1 A8a