Management Review of Duties and Functions, FE/2 Administrative officer

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November 11, 2016
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February 5, 1998
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September 13, 1956
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Sanitized - Approved ,Rel;eas ` 4 I L, 25X1A8a hia'', Vtief, , i=Oamgsuant Staff `-Atsa, ee eznt 1e-i.w Of lades tnd ?''aaactieas, P60-00538A000100150001-8 /3" /qs 1. As you reqlie stele orally, we have c+ uctei a _a___3. r Y.4, coot for a recinssifiertio of the c oeition of aa1LAnistr+ctive 25X1A8a0 ficer in the Coat'et was .dee with eesxe. ainsi 25X1A9a 25X1A9alllllllllllllll of the N A :ia. taff; 9r. ?1 Pereona.i veer fir. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a -ad,get; 9`ar. ~ ~-oputy Chief of ~a.nd the iuCabent 25X1A8at,ecordIxw to iuferr tion a athe" ;,aassl;1e orb-ni tionr11;tr t ese 25X1A9a c awes hove tnk-en Ala oe : o w 4-3 C) c; o k n! Qre, . L mr s j gn. 7 he i nc ;bent !P not su }e visaed the ',fief cf upport but receives only technic l #uidAnee from t level. he Branch hte.i his . - ty provide ~' _ -;. aex 2 ..direction for the Incumbent. As o;Wr tea with wider tctitttd.e nd ? ,;r -ter lade; ndence under this :rraa !ent. the two position descrf u- ierns which were review d re,,orted eaPparvision Eros the Aviston kff t oer. 25X1A8a reject r quires intensive aistrat ve liaieon effort b use or its inters>e.tional scope. C) ~+ , reaater a stairsistraytitre a',.rill. O Q ^ ri Co 25X1A8a; A Q . A 2. E.; reariesu Of the ^:at3ea dinclosed that there .is clearly an e1e nt Of 4uaa.lity Of ; rfar.-5ance distinct from the ' ~utaes of the :;ositioa itself, for ton of the indlvic?:,u,is contacted, f're-uently referred back to ~ rnonsl oa.wbilities. +r. the iviaien Ar do 25X1A9a vi`ficer, states that it wor his obzervptioa that the Branch tihler' and -e tty mach ii`,hiaf sore rolactant to &ssign or rellaquish wort: to the f`oruer inc ,bent because of the gras,e of the poaltioa. 3. `t`he other sa.);)ort aeitions d'o aot ;e rr to be 'f`eecteti or ai.- ss':a.ti o l ly or f uucti n l.l., by the obt4gae referred to. "here in a trend to ce itxaliae certain a.civ-Al".l clericv:l adzs:ia functions taut at this Juncture it Is eimad at ccrovidin, rewter sct4wort to ouerr;tiote on the part of it h Adula '>fficarsa by relief fres mechsalcaai 1roc"serss. 25X1A9a Mims 25X1A9a Tianagement Staff1/law (12 Sept. 10,56) e s U d 6L Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00538A000100150001-8 (0) fSrrench ise. The relytive at as of -ree"