Far East Division T/O's

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November 11, 2016
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February 5, 1998
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October 30, 1953
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ST DFOISanitized - Approved For Relea DP60-00538A000100150005-4 Securi:i' ^~~^rl once Memorandum ? UNI b STATES GOVERNMENT TO Chief, FE Administration DAFE: 30 October 1953 25X1 A9aA,.7N Chief, Finance Division SUBJECT: Far East Division `T'/0's 1. The T/O's forwarded with memorandum of 23 October 1953 have been reviewed and the field positions wherein the title indicates that the position falls in the field of activity which is the primary responsibility of the Office of Comptroller appear to be adequate with the following qualifications: 25X1A6a a, ;fission - Office of the SR - We are not clear as to whether this position is in addition to or in lieu of the present GS-11 Finance Officer position occupied by 25X1A9a 25X1A9a In any event we feel that adequate finance support and control for this station requires a more Senior Finance Officer (GS-12 or GS-13) who will be in position to assume full finance responsibility for the Mission. This matter has been discussed with Mr. and others of your division. 25X1A9a 25X1A6a b. We assume that the position of Administrative Officer n Slot /9) is in addition to the Finance Officer for 25X1A2d1 and that this position will be filled by an appropriately qualified and trained Finance Officer. If so, such provision appears to be appropriate and necessary. 25X1A6a c. - - We do not seem to find any provision for a Finance Officer for this Station, although we have a current request for assignment of a GS-9 Finance Officer to this station. It is our opinion that such provision should be included in the proposed T/O. 25X1A6a d. - We assume that Slot #16, Admin. Officer (F-L) is earmarked for an appropriately qualified and trained Finance Officer. Such arrangement should provide needed strengthening of finance support and performance at this station. e. There are a number of other small stations such as 25X1A6a etc., where consideration should be given to assignment o Finance Officers. For the present, however, and in view of ceiling and. budgetary restrictions, we realize that finance requirements must be met through the utilization of "composite positions" wherein the incumbent is required to perform a variety of duties. In such situations, it is essential Security !?.`' r'matien Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP60-00538A000100150005-4 Sanitized - Approved For RICIA-RDP60-00538A000100150005-4 V mm that the person or persons who are to assume responsibility for financial functions be made available for thorough training in the Finance Division prior to entering; upon the assignment. 2. The above comments, have been limited to the field positions of the T/OUs inasmuch as the provisions of the T/Ots with respect to Headquarters staff have been referred to the Acting Comptroller for his review. 25X1A9a FD/I 5:mfh a ormation Sanitized - Approved For Release : C_IA-RDP60-00538A000100150005-4