FE T/Os dated 23 October 1953

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November 11, 2016
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February 5, 1998
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October 27, 1953
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Sanitized - Approved For ~gejle t;oC1A-RDP600538A000100150026-1 Secur MfDRANDUM FOR: Chief., FE SUBJECT : FE T/os dated 23 October 1953 1. This staff is in receipt of referenced document which apparently proposes about 20 technical support type positions for FE field. 2. This staff does not concur in this proposed Tlo as tech- nical support for any conceivable level of operations will be totally inadequate under these conditions. 3. An indication of some of the more glaring inadequacies is as follows: A. Only one man is provided for all technical support of all operations in 25X1 A6a B. No TBS type personnel whatsoever are provided for training in any TSS-type techniques in- 25X1A2d2 0. No provision is made for any supervision of the document reproduction shop at = 25X1A6a D. Only one S/w chemist is provided for the entire FE area in spite of the fact that two are there at present and so overworked that request has been made to train two case officers to assist them in some of their more mechanical tasks. E. All field testing of R&D items is reduced to one man. F. There is no provision for any F&E activity anywhere in the area. It is now being done at - 25X1A2d2 G. The area will have only five photog-lab technicians in the face of a need so great that eleven more have been recruited and are processing. 4. on 14 April Sanitized - Approved For Rel -RDP60-00538A000100150026-1 Security Informatiolt 27 October 1953 ? Sanitized - App vved For ReIO' .cIA-RDP60-Q0538A000100150026-1 Sccurityinforma"&iot1 4. on 14 April 1953, the Senior Representative approved a technical T/O of 69. Since that time there has been an overall reduction of approximately 25% in the FE field strength. Even on the basis of a pro rata reduction 52 would appear the minimum which could provide technical support. Such support was admittedly in- adequate at the time the 69 mn T/O was drawn up, when 58 were doing TSS-type work and nowhere nearly meeting the demand. 5. In the FE area we have the clearest picture of the failure of operation after operation because of inadequate technical support. 6. There have been failures in the past due to insufficient technical and authentication support. The proposed T/O would sub- stantially reduce our present under-staffed capability. C/TSS as the DD/P's staff officer in this activity cannot refrain from calling to the attention of DD/P in the strongest terms, the utter inadequacy of proposed technical support in the FE and the resulting probability of an increased number of operations ending in failure for lack of technical and authentication support. 25X1A9a Chief, Technical Services Staff Sanitized - Approved For R6!EIA-RDP60-00538A000100150026-1 c- rity tnf rmatif,