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December 15, 2016
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November 14, 2003
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October 30, 1958
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CONFIDENTIAL ""_"? FORM NO. 64 Approved F se 2004/05/65: CI -RDP60-005 00100001-8 644'1 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO Director of Training C/Junior Officer Training Program/TR Weekly Activity Report #43 22-28 October 1958 DATE: 30 October 1958 A. SIGNIFICANT ITEM 1. The development of the alternative program for two weeks instruction of the new class of JOT's beginning 1 December has progressed very favorably. As now set up, it gives me the feeling that, in the long run, it will be more effective for our purposes than the originally planned American Outlook class. (This signifi- cant development is stated here as a part of the record of the JOT Office). B. NORMAL ACTIVITIES 25X1 1, has worked out a plan whereby in the n ew buildin room an ment ha g unc eare d thus not be d not been de OT candidates will have a separate wai exposed to classified material. This cided on although the problem had been ting arrange- raised over a year ago. 25 25X1 2, discussed various aspects of the new Pro gram with the sta raised. ff of JOTP and answered numerous questions that had No points of misunderstanding developed. been 3. It is worth reporting thati has kept the JOTP 25 staff promptly and well informed on a pmen ts in coordi nating the new program. We appreciate his spirit of whole hearted cooperation. 25X1 4, reports that an Analyst from OCR was the one candidate this past week for the Internal Program. Although he does not at this moment appear as a strong candidate, JOTP will defer decision until after PETB results are received. 5. The assessments of 26 JOTis evaluated in July, August, and September have been received and are now being studied by the appropriate members of the JOTP Staff.. Document No. OD Date :1 Ha,?A MIS Approved For Release 2004/05/05 A-RDP&M$944 .Et10^^^,...,.,r 4- 20- 3 Class. C_.. TS S 77 NO CHANGE in C7_as2. ^ DECLAS:" _ 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 COE MIST Approved FoSse 2004/05/05 : 1A-RDP60-005100100001-8 6. For the sake of convenience and in order to answer questions dealing with the history of the JOT Program which seem to keep cropping up, we have made thermofax copies of some of the basic documents, the originals of which have been kept in other offices or sent to Archives. We find now that these copies are beginning to turn black and will before long be illegible. While the thermofax process is suitable for temporary use, it apparently is not satisfactory for making permanent copies of important materials. It is suggested, therefore, that where it is desirable to make permanent copies,. facilities be made available for the use of another duplicating method such as that one used for the Office of Personnel. 7. The program for training has been worked out in coo ration with SR Division* He ZIT-r-eport immediately to SRII remain there until next September when he will begin study of intensive Russian. This follows the arrangements originally worked out with Mr. Karamessines when 8. decided to return to CIA. (internal) has been accepted for the Career Staff. 9. Interviews were held with 16 JOT's. 10. Fourteen candidates were interviewed for the external phase of the Program. 11. One file was received and an action was cut on it. 12. Temporary Actions: 13. duty. C. PERSONNEL NOTES (have entered on 1. now attending the IOC has been chosen for a teaching job with S/TR. will report for -A I her job on Friday. 25 25 25 25X1 2? has informed us that his divorce was effective on 3 July 19 ,r and that his marriage (Finance 25 Division) took place on 8 August 1958. Approved For Release 2004/05:CIA-RDP60-00594A000400100001-8 CGRINDFAIIAL Approved F:ose 2004/05/05: IA-RDP60-005&000100001-8 WIFIDEN1 25X1 3. Q of the Internal Program has suddenly notified us of his intention to resign in order to accept a position in the Junior Executive Training Program of the Southern Railway in Washington. D. TROUBLESOME MATTERS Nothing to report. 25 Approved For Release 2004/05/g5: CIA-fM9#A000400100001-8 f