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November 17, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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Approved For Release 200U08/22 : CIA ~ 000100180015-2 OVERr PRTNEL ?pI Tow The Chief, Personnel Division (overt), is responsible for administering an active and complete personnel program servicing overt activities of the Agency and the National Security Council and, additionally, for providing certain Placement services, Testing, Training and Standards services to employees and units in covert ativities. In so doing, he shall formulate general internal operating procedures. Participates In the development of over-all personnel procedures with the Office of the Personnel Director through the submission of reco endationa, critical review of proposals and the administration of trial tests; review operations in terms of adequacy of the personnel program; provide assistance to all office chiefs on operating, problems and assure that all mandatory provisions of the law and agency regu- lations are followed in all personnel operations and actions. II Functions The Chief, Overt Personnel Division, shall: A. Direct a comprehensive program for the selection and placement of departmental and field employees engaged in overt operations. A. Provide personnel testing and evaluation service, including the selection and validation of tests of aptitude, knowledge and proficiency for positions in the middle and lower grades. Direct the conrazuct of non- operational training programs designed to meet specific needs of the Agency, develop measuring techniques necessary in the foundation of qualification standards. Direct and control a centralized clerical and stenographic pool. C. Provide staff assistance to the Personnel Director and Agency officials on personnel policies and procedures designed to achieve and maintain constructive work relationships between employees and supervisors. Develop and execute policies relative to grievances and complaints, fair employment procedures, disciplinary actions, efficiency reports and welfare services. D. Direct the processing of personnel actions and individuals; main- tain personnel records and files and furnish information to authorized officials of this and other agencies concerning procedures and regul. tions affecting the Agency. Da eat No. NO CHANGE to Class. 0 fqt DECI,ASSIPIED Class. C':Fp `?": D TO t T3 8 C DDA 4 Apr 77 Auth s z .... Date t !/ffAfffiM BYt a 19 a - -. fWasma. RDP61-002740 0 Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA- 01001$b015-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/22: CIA-RDP61-00274A 015-2 IF&W PLACEMENT BRASH I Mission Under the direct supervision of the Chief, Overt Personnel Division, the Chief, Placement Branch is charged with the responsibility for the direction of a program for the selection and placement of all Agency person- nel, departmental and field service, engaged in overt operations. II Functions Th? Chiesf, Overt Placement Branch, will be responsible fore 1. The direction of an active placement program to insure proper placement of new employees and the maximum utilisation of special skills and qualifications. 2. The development of qualification standards applicable to all posi- tions in each office and staff. 3. The maintenance of liaison with officials of the operation offices to keep abreast of current and anticipated personnel requirements. 14. The maintenance of current information on all employees who may, by possission of required skills, be reassigned or transferred to those vacancies in which their qualifications would be better utilised. 5. The control of all internal placement mmmattt.ra such as promotions, transfers, reassignments, details, and changes to lower grades plus fur. nishin,~ necessary guidance on these matters. 6. Coordinating between operations and field personnel procurement with the responsibility for the refinement of personnel requirements. 7. The referring to office and staff officers applications of indi- viduals and individuals who appear to have the necessary requisites for their positions. 8. The analysis of qualifications of all personnel actions in accord- ance with established standards and CIA policy to determine suitability and eligibility based on education, previous civilian or military experience, test results, performance and time in grade. 9. Arranging for teats, checking files for completion, maintaining records for reporting purposes, and all clerical aspects of a placement program. 10. The complete cooperation with the Covert Personnel Division in conducting screening interviews, referring candidates, and detailing personnel for procurement or placement projects. Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-R A000100180015-2 atel ET Approved For Release'^2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00274A000100480015-2 PERSONNEL RELATIONS BRAT! H The Chief, Overt Personnel Relations Branch, provides staff assistance and advice to Agency officials on personnel management policies and procedures in order to achieve and maintain constructive work relationships and satis- factory employee morale. He develops-arid recdmmends policies relating to nrievances, fair employ- ment procedures, dismissals, disciplinary, actions, leave, appeals, efficiency ratings, reductions in force, compensation for injury, fund raising campaigns, employee associations, welfare services and recreation activities. II Functions The Chief$ Personnel Relations Branch, will be responsible for adminis- tering and providing the following personnel services for the overt activities of the Agency. A. Counseling service to individual employees -- providing them with advice, assistance and information in matters directly related to their employ- In addition, provides them with assistance in the solution of their personal problems, whether or not related to their employcent. B. Participates with Personnel Studies and Procedures Staff in perform. ante rating .programs. C. Employee welfare services -- such as employee hospitalization plans, credit union services, housing, discount purchase plan, transportation, educa- tional facilities and recreation. D. Dissemination of informatten to employees -- regarding Civil Service examinations, status, providing for the certification to CIA of those employees having eligible ratings on Civil Service registers. E. Review, investigation and approval of advanced leave requests. F. Review and investigation of recommendations for employee awards - recommending to Agency awards committee the type and amount of award to be granted. G. Assistance to employees in matters regarding disciplinary actions, removals, reductions in grade -- providing them with information as to their rights and appeal procedure where applicable. SELyE7 Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00274A000100180015-2 Approved For Release-2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-0027 XNfW80015-2 sign Under the general supervision of the Chief, Personnel Division (overt), the Chief, Transactions and Records Branch is responsible for the processing of personnel actions and individuals, maintenance of personnel records and files, and the rendering of information to authorized persons concerning personnel procedures and regulations affecting the Agency. Il Functions The Chief, Transactions and Records Branch, she A. Direct the Branch's activities in the processing and journalizing of personnel actions for NSC and CIA departmental and field vouohered em- ployees, including determination of eligibility for periodic pay increases, efficiency ratings, verification of status and certifications for proba- tional appointment and conversions. B. Maintain an organizational position control reflecting vacancies and incumbents for all personnel in RSC and overt activities of CIA. C. Prepare periodic statistical reports as required by the bureau of the Budget, Civil Service Commission, Congressional committees, and CIA officials. D. Supervise employees in the maintenance of personnel folders for present and former vouchered employees of CIA, former employees of pre- ceding agencies such as COI, 055, SSU and CM. E. Provide information by phone or correspondence to credit sources FBI, and other goverment agencies regarding eerviee records for present and former employees. F. Contact the Civil Service Commission and the General Accounting Office in securing decisions and solutions to unusual problems encountered in processing personnel actions and in regard to personnel regulations in general. 0. Establish internal operating procedures for the Branch and recommend allied procedures applicable to other Branch operations in the Personnel Division and to operating divisions in connection with processing all types of personnel actions. H. Serve as Records Officer for Personnel Division in the"inventory{ink" and preparation of files inventory reports in conjunction with the CIA Records Management Program. I. Act as authoritative source of information concerning the applica- tion and interpretation of Civil Service and other federal and Agency personnel regulations and procedures governing; processing and records. ApprQAGed eta I8 ~e1~1 6i Q. kiNWA* consultants, ex- tending security clearances and contracts when necessary for such appointments. Approved For Release-2000/08/22: CIA-RDP61-0 O9-180015-2 G AND TRAINING $RA H Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00274A000100180015-2