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November 9, 2016
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July 9, 1998
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June 2, 1958
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l,4 ,5 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 ECONOMIC TNTELLIOENCE C * 4ITZ Control No. 486930 EIC-8-31 2 June 1958 M ORAND[M FOUR: Chief, Geographic Research Area SUBJECT: Survey-Listing of Internal and Buternal Scoocsic Research Projects on Selected Ikon-Bloc Areas, 1 Jelly 1957 through 30 June 1958 1. Information Is now being coWiled for the survey listing on Selected Non-Bloc Areas. it is requested that you arrange for the preps, ration and transmittal to the BIC Secretariat of a list (in ftlicate) of all economic research projects, awly initiated, presently in progress, completed, or cancelled by your sway during the period 1 1uly 1957 through 30 June 1958. This list should include pertinent contributions to NIB Sections and Chapters, and the NIB "program. It would be appreciated it you would contact all components of your agency producing economic research projects in connection with the preparation of your list in order that the survey may be couplets an possible. 2. External economic research projects to be listed in this Survey Will be coiled by the SIC Secretariat from the quarterly Issues of Invea Of Government- onsored Fbrei Area and Psyoholo ical.i Pare sese produced by the Extern Research , DepwAment of State. 3. In a separate section of youur contribution, please list all Top Secret internal and external economic research projects in progress, aom pleted, initiated, or cancelled during this period -- for inclusion in the SIC Top Secret card file. 4. For your convenience in reporting, the following are iac.3uded: a. A list of the country grouWings and individual countries to be covered (Attaa] t A); b. 8brms to be completed (Attachment B); and c. A copy of the subject index used in the surveys (Attachment C), Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 Sanitized -Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 SUBJECT: Davey Listing of Internal and External Economic Research Projects on 8eleated Nonf-Bloc Areas, 1 July 3.957 through 30 June 1958 25X1X7 5. Please attach to your contribution a statement by the authorized raon in your agency indicating for each item if that item mw be listed Authorisation for listing external research projects will be obtained through the External Research Staff of the Department of State. 6. It is requested that you submit your contributions by 15 July 1958. Receipt of contributions at an earlier date would be greatly appreciated. If any questions arise in the preparation of your contribution you are Invited to contact of the RIC Secretariat (Code 143, extension 3707) for assis nee. a 25X1A9a Executive Secretary Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 A1TAQIT A 2 June 1958 EIC-8-31 Countries of Principal Empbaeis in Current Soviet Economic Offensive* 1. Near and Middle East Egypt Iran Iraq Israel Jordan Lebanon Libya Morocco Saudi Arabia Syria Turkey Yemen 2. South and Southeast Asia Afghanistan Burma, Cambodia Ceylon ItMia Indonesia Malaya and Singapore 1pa1 Pakistan Thailand Vietnam 3. Far East Japan Philippines South Korea 4. Independent Afrim (South of Sahara) Eritzea Ethiopia aha m 5. Latin America Argentina Brasil Chile Colombie. Costs Rice 6. ERM Austria Finland G eec Liberia Somaliland Sudan Cuba and other Paraguay tsribbean Areas Peru Ecuador ;rUBW Guatemala Otter Latin Americana twaico Countries Iceland Portugal span Yugoslavia V_ Bane p saz i1y on caierage in reports of EIC working on Sino-Soviet economic aetivitiss and on coverage of 25X1 X7 ^ reports on the ease general problem. Sanitized - Approved For Rel e : C -RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R0001 00300004-3 Title:? (include also a brief rptantive content ription al' &ub- Originating Agency ic,#-M gnprt u __ _ 0 resaarcb} iw Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 Sanitized -Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 A21ACB NT C 2 June 1958 SIC .S-31 sue~cT INDSR 8IC Surveys of EconoeicAeaearch on Free World Areas 1. NATItM OR R GICGAL ECt OMIC A1ALTM A. Specifically describing eoocamdo relationships with Bloc countries and Bloc influences, or susceptibilities to such influences B. Economic Development C. 2con mic Plans and Organizations D. General Economic Analysis 11. TRADB ANA) F$NAgc A. General (Trade and Finance) B. Trade 1. General 2. Foreign (Bloc and Free World) C. Finance 1. General 2. Foreign (Bloc and Free World) III. Became Dom= XV. POPULATION A. General B. Labor and Labor Productivity 0. Labor Force -- occupational aM industrial composition D. - 3ducational Syste x and Level 1. Literacy lenis 2. Foreign Assistance, including scholarships and trainee excbe:nges V. AGBICtAh1'tJ, FORESTRY, AND FI8HERL8 A. General B. Craps C. Forestry and Forestry Products D. Livestock and Livestock Products S. Fish and Fish Products Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 Sanitized Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 INYJ3M A. General S. Mining and Basic Processing 1. Coal, Coke, and Coal Gas 2..> mbtallurgy 3. Nonferrous metals 4 Ferrous Metals 5 Cheaics1s (Inch tng Idlitary Chemicals) 6. Petroleum and Patrolaum Products 7, Rubber eM Rubber Products 8. Earth, Stone, and Clay Products 9~, Wool, aM Apparel C Machinery ands Equipo It 1. Machinery and Zquipmeat (swept Electrical) 2. Electrical Machinery, Appasatus, Appliances, and. Supplies 3. Transportation Equiramt D. Construction 1. Industries]. 2.. Public Works E. Military End Items 1. General (Munitions and Armmments ) 2. Weapons, Equiprent, and Amwaition a. General b. Ground Weapons and Equipmnt c, Air Weapons and Equilu eut d. Naval Weapons cad Xquipent 3. Military Vehicles It. Aircraft, Aircraft Coup= eats, and Guided Missiles 5. Ships and Ship Components ( including Submarihes ) VII. SERVICES A. Poorer and Public Utilities 1. General 2. Electric Power 3. Flood Control and Water Conservation and Storage 4. Comauai,cations s. General b. TolecomaunicatIms 5. Atomic Energy B. Transportation 1. General 2. Rail 3. Water 4. gighva 5. Air (Military and Civil) 6. Pipelines Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 I Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3 -Mpep Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100300004-3