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November 9, 2016
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September 22, 1998
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January 7, 1958
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!vJ'-~fC~~c x/ 3 Sanitized - Approved For Release "C1A-RDP61-00391 R000100350020-0 Ch/G Staff Meeting 7 January 1958 ACQUIRED Item No. Action Required of Chief/G Action Required of Divisions 1 Each Division Chief to submit names of 2 nominees to Ch/G. 2 NONE REQUIRED 3 NONE REQUIRED 4 Division Chief to pass this on to analysts. 5 NONE REQUIRED 6 Ch/G to set up schedule. 25X1A9a 7 Chief D/GL to contact and Col. Ainsworth. 8 Chief D/GC to consider further. 9 Divisions to submit their ideas to Ch/G. 10 NONE REQUIRED *11 NONE REQUIRED Divisions to visit regularly and encourage their people to ex it this source. Sanitized - Approved For p. CIA-RDP61-00391 R000100350020-0 Sanitized - Approved For IA-RDP61-00391 R0001 00350020-0 MI ''5 OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 7 JANUARY 1958 25X1A9a PRESENT: 1? Special Management Course, 24-28 February 1958 Chief/G reported that the Area has been asked to nominate six personnel to attend a Special Mana ement Course (for Branch Chief and 25X1A6a above) at from 24 to 29 February 1958. Each division was asked to submit the names of two nominees to Chief/G. 2. OCI Central Intelligence Bulletin Chief/G announced that as of next Monday, 13 January, the OCI Current Intelligence Bulletin will be replaced by a publication called hee Central Intelligence Bulletin, which will be coordinated with other intellige ce agencies. This new publication will be distributed on a very limited basis to top-level policy officials. (This affects the Current Intelligence Bulletin only; Divisions will continue to receive their regular distribution o the SECRET Current Intelligence Digest. 3. Forthcomi29 Trip to Euro A9a Chief/G reported that is planning a two-month trip to Europe, the main purpose of which will be the encouraging and strengthens of the PPO program. XX1A9a of PPO's and has indicated that he wouldlliketo hold a me'og attend. 25X1A6a to 5X1A9a 1? Comprehensive Intelligence Requirements Chief/G reported to the group that it has been brought to his attention (by the DAD/RR, following his recent trip to the Far East) that Comprehensive statements of requirements do not initiate any action, but are used for reference only. Collection action is initiated only by individual requirements. Chief/G asked that this be emphasized to those responsible for the writing of requirements. 5. Utilization of Manpower Chief/G spoke to the group re making the best utilization of our available manpower to full our intelligence mission. He indicated that this is something we should be appraising on a continuing basis. Sanitized - Approved For 0440 ~A-RDP61-003918000100350020-0 rwrnngs Sanitized - Approved For Reid . IA-RDP61-00391 R000100350020-0 6. "Semi-scheduled" Visits to the Divisions Chief/G indicated he would like to set up a more or less regular meeting time with each of the Division Chiefs, during which he could drop in and visit. This would be set up for a regular time (e.g., 25X1A :30 each Wednesday), and would be kept or cancelled as deemed necessary. will contact the divisions and set up such a schedule. 7. SAC Maps 25X1A9a Chief/G asked - about progress being made on the procurement of the SAC maps mentioned in the Staff Meeting of 17 December 1957 (,~ )efl A9a No. 4). This item was discussed briefl and - indicated tha 25X1 A9a hould contact D/GP who was working on this sam25X1 A9a 25X1 A9aPro em. asked that also establish contact with 25X1 A9a Col. Ainsworth, Chief of the Collection Division at SAC. 8. Revision of Consular District Map Chief D/GC reported that has requested that the next revision of the Consular District Map -- ition to its normal uses-- become part of the "National Atlas". asked the group whether25X1A9a the saw a ossible objection to this use of the map. None were raised, 25X1 A9a~nd said he would look further into the matter. 9. Task Force No. 16 re the Map Library Chief/G passed out copies of a working paper he had submitted to the Chairman of Task Force #16 and indicated he would appreciate any ideas or argumentation on this matter. 10. Photo Interpretation Course #+ 25X1A9a reported that there was quite a response to Photo Inter- pret.tion Course # , which started this morning. The class is filled to capacity, and a considerable number of applicants had to be turned down for this running of the course. Sanitized - Approved For ReIea RDP61-00391 R0001 00350020-0 Sanitized - Approved For Relea RDP61-00391 R0001 00350020-0 *11. Possible Geographic Attache in Africa Chief D/GL stated he had talked to some State Department officials re the possibility of establishing a GA position in Africa, and was quite encouraged at the amount of support offered for such a position, pending,certain proposed organizational changes in the Department. *12. Utilization of Special Materials Chief/G reminded the group that working and safe space are provided in St/C for GRA personnel cleared for special intelligence. A collection of special materials is placed in this safe on a continuing 5X1A9a basis, according to our indicated interest. encouraged each of the Division Chief to make at least a once-a-wee v s to St/C to read the current take, and to indicate what he has read by initialling 25X1 A9ahe document. also asked that each Division Chief encourage his people who are cleared for SI to visit St/C periodically in order to keep up with the flow of materials, as well as utilize all other outlets (e.g., Special Register and opposite-number contacts) in order to exploit fully this additional source of intelligence information. - 3 - Sanitized - Approved For R V ffC IA-RDP61-00391 R000100350020-0