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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 1998
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May 29, 1958
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Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391 R0002001 100 C' is 1L :t LLIG CB AGELC`Y Washington 25, D.C. 29 May 1958 N-MCMiDUM FOR: Members of the BIB Chapter IX Subcamnittee SUBJECT: Minutes of THIS Chapter IX Subcommittee X-eeting.. 19 Play 1958 -t,, Meeting gqd a tV 19 8 A meeting of the XIS Chapter IX Subcommittee was held at 1400 on 3-9 May 1958 to establish Chapter IX schedules for FY's 1959 and 19bO and forecasts for FY's 1961 atd 1962. The following were in attendance: Mr. Arthur Cavanagh Mr. John Buoncristiaai Mrs. Alvin Nunn .'. William Molo Miss Mary Sensing Mr. William R. Meyers Dr. E.A. Stoneman 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a ACIC (member) ACIC (alternate) ACSI (member) AWS (member) USIMO Charts (member) USRO Oceanography (membe:) OCE CIA (chairman) CIA 25X1A9a acted as chairman in the absence of the NIS Chapter IX Coordinator. 2. Adjustment in F$ 19 9 Schedule The Subccmruaittee considered an Army proposal that the Chapter IX for NIS 30M (Iraq) and NIS 2% (Malta) be interchanged to place they former on the FY 1960 schedule. The change was requested so that raw ?yaterit,Aa being procured for Iraq by the Geographic Attache could "be included in the Chapter IX. The Subcownittee concurred with the Army proposal, with the understanding that the change would also be subject to a Ccittee approval . 3, Schedule for 1960 The Subc ttee agreed to reccomend the following Chapter IX schedule for F! 1960 to the ITS Ccomittee: M lb 10 Approved For Release 20 R000200110002-5 Approved For Release 0 / 2 CIA-AD-P61-00391 R000200110002-5 ;CT: Minutes of NIS Chapter IX Subcommittee Meeting., 19 May 1958 CIS No. and Area 30M Iraq 13AM East Germany 2 6AC` st'a Rica French West Africa 3" Egypt 97 New Zealand =lontributions due at B/G Mar 59 Apr 59 may 59 Jun 59 Aug 59 Sep 59 Chapter to 08I Aug59 Oct 59 Nov 59 Jan 60 Feb 60 Mar 60 Apr 60 Jun 60 50B Nigeria and British Nov 59 Cameroons 4. Forecast for FY 1961 The forecast for FY 1961 was reconsidered and approved without modification. The areas., listed in the order of submission to OBI, are as follows : V IS 103 South. Pacific Islands BOA Ghana and Togoland 39B Nationalist China 20 U.S.S.R. The Army member raised the question of p1acetsent of the five credits approved by the NIS CcMittee for Chapter IX of NIS 26M. These cre tits will fall within FI 1961 for the Chapter IX Coordinator's office, but will not necessarily be included within a single fiscal year for each of the contributors to Chapter IX. 'i?ne Subc-ni.ttee agreed therefore to forward to the NIS Committee a request for flexibility in the placement of the five credits -- dividing them between two fiscal years, if necessary, to meet the NIS eoemmitm:ents of the respective agencies by fiscal year. 5. Forecast for F! 1962 The following forecast for Chapter IX production in IT 1962 was a -s7 to by all members of the Subcommittee, after considerable discussion: Approved For Release 2000/08/22 CIA-RDP61-00391 R000200110002-5 Approved For Release 391 R000200110002-5 SU : Minutes of NtIS Chapter IX Subcommittee Meeting, 19 May 1956 4IS 25A Gibraltar NIS 88 Peru 51 Liberia 144 Poland 52 Equatorial Africa 39A79 Cornnwiist Ch:L2a 89 Chile 42M Thailand The areas are listed numerically within two categories, new work and maintenance. The order of preparation will be determined when the 1 1962 forecast is reconsidered at a later date. 6. Pre Lion of Sections 19 The Chief of the Coordination Staff noted that an excessive am nt of detail is included in some contributions to Sections 19, necess--Utating a complete rewrite by the coordinator. It was emphasized that the Chapter I is intended to be a "succinct summary." 7. Chester I Annual Program The status of plans for preparation of NIS Chapter I Annuals W.is outlined briefly, and a list of the areas under consideration by th. 14IS Conn ittee for a 1959 schedule was read to the Subcommittee members for information. 25X1A9a CIS Chapter IX Coordinator Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000200110002-5