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November 9, 2016
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July 10, 1998
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September 16, 1958
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SanitPzed -Approved For Release :CIA-RDP61-00391 R00020012~ppa~~0~~ ~ ~ i+i 15 COMMITTEE MEETING NO. 276 16 September 1858 I ? The following were present: Mr. R. S. Kain Mr. J. A, Minogtie Gdr. H~ Fo Perrenot Mro Henry P, Noland Lt.~ Gol. H, K~ Avery Mr~ Ghas~ P~ Berne 25X1A9a / Cam` Z.e.G )~ ' f - ~h / - :~ ~c ~~G~ 25X1A9a State Army Navy Navy Air Force Air Force GIA GIA CIA GIA GIA (Chairman) GIA (dice Chairman) CIA (Secretary) ~ In attendance for review of Chapter I and NIS Annual procedures, 2, Ree~iew of Gha~ter I on Jordan The Committee reviewed the Chapter I on NI5 29 ((Jordan) and approved the draft with minor changes, including the addition of a footnote to Section 11 outlining the subsequent dissolution of the Arab Union (refer to stem 90. NGM 271). The Chapter I Taste Group was requested to review comments submitted by the member agencies. The Committee decided to control. this chapter in view of contributor controls placed on Sections 12 through 19U ~~ Procedures for Processing and Reviewing NIS Annuals ~.._ The Committee tentatively approved, including certain changes suggested at the last meeting, the "Procedures for Processing NHS Annual Contributions" to be issued under date of 16 September 1958 (refer to Item 2 NGM 275)., It was agreed for the time being that drafts be exchanged among the principal contributorso The Committee also stated that an Annual will carry the same lassif? ad Q con~~t~~ts ~-p~r~~e~~~~~edlease :CIA-RDF~61-00}3~1t~'~0~~001 ~~` 0 ~~h~ Sanitized -Approved For Release :CIA-RDP61-003918000200120006-0 ~~-CaNFIDEN'I'IAL 4., Request for NIS b ievelopment Loan Fund T'he Committee approved the release on a continuing basis or Chapter I (Brief), Chapter IIa ('T`ransportation and Telecommunications), Chapter ~I (Economic ~ Outside SinodSoviet Bloc Areasj8 and Key Personalities on the following NIS areas to the Development Loan Fund a ,government corporation recently established to make loans to the newly developing countries at low interest ratesp in accordance with letter of justification dated 23 July 1958? NIS .Area _.~..__ 4 Netherlands 51 Liberia 9 Spain 55 EthiopiaD Eritreag and 21 ~fugoslavia the Somalilands 24 Greece 56 British East Africa 27 'T'urkey 56A Kenya and Zanzibar 28 Syria and Lebanon protectorate 28B Lebanon 56B Uganda 29 Jordan 56C 'T'anganyika ~X6A Iraq 5? Rhodesia and Nyasaland 68 Iceland 33 Iran 73 Honduras 3 5 .India 75 Nicaragua 36 Pakistan 76 Costa Rica 37 Ceylon ?8 Cuba 38 Burma 79 Haiti 39B Nationalist China 81A 'T'he West Bndies 41B South Korea 85 Colombia 42 'Thailand 89 Chile 43i~ South ~~i~:tnam 9 0 Argentina 44 British Indonesia 91 Uruguay 44A Malaya and Singapore 92 Paraguay 44B British Borneo 93 Bolivia 4b 'Tunisia 94 Brazil 49 Libya 95A British Guiana 50B Nigeria and 99 Philippines British Cameroons 100 Indone sfa 100A .Republic of Indonesia Sanitized - Approved ~ ~~~ "~ ~tDP61-003918000200120006-0 Sanitized -Approved For Release :CIA-RDP61-003918000200120006-0 1Zevision of IA.~~I~~~45?12 The State member submitted a memorandum dated 2 September 1958 proposing that the list of controlled areas in Part L8 Tab A, of aAC~~I~~a45~ 12 be amended by adding lNE$ 28ASyria) s.nd removing 1VlS 54 Sudan) a 6refer to Item 3 l~t~M 275)0 The Committee discussed State's proposal and the members wore in agreement that Egypt atnd Syria must be considered together and both either included or removed from the control lists preferably the lattero The question will b~ considered at the next meeting after the members have-had opt~ortunity to obtain their agencies' viewso 6a ~TIS Production Situata.on '1'~ae chairman reviewed the current production situation and noted that a total of 26 sections and one Annual had b?~en produc~ed8 representing 65`0 of scheduled commitments for the fir?~t two months of F% 1959? He observed that while most of the agencies were on or ahead of scheduleA 1Vavy had two sections overdue and State had x3ine sections overdue representing only 31% fulfillment of schedule xo date, din this connection the ~ hairman noted that in the oast two months State had used 1~TIS staffs for departmental work inynet excess of 128 000 man4hourso ~', current Production l~iatters "l?he State member rtnorted that Section 44 on AVJIS 50A ~~hana) 8 inactive since Z9 July 1958 because of delay In receipt o# field comments 8 is e~..pected to be completed .within a weeks 'phe Armor member reported that Section 81MNi on ~TaS 2$ ~U-, S~ Sa R., )e inactive since 30 July 1958 because of delay in receipt of additional material.;, is nbw in process and expected to be ready by the end of this w~~eka Sanitized -Approved FI~~ ~IAzI~[~.P61-003918000200120006-0 Sanitized -Approved For Release :CIA-RDP61-003918000200120006-0 $n The next meeting of the NdS Committee will be held at x0?0 hours on Tuesday, 30 September 195$0 25X1 Aga .i~tributione 8 ~~ I~tIS Committee 1 .~ Secy< 9 JI~r 1 ~~ SA/PD/DCI 1 -~ DD/8 1 ~~ DD/C 1 = DD/F 1 ~> AD/RR ~ ' AD /SI 1 ,y Ch/E/RR 1 a StdPB /RR 4 ~ Ch/~/RR $ 9 D/E,%BI 1 ~ D/R/BA 1 ~ D/PdBI Saosl Sanitized -Approved ~apr~t~l~ea~nt ~11~RDP61-003918000200120006-0