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January 21, 1958
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IQ O,P. of ' J ' oCJ q i Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA- 120024-0 j7, NIS COMMITTEE MEETING NO. 258 21 January 1958 The following were present: Mr. D. J. Clinton Mr, R. S. Kain Col. D. H. Smith Mr. J. A. Minogue ? Mr. H. P. Noland Lt. Col. H. K. Avery Mr. Chas. P. Berne 25X1A9a State State Army Army Navy Air Force Air Force CIA CIA CIA CIA (Chairman) CIA (Vice Chairman.) CIA (Secretary) Alternate for regular member. In attendance for review of Chapter 1. The chairman announced the appointment of Commander J. A. Baldridge, USN (Room 5D717 - Extension 54583) as the Navy NIS Committee member effective .3 January 1958, vice Capt. R. E. Styles. 2. Review of Chapter l on Nationalist China. The Committee reviewed the Chapter I on NIS 39B (Nationalist China, with Annex on Hong Kong and Macao) and approved the draft with minor changes. The Chapter I Task Group was requested to review the detailed comments submitted by the member agencies, The Committee decided to control this Chapter I in view of the con- tributor controls placed on 5,,;: ctions 12, 13, 18, and 19 of NIS 39B; Sections 1Z, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, and 19 of the Annex; and on "Comments on Principal Sources" of Sections 14, 15, and 16 of NIS 39B, The Committee agreed to review Chapter I on NIS 22 (Rumania) at the next meeting. POW Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000200120024-0 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000200120024-0 CONFIDENTIAL 3, Mid-Year Analysis, of NIS Production The Committee discussed the "Analysis of NIS Production? First Half Fiscal Year 1958" submitted to the members under date of 16 January 1958, and indicating the following mid-year production status; Sections Scheduled Sections Delivered Percent Complete. State 114 57 50%a Army 57 49 86 Navy 26 20 77 Air Force 15 10 67 CIA 41 32 78 Total: 253 168 66% The vice chairman observed that the production situation had improved since the first quarter (refer to Item 4 NCM 254), and was ahead of last year's June-December production in number of sections. However, because of a heavier State schedule this year to compensate for last year's defections, the percentage of scheduled completions remains about the same as last year. In order to meet the FY 1958 production schedule in full, State will need to increase its production threefold and the other agencies about double their average production throughout the remainder of the year, as shown in the following table- July-December Production January-June Requirements (Monthly Average) (Monthly Average) State 10 33 Army 8 14 6 Navy 3 3 Air Force 2 5 11 CIA Total: 28 CONFIDENTIAL Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000200120024-0 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000200120024-0 4. Changes in NIS Production Schedules The Committee approved the following actions affecting the NIS production schedules: a. Section 25 on NIS 39A-IV rescheduled from January 1958 to April 1958 in order that new informa- tion can be incorporated in accordance with memo- randum dated 15 January 1958 from the Army member. b. Parts VIII and XII of NIS 108 removed from current production and rescheduled during forecast period in accordance with request of State member as set forth in memorandum dated 20 January 1958. 5. Revised NIS Production Schedules The members were handed copies of revised NIS Production and Forecast schedules which reflect all changes approved by the Committee since the initial schedules were issued (refer to Item 2 NCM 248 and Item 2 NCM 255). Following discussion the Committee approved the revised schedules under date of 21 January 1958. 6. Listing of NIS Units Not to be Produced All members submitted comments on the listing of NIS units for which there are no production requirements (refer to Item 6 NCM 256). The Air Force member raised the question of credit to be accorded the listing of consolidated chapters (i. e. , where all sections of a chapter are consolidated into a single unit). The chairman replied that a consolidated chapter receives only single section credit. which is assigned to the chapter coordinator's agency. Nevertheless, it is most desirable to produce consolidated Chapters VIII on those areas where the armed forces are small and unimportant in order to succinctly present the entire defense situation and to reduce printing costs. The vice chairman said he would have prepared a revised listing incorporating all comments and circulate it at the next meeting. -3- Sanitized - Approved For R6tA91J:I(9h- 60A'.O0391 R000200120024-0 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00391 R000200120024-0 CONFIDENTIAL 7. NIS Memos The Committee reviewed the various changes proposed at the last meeting for the revised series of NIS Memos (refer to Item 3 NCM 257)., A number of these changes were accepted and the revised NIS Memos No. 1 through No. 5 were approved for printing and die-- semination. The chairman introduced the draft of a new NIS Memo No. 6, proposing the awarding of NIS commendations to those who have made outstanding contributions to the NIS program. He felt there was a growing need for some form of recognition for such individuals who. because of the interdepartmental, nature of the program, may have been overlooked by their individual agencies. He requested the members to examine this proposal with their own agencies in preparation for a full discussion at the next meeting. 8. Suspense Items Section 37 on Chile in suspense since 11 December 1957, because of the illness of the analyst, is now in active review. Section 53 on Czechoslovakia in suspense since 10 December 1957 is rescheduled for 15 February 1958 because of delay in embassy comments. Part III of International Communism in suspense since 4 December 1957 is rescheduled for 4 February to permit more time for revision. Section 82M on Spain in suspense since 3 December 1957 will be submitted before the end of the month. 9. The next meeting of the NIS Committee will be held at 1000 hours on Tuesday, 28 January 1958. 25X1A9a Distribution. 8 - NIS Committee 1 - Secy.. JIG 1 - SA/PC/DCI 1 - DO/I i -DD/C 1 - DD/P 2 - AD/SI 1 - AD/RR 1 - Ch/E/RR Sapiti glp oved For Release: ' FA-RDP61-00391 R000200120024-0 4 - Ch/G/RR CONFIDENTIAL es fc Y'eY Y'v~"T