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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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March 12, 1959
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you know, is an old security hand. I have instructed Jim to conduct occasional surprise security checks and to inform me of any violations uncovered. A copy of each of the documents is attached for your information. Document No. DATE: 12 March 1959 NO C ~_kNE in C1055- 3 L^.Cy 1CSIFIsD ~j.~,...,.YC IP TG: D i3+ A. Security: The two papers on Security for Headquarters Training personnel and students, respectively, mentioned in last 25X1A week's WAR have been completed. A copy of ea n circulated to all personnel. In addition, I have named I as Head uarters25X1A Training Security Officer in addition to his o er u iea. II ARMS B. Syllabus: We have completed production of a syllabus for the Counterintelligence Familiarization Course. As you know, this is the second syllabus to be completed. Several improvements have been incorporated in the CIF syllabus that were not found in our original production for the Clandestine Services Orientation Course I feel that the CIF production serves the basic purpose very well and intend to use it as a model for the others that are still to be produced. A copy is attached for your information. 25X1A 25X1A p 0 na Methods" with only minor word changes. He also approved the outline of operationalmethods and the proposed schedule of operational lectures. told Stan that at the Clandestine Services Staff Meeting he expressed his satisfaction with the progress which was being made in the reparation of the second 9 and T course. At the same meeting, Division, FI Staff, commented tha the course was being improved and urged all branches to enroll their people early because a heavy attendance was antici- pated. I old Stan that he would schedule speakers for the operations portion of the course by Thursday or Friday, 12-13 March. Once the speakers have been selected, Stan will discuss with them the problems and cases for which the remaining hours in the schedule have --- - ---- I I Juv U p1 4n1 FI/C to disco a the objectives and schedule of the next S and T coursee approved a listing of "Ob3ect4ves for O erati l CONFIDENTIAL TO VIA ce Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ApprQ ve For Rele a 2002/RW PWt66 442A00@460050029-4 = Director of Training Chief, Operations School SLY Chief, Headquarters Training suBJECT: Weekly Activities Report No. 10 4 - 10 March 1959 I. SIGNIFICANT ITEM Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA- 2'13'p6'"'T-442A000100050029-4 Approved For ease 2002/05/P61-004420100050029-4 25X1A 25X1A been allotted. The choice of 20 April as the first day of the . 25X1A course will enable OSI and 0 to designate instructors to parti- cipate in the course. The OSI instructors will submit lesson plans on their particular units of instruction and will meet with Stan according to the plan described in WAR No. 8. This is our position to date: OSI is satisfied with the 12- days scheduled for its contribution (the 12' da s includes the visit to the Douglas missile plant at Charlotte, N.C.); it concurs in the syllabus with minor changes to be made known to Stan on Thursday, 12 March. 0 approved 25X1A the 22 days scheduled for its contribution (the 2 days includes 1 day for a case and problems); it concurs in the syllabus as noted earlier; it approves the outline of operational methods. Stan has completed his draft paper on nuclear energy; the paper has been edited, typed, reproduced and will be forwarded to OSI for its comments. Stan is now extracting pertinent data from an Air Force manual on guided missile systems based on the manual and other sources. Both papers will be incorporated in the course as required reading. The purpose of these papers will be to familiarize the student with the production of nuclear weapons and with the nature of guided missile systems. Upon receipt of OSI comments, we will edit the syllabus incorporating the suggested changes. At Glen's request I had a copy of the report on S & T Course No. 1 hand-carried to As the result of your approval on 10 March, I discussed with the possibilities for free AF transportation to the West Coast to confer with Convair officials concerning our S & T course. Bill assured me that it was a simple matter and that he would arrange it. D. Senior Officers Courses I and I met on 6 March to discuss the proposed Senior Officers Course. Bill turned over to me his file on the proposal. Our approach to the course is to begin by producing a draft syllabus that will incorporate the several suggestions received from various senior CS officials and .,,.. other subject matter that is b nt. The syllabus then will be circulated throw o senior officers of his selection for reaction Armed with this information we can then proceed to plan and implement the program. I still feel that weekends at represent the most efficient approach. U. OTHER ITEMS A. PP Doctrine Paper: I have reviewed the draft revision of the PP Doctrine Paper and forwarded my comments to The draft revision represents considerable improvement over the basic document. I am certain that when it is approved we shall encounter no difficulty CPW course here at Headquarters and the Operations Course at in receiving authority to use it as compulsory reading mate Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : 641,:-,00442A0001 O00050029-4 Approved For Release 2002/05/02; CI 61-00442A000100050029-4 C. War Planners Conference: I met with and Glen on Monday, 9 March to discuss the scheduled War Planners Conference. We agreed to make I I available to Ben for the duration of the conference. Since the schedule calls for two seminars to be conducted concurrently, this arrangement will enable us to cover all of the seminars. III. ADMINISTRATIVE Nothing significant to report. Attachments: 1. HTN No. 1 2. HTN No. 2 3. CIF Syllabus Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : C[L P61-00442A000100050029-4 Approved or Ig~s 2002/05/02 : CI AG-00442A000100050029-4 ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MISSING PAGE(S): Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP61-00442A000100050029-4