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December 27, 2016
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December 18, 2009
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August 12, 1959
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040069-0 Office Memorandum ? UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Acting Chief, Language and Area School DATE: 12 August 1959 FROM : Deputy Chief, Area Training suBJEcT: Weekly Activities Report 25 YEAR this seminar, with the course title "The European Security Ques- tion: Eastern and Western Stakes, Policy Problems, and Likely Courses of Action in the Area." The co-chairman will take primary substantive responsibility for Eastern European aspects. 2. At the invitation of who spent some months on loan to our area program almost two years ago, Ovisited the Human Relations Area Files project for country studies, at American University. He is in charge of an ambitious project for a study on all of Germany, with emphasis on sociological and anthropological aspects and a target date of mid-1960. A collec- tion of almost 300 excellent photos of German people and living habits has been loaned to us, from which we expect to select the best shots for our new collection on people. Unfortunately, these files contain only a few similar collections on other nationalities, namely, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians and Finns. 3. In absence on military leave, handled the lecture session in 117 Central Building on 30 July, on Central and South Africa. The guest speaker was C. Vaughan Ferguson, Director of State's Office of Middle and South African Affairs, who had spoken proviously in our study course on France. He was quite frank in identifying Guinea as the top priority present concern of his office, and the Federation plan for Rhodesia and Nyasaland as one of the most insoluble long-term problems. Attendance has held at over 30, and interest was sustained through a 25-minute question period. has now comp eted the first draft of the terms of reference be of ONE, who is also interested in helping. A. SIGNIFICANT ITEMS None to report. B. OTHER ACTIVITIES 1. have had a full discussion with C/SIC of our tentative ans or the second Senior Area Seminar, beginning in November. will advise by late August whether he can assume a commitment to serve as co-chairman. Second choice would RE Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040069-0 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040069-0 Ii. The full report on RS - Czechoslovakia, East Germany, and Poland #1 has been delayed due to absences from Washington of several students. We expect to have their critiques and to complete the draft report with- in a week's time. 0 evaluations are the most complete and exact of any turned in in Area Courses. They are truly models of what evalustions should be. 5. While on annual leave in the midwest ~participated with his wife and brother in taping three radio programs for WHO, Des Moines, for its public service roundtable sponsored by the Iowa Bar Association, a program which has run continously for nearly twenty years. Before taking his leave and in anticipation of such a request to appear on this pro- gram, received clearance from Security. He was identified only as one who had formerly worked and taught in Japan and was currently an historian in Washington, D. C. The three programs dealt with first Japan, a pillar of peace in Asia, second, the cause for unrest in Southeast Asia, third with current problems in Communist China. The programs called for no intelligence information and none was vouchsafed. The series began on 27 July with the discussion on Japan and continues until the last is broadcast on,10 August. Tapes of the programs will eventually be made available to 6. Arrangements have been made with the TO/FE to call a meeting of the branch chiefs and/or their training officers to discuss the needs and demands on area training by them after receiving from reference materials for that discussion, which will include a projected long range training program for area study in the FE prepared by The meeting should be held sometime late next week. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040069-0