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December 27, 2016
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December 18, 2009
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March 18, 1959
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040148-2 6TANDARD FORM NO. 64 .. Office Memorandum UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO : Chief, Language and Area School FROM : Deputy Chief, Area Training SUBJECT: Weekly Activities Report DATE: 18 March 1959 A. SIGNIFICANT ITEMS None B. OTHER ACTIVITIES 1. We are giving serious thought to the agenda for our annual area planning conference t the first day or two of the week of 6 April, at Several sharp breaks with the past will be discussed, sue as abandonment of the word "Survey" in our course titles and placing our main em- phasis on senior seminars and "overseasmanship". 2. First session of the second half of the Current Problems Seminar on Free Europe was held in "I" Building at a time when no language tests were scheduled. Our "old" lecture room remains by far the best facility available for a senior seminar of more than 8 or 10 students. It is more than twice the size of our new quarters Eye conference room and has no posts as has our new lecture room, to obscure the view around a large conference table. 3. This session served to explore both administrative and sub- stantive problems involved in the second seminar theme, "The implications of the European integration process for the future of that area and for long-term American interests there." Most difficult task was to impress on some partici- pants the absolute necessity of limiting their presentations on the 27th to conclusions only, thus avoiding the summaries of data in which some indulged in the last go-around. Also, absences of three members pointed up the difficulty of in- suring full attendance even when a se is limited to six sessions. A second enrollee, (ONE), is now con- sidered dropped out, of the original total of 16 registrants. 25 YEAR RE-REVIE'?Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040148-2 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040148-2 4. Per DTR's instructions, I called Merchant's office a week ago to set up a briefing appointment. Pressure of business has not yet permitted him to work me in, but a few moments before the 26th are promised. I have the bare essentials ready on paper to leave with him. His secretary could not yet say whether he will be able to hear Zurcher at 1200 hours, or lunch with us at 1320. 5. We are holding an appreciation letter for Nitze, which we will forward for DTR's signature when our check for his honorarium is available. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/12/18: CIA-RDP61-00442A000200040148-2