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November 11, 2016
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September 18, 1998
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May 6, 1955
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Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approv ease : CIA-RDP61;00910A000100060002-2 Chief, (Itile Area) To dote in effeetive elenent of the Management n I. 2. PACTS PURIM. Oh Thi PC 25X9A2 " MAY -6 1955 The division status of the elenent was established, original the cemospt of the fOrwerOmseral Services Office. At that t organisational structure thereof comprised the Reeords Management Iranch Including the Agency CcurierIgEce ofnemplayees and the Machine Records 'Pre:who also, bavingMenploytes. Sr b. Viten the ?enema Services Office vas dissolved in rdirwary 195h (1) the haehina Rewards Prafteh was transferred in its amtireaty to the Office of the Comptroller Uhere it west given division status, (2) the Courier force was placed under the jerisdiation of the Lireetor of Logistics, also, in it. entirety and (3) the remainder of the *lament eomprising records management activities was transferred to the hanagenent Staff. c. The current organisational structure of the; element comprises five branches in addition to the cffice of the Chief, AnnexI, Tab A. The staffing pattern for this framenrk includes a ceiling of position. 'with a personnel combatant of=employeas. Applicants in protease for four of the five vacancies. ;Innex I, lab S. Pursuant to a plans, the Itseords Oenher 1r.neb with cation of positions and funds therefor is scheduledtell elle- for traref.r to jurieoiction on or about 214 April 155. Annex I, 741t C. (Corn- p1 on schedule) e. Salaries paid to Records ranagement tivision personnel for fiscal Year 195$ (se projected) approximate a grand totdl of tl in the aggregate. This amount includes (1) the mum of -1/19 paid to per- sonnel who either resialed or transferred fron the division during the warrant fiscal year mad (2) the owl of t26,921.24 for Pori- tions scheduled for transfer Sr provided in 7arsgraph td above. N.P. The remainder of 4 positions will be filled by the applicants who are in process (see Paragraph 2o above) Annex T, "lb P. 25X9A2 25X9Aa. 25X1A6a 25X9A2 25X9A2 25X9A2 Sanitized - Approved FoC ILte : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 a. Sanitized -Approveatappase : CIA-RDP63-00910A000100060002-2 DISC - A I Stott 3t4r, dated 22 Loosebox' 1953,543441ts A cos, approved br toting Zapata' Director Adboinietratior.) transfer of roe:ords managsment aetivities from tho for- ices Offioe to the Managemmot Staff. tration ad control of igency records is suthoried by approv4 of the Oeners1 anansel. 'rob a list and othrr authorities affectizig the records program. b. T lem ?Ito Agfa recerdst prob is obvioua1 aompliaated a nbr of sontinosaimi. An offtsien eonagement @Ireton is ess for the oom trol of vital lmtelligenes records. Security requirement crease the records volume and add to the met a filing equipment end oepplies. The nature lf intelligonoe aetivities (retells long retention periods for records, usually in *costly *pawl. t.riUty aeazur*$ and *over dependency upon TO. end other agoncies melt in constart expansion of the reeved* volume. Records having potestial intelligenes value are obteined from ether agencies for review, *valuation and disposal or re- tention. Romerds seism, or obtainod from foreign governments enlarge the growing volume. issontisl administrattio paporwork for clearinces, oontrols, aethorieations, approvals sad 000tdination augments tho greeeth Of rewords. Th. disporsal of buildings makes the *Motive administra- tion of records more diffieult. Tndifforosee on the pert Of soms tgenoy officials to the requirementr of Publio Low 754, the ?orient t000rds Act of 1,1*, provides an rump:pommy frustration to the overall prOblem. e. Tho Roeords mavonentlimep - The Ages?, programis baud an the .t rocords sactu, mord* naintenince wd recerds &tap?ettten. uta tis oen- sidereal= of forms, rts snd earrespond4n . 'rho erotntage ratios thereof to total rocords volume are norealti aceoptod es 20, tO and 60 respeotively. Rfoords nalatenanes incledoe othor *moats such as con- trol of mail, tbil solootion and lastallation of standard filo classift oetiam systems, filo referenca service and standardisation of filing equipment and supplies. Records disposition covers the evaluation, trensfor, retirement, proeervatios and disposal of record puterial. The basic plan of the program also places depondonqy upon the collabora- tion ?of approximatOt 2) area records offitors for operating effieiency. Omly six of such officers ere on fell tie* basis. Thus, with eel-la- teral dutiful imp000d on moat of these off/sere and in the abeencs of administrative control crow them) the reeords maneramont program lackr force and effectivosess as now oonstitutod. -2- Sanitized - Approved For Reilittitik4A-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved Foam& : CIA-RDP64-00910A000100060002-2 P Tho tft Aru aethtatns a separate records managoment prorram a separate archival 0 riteord material of predecesior figendile. It is somesivable that the aotftatios therefor ill based pri- airily on security reasons. aceivable that closer tion stould obtain on certain recorde moron phase* for economic such at vital materials, file stadardi, forma management, reports con trol and systems, i.e., with proper clearaocys. It. Is understood that there La no fennel egrtoment of anderstandinc in existence that would tend to establish a true delineatiom of responsibilities for records administration on =Area coacept basis. OnOtor these oircunstanoes, a separate study should te made to determine *ether or not closer coopers - tion might be had for sconoodo reasons on some program Oasts vithout jeopardising security. e. Records !lanagement Divioion The distribution of work in the cLtvistn dl 3b05$ the dmieistration of eight separate programs 'within the framework of the four rettaleing branchos (Paragraph to and d). rhe Porno Yomagoment !ranch is responsible solely for offootive aeministration of the formal program. l'Amilarly, the Renords risposition Pronch in accountable only for the disposition program. Aloe, the Roports Lnd Correspondenca Nanagemont 'ranch admin Utters two ttoparate proms at implied. Ma Systants 9ronthl however, has tho brood responsibility of administering four individual programs such ao- microfilming, vital materiels, filer standards end records' ays- tons. Thus, from the :roregoing, it is apporont that the dtstribution of wet responsibility Is ontoeianoed organisationally on a program hosts, it io granted, however, that on a workload basis the rooponei- hilitios of the Forms onagemoot program and. the Records rirpoeition pro gram, oospoctively, ttr. greater in proportion to those of any other single program. 14 ;Use Program - &vetoes 11. 4 Tab The progress made to date through this pratma has been eubtnttsl effective. However, the placement of the t1aroftisiag program orantta- ttonal1y in the field of records oonsgement ooy be etubject to questiov. shill, ogulation 40-140, dated 0 January 1955, Subplots iVilitiag sad Reproduction, tends to ESNs offieittl recognition to such platmement, the provisions of Regulation 7400, dated 10 toOust 1954, Subject: Office Ruminate ',tetchiness should alno receive consideration. Microfilming should be construed as etitkia the intent of !tegulation 7400 which in effect ooncerna operational systems through the ute of *Mao baainaos mashinos if proof can bt, shown that (l) applieation a ito bill potential is limited by placement in the orgsaisational concept of the rewords managsment structure and (2) the potential application -3- Sanitized - Approved For WNW CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - ApprovedeSeaaase : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 cops Iithts the meaning of opera- entails the uso of office bustning has faux potential ems measure to records manage- costs through reduction in space recuire- ard to vital materials. lonstruod in tosal sstsus, the potential seeps would oover not lieations mentioned above but would be onlarged to in- stylisation., i.e., to provide' sowings in labor re lo distribution as a nethod of roproduetion. W.B. An example of an operational system %mood on spool, reductieo is V-Mail. The application to some vital materials is similar. Examples of labor savings may be found in private industry, banks ond municipal governments where miorofilming serves seas mounting oontrol devioe. An sweasplo of distribution via reproduction applies to the furnishing of vital statistic, seek as copies of birth mid death certificates. The wain* reword aperturo card used in OC t, comprises an examplo of triple application in this Algona, i.e., spaes savings, vital *starlit's protec- tion arid sowings in tiro, labor and distributial. yetems' Branch Irograms Annex It, Tabs F d i. os reveal that the vital materials' ond file =dards' programs ore As:actor/ and liond effective support to records management ac- tivittos. The systems progrom, howevor, is apparently ineffective due primarily to lack of at:ogee-to administrative and operational planning and an Willard postttcn slot. Actuall/ * tilos a prof/Aims are projects. * RePorto went Antiox It!, Tab Stm4Y of the reverts and oorre,poMnce prsas discloses that (1) on honest effort has been sad to Iak these constructive prsgrssa with sukY Partial success, (2) only four at to have taken root, ()) the progress are ineffective due to lack of recognized policy and regulations to provide smooth operating force and, also, due to impropor organisational planning, i.e., making a branch Of two position slots with no support porsontel, (11) the bransh should be abolished as a separate entity and (5) the work should be continued on a project basis. Reeordo risposition tram - Loud ITT, Tab 01 An examination of this program tondo to omphasisa the teportance of the disposttion control schedule as the goal essence of records managemant sad the hub around which other program phaves tend to rotate. It also dicel000s that (1) oahotantisl progress has been made, (2) some overlap- ping is in evidence on responsibilities whidh normally moult be dis- charged under the file standards' and records' system' programs, (3) Sanitized - Approved For ROGAUSIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - ApprovedISMit ase : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 ave boen ever not. because tt. treisad i.thod tsed hat end(4) a new approach should foll responsibility whore it b eh office head throe delegat of disposition control schedules to the male ev should then follow as tarsal prosedure. no Ranagenast Program rum IrT4 fob IC reinstituted late in 1,53 has been devil.pad on a solid th effective operating practise* for the eentrel ef ferns indexes, preouremest of forms and compilation of noathly ial provess has been made in (1) reducing the =Ober feria, (2) increasing revisions of old forms, (3) fere*, (4) reducing copy production of forms and (5) r.C.eignsting tors from en orgenioatienel concept to s straight feasible. To data, ooetrol has bean established including approximately 1251 Agency forms. re- of 5) percent in the number of motive forms since average annual usage of ferns has been reduced from pies per form in 1953 to 11,872 copies in 19514. Thus this program has bogun to ply returns and should receive full adminis- trative support cam:, based on conservative estimates, there are about 26,000 bootleg forms still being used in the Agency on an uesentrolled and waoteful basis. f pending backlog of 19, forms and other actions, equivalent to 1791 mantours or 11.2 work weeks confirms the existence of 841 operational burden which ootid be relieved by the *dation of (1) import paranoia to maintain typing and filing on a current bends and (2) forms analysts to expedite design routines and the preparation of final type copy of row and revised forme. Information obtained from the reproduction plant reveals that three employees spend approximately four hours per day each on routines pertaining to form suet as prelini eery leyout, vszitypine, ruling, proefreadine and maintenance of files eentaining rough drafts, final type copy, netatives? plates, etc it. C0WLI0Is The study reveals that, under its present orsnizstt.l concept, the Reeordo Management I3ivLstcn is not Wholly an efteetive slemint of the Management Staff by reason of (1) misplaced dependency upon area records offieerte who sonnet most their responsibilities in records edministra- tion, (2) the limited epplicotion of the mierefilm program in its present orgiesioational placenott, (3) the unbalanced assignment of programs to braneh stbdivisions with resultant loss of administrative sad operational 'entre% over the recorVo systems, program, (4) the establishment et the Reporto sod Correspondence leneeement Primal with inadequate staffing and (51 the extended ure of an improvised method to solve the teem reeord problem without the support of bdoquate regulatery procedure in view of the provisions of lee. .5. Sanitized - Approved ForMiliffrobCIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved ease : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 IttCc- dt: TIONS: Based m the ethstanse of this stu the following proomendatione are proposed for adoption snd implementetion es Soon as fees/blot a. The organisational condept of the records management structure be oh from division status mid identified as the :Records Neresgement Staff. b. The Reeerds-Menegement 3taff oompriao an ?Moo of Chief, a project staff and %we bran/hes, i.e., Rewords Disposition Prandh and Forms Management Proneb. Anson IV, Tab L. a. The staffing pattern of the Records snsgeaet refloated in Annex TV, !ab V. It. The area ressrds officer conovt of the reser aboliated as ineffective. Now resslatos7 issuances be proscribed as sad feasibl. to give foroe end offset to the overall mord* management propia under the proposed orgsnisational concept sod revised plan for admit Oration of Awing rewords as provided in paragraph 31. shove. This is ooneldered to to of tieffieisat lawortence to warrant e atomised effort to issue new regulatory material as soon as passable. The microfilm program together with the Neat om, position slot, fund' and immuMbent be transferred to the jurisaistion of the Chief, Busineos MasbinesServies, Nemagement The Reports and Cerro*;cadence an Breach be abolished with the purtin position slots, funds end incumbents Tabs L and r. t Iran* and the hcdGrds t am*ijiin programs, functions, get us provided in Annex XV, h. A repreeentative of the anqenentftatt rtthatitut. and cos inue o - %tattoo, with the tog2stics ftiee for the trPnefor of a capable tome anielarst to facilitate the ens design of forme and expedite the preparation of final type copy. t. A separate study be 80011 to determine bald* bV proras phase the DD/P Area should 000perste for economic reean. in the autheris.4 Agency rmoorda management proirom or with propar justifisation be granted an eameptton therefrom for securitr reasons. Sanitized - Approved For g GOO 25X1A9a : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 ANN 5?is s ANNil Sanitized - ARprovedirmasilWatz : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 hationalntructur? 11, Amax u ? AM( m - Ant": XV - Propos UKRIICISt MAD: ea (5 May 1955) 61,./.17,411,..Es" 74ta J.Lady..?:r Data y Chiefs Piongement c! tier friretirm Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved Forittlit : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 MOW This al &satiation of th. divtior as follevs: a. Tab A eamprisas an onitiQ&i it b. Tahi rafissts the vtsffing potter* sad prey/ es data on salaries for the ensuing files' year. sent or- e. Tab C revoels the entail* of a pending change in table of witahlistion via transfer. TAO D confirms thst tift rewords management program seirod by law. Sanitized - Approved941Mitime : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized -Approved F ? 5t- CIA-RDP61-0091MOL9AI spA- er;STAFF ENT DIVISION Sep !other 1954 RECORDS M Directs an Agency-wide Re a. The creation of recor) b. Their maintenance, or, of current business. c. The transfer, preserv records not currently d. The selection and mai e. Liaison with other go FORMS MANAGEMENT BRANCH Directs a program covering: a. The design' utilization 4+14 oupply.+14g of forms. . Assignment of form numbers. c. Development, maintenance and distribu- tion of the agency forms index. i.. Surveys and special studies of forms and related procedures, and the requirements of area programs. AGEMENT DIVISION rds Management Program covering: nization, and use in the conduct ion or destruction of those equired or seldom used. enance of vital materials. rnment agencies. REPORTS A MANA( Directs a prograr ) CORRESPONDENCE 4ENT BRANCH :overing: SYSTEMS BRANCH Directs a program covering: a. Systems for the maintenance of actie a. The eliminat and prevention of records. unnecessary i )orting. b. Microfilm operations. b. Improved repc ,ing. c. Written communications. c. Streamlining le preparation and d. Filing equipment and filing supplies. processing oil :orrespondence. e. Selection, depoit and maintenance of d. Improving th( ence. tuality of correspond- vital materials. Surveys and analys-s of active repordc; systems and filiw equipment. RECORDS DISPOSITION BRANCH Directs a program covering: a. b. c. CI. e. Records inventorying and appraisals. Records control schedules. Records disposition including Congres- sional authorizations. Surveys of area programs. Liaison with other Federal agencies on the destruction, preservation, loan and transfer of records. Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 RECORDS CENTER BRANCH Formulates the standards and procedures responsive to agency requirements for the transfer and servicing of semi-active and inactive records. Stores and protects inactive records and provides reference service. Destroys records in accordance with approved schedules. Preserves records with permanent or long retention value. 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved FtEetifte : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Itirserde%u.tat nesting "cordo nahsgpamat Program the Wes P.L. ahd 110) . The Federal I eettea S06141 siaintata as esti ?test asnageaent of ther legislation affeetlag ('Atle 5) , act federal ging procres fc of the stancy.t' oferines la part establish and lc end offi- records progran is priradod senowt TU. Federal. Property and Adwinistrative $.evic Lot of 19 352?e1at Ceagress. b. 1. $., Cede. C. Federal. Reports iset 4. Adatiastrative l'reeeenr en. ttI P The Remit& Diglesalist, ?.L. 3e0, 1414 OM 366), as aasaton $ P.L? Adistalatrative direct/vet; pertsiniat to are also WWI a. areas of the Itedget meat 1951. b. morel aweless Adadaistrtta Segislatioa. Memoreadua dated Ostober 195C troa the *gal Staff to ,./hief. CIA Library..7CD suaaarlses optto on the 41t.posal of As records as fellows: a. The enthral Tatelligsaleo At AiIto twofer as it dos* no Law 253. Sanitized - Approved Mails e : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 rr Sanitized - Approved FokirgMe : CIA-RDF'?1-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved For !Ire*: CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved Ratatse : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 A xemeh r ails that tbe so namely, vital aa team. itadh am b. The tnce Tab if ere/13a retrial Tab F V ital materials Program Tab 0 File Lteaderde ?reigns Tab N Eystira Program Sanitized - Approved Faredribiligp : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved Fo41041% : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Ai II TAD 4 Yi k PrO Th. ildarlOrUX Pro Am h tam major phae i).ne mameeement where it servos to 6aeraaaa iterate coots duties La spine requirerIcatm. The other ohs* relates to a 'Wass Ware it tends to (a) &Mat savings in labor requires** taatlitato multiple distribution as a method Og reproduction end (t prevido a distinct aspect of security. The objective of the $rogree? its reeutremants sad currant stens aro stated below: AteMyak - The object of the program iv to Obtain affective use of iliWatU end pertinaet eetipnent on an igloo:, vide beada. b. toff competency entails the diseharge of broad i's- ?h 14 (1) maim the poikettal Awes of stcrofila Mord* ma:ogee:oat dad to operetta:ai or:Item*, ty of ceistiog end propeeed microfilming peliey, (3) misusing proper atleettoa stiltsatios of t mad, also, adsionsat of priorities proprioly of standards, for photo- l (5) relailling aao approviag equipment, supplies ant aervieee, to ssodrtain purr** of filming, of oquipmmat still:maim, method. et, (7) developing and iesning treottono on miorefilming Umta- ta him to select equipment, ust4ou and eahlevd photographic ditto, and inotruettots on ostOpds sad systoles to Mose storage coats, save labor, Facilitate disimibetion sad provide :Lauri*. Liao rospomsibilitios tneludit (1) the imartery is fasilitate pooling, sharing sad YOBOVI, eta., so feasible and preett spot surveys whet. diffieulties are eaper*ens.d on stin proj.cts to prevido 01111 lathe oppliestioe of prdper. arposere Is the esvises phstOgrophie pronouns sod ransomed other changes as appropriate or seoesseer. de ter is thereof, (1k) etsbUsiing grepltis quail reastoitimos tor (6) Inn et wed end asifty of fldabed prod perms isforoat sloops mph as *sea-to we. alarof itadity sod lades filo, it= quint, sad ($) providing inform* Sanitized - Approved 54144ase : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 0. Sanitized - Approved RINI& : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 of the pro (2) !alerted * ,ter microfilm (3) ;Leased astir* do. 43 Mirror f Nieriabi C reollabar *filament that A Rimers iirestatert i3iiediseted a ormoratiew provide aselotemee is the ee footed a preeedural champ is &LOS eliminates the mood far one e led will result in aseuel essiage of of '5,691 bet g 14 sad *a & GoreWed tke grelita e fibi p1othtiNg5 ristattag en tor tkis 10001 $rt bat *colt it be mosesmorY to roProduO. %to ter emersesay sae& the moneteri syringe weed -2- Sanitized -Approved F se : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved ase geese : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 cf mi possiblo o (NOM, sintenanos en first boommo Wilzig tilt miry lo pr00004 '1 Ass Conolderatios of ismodisto propLntis], us os present to Duoip Imsorrsr, tO fasotion4 pooltiom *lotion ut tho lowimoss so tArstiol appliostion of *a pr misiCsaiirm Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved FoirMse : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 AMA LIFTelt kiaeorao Mara/ out Livialart Records Systras !Wallah a. 0. Sanitized - Approved FaikkiNEW : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved Ftieftift : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 *sated in Ott, 031, nbtaiaed in OCD and being mode. 3) Area whammed that (h) (5) (6) A firm d he LCI t statanent datet- 4 sir reveals e determination value aro being seposited fr vas made in ?moil 1954. enpy "An4 else of deporites it is inpinaented8 tuAit office - titter of exoep maintained 5 flip 1120 Asksinistrstive i CU rneords elth vital materia1 woos. The last teposit (7) taunter, Mao - The filing aster fbr * la planed and coordinated With the inr,-Ares roopoottvoly. too, are identleal with the era . ta headquarters. tsaAbook - :he attolattorisla haa lith aceplation approximating 75 parc? La operating protedure fbr the onstro2 of prograa was issued originality on 19 ;One superseded. ( IMAM for the tt/t aa DMT r its Cal rear 3.154 o*naents pubic feet emprorinalling eg Garde 2,!7,95L 094 red; equivalent to Tiaeal par 1955 (2 Ju 5L 36.5. ambit feet approxi anis 1034,94t Nolo eouparatle to P0,000 onsets of isi 52 in file. VOUp sheets of tapvr. Mora 55 3,875 siite of paper. .466466 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 C. stirtiimo Sanitized -Approved For e ease : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 (I) m, more effieteet *4t C(nttO (2) a. redoetlea in tte number of loran (3) 4. orostaaped seossity elessiflestioa et eatery ries. 4) a, deems' la tbe else *f the Mounter, to facilitate 4, - A *to* is serrent4 Nang so to ileteemime Os extent sad lapesitioa end also to estlma terest the peep 'moo:wogs divlelom es, masts so andaabitrativ ot2icsn to vtatt the member ot expressed ilk the program t eith their ties. bus, d. These to Us sthisabi direet Is ?Motel to regiaest tuut t eUbst of an icte agenda of meetings &ttsad,cl y the re. c It is spjsr4 from the primal a staff elmeald reveals is Um or etrootars. '51efttilm Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 Sanitized - Approved FAKE *kV: CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 ANIAI LI, TAS 0 no tie bdung6 tivision t branch The development sad installation of standard ftlm classification oatei. tor the mini of mord material and the AdoPtion of otondorAs to mmtrol Ibm preeinatat end us* of tiling immipment and sepplhot com- prises the memos, et this proaram. An examination of the itiootivs, mommdrimills sad states at the program revs2aI that the srabstential progren has been mods. b. -The ob3.s%ie of the program ia to stamdardise (1) the 'sties System *t neon matertal as feasible And ) th use if tiling equipment ant supplies. toff rogRoasibilities isolate at:festive resoarsh ant develop standard file olassificatios systems to meet ) etopiardiee and control the proseromont And oso of and anp$iu, (3) providVaniontialrollPilator7 overall program and (4) lasitituto h and maintain the planmed objestive. retie/Lag the substamme of resorts oatagoriesol(t) mumiaing the volume relation to s ergaaisation framework the types St iodates and guides forms and instrustiems to *plasma n, (h) applyimg lie standard olas- recorda ant (5) meedootimg sur- ultra' Uwe; to insure run to proseribed Agency S. in 1954 includes the drowlamen jootos Ot (2) A standard erste' for correspondence was issued in handbooktars a (I) Airsegamonts were made with tbe :Me* or Ti alriatimma to ame Aglow parsommel in fLlta standards adeptadi On the job ter other empleyeem as appropriate. Ina Sanitized - ApprovediSmatase : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 FOIAb3b1 Sanitized - Approved : CIA-RDP61-00910A000100060002-2 *aL]itats a inch . Oa. 6 A essustici nedifieationo to meet istteS, medical, 14m, cortgin Wises eacniiiiitcle; The isnes. filing applies and egsiOnent Logisties ottivo *II met procurement needs operating forgo to the program. ? PrOrnit rejects maw la the a. Portable' dank trews in dont amd emensmioal method tor mirk papers bomb-Nis pr000rm4 from at a sort of Most 14.00 mt.s. 0 ton dors. The metal WOW* 141146 oro deep, U bo avoillhle from *took. eon% oempleto at this writing after ten * b. Standards pertaining to tho procurement en* u lies onsipment end applies have bees devalopo4. A regale the is of the otemdesdo hs a beam prepere4 to ropier** our end is posding olearamoo. s. 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