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July 24, 2002
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Approved For F,ease 20?: CIA-RDP61-00910A000100070004-9 CIA RECORDS CENTER This Annex contains basic factual data reflecting the administrative statue of the Records Center with respect to the early background, accomplishments for Fiscal Year 1953, objectives and program for Fiscal Year 1954 as follows: TAB A - Historical Phases TAB B - Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 1953 TAB C - Master Plan of Objectives and Methods of Accomplishment TAB D - Administrative Program for Fiscal Year 1954 Approved For Release 2002/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-0091OA000100070004-9 SECRET Approved For Release 20,W1F ?: CIA-RDP61-0091OA000100070004-9 II TAB A CIA RECcIU 6 OENTER HISTORICAL PHASES Research reveals that the initial concept of the present Records Center occurred in Central Registry, Communication Section, Personnel and Adminis- tration Division, Executive Office, CIG in March 1946 with an accumulation of administrative correspondence and a few publications. Prior thereto, in C$S days, various components maintained Central Registries, respectively. In Ju]y 1,947, it emerged as the Central Records Distribution Section, Ser- vices, Executive Administrative and Management Office, CIG in an organizational shift preliminary to the institution of CIA which took place on 26 September 1947. A transfer of jurisdiction to OCD in January 1949 was the occasion of identifying it as the Administrative Records Section of the OCD Library Archives Branch, In November 1949, it was transferred to the OCD Central Records Branch and became known as the Records and Files Section. After a subsequent transfer in December 1954 to Administrative Services Office, it was known as the Administrative File Section. In March 3.951 it was renamed the Records Center which terminology has prevailed to the present. Approved For Release 2002fO1A-RDP61-00910A000100070004-9 Approved For , ase 204114ZZ : CIA-RDP61-0091100070004-9 "' 1 X II TAB B CIA WORDS CENTER ACCOMPLISHMENTS FOR FISCAL TEAR, 3,953 RECORDS RECEIVED BY THE PRESENT RECORDS CEDER R$PRISENT THE EQUIVALENT OF 400 FILE CABINETS AT A COST C*' $914,000. as, The volume of records received from the inception of the Center to date is 3,200 Cu. ft. and is equivalent to 400 cabinets valued at 194,000, be The Records Center received approximately 1,600 feet of records during the past year. This is equivalent to the volume of 200 legal size safe cabinets representing $47,000 worth of equipment made available to the Agency during the past fiscal year* c. Arrangements were made during this period to receive and store the tape recordings I- I Heretofore, these recordings had been transferred tote National Archives, but it appears more desirable to retain such material in our own Records Center* d. A total of 200 cue fte of records were destroyed under authority of approved disposal schedules. e. There were 1:500 reference service requests on records in custody and 8,900 record items were furnished in response to these queries. E7CISTING AGENCY RECORDS CENTER FACILITIES ARE FIND TO CAPACITY a. For the vast several months it has been necessary to move less active records to the in Rosalyn in order to make space for files being currently transferred from operating unitse, be The storage of records in the is a highly unsatis- factory expedient. More than half the ked in boxes six high on the floor. Any reference to material stored in this fashion is an expensive and inefficient operation. At it has been necessary to utilize space on top of double a nets for records storage. THE NEED FOR ADEQUATE AGENCY RECORDS CENTER FACILITIES WAS ESTABLISHED AND PLANS FOR SETTING UP SUCH FACILITIES ARE IN PROCESS a. A Staff study dated 29 December 1952 proposing the establishment of a Records center was approved. 25X1A6A 25X1A6A 25X1A6A Approved For Release 2002/ REjA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070004-9 Approved For Release 2002/06 1'22 : bIA-RDP61-0091 AQ 00070004-9 b, There is presently in process, a Staff recommending the author- ization of either new construction or renovatcnitudx 25X1 Roselyn, Virginia, for use as a Records Center. IMPROVEMENTS WERE MADE IN THE STOCKING AND SERVICING CF REQUESTS FOR SUPPLE- MENTAL DISTRIBUTION. a. The volma of materials carried in stock for supplemental distribu- tion now amounts to approximately 34,000 cu. ft. Certain activities in this operation have increased significantly in the last two quarters over that of the first half of the fiscal year. The number of information report master copies received for storage as stock has increased 76% while requests for supplemental distribution on the reports are up 51%. About 90% of these re- quests are serviced by furnishing reproductions made by means of an Ozalid machine or the Copy Fix process. The method used is dependent on the type of master copy in our files* be All requests for stock supplemental distribution items are now being processed within eight working hours. Previously, there was a time lag of several days`, part of which was made necessary by having to forward used mul.- tilith mats to the Printing and Reproduction Division in order to supply copies for supplemental distribution* c. Since 1 October 1952, servicing of reports has been improved by securing an Ozalid master for each issuance. In this manner, a complete set of information reports is being developed from which copies can be made by the most efficient method of reproduction for this type of operation. This method also permits satisfactory control over the continued expansion of information report distribution stock. This is achieved by the substitution of the Ozalid master for the multilith mat and five copies that were formerly received. Since last December, space equivalent to nine legal size cabinets has already been saved. d. In order to expedite reference service on 300 cu. ft. of multilith copies of older reports, the physical rearrangement of the files was set up as a project and the task completed during the third quarter. This work in- file volved putting the paper in proper numerical order and the insertion of are dividers. The reports are now filed upright in standard equipment searched with ease. As time permits, the same work is being done on 176 cu. ft. of oversized multilith mats that have been deteriorating due to frequent handling in undersize equipment. e. Supplemental distribution of the finished Intelligence Reports in- creased by 4 during the last quarter of the year. In the same period, additional distribution of regulations increased by 20% while initial dis- tribution rose 233%. Approved For Release 2002/08/22SECAP61-0091 OA000100070004-9 Approved For Release 2002//,3,A-RDP61-00910A00070004-9 ANE]C II TAB C CIA RECORL CENTER MISTER PLAN OF OBJECTIVE: AND METHODS OF ACCOMPLISHMENT 1. Objective - Store and protect non-current records and distribution materials of the Agency. Method of Accomplishment as In collaboration with the Security Office and the SMF Division develop plans for the adequate physical security and protection from fire, climate, etc., of the records used and housed in the Center. b. Develop and coordinate with the Space Maintenance and Facilities Di-, vision and Security office layout plans for maximum space utilization within the Center that will comply with established standards and at the same time insure efficient operations. co Establish a space control system that will indicate at all times the amount of storage space available and its location. 2. Objective - Provide the necessary facilities for accessioning records approved for transfer to the Center. Methods of Accomplishment at Develop procedures to be used by Area Records Officers in preparing and routing records transfer request forms and in packing, labeling, and listing records to be retired. These procedures would be published as a bulletin or handbook. be Review and approve incoming transfer r$quests, and coordinate the accessioning transaction with the requesting office. c. Maintain continuing liaison with the Space Maintenance and Facilities Division in order to provide the necessary labor and transportation for moving records into the Center. d. Determine and procure necessary handling equipment to expedite the flow of incoming and outgoing records. ?. Provide for the control and assignment of storage space within the Center. 3. Objective - Provide reference service on records in custody and in the a on Archives. Tl- Approved For Release 200214OL2 E~IA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070004-9 Approved For RRelgse 2002k IA-RDP61-0091OA000100070004-9 444 Methods of Accomplishment a. Prepare finding aide, when required, to bring the records in cus- tody under intellectual control, and to provide maximum accessibility for reference purposes. b. Develop procedures for the expeditious handling of all records re- quests, both written and verbal, and the operation of a document loan service. c. Install and maintain adequate facilities for a reference search room in the Center that will include microfilm readers. d. Establish and maintain microfilming and photoreproducing services for those records in custody when such reproductions are not in conflict with Agency regulations, security, requirement, or statutory or legal restrictions. a. Act as the official liaison with the N4.tional Archives concerning reference requirements for records in that Agency's custody. !t. Objective - Dispose of any records in custody that are authorized for destruction, Methods of Accomplishment a. Establish and maintain disposal Tickler Files covering those records authorized for disposal; those disposable on a contingent basis and those which appear disposable but for which Agency approval has not been obtainede be Identify and determine those records in custody for which disposal standards have been authorized and approved through the issuance of Records Control Schedules and Lists, e. Establish a procedure for obtaining the concurrence of operating activities in the destruction of any of their records that are authorized for disposal. d. Provide for a system of reporting the amount of records disposed of by the Center. 5. Objective - Preserve records determined to have values worthy of permanent or on retention. Methods of Accomplishment a. Determine the requirements necessary to. prevent damage to records in custody due to insects, rodents, dust, excessive heat, excessive damp- ness, and rough handling. Approved For Release 2002/092ik A-RDP61-0091OA000100070004-9 i "'d Approved For Release 2002(8 2,:, CIA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070004-9 b. Conduct analyses of the various ways and weans to provide the maxi- mum permanency to the records and initiate projects to preserve or prevent future deterioration of permanently valuable records. 6. objective - Store, reproduce and distribute supplemental copies of CIA produced intelligence information and reports and to make initial and supplemental distribution of Agency regulations and notices. Methods of Accomplishment a. Establish and maintain a continuing inventory for all incoming and outgoing material, b. Plan and prepare the various finding aids necessary to bring the distribution under control* o. Develop procedures for the prompt and expeditious servicing of all requests. d. Operate and maintain photo-reproduction facilities as may be neces- sary to service requests for copies of information reports. _3- Approved For Release 2002/08/22 CIA-RDP61-0091OA000100070004-9 Approved For Release 2002/03b2RC1A-RDP61-0091OA00Q 070004-9 "* 'ANNEX. II TAB D CIA R CORIS CENTER ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM FOR FISCAL YEaAR 1954 ESTABLISH ADEQUATE AGENCY LECORI6 CENTER FACILITIES a. Upon approval of the staff study currently under consideration, an adequate Agency Records Center will be placed in operation* b. Approximately six additional slots will be recommended for the Records Center T/O to operate in the first year of the expanded program. c. Training in preparation of disposition schedules will be given to Records Center personnel to permit development of controls for the large volume of inactive record material to be receivedo, d. The supplemental distribution function is placed organizationally under the Records Center. The volume of new material received in the last six months was 76% greater than the first six months of the year, while the number of requests for material increased by ~1$. In spite of improvements in procedure, it will be necessary to increase the personnel assigned to this function by two, in order to continue prompt service. Approved For Release 2002/08/22 : CIA-RDP61-0091OA000100070004-9 SECRL I