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Approved For R&ac+fe 2000/ RDP61-0091000100070005-8 CIA RFCORL6 CENTER This Annex supplies administrative data reflecting the current statue of the Records Cen- ter as revealed by a fact finding surrey thereof according to selected topics as followes TAB E Organization - Functions - Staffing TAB F - Requirements TAB 0 - Physical Aspects TAB H - operating Procedures TAB I - Production TAB J - Control Records TAB K - Problems Approved For Release 2000/Q8,1,' ,- IA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Rel se.2000/08 DP61-0091 OA00100070005-8 ANNEL III TAB E CIA RBCORW CENTER ORGANIZATION - FUNCTIONS - STAFFING The Records Center, identified prior to 3,5 February 1954, as a branch of the Records Services Division, General Services office, is organized on an improvised basis, i.e. with a proposed organization for the remainder of Fiscal Year 1954. The Center is now identified as a section of the Records Management Branch. Organization - The framework of the Center is erected on a foundation of three operating sections; namely, Accessioning, Reference Service, and Disposal sections, respectively. The Office of the Chief appears as a modest super- structure. Functions - The administrative functions of the Center are basic in detail anere closely to the simple operating system employed within the or- ganization framework. They are restated as follows: Office of the Chief - Administers functions and directs operations of the Records en erg Assumes responsibility for all assignments received from Chief of Records Management Branch to whom he is accountable. (Re- vised by Examiner) Accessioning Section - Arranges for transfer of records from operating oiees to the Center; assists in the physical movement of records to the Center by supplying technical advice, labor, trucks, containers and labels; maintains controls over accessions by assigning job numbers, processing transfer documents, and allocating all center shelving space for the storage of records; and maintains and prepares reports on accessions. Reference Service Section - Receives requests for information on docu- ments the custody of the Center and conducts necessary searches to locate desired documents, using established finding media; provides desired information either by abstracting the data or transferring the document to the requesting office; prepares and maintains research refer- ence aides; enforces restrictions on use of records in custody; main- tains records and prepares reports on reference services rendered; re- ceives, stores, reproduces, and distributes supplemental copies of CIA produced intelligence information and reports and makes initial and supplemental distribution of Agency regulations and administrative issuances; maintains a current inventory of distribution materials and prepares reports on services rendered. Approved For Release 2000/0 iA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Release.2000/08 DP61-009445A000100070005-8 Disposal Section - Examines records as they are accessioned in order to ermine if their disposal is authorized by any existing schedule; pre- pares and maintains a disposal "tickler file" that controls final dis- position of all records in custody of the Center; initiates and con- ducts work programs as required designed to evaluate and appraise records in custody for preservation or destruction; and maintains disposal job files and prepares reports on the destruction of records. The work of the Center is allotted to the three sections on a functional basis and distributed to the employees who are most capable of carrying out the assigmnents$ respectively. Staff office of the Chief - 1 05-12, 1 06-3 Accessioning Section - 1 GS--9 (Ass't. to Chief) Reference Service Section - 1 GS-9 Records Unit - 1 GS-7, 1 G6-5 Distribution Unit - 2 GS-7, 3 GS-5 Disposal Section - 1 GS-9 In Process - 0 TOTAL PERSONNEL - 13 1 GS-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/1,7 RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 R Approved For Rele4900/08/ 60100070005-8 ANNEX III TAB F CIA RECO}U CENTER B QUIRMNTS Administrative - Administrative requirements of the Center entail planning, developing ann directing pertinent operations to meet the needs of Agency components in controlling non-current records. Initially, these requirements include transferring, storage, protecting, servicing, and screening of records received, Subsequently, consideration is given to the preservation of records meriting permanent or extended period retention and finally the disposal of records as authorized either via destruction or gift, Operational - Operational requirements are comparable to the basic skills required of records analysts such as knowledge of laws effecting records, the ability to distinguish between record and non-record material, current and non-current material, the ability to identify and describe a file series of records, and to interpret records disposition schedules to facilitate accessioning, storage, servicing, screening, preserving and disposal of records. Approved For Release 2000/08 14-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For RelUW?2000/6FIA-RDP61-0091 ?001 00070005-8 ANNEX III TAB G CIA RECOBI6 CENPFJt The Center is currently located in a one-story building in Rosalyn, Virginia. As the physical structure is only an interim facility, it will suffice to classify it as fire resisting save tor the roof construction and wooden partitions located in one area. Efficient layout planning is in evidence. The interior is divided into four areas, three of which are used for records storage where ease of motion is apparent and one where ample working space is available. An expanded steel mesh partition encloses each storage area. Secure walkways for guard inspection are also provided. The arrangement of sectional steel shelvipg, use of standard (corre- gated fiberboard) records storage containers and safety ladders confirms the application of constructive planning, conforming in general with the stand- ards approved by the National Archives, Genera]. Services Administration, and the National Records Management Council. Approved For Release 2000/08/1 -RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Release.2000/08/17 : IA-RDP61-0091p0100070005-8 ANNEX III TAB H CIA. RWo CENTEB OPRHATING PROCEDURES Accessioning - This procedure implies the retirement of non-current records MOM an operating activity to the Center, thus releasing much needed filing equipment and occasionally valuable space for further use. The pbysical transfer is initiated by the area records officer who prepares Form 60-52, "Records Retirement Requests" in quadruplicate, He then packages and labels the records storage boxes, assigns box numbers, and compiles the list of records being retired. The Center supplies boxes and labels, provides the vehicle and personnel for transportation and renders other assistance upon request. The accession- ing section of the Center assigns a job number. When retirement has been effected, a receipted copy of Form 60-52 is returned to the Area'Records Officer for subsequent reference. S for e - Upon receipt of records in the Center, the shelf location is noted area and room number in the space provided on the reverse side of Form 60-52. One copy of the form is filed numericaljy by job number and another copy by the office of primary interest. Thus a two-fold reference source is provided. The fourth copy is used to support the Disposal Schedule Tickler File (See TAB J) Servicing - A reference service to most the needs of offices of interest is provided because availability of stored records for subsequent reference is essential. Servicing includes extracting information upon request, loaning records.. and transferring records back to the office of origin. Reference servicing is more efficient when the job number can be furnished. Information from the records is sometimes furnished via telephone. The courier force is used to deliver records called for by an office of origin. Normally, a request for the loan of records is processed within eight working hours. Thus a set of records requested in the morning will be delivered in the afternoon. In exceptional cases where time is a matter of importance a record may be obtained on a priority basis through the medium of a special courier. A reference search area equipped with microfilm readers is provided in the Center where files or files are made available to the searcher. Screening--Screening of records is the detailed process of examining, s , and evaluating non-current records for subsequent retention or disposal as appropriate. While the records analysts and area records officers collaborate in establishing disposition schedules, it is sometimes necessary Approved For Release 2000/O IA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Rele,wase 2000/000 A-RDP61-00 OA000100070005-8 to perform the actual screening in the Center* To date, screening has been held in abeyance due to several factors such as the selection and training of area records officers and center personnel for the immediate work, in- sufficient space in the former interim center to accept records from office of origin, the completion of a physical move to a larger interim center and incompletion of inventory, appraisal and preparation of control and disposi- tion schedules in various offices. In this respect, experience to date has required the installation of new filing systems in some offices before proper scheduling could be accomplished. Disposal -Similar]y, disposal procedure has been held to a minimum for the reasons cited above. The Center is prepared, however, to implement the records program by physical destruction of files for which disposal action has been authorized. Records will at no time be destroyed without the concurrence of the area records officer concerned. To effect disposal, Form 36-145., "Notification of Disposal Action" is prepared. The records authorized for disposal and the authority for the destruction thereof are reflected on this form. When pre- pared, the form is forwarded to the area records officer for final review and. approval. Supplemental Distribution Published Reports - Requests for published reports are received at the Center via telephone or memoranda and referred to the Reference Service Section. Intra-agency requests are received directly from various offices. Inter- agency requests are received through LD/CD. The operations in the unit in- clude searching for the requested material, packaging it properly and dis- patching it to the requestor with courier receipt. Information Reports - Requests for information reports are received at the center via telephone or memoranda and referred to the Reference. Service Sec- tion. The operations in the unit include pulling the "Master Copy" of the requested report from file, determining the type of master, i.e. ozalid, photocopy or ditto, selecting and starting the duplicating equipment required for the type of master, running the necessary quantity (Average is four items per request), stopping equipment, enclosing information report copies in envelope, dispatching sealed envelope with courier receipt and refiling wMaster copy." Six employees, in all, have received on-the-job training in operating the duplicating equipment. Thus, ample provisions have been made for sub- stitution of operators. Responsibility for security of the reproduced report copies rests with the receiving office. Approved For Release 2000/0 t lA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Release,,2000/08/1 DP61-0091'QW00100070005-8 Initial Distribution - Initial distribution Of regulations, notices and other issuances begins with the receipt of a distribution control list from MIS. The material is received directly from the Reproduction Plant. Operations include addressing envelopes, sorting, counting and enveloping the material according to the control list, and dispatching the sealed envelopes with courier receipt. -3- Approved For Release 2000/08/17 : P61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Release 2000/08 1A-RDP61-009 ,OOA000100070005-8 ANNEI III TAB I CIA RECORD6 CENTER Production ANNUAL REPORTING Research disclosed that consistent fiscal year totals are not available for records retired, record holdings, and records destroyed. It was deter- mined, however, that calendar year totals are available in part as follows: 1950 1951 1952 1953 Accessions iota 60 73 111 205 Hold s Cubic Feet -- -- 728 4670 Dis osal cubic Feet -- -- 72.51 194 Apparently, conversion to fiscal year reporting occurred as of 1 July 1953, as the following totals in cubic feet were found available for the current period to 1 March 1954: Accessions Holdings Disposal 1922 523/ 62 751-. MONTHLY REPORTING Examination of report for the month of February 1954 reveals certain statistical data of interest such as accessions 339 cubic feet; destroyed- 41 cubic feet; reference service-621 items furnished; shelving space - total capacity of erected shelving 18,948 cubic feet, available space re- maining 6,963 cubic feet; material received for supplemental distribution comprising intelligence reports, information reports and regulatory issu- anoes - 20,074 items; total requests for supplemental distribution-778; ma- terial furnished on supplemental distribution - 5,520 items; total reproduc- tion service - 33,578 pages and finally material furnished on initial dis- tribution - 25,266 items. 1/ 8 Months-Kay through December / Records /Approve t or a ease 2000/0 117, A-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Rele~s 2000/-CIA-RDP61-00944A0001 00070005-8 ANNEK III TAB J CIA RECORDS CENTER CONTROL RECORDS Control records maintained in the Center are described as follows= Locator File - Records Unit Arrangement of this Kardex file is numerically ty accession job number. Each card reflects the location by area, row and section number for each job. A record of reference service is also maintained on each card. Locator File - Distribution Unit This Kardex file is arranged by office of origin and thereunder by title and number. It shows the location by area, row and section. A running inven- tory of records material distributed is maintained on each card. Organizational Accession File - Records Unit This file contains copies of transfer documents for each job along with any shelf lists or other finding aids. It ii arranged by the name of the operating activity by Agency component. Disposal Tickler Files Disposal Schedule Tickler File - This file contains cards arranged chrono- logicaly by disposal date for records definitely covered by a control schedule. Contingent Disposal Tickler File - This file houses cards for records material authorized for dual upon the occurrence of a given event or con- tingency, the exact timing of which is not definite in terms of years. (examples: "Dispose of two years after audit by GAO," "Dispose 3 years after separation from service.") The cards are arranged by name and office of origin. Dis sal Authorization R !.quested File -;This file contains cards for recor material that appears be disposable but for which Agency approval has not been obtained. permanent Retention File - This file contains cards on records material considered to have continuing value. Approved For Release 2000/08/17 DP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Release 200~'I: CIA-RDP61-0QQ -OQUPA0001 000700 ANNEX III TAB K The survey of the Records Center brought to light several problems as follows: Transportation - Difficulty has been experienced in obtaining transportation for the transfer of records when needed. Thus, on several occasions the use of personal cars has been necessary to carry out priority assignments in the retirement of records to the Center. Arrangements whereby a light truck or station wagon be made available to the Center on a given schedule would be helpful. An effort will be made to determine this possibility. Reproduction - The equipment used for-developing prints made by the photo- copy process is not dependable in providing proper photographic quality and legibility. The experience of the Printing and Reproduction Division will be obtained to overcome this deficiency. The ozalid equipment is being used to furnish a reproduction service to certain sources in FDD. Lengthy reports ranging from twenty to 2440 pages in volume have been reproduced in four copies at the Center. An examination of the Center's monthly production report tends to confirm that approximately 11,000 ozalid copies for other than information reports were reproduced in the month of February. An administrative determination requiring either a report of justification for the performance of the work or the transfer of the work to the Reproduction Plant should be made. $ ecuri - No definite control exists on intra-agency requests for supplemen- tal distribution of published reports, i.e. on a need to know basis. For a brief period in the past a memorandum request including the justification therefor was required. At present, a list of names of authorized persons is maintained for control purposes, i.e. via verification. Requests are re- ceived via telephone or memorandum. The reports are dispatched with a courier receipt which does provide a record. The responsible employee states that he complies with telephonic requests if he knows the persons calling. Is it essential to establish a firm "need-to-know" basis for each request? Fur- ther study will be made to determine the need of a definite policy on this question. Monthly Production Report - Discussion with the Chief of Records Center dis- closed the advisability of revising the format used in preparing the monthly production report. Research will be made to determine the feasibility of converting the present improvised vertical method to one constructed along more practical lines, reflecting Center activity on a horizontal basis such as: On hand - Received - Dispatched - Processed - Destroyed, etc. Balance on hand. Approved For Release 2000/08/17,: IA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Release 2000/" lEIA-RDP61-00 1 QA000100070005-8 Returned Published Reports - The return of published reports after initial c letrribuiion Tian been a continuing problem at the Center in the past. Some relief has been obtained in recent months through collaboration of the Liaison Division, OGD, and the Printing Advisory Staff, OGS, in establishing, as feasible, predetermined needs of both IAC and non-IAC agencies on NIS, and thus preclude the distribution of unwanted copies. Notwithstanding, the AAF returned approximately 600 cubic feet of NIS in the month of January 19514, alone. Copy of a memorandum dated 3 March 1954 to Assistant Director, OCD, from Chief, D/B/RR Subject: *Return of NIS to Records Center," follows as an attachment to this TAB to show the latest developments together with pro- posed plans to solve the problem. Approved For Release 2000/0 4 i 'C1A-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Reuse 2000%''UTA-RDP61-000A000100070005-8 3 March 1954 MEMORANDUM FOR: Assistant Director, OCD TBRUt AD/ORR FRS: Chief, D/B/RR SUBJECT: Return of NIS to Records Center R,EE'ERENCE: Memorandum for Chief, Liaison Division, OCD, and Chief, D/B/RR, from Chief, General Services Office, dated 19 October 1953, subject: "Report on NIS Returned to the CIA Records Center." 1. Attached as Tab A is a summary of the Report on NIS Returned to the CIA Records Center which accompanied the reference memorandum. The following significant facts were disclosed with respect to these returns: a. A total of 1821 NIS elements were, returned during the quarter ending 30 September 1953, which in equal to 3 of the number of elements disseminated during this same period (50,000). b. Of the total elements returned 1428 (79%) came from 19 different offices in CIA. co Only 289 (15%) of the elements were returned from IAC Agencies, and the other 104 elements (6%) were returned from various other governmental offices. 2. It is apparent that the major corrective action is necessary within CIA in the first instance since more thfn three-fourths of all returns came from within this Agency. With respect to this problem in other Agencies, the NZ Committee maintains:a continuing surveillance of NIS requirements and dissemination. The low percentage of returns in relation to the number of new elements dist,ibuted (about * of 1%) is close to the irreducible minimum resulting from ever fluctuating requirements. Approved For Release 2000/98/17 : CIA-RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Relea 20( b ?l : CIA-RDP61-009 4000100070005-8 25X1A9a SUBJECT: Return of NIB to Records Center 3, A study of the situation in CIA has led to the conclusion that the excessive returns within the Agency are due in large part to the practice of distributing all published NIS directly to individual offices, rather than disseminating only certain elements selected on the basis of the immediate requirements of these offices. This practice has resulted in many elements being returned to Records Center when it is found that they are not relevant to projects currently in process. It has also been common practice in some offices to call for NIS elements in supplemental dissemination, and then return them to Records Center when they have served their purpose. 4. A ution to the problem, which has been discussed at some length with of your office, all of whom concur in the feasibility of the plan, appears to be the expansion of library service on NIS to the extent necessary to meet requirements within the Agency, which would permit the discontinuance of direct dissemination to the various offices and theretV remove the cause for the greater part of the NIS returns. Further, conveniently located reference centers containing complete sets of all published NIB will afford users an opportunity to utilize all of the various NIS elements in their research. This will greatly increase the usefulness of the NIS, since topics which are given primary treatment in one element are given related treatment in many other elements, and unless all are available for reference important information might be overlooked. 5. It is requested, therefore, that OCD take such action as is necessary to implement the NIS library service plan in CIA. Attachment: Tab A 25X1A9a D/B/ R: Distribution: Orig & 1 - addressee 1 - AD/ORR 1 - Records Mgmt 1-D/B Approved For Release 2000/081 25X1A9a RDP61-0091 OA000100070005-8 Approved For Release 2000/08, RDP61-0OA000100070005-8 `" TAB A SURVEY OF NIS RETURNND TO RECORD CENTER Consolidated Figures - Quarter Ending 30 Sept. 1953 25X1A7b Number of Returned From: Elements TAB/tR/S 199 BR/DC 1 FE/Fl 12 RI /RD 11 W/RED/CAP 37 ODP 5 M/DGC /B/RR 1 ORR 116 OBI 6 00C 24 2 8 nD SR/OCD 712 2 LD/CD OCD 39 RQM, OIS 37 @CI 25 LIBRARY o a C Offi1ces S tate 175 office of Def. Mobilisation 3 ONI 1 USAF 3 Weather Bureau 10 MBA 7 See. of Def. 9 US ABC 51 US DA 112 FRWOutside Agenc es 371 Unknown 2 Review from Reproduction 20 TOTAL RETURNED 1,821 Approved For Release 2000/08/RDP61-00910A000100070005-8