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December 9, 2016
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March 22, 2000
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October 19, 1954
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP61 SO0527A000200100059-1 State Dept. declassification. & release instructions on file FROM TO REF -AIR _Y7l ~ICT" ~Sk~11.~ L1.Ir-1~?iJ ) FOREIGN SERVICE DESP,1"Tc:1?I AME BASSY, BRUSSMS Basel Despatch 8, July 27a 1951 ACTION U.e Only 3333r 14 N(`. -D ,/ s 7 c ' _000;11*, . -Octobe j9o-x.95 - - D100988 SUBJECT: EXC '. f L COP TO SOVIET BLOC ` /, J/t -,i `5/9/1 The despatch under reference reported that the "Comptoir Coameroia], rt Industriel du Brabant" (COCI:dBRA), 20 Rue de 1'Ecuyer, Brussels, has contracted to sell 79500 tons of Chilean copper to "Arnold Siebermaann", of Zurich, which is eventually to be diverted to Gdynia. On August 4, this information-was forwarded by 'the IWbassy to the East-West Trade Section of the Belgian Minis try of Foreign Corsneres. The Eabasay has now received a note frog the Ministry, dated October 14, 1954, which states that an investigation by the Belgian authorities has ahowwn a sizable transit movement through Antwerp of Chilean capper to Poland and to the U.S.S.R. "COCIMSRA", this note states, does not appear to be involved in these or other copper shipments. The substance ofl the:Yinista7wa note is given below in translations/ ' Investigation has shown that since the nth of August$. .pore than 2,000 tons of Chilean copper has moved ip,transit through Antwerp towards Poland and th%. U. S. S.R. le . The, transit and handling at Antwerp are carried -;on by wtraniports Internationau3c", "P.S.A.L." and "Furness Shipping & Agency S.A.R.- s ?i,..d.~ -! - L C-004- Thin appears to be part of a huge transaction which is forwarded in the following ways The copper, composed principally of *wire barn ,"and>slestrolytic_ingots", is shipped from Chile on board vessels.which call regularly at the ports of 8o' xgw Aikl n4 and Ronnskar. From these: ports, the metal is shy ii; transit to Antwerp where it is transshipped ectly on Polish vessels (Polskie Linie Oceaniczne) or Soviet vessels (Sovtorgflot). _ or eieas 2000/> MABt if ,RQ 61 S00527A000200100059-1 REPORTER INFORMATION COPY Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP61 SO0527A000200100059-1 3" _-- From. In the investigation and after a check of shipping documents.9 it has not been possible, up to aaro to learn the names of the persons or firms who are behind this operation The manifests and bills of lading do not give any indication of the amount of the freight, which was paid in advance,, or of the name of the consignee. There was not even a clue in the way of a "notify". As for the firm "COCUL9RA", this company is not not up to handle a shipment of 7,5O tonse Mr. Ds Ryck, Adninistratar of "COCDL A s states that he bas never handled any acne-ferrous metal ahiyasat$ and insists that he kn a nothing about any shipment of this nature. The Swiss firm "Arnold Siebemana~rB ndence is located at 17 lNeinbergatrass , Zurich of Mr. Siebenaaflfl, a businessman, of 31 R giatraasta Zurich). This Swiss firm does not houses. appear to be kna n to the Antwerp forwarding This . In all the information that we hats bean able to obtain from our investigation of the "COQ" firm. Let se aware you that we are coatis " 1 to watch the movement of Chilean copper iafot~ ti~- and, I shall let you laww any that we obtain in this matter. The Embassy not*$ that the Ministry does not in its note give any information, such as date of arrival, name of carrier, or date of trwas 4 t, that would which -have already moved thrm& AnUWY? The identify the 2,000 tons of copper Embassy will forward any further information that it am obtain In noted d report ed bem It is possible, however, that these shipments bare already by another Foreign Service post. Paris (2); Antwerp 1 cc: USRO - , , r pmt ple&ae pass copies to: Bern, Basel, Santiago, and Stockholm Approved For Release 200/09L -r,:i P61 S0d527A000200100059-1