Financing ERS

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November 16, 2016
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February 10, 1998
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September 28, 1954
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ptoved For Rele Jc writ FU IDUM FOR THE RECORD se 2000/05/22 CIA-RDP61 S00750A000100150064-3 TS 954 xter aw-t ; .soar r? i I agencies in the Federal CIA, . el*Ds*, r0A, abi* to each agency in uakar*~b. To do this, i( each agency ~ptete4 projects. 3. AS cie tail 044 Erstie to rarttae aeearcb O ce 4. ti y of *I .nistxator is to bare the latter order*4. vide .3a iararttota by high ievot ;arson ar are aware of fir age s stake in the ERS operatio *wAm4A*. + ttt %953 IMS had virtually no success in getting the Defeu*s partna.ut or its contractors to va4k * reports on their Even s oar . on#e bad contribut*4 $30, 000 to r, RS rsrtc reluctance on the part of the Depa r Air ;Pore* tir co tray rs to report their Approved For Release 2~/2:CIA-RDP61 S00750A000100150064-3 V'C :9 o A M Approved For Release 2000/05/22 CIA-RDP61 S00750A000100150064-3 `hs Titr Socretary pa aced within 43 lour t ac rs to r,y b impetsible unto S. I r.c sssnd that th* D CI urge State and X)ef n data. sles& with CIA, to c tribute to the support Of RS. motet that USLA and FOA also make nnaucla: con 25X1A9a Gt = 1 (21 Sept wb.r t rtbaon: I - l rono 60, 25X1A9a 1 Approved For Release 2000/gIL&&ioalA-RDP61 S00750A000100150064-3