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November 16, 2016
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February 10, 1998
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September 23, 1954
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Approved For Release 2000/05/22: CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000100150067-0 my 1934, the DCI approved thei peg;.. The following progress has been made in impleementating the recommendation of that report: Part L-Intell# ence Needs . ec aendation,.- 4a. That the Director of USIA approve the .,: statement of " ypes of Intelligence and Intelligence Information .Required to Moot USIA's Essential Needs' (Conclusion 3c, pp. as the basis for requesting intelligence and Intelligence information for IA.`" Proiressr Approved by the Director of US =is letter to the DCI of 30 July 1954. ecommeendation: *4b. That the IAC agencies approve Conclusion +t t ie ails for providing intelligence and intelligence information ti eeedeed by USIA. (AOj6jML-- Wr 46 AL NO _ 1MOrlow r progress: Approved by tho IAC (IAC-D-8Z/5) Recommendations 1-4c. That the IAC approve, the recommended distribution of National fWaAwn4. Progress: Approved by the IAC. USIA desig- nated by the N qF on 9 September 1954, as a recipient of national intelligence subject to IAC determination. (LAC-D-8Z/3). Recommendation: -4d. That CIA and State approve the recommended oistributxos of certain of their intelligence publications (Action '.t , r sal.Assistant, Intelligence. ) Progress: CIA's approval given by the DCI in his approval of the report an 23 July 1954. State's approval given by letter from Acting Special Assistant to the Secretary of ;tats, to the DCI on July 28, 1954. Recommendation: 44e. That USIA arrange directly with the military intelligence agencies for receipt of certain of their intelligence publications.'* Approved For Release 2000/05/22 :CIA-RDP61 S0075OA000100150067-0 Appv dF.or Release 20/ - 1 S00750A000100150067-0 n _. institute discussions for receipt by USIA of as tart' intelligence. OBI and G4 have responded, to USIA, there has been no cs to obtaining Intel services, The Air Forc sponded. but is expected to do so shortly. Ilecsamroendatioat -1'4 That the appropriate IAC embers approve support to matt the related needs of other agencies. (A conclusions 3a and b'Nabove as a basis for providing intelligence Progress: Approved by the IAG (IA ?D...82/5) ;and personnel over and above these now available in the Department appropriate agency under CID-3, expand and raglrect tL a resources of its intelligence organization so as to accomplish the additoral production, principally under the NL program, recommended above. This will require the use for t eseer purposes of additional funds Recommendation: 4a,. That the Department of to Part 3--Organizational Arrangements r eisowh.reI. Eventually, the additional outlay re- under the NIS program might amount to 400.000 or possibly 25X1A12a oven more. Because of problems of recruitment and production planning, however, only $15O, 000 to $ZOO, 000 and 30 to 40 additional slots over and above those originally budgeted will be required for those purposes in the Fiscal Year 1955. Except insofar as these resources can be made available by the curtailment of activities in the Department of 55tat&s intelligence organization 25X1A9a 25X1A12a 25X1A12a s. - eegotiations are currently under way, the unstance of the BCI, between l 4-,,. ,-: - and Armstrong to settle the question of location, either in CIA. or State, of the respon- sibility to produce intelligence on international cormmunie . If the responsibility is left in the Department, If the responsibility is located in CIA, arrangements will be made as soon as possible to settle Approved For p100150067-0 and method of operation. Approved For Release 20001O5/22 I P61 S00750A000100150067-0 25X1A12a With regard to t o ezpsans on of NIA pro- duction, in line With the U:AA aurir`eayon subject matter other than international communism, the IDCI an Z : sptember 194 Recommendation: -o04b. That USIA establish an intelligence organizat separate from the Department of ;State, with Iunca&ion and organizations as set forth in Tab B and Annex A to Tab 5, sad with funds pr+ vided try U IA s regular appropriations. Until a sufficient amount of time -haas passed for the $n plementation of this report the organisation 4 have as "TIO of an order of magnitude of 70 to 90 positions." ass The intelligence organization ;ommended by the survey bat bees ablisthed and key officials aappeint Its 1/ is **tat 95 persons. including or the provision of references services on U. S. information {Asnsricaan)&' Its major organizational problem is in recruitment, particularly the rsgruitm*nt of key area in teflig*Acs analysts. sndaa?- on: -04c. That the followiag organization* no this a adianiiti*traatiOft of USIA be abolished. CPI, YQA Library ix Research. Photo and I..Ph Libraries, and that part of ILV which has been engaged esd will be .rough to net a T of the order of magnitude collection and production of intelligence. The slots, and money described above. Frolrea: ALI unit* recommended for abolition -;nave been aboiished with the exception of the onnall Photo and News Morgue which are re- maining wit l!. the Press Service. Approved For Release 2000/05/22 CIA-RDP61 S00750A000100150067-0 Approved For Release ,.! -RDP61 S00750A000100150067-0 ]Recommendation: ,+44,d. That USIA be invited to participate in pertinent activities of the IAC subcommittees can basic ht.llf snc% defectors, and foreign language publications. &a+ I. with Charimen of t as NIS, ID Co rdY-L b nmtt es. } Progress. The acting UGI an 17 August 194 requested the Chairmen of the t hreee sub- coitteees to take necessary action. The Director of tF * now USIA Intelligence Organization has already conferred with the Chairmen of 1D da ,d '~L a an e*. ith the a iaews `d# underway. r pr - , the ctor, USIA intelligence will be ?nv when appropriate! by the Chairmen of the NIS com i, tee to pa tics to in a detailed dire+cussioar~'ae~1`itterr, including discussion of a revision of the NIS outline. ation: i4e. That L. issu a instructions to the fia1 ssible. available "descriptive dstaii" of items aeecummsndatiof, 4f. That USIA inform the intelligence agencies as to USIA* present security practices in order to assure safe handling of classified intelligence and. information, and ms a such ad~ustmentl as may be necessary to inure the necessary freedom of exchange and discussion. {Arctioftn Iase4-1*, LEA. --in een- is has been done. Recommendation', t4a. Ti conducted under the directio coordination with the State Depart USIA intelligence organisation in p,ecemnendation: "4b. That such reporting be coordinated in the field by the Chief of the U. S. Mission, as is his responsibility een erall Fa Approved For elease 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP61 S00750A000100150067-0 ` ' reporting be coo i t Approved For Release 2 P61 S0075OA0001 00150067-0 due to the newness of his Ora is not yet prepared to institatae the reporting actions. However, in order to educate PA O's and U3IS personnel on tk,e zecon ee- the survey, he is distributing a briefing c rcular for the field, which he will coordinate before dispatch with State and CIA_ cc.iaer, it is planned, will be part of :ton of coordinated field reporting. Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA- 1 SO075OA000100150067-0