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November 17, 2016
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March 30, 1999
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March 31, 1958
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Approved For Release 2000/0 QP61 S00750A000200090001-8 TCSi4968?48 Copy - ch 1958 ORANDUM T r Project Director ~5X1A2g SUBJECT Sanitisation oind Hindling Procedure: and Middle East Photography 25X1 D a proposed that materials currently being mad* avAilable to-be released from the, TALENT system, under a SEC's ET NOFORN classification p ro vidsdt a. Selected prints,.. positives,. and uncontrolled mosaics are enlarged and cropped to a sell, not less than 111O, 000 (new scale to be specified an the reproduced material), Fecal length not to be disclosed. (This eliminates possibility of identification of altitude,) Year and month may be specified. Reproduced material will not mention TALENT or CHILES or any ether reference to source, Material shall be classified SECRET NOTOl , Format shall be 9 x 9, b? They be handled in such a way as to not permit roc traction of track, ~5X1A2g a to making prints for handling within the TALENT system y be required by. Theatre Commanders he may 3 ewi . respond to 25X1A2g c. All such releases from the system be properly logged and registered at HTAUTOM,AT? 2, It is further proposed that -Co>sartaaandor be advised going paragraph 1. ATCIN should instruct the panel' at requests for reprodae M k described above shall be honored to the extent that priority reporting to the 2.1 and Theatre Commanders or support for O rations is not impaired. Furthermore, it should be understood as his responsibility to determine priority of handling ALENT It N J III ;Lw Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000200090001-8 Approved For Release 2000/08/22 CIA-RDP61 S.00750A000200090001-8 TCS.Z %8-5a these reproduction requests (is e,, , for Theatre Commanders) until such time as he is unable to work out scheduling satisfactory to the consumers, h " e for reefeerence to t pointy he shalt refer the problem to AFCI Ad Hoc Requir Each of the military services should inform its Theatre Commander of the foregoing arrangements,, 4, it is proposed that the assnftisation procedure outlined in 25X1 X7 d ances paragraph I above shall be forwarded to for their gui r.~ a' e~,~ ll t y ecea in the hang of such materials as may esvexe 25X1A2g 5 it is finally proposed that the sanitination procedure estsb'iisbed 25X1 A2g for at this tim* as in paragraph .1 above, be applicable to materials acquired in the Middle E "t and such saaitizaation be permitted in the ZI6 by Theatre Commands,, and by 25X1 X7 6, in order to permit necessary use of sanitized materials in case of emergency, participating agencies are authorised to proper* required, the materials to be labeled "CONFIDENTIAL -- ODLF1 A EA DT G A, H R,2ZED , Documents so classified will normally be stored in the same manner as any Other confidential msteri*l, When this is not feasible, documents and material will be stored in * container equipped with a reasonably secure locking device or in any other manner determined by proper authority which will afford adequate protection,,. This does not preclude a more secure means of storage If desired, ?, The ? t ilisation Advisory board and the .Ad Hoe Requirements Security icer,, the TALENT Security Officer, and the representative 25X1 Aga of the Security office on the Utilisation Advisory Boaard,e participated in the formulation of the foregoing and concur. 25X1A9a R1 B1 R Chairman. A;PPROVEDS Ad Hoe Requirements Committee /5/ 25X1A9a Rt $ iSS.L J.L, XxeCu tvs a7eocr+~ss= y Approve ro, ejtaA%Q9L 8/22: CIA-RQM.7n5Q& B1-8 QR icw