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December 14, 2016
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March 29, 2000
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PDF icon CIA-RDP61S00750A000300150109-1.pdf119.92 KB
proved For Release 2003101/i4 - lA113 OA000033001 DEPAktMENT O F"''y`F ,' 3A RCE HEADQUARTERS UNITED STATES AIR FORCE WASHINGTON 25, D. C. 25X1A9a *USAF Declass/Release Instructions On File* MEMORANDUM FOR DIRECTOR, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 0 SUBJECT: Request for Establishment of a TALENT Control Area 1. The following plan is proposed for the establishment of a TALENT Control and Processing Area at Headquarters, Far East Air Forces: a. TALENT products would be received and controlled by a TALENT cleared officer who is located in or adjacent to the FEAF SSO/Special Intelligence Area. b. Products to be stored, when not being utilized, in a separate safe within the COMINT area or in an equally secure area, as necessary, in accordance with the provision of the TALENT Control Manual. c. These materials to be used only in compartmented areas to which the access of non-cleared personnel may be denied. d. Capt. Lawrence L. Leon is designated as the TALENT Control Officer for Headquarters, FEAF, and all materials will be forwarded to this individual in such manner as to preclude their being opened by an unauthorized personnel. e. Colonel Harris B. Hull, Deputy for Intelligence, FEAF, is designated as the TALENT Security Officer. 2. The following positions will require access to these materials: a. Commander, FEAF b. Vice Commander, FEAF c. Deputy for Operations d. Asst to Deputy for Operations e. Director of Operations & Training f. Asst Director of Operations & Training g. Chief, Operations Plans Division h. Chief, Reconnaissance Division, D/Ops i. Staff Officer, Reconnaissance Division, D/Ops J. Staff Officer, Reconnaissance Division, D/Ops k. Secretary, Reconnaissance Division, D/Ops HA1; L .'.A TALENT ~fk; :2 IM# Release =6 T H1997 1 S00750AoO65OD'1' 'I 0~1 copies, Approved For Relea g 2003/01/24: CIA-RDP61SO075OA000300150109-1 4'ERE Page two ontrol Area Sibj: Req for Est of TAT?FTYT C Memo for CIA 1. Deputy for Intelligence m? Assistant Deputy for Intelligence n, Director of Collection, D/I o. Assistant Director of Collection, D/I P. Stenographer, Director of Collecti ons , D q. Chief , Reconnaissance Collection Div, D/I r. Special Projects Officer/TCO s, Assistant Special Projects Officer/Asst TCO t. Operations Specialist, D/I u. Stenographer, Collections Dir., D/I v. Director of Estimates, D/I w. Assistant Director of Estimates, D/I x. Chief, Indications and Combat Intelligence y. Operations Staff Officer, D/I Div, D/I z. Chief, Combat AmLlysjs Div, D/I aa. Operations Staff Officer, D/I bb. Research Officer, D/I cc. Intelligence Operations specialist, D/I dd. Director of Targets, D/I ee. Assistant Director of Targets, D/I if. Special Security Officer gg. Asst Special Security Officer hh. Crypto Operator it- Crypto Operator Jj? Crypto Operator U. CryP o Operator kkl ryp Operator mm. Crypto Operator nn. Commander, Fifth Air Force 00. Vice Commander, Fifth Air Force pp. Chief of Staff, Operations, Fifth Air Force qq. Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Fifth Air Force 3. The establishment of this office, under the direct supervision of the Director of Intelligence, FIq. FEAF will permi within FEAF of any TACT products produced by Detachmtent C or of r TALENT materials for which FEAF has a requirement, G0111 I "42t SYSTEM ONLY Approved For Release 2003/01/24: CIA-RDP61SO075OA000300150109-1 TOP SECRET Copy No. ___L___ of _ ----- oopie' .,,