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December 15, 2016
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August 21, 2003
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August 19, 1958
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Approved For Release 200%; A ,S00750A000500'12 44 4 NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY WASHINGTON 25, D. C. FOIAB3C P.L. 86-36 FOIAB3C P.L. 86-36 FOIAB3C Analyst, 5X1 (GENS-3) 11 Aug 25X1 Analyst, 13 Aug 25X1 (GENS-33 NSA review completed $ECRET 25X1 PROD-o4/63/T/58 Copy J_ of 7 copies 19 August 1958 SECRET - HANDLE VIA TALENT CHANNELS ONLY MEMORANDUM FOR: CIA/TCO SUBJECT: Semi-Monthly Clearance Report 1. The following were granted TALENT clearances during the period 1-15 August 1958: POSITION DATE CONLEY, Herbert L., Chief, Office of Collection 4 Aug Mr. MITCHELL, Madison E., Chief, Technical Development Div. 6 Aug Mr. (COLE-4) Chief, Operational Services Group 6 Aug (GENS-04) JAFFE, Sydney, Dr. Deputy Chief, Plans and Control Group, PROD-04 (NSA/TCO) 14 Aug Electronic Engineer, COLL-2 15 Aug RONLETT, Frank B., Mr. Special Assistant to the Director, 15 Aug NSA 2. The following were debriefed: Approved Fo 6'"* E Approved For Release 2003/09/29 :CIA-RDP61 I50A000500120044-4 ,one ..r SECRET - HANDLE VIA TALENT CHANNELS ONLY 3. Please note the following position changes for TALENT-cleared personnel and amend your records accordingly: OLD POSITION NEW POSITION MONROE, John J., Deputy Chief, Plans and Special Projects Officer Mr. Control Group, PROD-04 for the Assistant to the (NSA/TCO) Secretary of Defense for Special Operations hief, Operational Deputy Chief, Office of ervices Group (GENE-04) Collection TORDELLA, Louis W., Special Projects Officer Deputy Director, NSA Dr. for the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Special. Operations 4. Dr. Sydney Jaffe will have access to CHALICE material in addition to his TALENT clearance. P.L. 86-36 FOIAB3C Alte ate NSA TCO cc: NSA/TSO GENS-03 GENS-33 7 C 7T c1 SECRET Approved For Rlraff3 Vill 9TAL1L?QQPT 0 44-4 NU_