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December 9, 2016
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February 12, 2001
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August 16, 1954
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Approved Foctease 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP61SO0756A000600010002-1 Nwj~ R D D DIARY Monday, 16 August 1954 to Friday, 20 August 1954 Monday, 16 August 1954 1. At my suggestion I introduced OCPW, to since OIS is satisfactorily doing for DDP what _ division is trying hard and unsatisfactorily doing for OCPW. We gave kjN= the Terms of Reference for the forts coming NIE on Resistance Potential. 2. consulted me respecting Mr. Amory's proposal to establish an IAC Sub-committee in Photographic Intelligence. This idea had been generated by Mrs. Sheldon at the time she was in Art Lundahl's Photographic Division under Jimmy in ORR. Without reference to either Guthe or the DDI has gotten Lundahl to give him direct a memorandum on deficiencies in Photographic Intelli- gence. Based on thimemorandum,of 21 May, the DDI had requested Lundahl direct to took up a piece ofpaper d serve as a basis for establishing an IAC Sub-committee. 9&M is opposed to the proposal largely because the state of interagency coordination in this field and current Defense Department attempts to resolve specific problems are sufficiently satisfactory that no inter-departmental committee is required. ; In Captain Staley's absence, I talked with Col. Maxwell of the Rainbow Team of JIC(74683) and explained to him that cooperation ' this point in order to elicitabe facts might save us all considerable misery later on. Maxwell got the point, and undertook to provide,if possible, copies of : (a) JIC 620/8, a paper to provide service coordination in Photographic Intelligence; (b) a copy of a Presidential memorandum restricting handling Of- overflight questions to the President and Secretary of Defense; and (c) a JCS Directive on South East Asia Reconnaissance requirements. Maxwell was not able to provide this before started his leave on Friday. I so told 25X1A9a volunteering to carry on with Maxwell and undertook to inform Art Lundahl by 30 August as to any developments. Tuesday, 17 August 1954 Did nothing Wednesday, 18 August 1954 Mr. Crookshank of G-2 informed me that all G-2 had wanted to do when it sent the fa ous'nemorandum asking for concurrences in a vague Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a proved FR ylease 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP61S00750 0600010002-1 proposal respecting release of information to civilian contractors, was to find out if their present practice of-briefing these contractors on the basis of intelligence was agreeable. He r?fized that the G-2 memorandum had not made this point and asked that it be returned. I had General Moreau do so and asked himto imform 25X1A9a Thursday, 19 August 1954 All agencies having concurred in the release of NIS to USIA, we prepared and disseminated the necessary revision -of 45/ 12. Friday, 20 August 1954 All agencies having agreed in the release of NIE's to USIA, I transmitted to General C,~,bell for signature, a memorandum to the NSC requesting designation of'USIA as a recipient of National Intelligence. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Reles, 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 SEC ET W RDD DIARY Monday, 9 August to Friday, 13 August 1954 Monday, 9 _August General Cabell said he was happy with draft DCID 11 /2 except for the proposed term "for official use only" which he felt might be considered a circumvention of the Executive Order. I assured him that the General Counsel had deter- mined from the Department of Justice that that Department considered this term appropriate. General Cabell then signed the paper and redistributed it as an IAC document. Tuesday, 10 August 1. Attended IAC, which meeting was the last to be attended by General Porter who is leaving and will be replaced by Admiral Layton. Major Johnson informed me that Colonel Mims had died. 3. inquired whether it was really necessary for the DCI to as t e NSC to designate USIA as a recipient of national intelligence, since USIA had been receiving all the NIEs for some time and at Mr. Amory's request. I referred _ to NSCID 1, paragraph 5a and told him that even though we were ratifying an existing arrangement it seemed to me desirable (remembering the FCDA case) to regularize our procedure. Wednesday, 11 August 1. At the request of a representative of the Comptroller's Office, revised and sent forward a statement of major accomplish- ments and objectives for the 1956 budget tbbWfb6 AFOMV"gor,Fa l a4Al/tgpg. 85tg*. RDP61500f OeA%bb 61r- Jhe Approved For Release 2001/08/28 z IA61S00750A000600010002-1 Wednesday, 11 August (continued) 2. Received from Wage & Classification a T/O change authorization to accomplish the melding of old OIC with - 25X1A9a I wrote a memorandum requesting that one clerk-stenographer be redesignated information control clerk. implement the staff study as that study is referred to in the USIA Survey. Thursday, 12 August Did nothing. Friday, 13 August 25X1A9a 1. Spoke with at his request concerning intelligence support for the Special Forces segment of OCPW. Z. G-2 and ONI finally gave their reluctant concurrence to the proposal to disseminate NIS to USIA, and I therefore issued IAC-D-45/55 requesting IAC approval. This exercise, coupled with the service agencies' inability to concur in the proposal to give NIEs to USIA, made it clear that the security segments of each of the military agencies were bein obdurate. To aid in their education I arranged with to have a meeting next week at which security representatives from Army, Navy, Air Force and JIG would listen to USIA explain its security practices and ask whatever ridiculous questions they wished to ask. State, AEC and FBI had all con- curred in both proposals (i. e., NIS and NIE). Approved For Release 2001/08128-: C-IA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 -of RDD DIARY 2 August 1954 to 6 August 1954 Monday, 2 August 1954 1. Attended DCI's monthly meeting with AD's. Mr. Dulles said that General Clark would be here early next week, would then be hospitalized for a while, and would start a CIA Survey in September. Mr. Dulles said he was taking three weeks vacation as soon as Congress adjourns . Col. White emphasized that the 1956 budget would be even tighter than the 1955 budget. 2. At request, left with General Cabell a summary of ac ions re a ed to the USIA Survey during his absence. Tuesday, 3 August 1954 1. Attended Career Service meeting at the Department of Agriculture. 2. Took one hours sick leave. Wednesday, 4 August 1954 Took one hours annual leave. Thursday, 5 August 1954 1. At request I sent him our single copy of the Report. 2. OSI, asked assistance n connection with a memorandum written by CollectiorrtDetue` Division, G-2~,to the DCI, DNI, and DirectorJAFOIIS in which G-2 asked concurrence in advance to proposed release by G-2 to unnamed civilian contractors of un- specified intelligence and intelligence information on Foreign Electronics materials. I undertook to take this up with Col. Fenili. Friday, 6 August 1954 Disseminated as an IAC Document the USIA Survey. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY 26 July 1954 to 30 July 1954 Monday, 26 July 1954 1. Received signed copy of memorandum under which the DCI sent the USIA Report forward on 23 July. I Informed who sent 25X1A9a me on Thursday a draft proposed reply which, with changes suggested by us, dispatched to the DCI on Friday. 2. Drafted a letter which subsequently sent to USIA 25X1A9a forwarding the BOB comments based on their informal review of the Survey Report. 3. Received signed copy of the DCI's 23 July letter to Park Armstrong and showed the same to Otto Guthe1giving him our NSC 50 file. 4. Sent report on Covert operations 5. At Report. request sent a copy of the Survey 25X1A9a 6. Drafted for 11 signature a memorandum to the: AD/SI' informing him that I, a cleared employeewas being transferred from his jurisdiction. Tuesday, 27 July 1954 1. consulted me respecting proposed change in the draft Eva uation Regulation which he approved and which he under- took to submit. 2. A Mr. Cutchen in State /Administration phoned to inquire of whom a Doctor from Colorado University might consult in connection with;_his interest in preparing students for Government; I suggested he call either Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Wednesday, 28 July 1954 ASc 1. I declined to type a current version ,mf the 9 Progress Report since it was 21 pages in length, since Ann was on vacation, and since it appeared we would have to retype several mats for the USIA Survey. 25X1A9a In view of complaints that ONE had not had an opportunity to train their girls to run the complicated electric typewriters, I sent our manufacturers instruction book. 2. At his request, and so that his boss could do some undescribed something, I gave n extract of Part 1 of the Survey Report and so informed 3. requested information as to how intelligence priorities were setting. I briefed him on recent developments respecting the 4-series. 4. Hamilton, B 0 Binquired,gt what action the Agency would take respecting NIS financing and international communisp$. I told him of the DCI's letter to State and put the substance of our conversation in a memorandum to_ith a carbon copy to the DD/A. Thursday, 29 July 1954 25X1A6a 1. sent me five copies of the EEI 25X1A9a prepared by at my request. I sent two copies to - and 25X1A9a two to G-2 and wrote a note to -attaching copies of my memoranda t025X1A9a those distributes. -IL 2. Ted Nordbeck inquired what foxi to use tobeftV an idea respecting captive earth satellites. I gave him our OCB File for review and suggested that he check with prior to working up any mammoth OSI staff study through channels. Apparently there is some OSI pressure to have the NSCInotej whatever it is OSI feels it has discovered. Friday, 30 July 1954 Did nothing. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Re[ a 2001/08/28 : CFA- 61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY Wednesday, 21 July to Friday, 23 July 1954 Wednesday, 21 July 1. requested "quick reactions" to his draft of the forthcoming NSC progress report. I made two points: a. It should be clear whether this report is a semi-annual report of most significant changes or an annual report. (I suggested the latter. ) b. The reiteration by G-2 of its long-standing plaint at clandestine collection should be removed. I reminded _ of the experience of six month's ago and called his attention to the substitute language proposed by General Cabell and pushed through the IAC by the DCI. 2. Worked out with Wally a list of forseeable projects for the period ending 23 August. 3. Took one hour's leave. Thursday, 22 July 25X1A9a 1. f ORR informed me that his people were floundering because Dr. Guthe had asked them to produce a report on some matter or other raised by Admiral Espe of ONI at the IAG meeting of 13 July in connection with materials being illicitly shipped into Communist China. Apparently the materials involved are kerosene products which, by some chemical magic, can be converted into jet fuel. Guthe had then left; Chadwell, who had been present at the meeting, did not know what had gone 25X1A9a on. _ was on leave. I contacted Captain Wilkins, who ar- ranged to have the ORR people put in touch with ONI's chief civilian involved. =later informed me that this conference had made it possible to discover what was wanted. Friday, 23 July 25X1A9a it _ office sent us an "Annex to IAC-D-6/3. If This arrived at noon with an injunction that it be gotten out to the agencies that afternoon. It was a draft of a proposed letter from Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/0818 CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 the DCI to the NSC, asking that the President direct government agencies to make their information available to the Watch Committee. There was no covering memorandum yet drafted, 25X1A9a and I informed _that it would be very difficult to get this document to the agencies by close of business Friday. He said he felt OCI could give better service than that and that he would have Mr. Amory take it up with them. I told him that that was, of course, his privilege, and suggested that if that was the course to be pursued, I would prefer to return the typed mats 25X1A9a tom so as to be sure that his dealings with OCI would not be adversely affected by any attempt on my part to deal with OCI as I had in the past. We therefore typed the mats and re- 25X1A9a turned them to At 2:30 we received the minutes for typing. On these minutes, as also in the case of the proposed IAC document, I discovered wording which I felt could be improved. 25X1A9a When I made my suggestions to - he gave me to understand that the documents were beyond questioning, since they had been already approved by Mr. Amory. It became clear to me that 25X1A9a -view of the matter was that we would do the mechanical work and that he was in charge of the substantive preparation. 25X1A9a I said nothing to- about this further, but suggested to Wally that this seemed to be an 1800 shift from the line advanced by 25X1A9a _in office at the time that the shift of the IAC 21%'l Secretariat was discussed. In view of the above, I checked with the Property Procurement Officer as to when ONE might get an 25X1A9a electric typewriter. informed me that it would be a minimum of 90 days. I therefore arranged on Monday to transfer one of our electric typewriters on loan to ONE, pending the arrival of their own typewriter. In connection with the entire matter described above, I found it perfectly possible to be sweet, reason- able, and disgusted. 25X1A9a 2. informed me that the Bureau of the Budget had completed an informal review of the USIA survey and had only two minor comments. I told him I would put these before 25X1A9a the Director as agreed at the meeting with and that the Director would forward them, either with Re repor or, if the report had already been forwarded, would send them along separately 25X1A9a to I wrote this up in a memo to with a 25X1A9a recommendation that the survey pages involved not be rewritten. This recommendation did not get to the DCI before he dispatched the survey. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 "61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Monday, 28 June to Friday, 2 July 1954 Monday, 28 June 1954 1. informed me that Mr. Ralph R. Roach would replace Vic Keay as alternate FBI representative to the IAC. I prepared a memorandum for DCI reciting this change and, as well, reciting that General Schow would attend the IAC meet- ing. 2. Received a 25 J e memorandum from G-2 requesting absence) and he laid on a meeting with IAC estimating represen- tatives. the undertaking of a NIE on" d cent this to = (in 25X1A9a 3. questioned whether State Department 25X1A2g received - and He had noted a considerable 25X1A2g amount of POW and Slave Labor information,, in these two series of reports. I put this question to George Pope, who informed me ?~5X1A2g that State got from AFOIN but that he would not know 25X1A2g about the ~ and would look into that question. 4. At the request of OGC, prepared duplicates for each IAC member of the DCI's letter containing proposed legislative amendments to the Chairman, 5. Took 3 hour's leave. Tuesday, 29 June 1954 2. Relayed to OSI the DDI's instruction that the DCI should have available for announcement at the IAC meeting of 13 July a memorandum reciting the _ action respecting the estimating on guided missiles. I 15X1X7 Approved For Release 2001 /08/28 CIA #RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ~_. IA-RDp61S00750A000600010002-1 3. Reviewed and made suggestions on memor- andum for DCI to send to Assistant Secretary Quar es regarding 0 intelligence arrangements to support the re-,"y-con- ference on guided missiles. 25X1A9a 4. Told of ONI's adverse reaction to the substitute for a "draft memo" su Oed as a Tab7 81 /2. ONE had given the Agencies "contents of a memorandum" rather than an actual draft memorandum, as requested by the IAC action. Wednesday, 30 June 1954 1. At hi that he could brief another Agency, I briefed oas to the IAC action on the SNIE on Restrictions Against Soviet Bloc Personnel. 2. At ~ request I got all IAC members to agree to downgrade SNIE 10-5-54 from top secret to secret. Thursday, 1 July, 1954 1. Drafted the following papers to permit next steps in the USIA survey: cover a. IAC-D-82/1, to/dissemination of the report to IAC document disseminees. b. IAC-D-82/2, to propose the release of NIE's and SNIE's to USIA. c. IAC-D-45/55, to propose NIS release to USIA, d. A DCI memorandum to the chairmen of the IAC subcommittee on basic intelligence, foreign language publications, and defectors. d. A memorandum from the DCI to the NSC regard- ing NSC designation of USIA as anAgency to receive na- tional intelligence (i. e. , NIE's and SNIE's). Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ;CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 err Nwr 2. General Cabell inquired whether we had gotten any Pentagon reactions to the proposed DCID 5/1. I replied that none had been volunteered or sought. He said that General Lewis had been favorably impressed. On Friday, and l asked 25X1A General Cabell what action he expected might be taken during his month's leave. He suggested that if the military agencies to not reply within 2 weeks of the time when the DCID was sent we should instigate a query. 3. Colonel White informed me that had in- 25X1A9a sisted that a notice be issued, effective 1 Jul , abolishing OIC and 25X1A9a transferring its functions as follows: all to except IAC secretariat to ONE; FLP chairmanship to ; DDI repre- 25X1A9a 25X1A9a sentative to IPC to - I informed M, and left 25X1A a draft IAC-D-85 which would inform the agencies of this change. 25X1A9a 25X1A1a 25X1A is to discuss this with-. 25X1A9a 4. General Cabell made two points respecting the USIA a. He would expand the second part of the "type$' state- ment to include, in addition to basic, current and esti- mates, special reports and other-materials as discussed in para D of Tab A. b. Since he believes that subsidizing is wrong, he would not accept the recommendation that CIA's _a- subsidy to State for NIS be increased by any amount. and I discussed this point with Gen- eral Cabell on Friday, at which time he mentioned his position. We pointed out that, the question of funds en- tirely aside, we maintained a conclusion that the produc- tion needed to meet the "typeb' could more completely and more economically be achieved by an expansion of NIS. General Cabell wishes that this conclusion be stated in terms, but that the recommendation based on this conclu- sion m,,~ 1 State's action to expansion of NIS. He would accept a statement that State should expand NIS, provided that that conclusion adds that the question of sub- sidy will be reexamined. suggested that State 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 will need, and the DCI should supply, some form of support at the moment when financial support is reached. General Cabell agreed with this point and further agreed to consider on his return, a draft letter to State which would make it clear that the subsidy would come to an end on a date cer- tain, thus putting State on notice that they would be on their own. 21A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 5. Prepared for IAC-D-42/7, to cover his sanitized version of EIC-Rl-S3A copies of which he will provide us with an Tuesday, 6 July, for dissemination. Friday, Z July 19 54 25X1A 1. Joined and Wally it conference with OIR on "Propaga da Analysis." State un- dertook to prepay a emo suggested by which would 25X1A9a set forth OIR's on this subject and submit examples of existing product~,pn with critical appraisal of that production in the light of OIR's 2. informed me that the NSC secretariat had recommended by memorandum of 29 June that the DCI supply by 1 August the official annual status report of the Foreign Intelligence Pro ram, and I discussed briefly with an how to get on with this. Mrs y had directe that ONE do it but (since~s on leave and GJ/ not yet on board) were anxious to prepare the initial paper which would induce contributions. I put forth at length my sugges- tion that this time a draft be submitted since time was short, since the .was a mere drill, and since it would be possible and possibly profitable to write the status report in direct respect to the three national policy,, L for intelligence set forth in paragraph 10 in NSC 16Z/2. Our meeting was cut short in order to meet with General Cabellra'l Will further explore 25X1A the matter with 4 20 (V1LQ , Lz"~ (D C P%,A) 10 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Monday, 21 June 1954 to Friday, 25 June 1954 Monday, 21 June 1954 1. Received from DDT draft DCID 15/1 and draft covering IAC Document. In conference with Dr. Guthe, I suggested that he take up with the DDI a proposal to restore the DCID 3/4 language that an Agency making studies in another Agency's field would not normally disseminate them. This language had been changed by Mr. Amory to enjoin that such Agencies would not normally undertake such studies. The DDI refused to buy this change. He did accept another proposal, namely, to have the FIC advise concerning proposed external research projects rather than recommend. 2. consulted me again concerning FOA's interest in establishing connections with the intelligence community. He showed me, and Mr. Reber perusedsome memoranda he had. gotten together bearing on the FOA case. It turns out that what was originally described by FOA as an AFOIN requirement was in fact a carefully drawn and coordinated all-service requirement submitted to FOA by JCS. 3. Commander Wohler informed me that he, as Commander Cragg's replacement, would be the ONI representative on the NSC status report. I told him that I,had heard nothing about that report and was lying quiet in order not to arouse any sleeping dogs. 4. Joined in conference with representatives from State, OCB, DDP and USIA concerning the USIA Survey report. 5. Joined in conference with General Cabell on DCID 5/1. Tuesday, 22 June 1954 1. Attended IAC and checked minutes with OSI, ONE, and DDI. 2. provided me with an interim draft report on the erroneous release by NEAC of a digest of NIE 100-54. I told that when had first notified me of this, Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For ReleaasWe...2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 SEU: ~.r I had informed both OCD and ONE, neither of whom were excited. I suggested to Johnson that AFOIN complete its report and send it to the DCI for IAC noting, pointing out what corrective action the Air Force was taking in order to snake such mis-release impossible in the future. (NIE 100-54 was recommended by the Board for non-release to any foreign government, IAC-M-148, Sec. Note.) 3. Attended conference with General Cabell on DCID 5/1. Wednesday, 23 June 1954 1. Attended last conference with agency representatives on USIA Survey. 2. Attended conference with DCI at which he agreed to the short version of DCID 5/ 1. ? We put this in final form and the DCI sent it on Friday. Thursday, 24 June 1954 Prepared a draft IAC-D-81/2 to cover revised Terms of Reference and a draft memorandum to -respecting the Guided Missile Estimate. Friday, 25 June 1954 1. After talking with provided him with draft IAC-D-50/2, designed to give the job of coordinating with the agencies the Board's proposal respecting the National Intelligence Objectives directives. 2. Read 17 May staff study to the DCI from the DDP which recommended that the DDI take up, with the State Department, ways and means of solving the problem of intelligence on international communism. Approved For Release 200//08128 : CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08rt -CIA RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 RDD DIARY Monday, 14 June 1954 Met with USIA, State and DDP representatives on USIA Survey report. Tuesday, 15 June 1954 1. Attended IAC and checked minutes with 25X1A9a and Mr. Amory. 2. Met with General Cabell concerning "Agreed Activities. " 3. Met with concerning the USIA survey. 25X1A9a Wednesday, 16 June 1954 1. Met with DCI and others interested in DCID 5/1. 2. The DDI raised a question as to whether the IAC Members had concurred in the proposed non-production of an NIE on B W . Asked to check this and he was ' able to inform Mr.. Amory tha the IAC Members did agree. This made it unnecessary to bring the matter before the IAG. Thursday, 17 June 1954 1. For the EIC, issued IAC-D-42/6 (EIC-RI-S3) and IAC-D-84 (concerning the EIC review of a JIG study related to SE 37 and mentioned in IAC-M-108. ) 2. Met with and 25X1A9a nd agreed to delete the study conclusions and recommendations from the USIA survey. The USIA survey conclusion thatthe recommendations should be implemented will be retained. It will then be necessary to create a separate staff study to the DCI recommending implementation and changing of a DCI policy not to increase the 25X1A 3. Met with General Cabell respecting "Agreed Activities" and redrafted the DCID to shorten it by ,omitting CCC. Read 25X1A9a papers prepared by- (his proposed directive) M (a 25X1A9a list of misfortunes which have befallen CIA in this field) and Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :_CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CI, EIS00750A000600010002-1 INOPF 11 , %w w 25X1A9a (a summary of his speech at the War College). Friday, 18 June 1954 Took three hours annual leave. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 RDD DIARY Monday, 7 June 1954 to Friday, 11 June 1954 Monday, 7 June 1954 2. Informed that General Cabell had decided to solve the NSCID 12 qu?stWn by merely up-grading that directive from "restricted" to confidential" . She undertook to inform the NSC and thereafter to inform me so that I could get OCD to make the necessary notification. 25X1A9a 3. Spoke with and concerning 25X1A9a NSCID 5. Tuesday, 8 June 1954 1. Assembled USIA report for review. Reviewed it with him. 2. Circulated a revised pa a of the IAC minutes pursuant to a DDI request related by 25X1A9a Wednesday, 9 June 1954 1. Attended 3 1/2 hour session with General Cabell on NSCID 5 and redrafted:,Crculated the proposed DCID 5/1. GA 2. 1-The DDI's request, added to the agenda for the next IAC meeting(and issued as LAC D-83)the IIC-ICIS report to the NSC on restricting Bloc representatives. Later informed the Agenc*sof the relationship of Que IAC D-2 and 2/1. 3. Recounted the experiences of my trip to a group of a,genc representatives (on Friday reduced to writing.) Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For ReleNasse 2001/08/28 CiA-RDP61 S00750A00.0600010002-1 Thursday, 10 June 1954 1. Discussed with his manual on "Colle)ction" making suggestions respecting the "Services of Common Con erns' section and suggestion procedures for circulating the publ'is d version to other agencies if it is I drafted a memo _o reciting our backing of the project and suggestions for dissemination. 2. Discussed with of the Regulations Control Staff her questions concerning the proposed regulation on evaluation of intelligence reports. This regulation will shortly be issue$in Purple. 3. Attended a meeting called by General Cabell respecting DCID 5/1 at which meeting General Truscott was present. 4. Drafted IAC-D-80/4 respecting ONE's and the Agencies' decision not to do a national estimate on BW. Friday, 11 June 1954 1. Brief Walter Schwinn of the "P " area as to my visit and informed hian that had soup e me on the following questions: a. What are the present plans of the US government for lodging responsibility for information programs during a hot war? b. What is current US thinking regarding waging information programs as a coalition? Approved For Release 2001/08/ _o RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP61SO0750A000600010002-1 40~ qWIr 22 May 1954 to 2 June 1954, USIA European survey trip to London V "nna, Munich and Paris. Thursday, 3 June 1954 1. Attended meeting called by and attended by and representatives of PP and FI. Governor Stassen had raised with the Director a question concerning communist infiltration of the Press. Stassen's question was not available in finite terms and it was not even apparent whether Stassen was questioning infiltration of US press or Forei n. I recounted the relevant facts from the USIA survey and ndertook to write a memo based on the meeting which would include reference to the reed for better intelligence on international Communism, particularly penetration of foreign press, with reference to the problem of using CE information. Friday, 4 June 1954 2. Talked with concerning USIA request for con- siderable graphic and documentary support and suggested to him that I felt he was entirely correct in trying to meet current USIA requests on an ad hoc basis pending completion and acceptance of the USIA survey. Saturday, June 5 and Sunday, June 6 1. Worked on USIA survey report. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP61SO0750A000600010002-1 25X1A9a WWW 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A 25X1A9a *OW RDD DIARY Monday, 17 May 1954 to Friday, 21 May 1954 Monday, 17 May 1954 1. For the USIA survey, I interviewed Deputy PAO from Berlin. Later lunched with 25X1A9a and Wally to discuss our trips and arrange for the sending of Cables. 2. Spoke with the I. G. respecting employment. Tuesday, 18 May 1954 Attended IAC meeting and DCI 'briefing prior thereto. Wednesday, 19 May 1954 1. In connection with the USIA survey I: a. Attended meeting with and others respecting DDP's needs. 25X1A9a b. Joined in lunch with PAO from New Delhi. c. Briefed and was briefed by and -respecting my stops at London, Paris, and Vienna and Munich. d. Reviewed 16 December 1953 report based on his survey o syc ological Intelligence Needs and -s 4 October 1953 report on the MRC Liaison and Reports Unit. On Friday I discussed these reports Thursday, 20 May 1954 my visit with 1. Mr. Walter Schwinn of the "P11 area of State put me in touch with in anticipation of 2. Attended extra meeting of IAC on Indochina. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Friday, Z l may 1954 1. informed me that he was sending OIC and OGC a five page draft of the proposed DCID 5/1. He hoped 25X1A9a to be able to have further discussions before would be compelled to send the paper forward. 2. Received a 19 May memo from the General Counsel in which he cited his concern at the language in the first draft of the Watch Committee's Terms of Reference. I replied to this memo with one of my own in view of the General Counsel's extreme view as to the exclusive character of the DCI's responsibility. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :?CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY Monday, 10 May 1954 to Friday, 14 May 1954 Monday, 10 May 1954 1. Participated in USIA survey briefing by Assistant Director for Latin America. 2. Issued IAC-D-10/10. 1, informing the agencies that ONI and G-2 could not concur in the proposed release of the supplementary version of the Atomic Energy statement to Australia and announcing that this would be considered by the IAC at an early meeting. Prior to issuing this document, I ascertained for that it was worthwhile to pursue the matter and ascertained from Captain Hurd in Navy and Col. Fenili5 in G-2 that: a. The MIG-peaple were adamant in their refusal to release (even though Air Force and JIG had no objections); and b. that both Army and Navy would welcome IAC discussion of the proposal. 3. Discussed,,with , OCI's proposed changes to Regulation 50-14 on "Evaluation of Information Reports. " On Friday, after checking all proposed changes with of FI (RQM), I submitt d Regulation to the Regulation Control Staff through bib= 4. Spent two hoags with on DGID 5/1. I left my draft with them and they undertook to work it over and will inform us as to when they z4ext w'ishad to meet. Tuesday, 11 May 1954 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Attended IAC and checked minutes with and with 25X1A9a . uch as the IAC treatment of the post morteni paper bears upo treatment of national intelligence objectives. Wednesday, 12 May 1954 25X1A9a expressing OIC's favorable reaction to proposed collection 25X1A9a nanual. We suggested tt be printed and offered to review it in more Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 25X1A9a detail if the decision was made to print it. 4. Attended USIA survey meeting with and others on the 25X1 C Thursday, f May 1954 25X1A9a 1. of OSI approached me with the problem of how OSI should publish information collected by the Office of Communications as that office carried out the Agency's Electromagnetic Warfare c. _ 4iajApen program. I suggested that the content of the proposed reports and the purpose for which they would be produce suggested that they should be in the form of vt~''information report comparable to production rather than in the of finished intelli- A gence publications. I later got him in touch with Deputy. Z. approached me respecting 25X1A9a inclusion,in his 0SI# produc' & ro ramjof~ientific,,Intelligence support for T. IA. I briefed B"on the current survey and 25X1A9a assur d him that OSi would be informed as to the survey results. At thtime, might be better able to decide the scope 25X1A9a of OSI support for USIA. & .3 e uSi survey 1 interviewed of 25X1A6a 25X1A9a 25X1A6a 4. I briefed Capt. Staley of JIG as to the USIA survey. He seemed responsive and potentially cooperative and seemed to believe that there might be some secondary benefit to military intelligence as a result of the survey and in terms of intelligence support for military versions of Psychological warfare. 25X1A9a 5. sent, respecting a memo of conversation helkbetween low-level personnel in FOA and representatives of OCD's liaison division. FOA, reflecting some tentative ideas of apparently wan5to use theZ'~`"""~? DC and CIA as a single WZ&ppe at which to work out FOA's ' r information wand assets, without involving FOA in any "formal" arrangements FOA ha4been induced to consider this problem am ill-considered and encyclopedic/ e1gXroiWhent. I suggested that a matter be pursued in low gear and that meanwhile OCD attempt to acquire a copy of the Air Force requirement and any other pertinent facts as to CIA or other Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 intelligence requirements levied upon FOA. It should be noted that FOA alleges itself to be more interested in supplying intelligence a~.. ... zs information available to FOA than it is in getting intelligence for FOA purposes. Friday, 14 May 1954 1. Suggested to that he coireect the statement on the cover of the BW Study which says that the study vas prepared by CIA #o the SEC Hb undertook to change the copies leaving the Agency and to prepare a sticker to cover the copies already disseminated within the Agency. L. Attended USIA survey meeting with State DepartnTetit, representatives from the Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY 3 - 7 May 1954 Monday, 3 May 1. Attended USIA Survey meeting with to draft an 25X1A9a initial statement of USIA essential intelligence needs. 25X1A9a 2. consulted me concerning the new CIA regula- tion on control of NSC information. After checking with 5X1A9a and arranging with her that OCD would initiate a proposed chap and submit it through her to DD/A, I drafted such a change. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a -modified the change and I modified his change of the change and, as so modified, it went forward on 6 May. It points out that the NSC Executive Secretary may exempt documents or series of documents from the control provisions from time to time and that he has, in fact, so exempted NSCIDs. 3. In connection with the USIA Survey I sent to on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May memoranda respecting the Inter- national Broadcasting Service's reference facilities, including the index of researcig", reports produced by IBS and provided to the survey team by the Chief of the IBS Library Branch. Tuesday, 4 May 1. Attended IAC, which was largely devoted to consideration of the report of the ad hoc committee of the Watch Committee 25X1A9a Checked minutes with Sheldon and - of OCI, of ONE, and Amory. On Wednesday I drafted a "pursuance clause" to the terms of reference in order to cast them in the form of a DCID (1/2).In this pursuance clause I attempted to get the effect of the pertinent sub-paragraph of paragraph 10 of NSC 162/2. Because this would do some violence to the DCI's tentative recommendation to reproduce all of paragraph 10 in the terms of reference and attribute them to 162/2, I also drafted a memorandum from Sheldon to Amory explaining why my approach had been taken and, as well, drafted opening paragraphs for a memo from Amory to the NSC which would induce the NSC to notify executive departments and agencies of the requirement that they make their material available to the Watch Committee. This attempt was successful. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CI - S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Tuesday, 4 May (cont'd.) 2. informed me that the NSC will be informed next week that the Planning Board has NSCIDs 11 and 12 "under review." I informed her that OIC is holding the CIA paper on this subject pending General Cabell's return, OIC believing that it will be necessary for General Cabell to explain the matter to the DCI if we are to do other than that which the DCI suggested, namely, merely raise NSCID 12 from Restricted to Confidential. Wednesday, 5 May 1. Attended the second meeting wi Larry Houston and FI on NSCID 5, at which time it was agreed that a crack would be taken at drafting a DCID 5/1. On Saturday I drafted such a directive for future discussions with FI. 2. Prepared a memo to selected USIA officers transmitting the statement of intelligence needs for their criticism and comment. 3. informed me that the SEC had no authorized color for the cover of their publicationsand was about to publish their first publication (the estimate on Biological Warfare). I suggested that the SEC use any color available at the printers and not assigned to another office or committee. Thursday, 6 May 1 . raised with me, in connection with the USIA Survey, his problem of obtaining a periodic publication of USIA/Rome, "Italian Press Trends." I suggested that rather than having the survey team. ascertain the facts and request this publica- tion be provided, he should have the Liaison Division push this matter to the limit of his capability. By so doing, we would all learn something about Liaison Division's capabilities in working with USIA. Approved For Release 2001/08f2,A-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28;: CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Thursday, 6 May (contd.) 3. Sent a memo to the DCI, through ONE and DD/I, respecting the proposed visit of to the IAC meeting of 18 May. Mr. Amory asked me why this memo had been written, since the invitation had already been issued. I informed him that it was written pursuant to his specific request to me that I write such a memo in time for the DCI to mention the matter at the IAC meeting of 11 May. Friday, 7 May 1. Made a file search in OCB for all material pertinent to Thailand in connection with the proposed country study of Thailand in the USIA Survey. Approved For Release 2001 JA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Monday, April 26, 1954 to Friday, April 30, 1954 Monday, 26 April 1954 1. Attended USIA survey from 10:00 to 12:00 and 2:00 to 4:00. 2. Spoke several times with and twice with respecting the report of the ad hoc committee on the watch, which Mr. Sheldon wished circulated to the IAC. I had it put out as IAC-D-6/ 1 (Revised) for consideration by the IAC "at an early meeting. " Colonel Ainsworth informed me on receipt of the document that Air Force would want to have a minimum of two weeks to consider the paper. I so informed- who later informed me that Messrs. Amory and Sheldon wanted the IAC to consider it at their meeting of 4 May. I so informed the agencies and ONE, whereupon ONE wrote a paper suggesting changes in the document. This was discussed by ONE and OCI with DDI on Friday'the 30th, and by DDI with DCI on Saturday the 1st. During the week asked what was going on and I informed him. DDP was considering questioning the impact of the recommendations of the report insofar as the IPC is concerned. 3. Johnson of the NSC Secretariat requested he be sent a copy of the final draft of the BW study by the SEC. I informed , who promised to send Johnson a copy. Tuesday, 27 April 1954 Attended USIA survey from 10:00 to 12:00 and 2:30 to 4:30. Wednseday and Thursday, 28 and 29 April 1954 In New York purveying IBS Friday, 30 April 1954 1. Dr. Chadwell discussed with me what procedure should be followed in order to achieve foreign dissemination of an expurgated version of the JAEIC semi-annual estimate . Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 25X1A9a I worked u a document in the "10-series" (10/10), discussed it with and signed it for his dispatch. The technique adopted was to provide the IAC (members only) with a draft of the revised statement and a proposed distribution and request their concurrence or comments within a week. 2. acting secretary of the EIC, sought information a out t e Resistance Intelligence Committee. He felt there might be some correlation between RIC work and certain manpower studies being produced by the EIC. I supplied him with the IAC document involved and suggested he talk with A Wave, Lt . Misenhelter of ONI (13-1-56038) inquired of me the "need to know" of the RIC because the Navy member of the' RIC is being replaced by another officer who is not fully cleared. She had been speaking with of OCI for a week or so without result. I suggested that the RIC would not be completely served by an agency member who was not fully cleared but suggested that for the real answer to her question she consult As far as "need to know" was concerned, I referred her to the IAC document establishing the committee and suggested that the terms of reference might indicate to her satisfaction whether or not there was a "need to know. " 3. On seeing Regulation 10-315 of 19 April on "Control of NSC Information" I suggested to that she propose a change in this regulation which would make it clear that NSCID's by decision of the NSC Executive Secretary, are excluded from the provisions regarding control of NSC Information. She under- took to do this , advising OCD. When OCD inquired of me what they should do in view of the regulation, I suggested that they disregard it insofar as NSCIDs are concerned and rely rather on the memorandum from excepting NSCID. 4. Attended USIA survey 2:30 to 4:00. - 2 - Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY 19 April to 23 April 1954 Monday, 19 April 1954 1. Reviewed memorandum of 12 January (JIC-M-143-54) from the JIC to the DCI on the subject of "Agreed Activities." This had been submitted to OIC, in accordance with General Cabell's instructions, in order to collaborate with DDP to phrase recommendations as to what steps the DCI should next take. On Friday I attended a meeting which got to hold- esent were: Larry Houston, General Balmer, 0 We explored background and tactical alternatives an undertook to meet again on~ call. 25X1A9a 2. Helped prepare a draft IAC covering memorandum for the proposed DCID 15/1 handed by Mr. Amory. Also helped draft a companion memorandum to Mr. Amory through requesting that this DCID not be used as a bases for negotiations with the IAC. Tuesday, ZO April 1954 25X1A 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Drafted letters for the DCI to send to to send back to the DCI. and for 25X1A9a 2. Attended IAC . 25X1A 3. Discussed with memorandum 25X1A9a concerning DDP's needs for studies on inter-national communism. This is one subject on which both DDP and USIA have recognizable overlapping needs. Wednesday, 21 April 1954 1. Took fourlours annual leave. 2. Was informed by Dr. Chadwell that he had made arrangements with five possible consultants on guided missiles. I suggested to him that we notify the IAC agencies as soon as SO clears these gentlemen. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 25X1A9a 25X1X7 3. informed me that had replied to our memorandum which had arranged release of the Watch Committee supplement, that they produce no such supplement but that if they ever did they would send it to us. I suggested to that she file this wwr from - 4. nformed me that it was desired by Mr. Sheldon that the ad hoc Watch Committee Report, to the DCI be considered by the IAG at its meeting of 4 May 1954. In order to attempt to assure that we did not send to the IAC a report prior to the development of a CIA view, I proposed to 25X1A9a that the covering.not" read, " The DCI has requested that the IAC release this report for consideration." This was acceptable to Mr. Sheldon but not necessarily because he intended to expose the DCI to the report prior to its issuance. 5. Attended USIA survey from 2 until 4?4-wrote minutes' of meeting. Thursday, 22 April 1954 1. In collaboration with drafted IAC-D-80/3 to cover transmittal of the draft SEC study on BW. I talked OSl out of their desire to have the IAC formally note this estimate before it is finally transmitted to the Department of Defense. The procedure agreed upon is to give the IAC agencies five days during which they may comment to SEC on the draft as produced. 2. informed me that the DCI is to give a lunch for Patrick can o owing the IAC meeting of May 18. I supplied him with the names and titles of the IAC chiefs. 3. Attended USIA survey from 10 until 12. Friday, 23 April 1954 25X1A9a 1. Brougat up to date in our interest in 25X1 C _-nd agreed with him that he might send us a copy of itinerary. 2. Attended USIA survey from 10 until 12. 25X1A9a 3. Informed the IAC agencies of the special IAC on Wednesday 28 April and arranged with that he would get a list of those present and note action taken so that I could 25X1 C 25X1 C Approved' or` tePea?se ZdT/0M/f: 1A BP4M075D'X008&0010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : I 'I" 12 - 16 April 1954 Monday, 12 April 25X1A9a 1. visited me at Mr. Sheldon's direction to get the background facts as to JAG consideration of FBI foreign intelligence reports on Stalin's death and the Russian succession. Mr. Dulles was interested in view of the Attorney General's televised statement thkt the FBI had contributed significantly by having a source who predicted this. I gave the 25X1A9a pertinent minutes which recounted the IAC's Executive Session consideration of these reports with 25X1A9a 2. Sent the DCI a memo respecting presence at the IAC for introduction to the IAC members 3. Gave my opinion that sending the two Annual Progress Reports of the EIC to the three = pursuant to a request from did not require IAC concurrence (since not national intelligence) but might be aided by requesting EIC approval. Tuesday, 13 April 1. Reviewed Wally's paper on Dissemination of Intelligence to Foreign Governments. 2. Took 5 hours annual leave. Wednesday, 14 April 25X1A9a 1. Spoke with onncerning OCD's "CD-10," a preliminary check list of USSR serials held in CIA Library. This document will now go to the other agencies for them to supplement the list with items which they hold. Thereafter, (a) a composite list of Washington holdings will be produced, Approved For Release 200 fA-RDP61500750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :. A-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 25X1A2g Wednesday, 14 April (cont'd.) (b) positive collection requirements to fill known gaps will be undertaken. 2. Office sent me gratuitous comments on my proposed regulation on Foreign Language Publication Services. I got to withdraw his remarks and wrote a memo to this effect, adding that he could check with the Inspector General on that official point if he chose to. Thursday, 15 April 1. The IAC meeting was cancelled on bne-half hour's notice at the request of Admiral Strauss, who had not had sufficient time to review the estimate up for discussion (100-54, 2. Mr. Amory informed me that would be 25X1C available to attend the 18 May meeting of the IAC, at which time the estimate through'59 should be ready for discussion. He suggested that I work out with the matter of informing 25X1A9a the DCI and carr through in the same way that was done in the case of s visit. 25X1A9a 3. Joined Messrs. lunch and afternoon conversation respecting the USIA survey. We achieved (a) a draft memo to (b) a draft memo to 25X1A9a the IAC, and (c) draft terms of reference for the survey. 25X1A9a 4. informed me that the services (particularly ONI and JIIi were probably going to dissent from the SEC paper on BW insofar as that paper treats of basic science. I suggested that we get their dissent in specific terms and then explore the several possible courses of action. Friday, 16 April 1. Distributed under IAC-D-42/5 the draft Third Supplement to the EIC Report on China Trade. 2bAlAga ~ra c, 4.3 't rt- s IL i 1~., L c ~, Fr M o- -..Q._ 1, A C App ved For Rel ase 2001/08/2,R61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Thursday, 8 April 1. Discussed with and Wally a possible arrange- ment between CIA and State to handle the dissemination to foreign governments of non-military information and intelligence, this being a field not covered by SID-MIC. 2. woman informed me that the Special Assistant to the DD/A had made another one of his uninformed suggestions in connection with the Foreign Language Publications regulation. I asked her to send his comment to me so that I could work it out. 3. Messrs and Cabell had a conference, subsequent to which I tried to achieve a draft "Function and Mission" statement for activity. 25X1A9a 4. asked me if I had ever heard of Mr. Dulles' "3 Goals" for CIA, one of which is alleged to be better intelligence on international communism. I said I had never heard of such a statement. He informed me later that he had found out that the statement was contained in a regent report by the Director to the NSC, the report covering CIA's activities. I told him I had never heard of this,either,,after it became obvious that was not referring to the NSC Status Report on the Foreign Intelligence Program. 25X1A9a 5. Suggested to that, until the action under IAC-D-81 is completed, he concentrate on Biological Warfare and stop messing around with the guided missiles problem. Friday, 9 April 1. loaned me a copy of the Library Report for 1953. 2. Reviewed edraft of the 13 August 1952 DD/I memo on "Procedures for Dissemination of Finished Intelligence to Foreign Nationals." Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/29'--t RDD DIAR,%w 5 - 9 April 1954 25X1A9a 25X1A 25X1A2g Monday, 5 April 1. Attended special meeting of IAC and left before the Estimate was discussed in view of General Cabell's desire to hold attendance to an irreducible minimum. 2. Received a carbon copy of a USCIB memo concerning dissemination of the Watch Committee's Special Supplement to It seemed to me that this must be a result of the Executive Session IAC action initiated by For that reason I sent the memo to General Cabell for information and to the AD/Clgfile. Tuesday, 6 April 1. loaned me a copy of his new Contact Division Field Collector s Handbook. 2. Sent a memo to suggesting that the CIA Library gain control over books held by Agency components. 3. Reviewed a 15 March memo of which he had loaned to It covers the effects of 1954 in the field of Foreign Service collection. It is silent on geographic. Generally, it is optimistic. 4. In response to -request for comment on a proposed publication based on BR efforts with the Leningrad phone book, I wrote him a memo encouraging them to undertake the job in view of the enthusiastic consumer reaction to the comparable job on Moscow of a year ago. Wednesday, 7 April 1. Took four hours annual leave. Approved For Release 2001/08/~at2DP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 `CI*-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 *40 Wednesday, 31 March (cont'd.) document receipt. 4. Spoke with who had been the initial requester for charts of CIA's organization. I undertook to meet with him informally tb discuss other available charts in order to help him in his self-appointed role of chart maker. Thursday, 1 April 1. Prepared IAC-D-1 /? -- the current revision of the NIE program -- and issued it on Monday, with extra copies, as requested, to . I,,R Force and ONE. 2. Helped work up an OIC paper designed to achieve the concurrence of DD/P and SO in a proposal which would effect a "mechanism" to resolve cases of proposed dissemination to foreign governments where the document proposed for release is not one covered by SID-MIC policy. Friday, 2 April 1. Was visited by a young and uninformed member of the Security staff in connection with the 45-minute loss in The Pentagon of IAC-D-45/54. Colonel Fenili had reported this momentarAy 25X1A9a lack of control and guaranteed that the a er had not been compromised. I suggested to at the only other 25X1A9a person he needed to inform was , Chairman, NIS. 2. Took 5 hours annual leave, and during my absence General Cabell called a special meeting of the IAC for Monday morning. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ~Ct'A-RbP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CAA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Tuesday, 30 March 1. At his request, I showed Dr. Guthe a copy of the Quarles' letter on guided missiles. 2. Sent the regulation on Foreign Language Publication Services (51-140) and the regulation on Coordination of Finished Intelligence Publications (50-180) to for 25X1A9a 25X1A9a issuance. Subsequently inquired into the reasons why "materials" had been deleted and "publications" substituted in the Foreign Language regulation. I explained to him that OSI had felt that "materials" might be thought to include OCI data. He 25X1A9a determined fr that this was unimportant to OCI and, at my suggestion, he arranged with to re-introduce the 25X1A9a word "materials." 3. Dispatched under a memo to each IAC Chief an extract of CIA's organization and functions, General Cabell having approved our staff study which recommended this action. The memo promised to provide the recipients with changes as they occur. 5. Attended IAC and checked the minutes with Chadwell and -. OSI reluctantly concurred in my long version, but Sherman Kent said it would be better to have a terser statement. Accordingly I submitted the proposed minutes to General Cabell through the DD/I. They sat on Mr. Amory' s desk Thursday and Friday. After General Cabell had approved themthey were then mismailed to Security. Wednesday, 31 March 1. Sent a memo transmitting the proposed regulation on Debriefing (50-120) for issuance. 2. Prepared a covering memo to the DCI, for future use in approaching the IAC agencies, on NSCID 11, in the light of Mr. Dulles' desire that NSCIDs 11 and 12 not be merely rescinded (as General Cabell proposed) but rather retained) in view of the recent article in U. S. News and World Report. 3. Colonel Holliday, the JIC Secretary, informed me that he had copy No. 26 of TS-77909, Mr. Amory's paper on the Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CIA-FthP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CI,-RDj61S00750A00.0600010002-1 V RDD DIARY 29 March - 2 April 1954 Monday, 29 March 1. Reviewed a memorandum on the proposed USIA survey which was written by AD/CI, based on the reactions of 25X1A9a 25X1A9a and to the terms of reference dated 10 March drafted by USIA. 2. Disseminated, one copy to each IAC member, the Quarles' memo of 26 March requesting national intelligence on Soviet guided missiles. 3. Prepared for background materials on OIC's labors and functions, including: a) A covering note for the compilation of Intelligence Directives; b) a collection of IAC and subcommittee progress reports; and c) a resume of selected OIC staff problems, with supporting papers. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 4. of OCI, in absence, asked me for a sample interim report of an IAC ad hoc committee. He wanted this as an aid to preparing such a report by the ad hoc committee appointed to review the Watch Committee. I told him that there was no set form and loaned him the only comparable paper I could think of; namely, the report of the ad hoc committee to review scientific and technical intelligence. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 5. visited us to discuss his paper on the 4-Series. We discussed with him the points raised in my draft memo and gave him a copy of it. Later I had two dis- cussions with of OCI on this subject and primarily sought to restrain OCI from its desire to inflate the specific objectives to include all imagina) re priorities. Approved For Release 2001/08/28CId=RbP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :'CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Tuesday, 23 March (cont'd.) 25X1A9a 3. Received', from Security's and DD/A's comments on Regulation 50-120 (Debriefings). I worked out the DD/A comments with and turned the Security 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Office proposal over to for handling with . 25X1A9a 4. At request/circulated to the IADs a memo calling for a meeting on Bureau of the Budget's survey of intelligence activities. On Friday this meeting was held, at which time explained what he and the Bureau have been doing since the IAC sent BOB the categories last December. Wednesday, 24 March 25X1A9a 1. Spoke with about ,his organizational problem and how it affects the handling of requirements in OSI. 2. Was visited by Mr. Nelson of the FBI. 25X1A9a 3. at the request of explored our files on international Communism. JJ informed me that he was in the process of preparing a staff study from the DDI to the DCI on this sub'ect pursuant to the DCI's re uest q . 25X1A9a . e told. that was engaged in the same pursuit 25X1A9a and then called and suggested he contact 25X1A9a 4. sent his man ~ver to consult 25X1A9a on the regulation on evaluationfi of intelligence. We had a prolonged discussion, during which it became evident that Fl 25X1A had not considered Regulation when it considered the proposed revision. He will look into the matter further and inform me. Thursday, 25 March Did nothing. Friday, 26 March Did nothing. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 -CID' P61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For ReleOe 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY W 22 - 26 March 1954 Monday, 22 March 1 ? EIC Secretary, consulted me about dis- tributing t e third supplement of the EIC China Trade study. He later sent me a memo of proposed distribution. I drafted an IAC document and returned the same to him with the understanding that the report would be ready for distribution about 10 April. Prior to then, he will return to me the corrected proposed docu- ment. 25X1A9a 2. Talked with 25X1A9a 25X1A9a respecting memo to AD CD in which she requested a report on the dissemination of NSCIDs. I ascertained from her that she merely wished present practice covered and not all pre- vious dispo iti n , had spoken to respect- ing whether March 4 memo to the Planning Board concerning control of "papers" was meant to include NSCIDs. ^, who apparently had not thought about this before issuing his memo, allowed as how NS sort of covered. I drafted a memo in response to memo and gave it to Messrs. and for use in replying to her memo. It attached a proposed memo from the DCI to holders of the Intelligence Directives compilation which would send to each such holder a copy of the M memo. Tuesday, 23 March 1. Drafted comments on ONE's 22 March paper which deals with the 4-Series of directives. 2. Circulated to the IADs the proposed regulation on Foreign Language Publications, including Mr. Amory's direction respecting the NSCID-16 Chairman. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 c) The DDP's need for studies on Communist Front organizations, a need which could be met by OIR if they were sufficiently staffed and could be met by CE if it were proper for them to do so. 2. A memorandum from Admiral Espe to the Chairman IAC Watch Committee was misdirected to CIA and after considerable exploration with OCI, I finally contacted the Navy Captain involved who acknowledged the error and requested that the memorandum be returned to him, which I did. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : d4 1 512?1S00750A000600010002-1 11410, 25X1X7 25XlAQ& to satisfy a r the Defector Committee in I 25X1A9a 3. M, at the request of inquired as to the Ppart of the current status report to the NSC. I explained to him that no change had been reported by FI and hence no mention was made to the NSC. I also referred him to the previous reports. suggested that equire the requesters to prove their 25X1A9a need. Later a copy of s 5 March memorandu.x-i. governing the distribution o NS(C-,papers reached OIC and I 25X1A9a informed of its existence and briefed its requirements for her. 25X1A9a status of the 4. Captain Hurd of ONI inquired as to the/revision of DCI C 11/1. He had been asked for ONI's view and had not seen the paper. I informed him that no paper had yet gone to the IAG since the matter was settled by those handling JAEIC.5,John Easton (54038) of JIG inquired as to his long-standing request for CIA function and mission statements. On checking,it appeared that the OIC February 4 paper, concurred inby DDI and DDA, had just gone to the DCI. I so informed Easton and promised to let him know within the last week. Thursday, 18 March 1954 25X1A9a 1. of OSI spoke to me and I spoke to about her case. L. General Cabell asked for a three-page briefing on Intelligence Coordination for use in appearing before Congress in support of appropriations. Fr id ay, 19 March 1954 25X1A9a 1.. raised three matters: a) A DDI memorandum to the DCI on intelligence for Senior Representatives and those near whom they live. DDP was about to send an adverse paper to the DCI. It was fairly clear that OIC!s papers on the National Intelligence Digest still rested in the DDI's file. b) 'memorandum to suggesting the crew ion o ids" (intelligence staff) to Chiefs of Missions. Approved For Release 204I Of j/ : CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/2 C* RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 15 to 19 MARCH 1954 Monday, 15 March 1954 1. informed me as to the sentence which General Porter wished to have added to the language of Tab B to IA,:;-D-45/51 (the widely disseminated statement on Atomic Energy) as part of the Standing Group intelligence paper. I prepared a briefing memorandum for the DCI but held it when it appeared that both Mr. Amory and Herb had had opportunities to explain the matter to the DCI. Regulation- on "Debriefing" and spoke with on 791 25X1A9a about holding up this Regulation until I could submit changes. She will send me SO and DD/A proposals. 2. Mr. Amory spoke to about "enfolding"OIC. 3. Spoke to concerning Tuesday, 16 March 1954 1. Attended IAC. Dr. Chadwell later informed me that the DCI had suggested that the guided missile matter be brought up again on March 30. Sherman Kent has the action. 2. Col. Fenili asked me to explore whom in CIA General -was expecting to accompany him on his forthcoming trip. was informed by Mr. Amory that this was being handled at a high level and I relayed this somewhat unhelpful advice to Col. Fenili. 3. Ed Chase, who is now Congressman Deveraux's legislative assistant, called me about the application of one of the Congressman's constituents. He sent me the letter involved and I forwarded it to personnel, with a carbon copy to the UGC. Wednesday, 17 March 1954 1. (4154) of office inquired as to whether NSCID 14 and DCID 14/1 might be reproduced and sent to Approved For Release 2001/08/2 *' C- A F DP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28:CIA RDC~61S00750A000600010002-1 I,W this Regulation in abeyance pending resolution of the ORR difficulty. 2. Sent a memorandum to ith some minor suggestions as to OCD's "Guide". 3. After requesting Mr. Amory's office, received his comments on NSCID-11, together with the comments prepared for General Counsel. 25X1A OSI's medical division's proposal for Friday, 12 March 1954 25X1X7 25X1A9a I . informed me that had written 25X1A9a DCI respecting ASDIC. I suggested that 00 nd FDD) be consulted in preparing a reply. - 25X1A9a 2. Reminded that, under IAC-D-80/1, the deadline for submitting to the Defense Department the SEC estimate on BW was Monday, 15 March. - as they discussed an index of indexes. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 _:-:CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : C RDD - Diary Monday, 8 March 1954 1. Took one hour's sick leave and five hour's annual leave. Tuesday, 9 March 1954 1. Attended IA G i 2 poke with concerning his new job as an Mlor officerwith Suggested that he have a DDI notice issued as o is Jo an time of departure. 3. Spoke with Ted Nordbeck and concerning 25X1A the reply to the State Department in response to State's letter answering the DCI's letters on Scientific Attaches. I suggested that the reply indicate that CIA's only disagreement with State was as to the desirability of informing the Bureau of the Budget, and that the reply should state that we propose to consult the Bureau (unless State objects) and that if the Bureau formally refuses our formal approach we should then appeal to the N,SC, 25X1A9a appearing as joint parties (i. e. CIA and State). later indicated that he did not favor this approach but preferred to work towards 25X1A He seemed to think this could be done quicker and with more certainty of success. Wednesday, 10 March 1954 1. Reviewed the OSI, PRG project which, as now drafted, does not take into account any of the criticisms and suggestions which OIC made on this project last October. 2. Issued IAC-D-81 proposing that a NIE on Guided Missiles be written in response to the FCDA request. Thursday, 11 March 1954 request, spoke with of 25X1A9a office regarding Regulatio on 25X1A Publications, which ORR is holding up. Asked WTO hold 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/08/28 G l P61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/2 Thursday, 4 March 25X1A9a 1 ? handed at noon an OSI paper in reply to the FCDA request for Guided Missile Intelligence. This paper was to be discussed with Mr. Amory at 2:00 o'clock. It included the rather "slick trick" of making Dr. Chadwell an ad hoc member of the Board of National Estimates for this exercise. OIC resisted this maneuver. 2.. For the second time I delivered a lecture on Coordination to the Basic Intelligence School; the students seemed extra- ordinarily unenthusiastic. 3. Spoke with concerning the DCI invitation to General Strong to attend Tuedsay's IAC meeting. Friday, 5 March 1. informed me that he is having a survey made of the evaluations business. The survey will be completed about 2 April and he suggested we delay the revision of regulation 50-14 until the survey results are available. I agreed. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :{El k RQ 1SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 RDD DIARY 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Monday, 1 March 1 61S00750A000600010002-1 1. informed me that~the Joint Chiefs were threatening to disseminate the AW statement to and those NATO countries to whomClA had not yet disseminated it. I s oke to in DDP. are arranging to have the items disseminated to the rest of the countries indicated in IAC-D-45/51, which should forestall the JCS' approach. 2. Joined as he discussed with Ted Nordbeck the "scientific attaches" letter from State. We resisted the OSI temptation to enlarge the number of attaches needed and took the point of view that the arrangement should be consummated, immediately after which the Bureau of Budget should be notified. 3. Mr. Sheldon informed me that General Cabell thought it would be well if General Betts told the IAC what he had told the ADs at the DCI's morning conference. I arranged for Betts to attend. Tuesday, 2 March 1. Attended IAC. When General Willems raised the subject of the Jenner Committee's request for an SIS document, I mentioned the pertinency of NSCID 11 and the fact that it had been induced, in part, by Congressional inquiry into the incident. Wednesday, 3 March 1. Spoke several times with who was 25X1C writing a memorandum for Sec Def respecting the Jenner Committees' request. At one point I suggested to him that, in his statement referring to McCarthy, the President had provided for cases such as the present one in his "except" clause. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CJ,Q-.lp1S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 200110W/28 CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Friday, 26 February 1. Spoke with Ted Nordbeck and Ed Carroll of State respecting coordination of overt collection, in terms of NSCID 2. Drafted and left with Carroll a proposed letter from Armstrong to DCI respecting this question for possible IAC consideration. Approved For Release 201708/28: CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08128 :GtkRDP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY 23 - 26 February 1954 Tuesday, 23 February 1. Attended IAC and checked Minutes with Wednesday, 24 February 1. At request drafted a DDI notice respect- ing reports of travel and a companion memorandum to SA/DDl stating that the DDI notice is about to be issued and inquir, whether the Agency notice on travel reports is about to be revised. 2. Drafted a notice concerning OIC's abolition and various memoranda for the DDI to sign respecting OIC functions to be transferred. 3. Took annual physical exam. Thursday, 25 February 1. Joined as he consulted about 25X1A9a the NID. 25X1A 2. Drafted and circulated proposed revision of Regulation_on ''Evaluations." 25X1A9a 3. Was consulted by respecting the proposed 25X1A9a regulation on Publications. problem seems to be that ORR does not want to prejudice their DCID 15/1 by having any- thing in the Publications regulation to the contrary. I suggestec'. that Bill restudy the problem. Approved For Release 20b 0 /2 l: CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/2:CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Wednesday, 17 February (continued) A staff member of the Committee had seen it while attending the school as a reserve officer. informed OGC and was told by Pforzheimer that the General Counse1 of the Army was in contact with him and that the Director would be notified. 3. Passed the NSC Progress Report h ? e DDI and the DCI to the NSC and requested for 70 copies to issue as 55/6 (Final). 25X1A9a Thursday, 18 February I. of 00 raised some questions respecting the proposed regulation on Publications; I talked her out of her desire to include language which would, in effect, remove 00. 2. =informed me that, due to George Washington's Birthday holiday, the agencies would appreciate having next Tuesday's IAC at 2:30. So arranged. the offer and suggested that we do that on return, 25X1A9a Friday, 19 February 1. Capt. Staley, JIG, reminded me that he had a con- tinuing interest in "ELINT" and wondered if it would be a 2. brought over a staff study concerning the needs of USIA for intelligence. Helped draft an OIC staff study on this question . 25X1A9a 3, handed me, on a confidential basis, his OSI staff study respecting collection activities. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28-(CRDP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY'' Monday, 15 February 1. Off and on through the week worked on staff study respecting the National Intelligence Digest, pursuant to a request from General Cabell to re-examine the Digest in connection with its proposed release to Senior Representatives. 2. Worked further on the NSCID 11 and 12 staff study, which was issued to CIA offices. 3. suggested that the Resistance Intelli- gence Committee section in the NSC Status Report would better have been under "Coordination" than under "Psychological Intelligence." I agreed and he agreed not to push the matter. Tuesday, 16 February 1. Attended DCI briefing on Progress Report and other matters for IAC. 25X1A9a tended IAC and checked Minutes with- and 25X1A9a Wednesday, 17 February 1 . OGC, asked me whom in ONI he might contact respecting an OCI employee (formerly a naval attache) whom Air Force is desirous of interviewing in connection with a security hearing. I suggested he contact Capt. Hurd. 2. Col. A. D. Pickard of G-2 came to us respecting a request by the aenner Committee for release to that Committee of a secret intelligence publication used for training at the SIS. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 15 - 19 February 1954 Approved For Release 2001/0812iKt A-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Wednesday, 10 February (cont'd. 3. Asked for and received from a delay until 17 February for the NSC Status Report. Drafted and forwarded a briefing memo to the DCI on this report. Thursday, 11 February 1. Redrafted staff study to CIA components respecting the reexamination of NSCIDs 11 and 12. Friday, 12 February Did nothing. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/01 A-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 8 - 12 February 1954 Monday, 8 February 1. Reconvened IAC representatives on the NSC Status Report and agreed to twenty odd changes designed to meet tre DCI's feel- ing that the report gave too much attention to p~oblems &n . deficiencies and not enough emphasis to accomplishments. Tuesday, 9 February 1. At the DCI's briefing before IAC, the JIG reply to the -Amory memo on standing group representation was discussed. The JIG did not accede to the DDI's proposals, except in the case of the Economic Working Group. After considerable discussion, the DCI determined to accept this rejoinder and observe carefully the outcome of the conferences. 3. Saw General Cabell respecting the Progress Report and subsequently prepared the same for final issuance. Wednesday, 10 February 1. All agencies having concurred in the DCI's letter to Cairns respecting BW, dispatched that letter and issued IAC-D-80/2 so advising. 25X1A9a 2. Met with Messrs. of 00 respecting proposed regulation 50/5 on Translations. Su e u ntly forwarded this regulation to through 25X1A9a 25X1A9a nd wrote a Memo of Conversation to AD 1O, attaching the comments from ORR and OSI received during the process of coordinating the regulation. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 ilednesday, 3 February (continued) satisfied with it~a,,when he took it to the DCI for review prior to reapproaching the agencies, the DCI objected to the report in its entirety as "too negatives" and "a report on the basis of which we could never hope to get funds out of Congress." On Thursday I had obtained an extension from until the 10th. Thursday, 4 February 1. I wrote a paper "philosophizing" on NSCID 11. It appears to me that the directive is valuable if revised to make clear that it is designed to extend the DCI's responsibility for the protection of sources and methods from a responsibility limited to "national in_tellience" to a responsibility encompassing all intelligence. 2. Gave a one-hour lecture at the Basic Intelligence school on the subject of intelligence coordination. Friday, 5 February 1. Worked on NSC Progress Report, drafting alternative statements to meet the DCI's objection. These will be ventilated with the IAC representatives during the coming weer. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 1 - 5 February 1954 ftwo, RDD DIARY 25X1A 25X1A9a 25,X1A9a CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Ow Monday, 1 February 1 was informed by General Cabell that we should have re-examined NSCIDs 12 and 11 instead of merely revising 11 in order to rescind 12, the latter. being "restricted. 2. Mr. Amory informed the four of us of appointment as Special Assistant to the DCI for Planning and Coordination. He told me that Kirkpatrick would be wanting to see me. Tuesday, 2 February 1. Attended IAC and checked Minutes with 2. Rewrote the staff study which recommends limited distribution of CIA's Function and Mission Regulation, limiting the recommendation to those regulations bearing upon the DCI's area and the DDI's area. Approved For Release 20WO . With discussed with Dr. Guthe and on Translation. ORK's objection to the proposed regulation After getting their agreement,issued a third draft of this regulation to the offices for concurrence. 4. Received the BW letter back from the DCI and issued 80/1 asking the agencies' concurrence to its wording and dispatch. Wednesday, 3 February 1. General Cabell objected to the "armed forces intelligence" section of the Status Report to the NSC since this section contained 2's blast at FI. We reworded this in collaboration w G - and and returned it to Cabell on :Friday. He was Approved For Release-20 1/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28-:. +A-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Wednesday, 27 January (continued) 25X1A9a 2. Discussed with the satisfactory manner with which foreign language library branch in is now operating. 3. Reviewed an OGC draft on the rumor that the Departn ent of Defense was going to unify either military intelligence or the representation of military intelligence at the IAC. Prepared an EPIC memo on this subject. 4. Discussed the proposed translation regulation with 25X1A9a in view of ORR's objection. Thursday, 28 January 1. Held final meeting with the agencies on the NSC Progress Report. Friday, 29 January 1. Prepared NSC Progress Report for final printing and drafted covering letter from DCI to transmit the IAC-ooncurred report as well as the DD/P prepared annex on related activities. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/2 25X1A9a 25X1A 25 - 29 January 1954 Monday, 25 January 1 3bP61S00750A000600010002-1 1. Alerted to the fact that the second draft of the IAC Progress Report treated budget cuts in one introductory statement rather than subject by subject and was more optimistic than some of the individual statements. They saw the merit and strategy of this and thus were helpful to rr,e subsequently when AD/RR and AD/CD questioned the validity of this approach. Tuesday, 26 January 1 . sent me the 15 January ONE memo to the Board respecting the 4 -Series of directives. It recommends assignment to OIC of the task of folloaving up in terms of collection. 2. Prepared a staff study to the DCI, for the concurrence of the three DDs, recommending that the CIA Organization and Functions be made available in single copy to the chiefs of each IA C Agency for use in briefing other agency personnel. 3. Joined and for a discussion con- cerning the covers of NIEs. General Cabell is desirous of removing "CIA" and the Agency seal. Wednesday, 27 January 1 ? Ted Nordbeck came in to discuss coordination of collection, in terms of NSCID 2 and DCID 2/1. Subsequently I drafted a memo of our conversation and gave a copy to Ted. Approved For Release 2001/0&/4? iCIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Wednesday, "20 January 1. Joined and Ted Nordbeck as they discussed science attaches and NSCID-10 in terms of a staff study from OSI to the DCI to which Mr. Reber ultimately wrote a specific non-con- currence. Report. 2. Held a meeting with the agencies on the NSC Status 3. Cleared the draft rewrite of the DCI/BW letter with the four military agencies and so informed OSI. Thursday, 21 January 1. Redrafted the NSC Status Report. Z. When suggested I look at an OSI re uirement on BW in China from ZOO B. C. to date I got it from and 25X1A9a called it to the attention of nd 25X1A9a 25X1A Friday, L2 January 1. Cleared second draft of NSC Status Report to include contributions from State and the military agencies. Agreed with Captain Staley of JIG that I viould take the responsibility for whatever he had done in melding the contributions of the three military ser- vices. He had combined excellently all items submitted except those on targeting. Both Air Force and Navy informed me of their difficulties with target/1ng and I suggested that they resolve them before the next meeting and that whatever was agreed could then be incorporated in the final draft. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP~1S00750A000600010002-1 %WX1 A9a 18 - 22 January 1954 Monday, 18 January 1. Spoke with about the statement OCD had submitted for the NSC Status Report to the effect that FPB had been' transferred" from State to CIA. He redrafted and Dr. Andrews concurred in a statement which would pitch this de- velopment in terms of CIA "strengthening" State's function. 2. Spoke to two women from office respecting the regulation on publications and the regulation on debriefing. 3. informed me thatMr. Lay would enjoy having the NSC Status Report responsive to the pertinent intelli- gence policy objectives of NSC 162/2, provided that there was no decrease in detail and specificity. 4. At request, and so that he could beat back Agency objections to the proposed NIE numbering system, I searched the early IAC minutes for first mention of Special gs tim ate s . Tuesday, 19 January 1. Redrafted the Exploitation Subcommittee Progress Report. 2. Attended IAC. 3. Cleared IAC minutes with Dr. Chadwell. While talking with '"& he raised two questions in the light of the NSC Status Report. , He wanted to know whether 162/2 affected DCID 4/2 and whether the redraft of 4/2 to include clandestine delivery of mass destruction weapons had been accompanied by any internal CIA fixing of responsibilities. I told him that the answer was", no in both cases.,but in regard to the latter suggested that OSI clarify and get responsibility for its role in representing CIA in the ICIS. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/06/28:CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Thursday, 14 January (cont'd.) 2. Colonel Anderson called me about DCID 3/4 and in the course of the conversation he admitted that interest in DCID 3/4 had been incited by G-2's negative reaction to a pro- posed series of 1954 conferences with on guided 25X1A9a missiles and electronics. I ascertained from that Chadwell had been informally requested by to appraise whether or not it would be profitable to have such con- ferences. Some P&E people had made approaches to the wor~- ing level in The Pentagon and these had been followed up by similar approaches on the part of ASD people. I called Anderson and undertook to see to it that no formal arrangements for con- ferences-'C beaa made unilaterally by CIA/OSI. This seemed to calm him, although he took the opportunity to mention, also, his belief that DSI was passing OSI substantive material which was 25X1A9a not subsequently getting to The Pentagon. -undertook to check this last factandtfor his benefitOIC drafted a staff study 25X1A9a to the DCI respecting such conferences. I understand that will present this as one of two alternatives to AD/SI. 3. Capt. Reed inquired about the IAC document on BW, wanting to know whether CIA had known about the JIC paper at the time the IAC document was released. I told him that we had known about it and further that we understood that R&D did not find that the JIC paper fully net their needs. 4. After talking with Sherman Kent, forwarded 25X1A to DDI the OIC staff study on Coordination. Friday, 15 January 1. Did nothing. Approved For Release 2001/08/25 :`CIA-RbP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/A, _CIi 4DP61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARV"' 11 - 15 January 1954 Monday, 11 January 1. Did nothing. Tuesday, 12 January 1. Attended IA.C. 2. Drafted IAC-D-55/6, first draft of the Supplementary Semi-Annual IAC Status Report to the NSC. Wednesday, 13 January 1. Completed draft NSC Report and issued same. Thursday, 14 January 25X1A9a 1. Spoke with on the philosophy behind 25X1A9a CIA regulations, had sent me a memo on receiving our draft of =(Translation). His memo, drafted by 25X1A9a , demonstrated an unawareness of NSCIDs and called for an elaborate particularization of procedures. After discussion, 25X1A9a agreed that the regulations should be viewed as _i logical continuance of (1) the Act: (2) the NSCIDs, and (3) the DCIDs .(-eef which he had never heard). We did not reach agree - ment as to the detail with which procedures should be included in regulations but I ended by saying that I would not press the 25X1A9a office for the inclusion of their intra-office procedures. said he would not either but that General Cabell might require it. I suggested that we cross that unlikely bridge if we come to it. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 200 '$ :1CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Wednesday, 6 January (cont'd.) 2. Spoke with respecting DD/P's objection to the proposed Regulation on Translation and agreed to mutually satisfactory changes in language. 3. Chaired a meeting of agency representatives on the proposed revision of NSCID-11 and subsequently issued as IAC-D-78/1 the draft proposed revised directive. Thursday, 7 January 1. Discussed with the State Department publication "Soviet Affairs Notes", which has no writing on it indicating authorship. The publication is prepared for USIA and for that reason the Department does not mark the publication as its own. Friday, 8 January 1. Spent most of the day in OIC discussions of the draft memo for the DCI on "Appraisal of the Coordination of Intplligen,-e Activities. " Approved For Release 2001/Q ,f..21 Approved For Release 2001 /08/, C RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 4 - 8 January 1954 Monday, 4 January 1. Issued IAC-D-79/1 saying that there would no longer be produced any IAC progess reports. 25X1A9a 2. Agreed with that OIC would handle the 25X1A9a 31 December memo from to DIDI which poses certain intelligence questions. Subsequently, however, the DDI said that this problem would not be handled in that traditional way but rather by OCI and ONE, to whom he certified the appropriate questions. 3. Attended DCI staff conference and prepared separate memo for the record. 4. Telephoned IAC representatives, at Mr. Amory's request, that of FOA would be attending the IAC discussion on the Finnish estimate. Tuesday, 5 January 1. Joined Mr. Reber, Dr. Kent and Mr. Amory as General Cabell discussed with Mr. Dulles his proposed "Concept" for Intelligence Production, left our comments with General Cabell. 25X1A9a Wednesday, 6 January 1. At.the request of sent to the DCI a draft memo for him to approve for sending to the LAC members respecting appointment as Senior Representa- tive to If the DCI approves, OIC will reproduce and transmit this memo. Approved For Release 2004/0 CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001 / RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Thursday, 31 December 1. Received all concurrences for the proposed discon- tinuance of IAC Progress Reports and drafted IAC-D-79/1, to be issued provided ONE agrees to produce periodic recapitulation of NIEs, as requested by G-2. 2. Drafted IAC-D-45/12.4 to cover the release of NIS -9 to FOA should that release be approved on January 8th. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 SECRET ow RDD DIARY Monday, 28 December 1. Agreed wit as to certain changes in 00's changes in proposed Regulation _on foreign language materials and sent the draft to the offices for comment. Subsequently r ceived verbal comments from OSI (Nordbeck) and DD/P 2. Issued IAC-D-55/5 and an internal CIA memorandum concerning the supplementary Status Report to the NSC. 3. Issued IAC-D-77/1 on categories for budget survey. When Dr. Guthe called attention to the fact that this document omitted "geographic", I issued 77/2 to correct this mistake. 4. Sent a draft revision of NSC-I1 to of SO for his comment. Tuesday, 29 December 1. Attended IAC. 2. Loaned the G-2 memo respecting the Executive Order on Security Classifications to Wednesday, 30 December 1. Picked up from G-2 their material for the DCI's briefing of the NSC. 2. Drafted comments on General Cabell's paper, "A Concept for National Intelligence". CET Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 too Wednesday, 23 December 1 . Discussed with the supposed Treasure 25X1A Island--FDD duplication, which he then certified to Jay Bagnall as head of the Subcommittee on Exploitation, asking him for a report. 2. Was informed by Larry Houston that an alternative solution to the NSCID-12 classification problem would be to use control stamps. In the course of discussion he came around to the view that this was not a solution since "control stamps" are different from "classification. " 25X1A9a 3. of SO suggested in connection with NSCID-12 that the philosophy of the preamble of NSCID-12 should be retained in the revision of NSCID-11. Thursday, 24 December 1. Wrote a memorandum to AD/SI on the OSI-BW draft letter which Mr. Amory is supposed to send to the Chief, Chemical Corps, respecting termination of activities at Camp Detrick. Our paper suggested we could not agree unless the paper were changed along the lines suggested in a written draft passed to OSI. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 low %w RDD DIARY 21 - 24 December 1953 Monday, 21 December 1. Issued IAC document proposing discontinuance of IAC progress report. 2. Issued IAC document on the proposed rescission of NSCID-12 and revision of NSCID-11. 3. Reviewed again the BW staff study. 5. Reviewed and made minor changes in a paper prepared 25X1A9a by for the DCI setting forth the organization and arrangements of the U. S. intelligence community. The DCI had asked the DDI to review this. Tuesday, 22 December 1. Attended the IAC. 2. Got Sherman Kent's concurrence on the BW paper and dispatched it to OSI. 3. Issued the NIE program for 1954 as IAC-D-1/6. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/0 %CIA-RIDP61 Thursday, 17 December 1. Worked on Biological Warfare. Friday, 18 December 1. Joined Messrs. in a visit to Sherman Kent respecting Biological Warfare. Approved For Release 200I Q ttACIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 5EC R,[T 14 - 18 December 1953 Monday, 14 December 1. Colonel Anderson sent me a copy of the G-2 proposal to release certain information based on NIE-38. I gave this to OSI for action, including coordination with OCI and ONE. On return of the OSI agreement to release (with one word modified), I drafted and dispatched a memorandum to G-2 to this effect. 2. In absence met with at 25X1A9a his request, concerning Biological Warfare. Tuesday, 15 December 2. Joined Messrs. ~nd Nordbeck for discussion of NSCID-10 and concluded by drafting a memorandum to the DCI on the deterioration of intelligence assets resulting from the economy drive. Wednesday, 16 December 1. informed me that the NSC Secretariat had raised a question respecting NSCID-12, the only intelligence directive classified "Restricted." I drafted a staff study and submitted it to the DD/I for his approval to release it to the IA.C. 2. On receipt of a copy of memo to the DCI requesting a semi-annual status report to the NSC, I drafted memoranda to the IAC and intra-Agency Offices and suggested that inquire of Mr. Amory whether Mr. Amory wished to take up four questions with - or whether he wishedjto do this himself. 3. Worked on Biological Warfare. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/0412?,;; CJA=RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 '- E 1$r ma ... Wednesday, 9 December (cont'd. ) 3. informed me that IDC now wishes to make a progress report. I reviewed our files and informed him as to the IAC action creating the IDC. Thursday, 10 December 1. Received and circulated to SI, RR, and CI the IPC Minutes of their December meeting. Friday, 11 December 1. Col. Justice asked me what action CIA was taking on a G-2 proposal for the unclassified release of information based on SE-38. I discovered that this memo had not been received. Colonel Anderson told me that G-2 had gone outside of channels and that this properly should have been an IAC-D-45 matter. Awr He supplied me with a copy and I sent it to OSI for action in coordination with ONE and Commo. Approved For Release 200 7O1 d"1 1 P61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28;- lj RDP6lS00750A000600010002-1 S,icunty Infnrmatiorf RDD DIARY Monday, 7 December 1. Attended meeting in OSI on NSC-169, "Electrq")viagnetic Warfare." Suggested that, at the appropriate stage, a memo from the DCI to the IAC chief sin which we would put forth actions we are taking to implement 169,would be appropriate. Also suggested that the number of advisory committees be held to two: one for intra-Agency advising and one for inter-agency matters. Tuesday, 8 December 25X1A9a Aw 25X1A9a 2. told me he had been approached by General Balmer, who was trying to get some material on the coordination of national intelligence so that could pass it to I asked Dave to suggest to the DDIP people that they review IAC-D-55/4 (Revised) to see whether this last semi-annual status report to the NSC contained the material they need. 3. Issued as an IAC document the budget categories comments achieved by the interagency ad hoc committee. 4. Received draft Regulation on Debriefing back 25X1A from OCD and sent it to OCI and ONE for comment. Wednesday, 9 December 1. Joined both for discussion of SE-53 prior to the DCI's approach to the NSC Planning Board. 2. At his request, I reviewed for restatement of the OSI Function and Mission;L draft DCI memo to Agency officials respecting implementation of NSC-169. Approved For Release 200' f28 t 1RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/01 P 41-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 ur alv ink rmatior Wednesday, 2 December (cont'd.) 3. Drafted an IAC document on the elimination of the IA C Progress Report and provided and with 25X1A9a copies for their comments. 25X1X7 4. Joined in discussing PPO and map att Thursday, 3 December 1. Worked with in drafting staff studies in assigning responsibility in CIA for the Resistance Intelligence program. 2. Rewrote proposed Regulation on Debriefing and forwarded it to OCD. 3. Joined in talking with the new Senior Representative to We drafted a proposed memo from DCI to the IAC chiefs and discussed with - the propriety of his attending an IA.C and subsequently visiting the intelligence agencies. 4. Received back from DD/I for the fourth time the memo on the JIC paper which General Erskine had left with the DCI. Changed this, per instructions, into a memo which the DCI could hand to Erskine. Friday, 4 December 1. G-2 (Anderson) informed me that they took the same view that the Air Force member of the EIC had taken respectin1= the WSEG proposal, namely:WSEG, like RDB, would exhaust their administrative remedies in the Pentagon intelligence complex before approaching the Central Intelligence Agency. 2. Suggested to Capt. Mason of G-2 that the definition of national intelligence in the joint military dictionary was in error and should be corrected. sic'-Kk i Approved For Releasr f 1YQ8 2e?rCIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 25X1A 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/08/28 * tt LLFWP61S00750A000600010002-1 5X1A9a 30 November - 4 December 1953 Monday, 30 November 1. Attended meeting with agency representatives on Resistance Intelligence. Tuesday, -1 -December 1. Attended IAC. Subsequently Mr. Amory asked me to join Sherman Kent at 9:30 every Tuesday morning when there is an IAC as Sherman goes to the DCI to brief him. 2. Drafted briefing memo to the DCI to cover the RIC and the WSEG documents. Issued WSEG as D-76. 3. Got agreement to withdraw the 00 objection to the proposed regulation on Publications. Later reached similar agreement with and subsequently sent 25X1A9a the regulation to - via DD/I. 4. Attended meeting with agency representatives on budget classifications. The meeting was attended by Messrs. Hamilton and Perry of the BOB. Wednesday, 2 December 1. Drafted a 31 December progress report on OIC's handling of regulation revisions in the 50 and 60 Series and circulated one copy to each member of OIC. 25X1A9a 2. Ascertained from that FDD was beginning to start to commence to initiate study of the revision of 25X1A Drafted my own and sent it to 00. - Atv fhformati Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/028 -RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Friday, 27 November (cont'd. ) 3. Revised and put in final form AD/IC's memo to AD/O on the Scientific-Technical Dictionary Project, from which it is desired to salvage something. 4. Receive c assifications from ORR and OSI and had these duplicated for circulation at the Monday P. M. meeting with the agency representatives on budget. 5. Put AD/IC memo to ORR respecting Economic Back- stopping into final form and drafted comments based on a survey of the materials provided by 6. informed me that he and np'~repared 25X1A9a a classification for budget purposes. They intend to coordinate this with Monday A.M. and bring it to the discussion Monday afternoon. Approved For Release X001/08/2? ::CIA-IDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 E-F:IP61S00750A000600010002-1 WAW' 25X1A9a 25X1A9a RDD DIARY 23 - 27 November 1953 Monday, 23 November 1. Engaged in protracted conference with Messrs. - concerning the latter's staff study and draft DCID on "Control Stamps." Tuesday, 24 November 1. Attended LAC and cleared Minutes with Anderson in G-2 and Ainsworth in AFOIN. 2. Attended meeting convened by with IAD offices 25X1A on the subj ect of intelligence classifications for budget purposes. 3. of OCI asked me what the current regulations were on "Debriefing", he being engaged in creating an OCI regula- tion on this subject. This reminded us all that Regulation _ 25X1A had been held in abeyance since it was retracted by AD/CD in August.. I asked to revive this. 25X1A9a Friday, 27 November I. informed me that the Acting Comptroller had approved letting the Forced Labor Project be signed off by the DD/I short of the PRC. I so informed and left a note for 25X1A9a 2. After checking with handed to Staff D the photostatic copy of a G-2 Resistance study which had been provided under memo dated 24 November. Staff D will review this study prior to the Monday meeting with the agencies. Approved For Release-'2.001/0812$. CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/2 . E -DP61 S00750A000600010002-1 ;rite Inforrt+atic,' Wednesday, 18 November 1. Developed a staff study bearing on the problem raised by namely, that the responsibilities assigned to OO/C and OCD/Ln do not cover the job of contacting non-IAC governmental organizations and individuals. Talked this over with Messrs. and with check it out with 2. Ted Nordbeck suggested that the subcommittees of the NSCID-16 Advisory Committee were not fulfilling their bright promise. 3. Attended meeting of agency representatives constituting an ad hoc group to develop intelligence classifications for the BOB survey. Thursday, 19 November 1. Was informed by Colonel Anderson that G-2 wished to table at Tuesday's IAC a discussion of Executive Order 10501, with particular reference to the prospective deletion of the security classification "Restricted." Checked this out with General Cabell and with , the latter of whom undertook to supply the former with a briefing memo. Dispatched copies of the Executive Order to the IAC agencies. Friday, 20 November 1. Attended meeting of agency representatives on the problem of Resistance intelligence. 2. Reviewed and returned to the out-of-date "Branch Manual" of OO/C. SestoritV Information Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28'.IP61S00750A000600010002-1 16 - 20 November 1953 Monday, 16 November 1. Colonel Gillis of Air Force requested copies of those directives issued since he became the holder of the Air Force's 6th copy of the compilation of directives. I got - (2404) to do this. 2. said that, in General Porter's absence, it would be helpful to have a verbatim transcript of the IA.C meet- ing with the BOB representatives. I checked this out with General Cabell, who agreed that this would be an undesirable variation from the practice of the last three years. 3. Assisted in drafting his derogatory comments on the proposed handbook for filing official correspondence. 4. Assisted in drafting memoranda tying up IPC loose ends. Tuesday, 17 November 1. Drafted and delivered to the IG a memo on censorshia planning in reply to his inquiry. 3. Dispatched memo to Foster in State saying that CIA was unable to assume publication of "Outstanding Magazine Articles. " Approved For Release 2001 1 E lA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 SECRET Thursday, 12 November 1. At suggestion, and in preparation for the IPC meeting of 2 December, reviewed the files on Require- ments and IPC; reorganized these files. 2. Colonel Anderson of G-2 informed me that the only unfinished IAC business that he knew of involved IAC-D-45/21. 1, which approved of dissemination of NIS. MIC policy people have been sticky about this, and Anderson will send me a memorandum as to the facts. Friday, 13 November 1. Spoke with Messrs. _ and of ORR respecting the ORR-OO hassle over foreign documents. undertook to rephrase the ORR memo to say what ORR meant to say. 2. inquired of me as to the status of the use of electronic devices in the Watch Committee indications business, he having just read the Watch Committee's Progress Report. 25X1A9a 3. informed me that he had just received a memo from the DCI and I joined Herb to study it. The memo involves "Tab B, 1' the atomic intelligence statement for release to foreign governments. The DCI said that Adm. Strauss had approved the release on 12 November. The DCI said DD/P would effect the release. I informed as to the foregoing and asked her to inform me when and to whom the statement was released. compilation of Intelligence Directives. ~ SECRET 3ezcurity Ingortratiotf 25X1A9a 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08 fRDP61S00750A000600010002-1 1T1fbs`fA1't visited the Foreign 6. Spoke, with of FDD, who will send me a note recapitulating his understanding and knowledge of Treasure Island. Tuesday, 10 November 1. Attended IAG and subsequently checked Minutes with 25X1A9a Amory, SECRET RDD DIARY 9 - 13 November 1953 Monday, 9 November 1. Disseminated as LAC-D-6/2 the "First Triennial Progress Report of the Watch Committee." 2. Edited for his draft staff study to the IAC with recommendations for the handling of the Resistance intelli- gence problem. 3. With visited to look at his Requirements file. 4. Agreed to undertake, at - suggestion and with acquiescence, the preparation of a staff study raising the problem of 00/C's limitation to "non-governmental" sources. This involves questioning the present and prospective role of the Liaison Division of OCD. !.j. witnana Documents Branch Library in Y Building. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release QQ,1U~28 : CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Se;s c Y 4nkkrmattor Friday, 6 November 1. Attended meeting called by on Resistance and assisted in attempting to draft a Memorandum of Con- versation. 2. Read through most of the material on economic back- stopping which had supplied OIC. 3. ave me an advance copy of the Watch Committee Progress Report and I had a covering IAC document prepared to be ready to attach on Monday, when the 70 copies come to us from -G-2. Approved For Release 200'1 ' /08/28 : CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2004kt8 :IA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 "L(Uri t fntorer, Tuesday, 3 November (cont'd.) 25X1A9a 3 t ld th f l f . at a o me ormer emp oyee o his father, having many intelligence assets (languages and counter -intelligence military experience), was available. h h I k d i f 25X1A9a c ec e w t has room and the Tatter says to pursue it. The ormer I gave Lydia 25X1A9a name and number and gave him hers. Wednesday, 4 November 1. Attended orientation course to hear the speeches of Messrs. and Amory. 2. Informed the Watch Committee Secretariat that 70 copies of their progress report would be needed for LAC-D- distribution. Thursday, 5 November questioned the desirability of having PRC review such a recurring proposal. 1. Joined and - for a preliminary discussion as to the proper place of the PRC in reviewing DD/I expenditures , both internal and external. At the l'RC consideration of the ERS proposal, some of the members- 2. Joined as he discussed with current FDD problems in relation to the ORR memo which AD/O is now in the process of answering. I later arranged to be enlightened as to Treasure Island (Jay's man 25X1A9a 25X1A9a will do the enlightening). Also, 25X1A9a 25X1A9a suggested to that CIA Library had better go into the business of salesmanship and guidance respecting their facilities. We agreed with Jay that it would be 25X1A9a desirable to add a DD/P representative to the NSCID-16 Subcommittee. will investigate whether there has been a $70, 000 support for the ACLS, and if so, by whom. promised to expedite the study being prepared by Thorn of 25X1A9a IR on Treasure Island-FDD duplication. I asked ra_LF. to examin f ilure to use the MR Also Approved For Release 2001/0*/2;i :YIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 ic'e city Irr?ormsl# Approved For Release 200110-W29 J CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 4v ~r. ~rn'IB19~7Q 2 - 6 November 1953 Monday, 2 November 1. Sent memo to OSI asking to be given the "production program" mentioned in the two regulations OSI sent us for comment and suggestion. 2. Circulated to the offices the draft regulation on Publications requesting their comments by 16 November. 3. Dispatched to the IAC members IAC-D-75 calling a meeting on the problem of Resistance. 5. of OSI asked me whether it would be all right for OSI to cross-reference those publications they produce in series. I told him that that was precisely my suggestion. 6. After General Willems had mentioned to Mr. Reber the difficulty of providing G-2 intelligence support for psychological warfare, had me review our Psy-War files; he subsequently asked to investigate this matter. will talk initially with Olum in State. Tuesday, 3 November 1 , and asked for an IAC view as to whether "U.S. Officials Only" meant the same as "Not Releaseable to Foreign Nationals. " This arises because the Watch Committee wishes to make some dissemination abroad and the Navy has suggested that there is a discrepancy in terms. I brought up to date on Wally's proposed DCID 11 /2. 2. Attended IAC, at which General Cabell requested that the sentence in the Minutes of the previous meeting which had offended the sensitive souls of the members of the Board of National Estimates be stricken. Approved For Release 200lf6t)2 ` CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 25X3R-3aR Approved For Release 2001/O$729? tlA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Thursday, 29 October, contd. 3. Helped draft a response to the OSI proposal for an external research project on guided missile simulation. Friday, 30 October 1. Drafted a regulation on Publications and showed same to Wally, who pointed out that draft DCID 11 /2 had overlapping features. Subsequently I reviewed draft DCID 11 /2 and offered Wally some rearrangement of language. 2. provided me with 12 ring binders for IAC Chiefs. These will fill the specific requests of G-2 and AFOIN and will, as well, take the place of others' 3-year old binders which have worn out. Approved For Release 2001,/08/28;atp,A-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 ,ICU -1 Approved For Release 2001/0&h-4'1A-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 ur '` ':gtrwv tr forMA# ;jn `w Tuesday, 27 October, contd. decided on Saturday to strike the consultants part of the OSI proposal and have consultant services requested and reviewed in the established way rather than through external research procedures. 4. Colonel Ainsworth requested an additional copy of all IAC papers for the benefit of Brig. Gen. Lewis. Wednesday, 28 October 2. Mr. Sheldon inquired of what OIC had done to get the Watch Committee to consider making a progress report to the IAC. On being filled in on this, Mr. Sheldon said that he would "take care of it all." 3. spoke with on a geodesy proposal about which OSI had gotten most interested because of a bearing upon missiles of geodesy. Thursday, 29 October 1. Joined a group convened by to discuss G-2's Resistance Intelligence Center proposal. It was agreed that General Willems would be approached. This was subsequently done and all parties agree to circularizing the IAC members as to the possibility of convening an ad hoc .group to consider how best to handle this problem.. 2. Reviewed- comments on the Human Resources Area Files preparedfor the DCI to assist him in his meeting with Our recommendation, which the DCI bought, was to have the Files appraised in New Haven by responsible Washington research administrators. Approved For Release 2001 /?> 1Z8:`t lA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 ! InfOtfl itiol Approved For Release 2001/08/28 C,AP61S00750A000600010002-1 R D D DIARY 'fto` `ecrsrify Iniorn tion '"W 26 - 30 October 1953 Monday, 26 October 1. Suggested to absence) that the Scientific Intelligence Digest carry a note on the inside cover stating the degree of coordination achieved in the production of that Digest. 25X1A9a 2. Attended meeting convened by with the IADs 25X1A on 73/1. The consensus was that a DCID or (even less) a DCI letter to the IAC members would be a better way to attack this problem at this time than to attempt revisions of NSCIDs. Tuesday, 27 October 1. At his request, I visited H. S. Foster, Chief of the Public Studies Division in the State Department. Budget restric- tions make it necessary for State to drop publication of their weekly report digesting current articles in the U. S. press per- tinent to U. S. foreign relations. I told him it was extremely unlikely that CIA could assume publication of this review, and had the last issue of the review covered by a memorandum. asking CIA recipients to inform me by 16 November if they felt CIA should do this work. 2. - (in IR) called my attention to some translation duplication involving the Air Force operation on the one 25X1A2g hand and FDD on the other. I called this to attention 25X1A and he agreed that it was a proper matter fort a NSCID-16 25X1A9a Committee to look into. So informed who will get OCD's facts and figures together for the benefit of the Committee. 3. In terms of the 1954 ex:_ternal research proposal, I prepared assessments of the firm's accomplishments for '52 and 153 in relation to the six tasks that they propose to perform in 154. An incidental question arising is the relation of consultants and external research. The DD/I Approved For Release 2001/08/29 : 'IDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 EC' 25X1A9a 25X1X7 25X1A5a1 25X1A9a Thursday, 22 October, contd. 4. consulted me concerning his statement of functions and mission of the field coordinating staff and also about some language he had drafted for inclusion in the DCV s letter to respecting 5. Ted Nordbeck asked us if he could expose of to our present draft of 73/1. Vbe;said no, and when it developed on Friday that the DCI was exercised about the problem of community budgeting, we asked Ted to return the paper informally given him earlier. Friday, 23 October 1. Joined and in discussing whether or not to concur in the $109, 000 OSI external research contract to Agreed not to concur. 25X1A9a 2. sent us a copy of letter 25X1A9a to the Bureau of the Budget concerning PPOs and I drafted a new briefing memo for the DCI's approach to Budget Director Dodge. Approved For Release '~~701t>#~n CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ?IA-SCIRDP . ' S9c,p'ty 00750A000600010002-1 Tuesday, 20 October, contd. 25X1A9a 2. Got together with Ted Nordbeck and on Mr. Amory's proposal for a weekly bibliography of finished intelligence. Ted agreed to explore this matter in State and we may come up with (a) a list of the intelligence now going to State, (b) a list of recipients, (c) a statement that no bibliography is wanted or needed, and (d) a suggestion that Bill Bundy provide Bob Bowie's man with selected intelligence pertinent to current Planning Board matter. Wednesday, 21 October 1. Reviewed files on NSCID 13 and 14 and determined that if they represented "services of common concern" it was only because they were, in fact, further refinements of NSCIDs 5 and 7. 2. Dr. Reichardt informed me that the AEC had approved NIE-99 and I relayed this information to Borel. Thursday, 22 October. 1. Spoke with and about the OSI production regulations and the comments we had drafted on them. 2. General Cabell requested an additional sentence in the memo to Under Secretary Kyes respecting the JIC paper on deficiencies. 3. Lunched with and filled him in as to what General Cabell had said to me concerning "agreed activities". Also spoke with at his request concerning the change he proposes to make in NSCID 13. I urged him to push this change on up to the IAC if necessary, and to accompany it with a correlative change in DCID 14/1 r, Approved For Release 2 f/I12$ : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 r ^ /28 : CIN, -FDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 ecunty niorma i Friday, 2 October (cont'd.) 3. Convened a meeting of those interested in publications. It was agreed that a CIA regulation on this subject is desirable, that the existing directives from the DDCI and DD/I constitite a satisfactory basis for such a regulation, and that OIC should draft such a regulation and walk it around for possible changes. Approved For Release 20011 .UJL> IA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 S : -'s. i#y Informat SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 crcy cn orma on Wednesday, 30 September (cont'd. ) 3. Joined Messrs.-and as we reviewed proposed IAC-D-73/1 (on budgeting) with Messrs. White, Houston, Saunders and- We later tried to express their reservations. This is difficult because the DD/A people apparently cannot conceive of CIA budgeting for anything which is not a "function" of the DCI. 4. Discussed with his proposed memorandum to DD/I respecting an OSI external research proposal and agreed with Mr. Reber that he should alert the DD/I to the fact that OIC under- stands General Cabell to be raising problems touching the very work of the offices themselves, much less their external research. owe 25X1A9a Thursday, 1 October 1 . Captain Hurd told me that a file search in ONI had uncovered a 4 February 1953 letter to the IAC Secretary transmitting restricted data. I asked him to send it anyway and on receipt gave it to NED. 2. joined Lucile and me for a discussion of our files. He had been moved to do so by our voluntary report. We agreed that his would join us on Monday, October 19, for such consideration of the file problem as he cares to make. I urged - to get authority to make the offices cooperate rather than continuing to try to woo them: Friday, 2 October 1. Was visited by of Logistics , who had a draft regulation on "Operational Material". I urged him to restrict the impact of this regulation to the DD/P area except insofar as it was clearly pertinent to the DD/I area. This could either be done by a definition of "Operational Material" or by that plus an expression in terms of the limited times when the DD/I area would be involved in this matter. the extant progress reports of the EIC, SEC and IWG that they accomplish similar reports. aA-" 2. Dispatched memoranda to the Chairman of the IDC, the Watch Committee and the NSCID-7 Committee transmitting to them Approved For Release 2001 0 //>:CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 ' tr>'csy#rtrtn`+Ah Ji- Approved For Release 2001/0?/3t p,I&7;R{61S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY 25X1A9a 28 September - 2 October 1953 Monday, 28 September 1. Discussed with his paper on S&T intelligence, particularly the section on DCID 3/4. Subsequently OSI adopted the recommendations of this paper and established a staff under and to survey S&T. Tuesday, 29 September 1. At the request of issued IAC-D-45/50 request- ing concurrence to proposal to pass EIC-RI-S2 to 25X1X7 2. Attended IAG. When General Porter made a big scene about MIC policy and the fact that the appendices to NIE 90 could not go to a foreign government because they contained material which had been marked nonreleaseable when "given" to CIA by _ General Cabell made it plain that his view on dissemination was: the military chiefs act in two capacities--(l) as chiefs of their own service, and (2) as members of the IAC. In the former capacity they can do as they please; in the latter their opinion is entitled to great weight but is not conclusive, since the IAC makes its independ- ent determination. 3. Received back from DD/P DCID 7/1 which the DCI had signed and thereafter given to Mr. Wisner for review. On Thursday I sent this directive to Brady for printing. Wednesday, 30 September 1. Circulated to the IAC for noting the First Annual Progress Report of the SEC. 2. inquired who will use the telecommunication censorship a and I informed him it would be FI and CI largely. A j - le, se 20019 1 EGRE IA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 `tip: r y Enformatier Approved For Release 2001/OaU"k-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 ?,?,-itrity Informatlofl Thursday, 24'September (continued) 25X1A; i-,articipated in a meeting of with a of and Mr. Winship of the Foreign Service. The primary question is that raised by Commerce and Agriculture as to the Executive Order establishing State Department control over priorities for Foreign Service reporting. v,Ve also touched upon the relationship of the Agency to the Foreign Service generally and such administrative procedures as the Board of Foreign Service and possible CIA membership therein. Friday, 25 September '_ . Drafted alternative staff study to cover the problem initially raised in IAC-D-73 on "Proposals to Strengthen Certain Intelligence A.ctivities." Also prepared a draft IAC-document covering memo and a tab thereto which would reflect the changes suggested by Larry Houston. When acceptable to CIC, these would form the basis for further discussions within GIA. Approved For Release 2001/08t26 A-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 `'er-rity In ormatiort Approved For Release 2001108% P RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Tuesday, 22 September I . undertook to deliver a speech at the November Orientation Course. He will cover "Services of Common Concern." 2. Claude and I talked with and his man concerning the format for certain proposed ORR/G publications based upon external research. 4. Participated in a review of OSI external research projects 25X1A' and echoed the view of Messrs._ and - that all of 25X1A9a the projects were extremely questionable. 25X1A9a 5. informed me that the Balivet situation was no longer a problem of his since the DD/I wished the matter left it status quo. Meanwhile, I gathered from office that DD/P would shortly be posting a Chief-of-Station to Loaned the new - i.eld >Ianual on technical intelligence Wednesday, 23 September 1. Reviewed consumer survey of ORR publications. ~. Looked over a draft prepared in ORR/G of a memo proposing certain ".photographic publications" and concurred in advance of receipt of this memo. 3. Circulated the first Progress Report of the IWG under IAC-D-53/4 for noting at a future meeting of the IAC. Thursday, 24 September 1. Having received the concurrences of all the IAD offices I informed that proposed Regulation - on Aliens was acceptable if revised along the lines suggested by 00. Approved For Release 2001- 08d8 CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 20014E blA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Iwo Spdenity Infarmatioe RDD DIARY 21 - 25 September 1953 Monday, 21 September 1. Drafted memoranda to Kay and Bill respecting their 25X1A9a security violations and sent copies to Security.2.Joined Messrs. in a discussion of the JIC memo to 25X1A9a _ insofar as it relates to the OSI memo of 9 September to the DCI on the subject of ELINT. Subsequently, ORR withdrew its acceptance of the technique of referring to this 9 September memo in the OIC memo on courses of action to be taken respecting the JIG memo. The reference was removed.3,After discussion on 25X1A9a the briefing and debriefing regulations, we in OIC agreed that Mr. Reber will approach (when he returns) as to the possibility of having handle both of these. 25X1A9a '. Suggested to that he send me the SEC Annual Report and that on receipt of it I would have it circulated to the IAC for noting. 5. In trying to clean up the one remaining unprinted DCID (2/1) I asked to reexamine the Air Force and Navy suggestions as to the revision of this directive. They later informed me that although both agencies felt that thc! directive could be improved it was not sufficiently important tc 25X1A9a warrant the large amount of time which would undoubtedly be necessary. I informed of FI as to this and asked that he have this matter reexamined in DD/P. I suggested that the DL'/P suggestion could probably be taken care of by a DD/P memo to Chiefs-of-Station in which the non-applicability of any other DCID or NSCID to the subject covered by NSCID-5 could be accentuated. 6. I inquired of~ as to where we stood on telecommunications censorship. He informed me that every- thing is complete with the exception of review by Security and that on completion of that review he would write me the facts. `. Instituted requests for change of career designations for Bill and Pauline. Approved For Release 2001 /O 1 .f GI4-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 eo,eitY lnf orrnatrefi Approved For Release 2001/08/28 $ 'P61 S00750A000600010002-1 Security f n~orfiatldd Friday, 18 September 1. delivered to Mr. Amory at "high lunch" a proposed memo from the DD/I to CIA. offices which says that OIC has been charged with developing Agency views as to IAC-D-73. ,Co,_".- 2. Was informed by that Mr. Amory wished to make available to the FCDA observer at NSC Policy Planning Board sessions copies of those national and special estimates bearing upon the functions of FCDA. I checked with the IAC-D-20 series and informed that in 25X1A9a our opinion there was no prohibition against doing this. 3. On seeing two publications of OSI, drafted memo to AD/SI requesting him to explore whether one should be called a "provisional" report and whether the other should be not a "scientifid research aid" but either a "research aid" or a "scientific intelligence research aid". 7'-!", / ~If 4ILI" z4 ->t Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :`Ctk'P61S00750A000600010002-1 Security l iformatlanr Approved For Release 241T 81"25 CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 lkwvrj Saeu-zty Informa0cf Wednesday, 16 September 1. Discussed with at length his draft paper on OSI resolution of the DCID-3/4 dilemma. Was also loaned by George his first edition of a monthly OSI "problem" analysis review.2.Revised draft memo to the DCI in which courses of action respecting the JIC paper to Deputy Secretary Kyes are set forth. Sent this paper to the offices for reply by 21 September. hand-carried the copies to ORR (Guthe) and OSI (Strong). 3. Attended PRC, which approved the -expenses but which only approved the OSI scientific education study with the Chairman's dissent. As indicated during the course of the discussion by reference to our conduct of scientific biographic registering, it was obvious that General Cabell was implicitly questioning not merely the specific proposal but rather the underlying question of the validity of scientific intelligence itself. I saw Brent informally to raise this suggestion with him and to urge OSI to be something more than merely annoyed. Thursday, 17 September 1. Talked both to Mr. Sheldon and General Willems respecting the Watch Committee proposal for an indications center; Mr. Sheldon wished another week and General Willems had no objection. Consequently the item will not be discussed by the IAC before 29 September. 2. Joined nd Wally for lunch with Burres, Chief of the Reporting Division in State. The problem is that Commerce and Agriculture have challenged the present system of centralized control in State of Foreign Service reporting requirements and have gotten the Board of Foreign Service to invite a management engineering firm to explore the problem. Wrote this up as a log item for the DCI and arranged informally with Burres and Nordbeck that the management firm would con- sult CIA. 3. Prepared for Lucile's signature a comprehensive voluntary report as to the status of the OIC Reports Management Program, this report to be addressed to McHugh for the mutual edification of General Services and OIC. Approved For Release 2001/OST28' "Dri -RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 S*caft Informs R Approved For Release 2001/A-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 -RAW RDD DIARY Security infarry, at~q.t 14 - 18 September 1953 Monday, 14 September 1. At the request of informed the agencies that 25X1A9a the paper which he was delivering to them would be the 5th item on the IAC agenda. Herb invited me to review with him certain papers received from IAC agencies so that we mutually could determine their disposition or disposal. 2. Was informed by that a new man named 25X1A9a - has been assigned by ONE the task of developing DCID 4/2 revisions. 3. Attended meeting of Agency officers hastily gathered as a result of General Cabell's request that there be a CIA view developed for IAC-D-73. The consensus of the meeting, with which OIC substantially disagreed, was transmitted to the DD/I for the DCI. Tuesday, 15 September 1. Attended IAG and then cleared draft of my Minute on the discussion of IAC-D-73 with Amory; also got him to determine that the remainder of this problem would be held rather than tabled at the 22nd September meeting of the IAC. 2. Joined as he discussed with Mirg' Sa}Cnders of the Comptrollers Office a proposed report to the Bureau of the Budget as to CIA management improvement activities. The paper had been cleared by but had not previously been here and OIC found it difficult to stomach some of the generalities and half-statements in the paper. Ct~`'~~.~noR Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIAO-y 1 ~00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/ M"DP61S00750A000600010002-1 -cu.urity Information Thursday, 20 August (continued) 3. Lunched with who developed his current thought that OSI, less , should be assigned to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Development. NED would become part of the AEC. 5. informed us that Mr. Sheldon had reacted adversely to AD/CD's recommendation that OCD abandon the responsibility for debriefing. Friday, 21 August 1. Met with representatives of all the Agency offices to con- sider a supplementary staff study to the DD/I in the case of FPB transfer. 2. Asked and for contributions by 28 August for a progress report to the IAC to be issued 1 September. 3. Reviewed a paper prepared August 17 by R/ES on R's Interdepartmental Relations. Suggested to that this paper should have wider dissemination in CIA and that OIC interest itself in two specific aspects. 4. Reviewed JIC paper to Deputy Secretary of the Department of Defense concerning existing deficiencies in present collection of intelligence information and left my cursory comments. 5. I asked with whom I should talk in order to transmit OIC's comments, suggestions and criticisms respecting the ORR project dated 16 July which was "based upon a methodology conceived by the DD/I" and submitted to us for review. - told me that no body in ORR gave much of a darraabout this project but suggested I talk to on 8502. I did, and he didn't. We were unable to get together because of his crowded schedule and my leaving for vacation. SECRET `ecurity Information Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/2SEMIDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Wednesday, 19 August 1. Reviewed and revised draft letters between Park Armstrong and General Cabell respecting the Foreign Service. Later obtained o, k, to these, and Ted Nordbeck began his walk around State on the proposed letter from Armstrong. 2. Was visited by of shop 25X1A9a concerning a proposed photographic intelligence report. I suggested that he coordinate his proposal with of Graphics Registry and then submit the same to OIC for approval. 3. Reviewed General Cabell's remarks to the NSC on the subject of Early Warning. These had been sent to us by- 25X1A9a who relayed reaction that remarks like these, if included in the status report to the NSC, would be extremely helpful in that regard. Wally drafted a compended version of Cabell's briefing which might be used in developing the status report next time. Thursday, 20 August 1. I asked and whether the "H" Bomb developments proved anything as to the efficacy of DCID I1 /1. They alleged that the Directive had worked but that it should be amended in that it was developed solely in terms of a then existing and limited - capability; this capability has been enlarged and the Directive should reflect the new capability. I offered the services of OIC to 0SI and JAEIC in this regard. 2. Borrowed from -(Chief, Navy Branch, AlUed Science/ Division, OSI) his copy of the ONI Roster, which had been smuggled by OCD Liaison Division. I wished to see how many political intelligence personnel there were. I also ascertained from his opinion that the slick magazines produced by the military intelligence headquarters serve the purposes largely of prestige and recreation for officer-consumers, and a handy way to put service vi ewpoint as to foreign affairs in the hands of service personnel. SECRET 'Security Irforma&~ -n Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2O@ fi CIA-RDP61 SO00775OA000600010002-1 R D D DIARY Security Information 15 - 21 August 1953 Saturday, 15 August 1. Worked on the 4 Series and produced a memo to Monday, 17 August 1 . informed me that,on re con Bider ationhe and the NIS people felt there was no need for a DCID 3/6 to cover NIS. Subsequently he wrote me a memo to this effect, which I forwarded to for his use in coordinating the proposed 3/5. 2. asked OIC to revise its functional statement for the purposes of the Agency budget estimates for 1955. Worked on this statement until Thursday, at which time we gave Gene a considerably revised statement of major accomplishments and significant developments for the past year and plans for the coming year. This statement abandons the technique of suggesting that OIC's work is so general as to be unpronounceable and substitutes therefor a statement as to specific areas in which the office is working. 3. Was seduced by both with lunch and with blandishments of ONE's Tuesday, 18 August 2. Joined in his exploring with questions relating to external research, particularly the problem of assessing the external research product in the case of - SECRET Approved For Rele 62U1*081t : CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA- P61S00750A000600010002-1 'SECRET, $~ rarity ,n#ormatwtl Friday, 14 August 1953 b) On the alien regulation, I would check with and recommend that the regulation be the initial chore of either Larry Houston of SO and, in either case, both 00 and DD/P M should be coordinated. W ft- - ?- rw .n 7` u-0--f "'404N. S E CRET Approved For Release 2001/08/ ,;. 4r8PP;A,V00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ,mcIA-p61S00750A000600610002-1 L. ;nforrnatari "W Thursday, 13 August 1953 25X1A9a 1. kindly gave me copies of the SEC Minutes which I have been trying to get for eight months. I took the occasion to give him a copy of the IPC's first annual report to the IAC in view of OSI's current labors to produce an SEC report. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 2. Attended a two-hour meeting chaired by - on the subject of the IPI. Separate minutes were prepared by - and were filed in our publications file. 3. I put in contact with on the vexing subject of and also arranged a luncheon with Colonel Ainsworth of Air Force. Subsequently this luncheon was post- poned at-request, so that he could first check in with the DD/I. 3. Assisted in his attempt to create a chart showing the flow of intelligence. This chart will be used to educate contact office field men. Friday, 14 August 1953 1. requested that the second semi-annual progress report of the EIC be distributed. I suggested that it be made a second document in the series creating the EIC, to which Bill agreed. I also suggested three factual changes for the first page, which he accepted and achieved. 2. Received from 00 their redraft of the transliteration regu- lation. They had substituted for "Chief, FDD" the words "Chairman, NSCID-l6 Subcommittee. " I put to point that there is no accretion of power, functionor :missior4 to any co.n- ponent of CIA merely because that component serves or is represented on an interagency committee. She agreed to go back to the original language. 3. In further talk with we agreed: a) As for the translation regulation, we would wait until October, by which time we will be more certain of the results of the ~ transfer and the tr:f3r atiail Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 SECRET y tr.for:nat+on Tuesday, 11 August 1953 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 1. I arranged a meeting of with the AD/CD, DAD/CD and following which got together on the 25X1A9a administrative aspects of the Intelligence Periodicals Index. This Index appears monthly and is,Mtcumulated semi-annually. Perhaps the monthly reports could be produced less formally than heretofore, with a resultant saving in money. 2. Got and Ted Nordbeck together on the specific subject of in and the general subject of peri- pheral reporting. 3. Attended IAC. 4. Began a review of the military services' intelligence periodicals. I did this review by using the semi-annual Wcumulation of the IPI for the period January-June 1953. Although hunting primarily for political articles appearing in the service periodicals, the survey raises ad- ditional questions which might be suitable for nominating to the LAC agencies for discussion. Typical are: a) When the services copy, digest, or compend articles previously appearing in State publications, might they well not give attribution, both for the purpose of morality and also in order to avoid false confirmation; b) When subsidiary cos reproduce in their intelli- gence publications articles appearing previously in the major publications of the services, might they not also give full identification; c) Might not an increasing use of State material be possible in the military publications; d) What is the real benefit of these slick magazines, anyway? Wednesday, 12 August 1953 1. I saw Ted Nordbeck's annual progress report of the EIC Subcommittee on Requirements and asked him about the significance of his allusion to the inadequacy of NSCID-2. We agreed to attempt to push the review L$ this this Fall. Approved For Release 2001/08/22E`6F RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 c y ?aforr at of Approved For Release 2001/08/25EC DP61S00750A000600010002-1 J Security Informatiot 25X1A9a Friday, 7 August 1953 staff is now in the OCD area and is interested in the monthlyl intelligence periodicals index and the semi-annual accumulation. He invitee) OIC to join his people by contributing a substantive segment of his report. I put this to 2 . gave me his revision of my revision of DCID 3'5. It would eliminate references to current and basic intelligence and be confined to national intelligence estimates. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a I checked these points respectively with - and 25X1A9a 25X1A9a agreed that the current intelligence reference might be dro d ppe . has a point in believing that the NIS reference i h s elpful. I summarized this in a memo to ~ suggesting continuing to effect 3/5 as drafted but at the same time endeavoring to phrase a 3/6 to cover NIS. Sent copies of this to OCI, ORR, DD II and DDCI (through DD/I). Monday, 10 August 1953 1. Having received from OCD their draft of a revision of Regulation Mon debriefings, I reworked this draft and then returned it to OCD when informed me that OCD would no longer be able to be responsible for debriefings. Conversations with - 25X1A9a developed the fact that the DDI had told that OCD might 25X1A9a drop this function in view of the budget cuts. OCD's suggestion was that the regulation merely be rescinded. We got a memorandum out of them to this effect. A review of the file on this subject indicates that it6s been bothersome intermittently for seven years. My suggestion is that sound out as a possible substitute 25X1A9a for OC . 2. The Foreign Language Publications Committee considered the FPB transfer, particularly the veiled reference to coordination with service attaches. Approved For Releas% 1U I nCIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 SECRET Secr'rify lrfarn,afirrf 25X1A9a Wednesday, 5 August 1953 (continued) .S. Lunched with Ennis and George Pope. Suggested to both that State would better speak its piece formally and precisely respecting its difficulty with OCI publications rather than to con- tinue to mumble and grouse, On the subject of censorship it appeared that Ennis is primarily interested because of his personal background in the field. I reiterated the Agency's unconcern with this subject, but remained open to being further convinced. Invited Ennis to peruse OIC' a censorship file. Thursday, 6 August 1953 1. Spoke with Messrs. of OCD about the State Economic Daily (Secret) which we do not get, which we want, and which State is unwilling to have us have. Mr. Reber will arrange talks between OIC and State. 2. inquired as to whether the IAC Minutes contained any prohibition against sending NSCIDs abroad to U. S.. officials. I ran through the Minutes and found no such reference. I so informed - and then discovered that his problem was limited to providing certain field commanders with pertinent parts of NSCID-5. I reminded him of the sensitivity of NSCIDs 5 and 'l, but took the position that the policy on distribution of all directives other than those two was set by the DCI's memo of February 27, 1953. This memo prefaces the compilation of directives and orders that the compilation be available to those whose duties require its use. He asked for two more copies of the compilation and I referred him to OCD. He indicated that NSCID-5 would not be sent abroad, as such. 3. inquired as to the pent status of the draft extended replies on the USSR legal study and the- suggestion as to political analysis. I arranged with her to have this material to Mr. Amory early next week. y r ,- "r, r Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : &fK-` tbP6lS00750A000600010002-1 SECRET Approved For Release 2001/08/EM1FDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Tuesday, 4 August 1953 Security Informatiotl 1. Attended IAC and subsequently issued IAC-D-1 /4 (the current quarterly revision of the NIE program) and IAC-D-50/2 (the revision of DCID 4/2). With respect to the latter of these, transmitted a copy to-requesting that it be printed for distribution to holders of the compilation of directives. 2. The IAC having agreed to refer the 114-Series`' of directives to the Board of National Estimates for review, I dis- cussed this problem at some length with Messrs. Kent and informing them in part of the history of this problem and o eff ring to assist them, as appropriate. Subsequently informed me that he was writing for ONE a summary of the OCI-USCIB arrangements in this field. 3. Conferred with Wally and on the problem of joint budgeting and suggested that a functional approach had much merit. 4. Received confirmed copy of L&T's letter dispatching the semi-annual report to the NSC. As drafted by OIC, it suggested that future revisions be annual,with semi-annual short supplements. The letter included an added paragraph in which the DCI undertook to brief the President and the Council orally as to CIA's finances, and stated also that he would not do so respecting the finances of other IAC agencies. 5. At the IAC, Colonel Anderson requested information on the =indications review assisted me in getting to visit Anderson to find out what the problem was. Wednesday, 5 August 1953 1. of the cable branch of OCD (1047 Que) petitioned OIC for a statement of its criteria for the receipt of IAC cables. Drafted same and sent them forward2.Joined as he conferred with Messrs.. respecting NSCID-10 and the state of OSI-State relationships. intimated, inconceivable as it may seem, that OSI had been waiting seven months for something else to happen. After Mr. Reber pointed out that the January 5, 1953, agreement was complete in itself and laid the foundation, in terms, for uninhibited OSI-State conversations, agreed that OSI had slipped up, that it would do some homework, and that they would be back to OIC if, as, and when conferences with State we-re broke down or dra[9ved For Release 2001/08kkftRDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Security Informatio 25X1A9a 25X1X7 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 3 - 8 August 1953 Monday, 3 August 1953 SECRET 14.. Security Information 25X1A9a 1. Met with respecting FOIAb3bl the transfer. . Agreed that the NSCID-16 Committee would consider the subject at its meeting on Monday, August 10, and recogniz%A, by specifying, certain fundamental and inherent prob- lems. Also agreed to get PRC paper to PRC Secretary on 12 August for PRC action on 19 August. Informed Jim Ennis of this timing. He later informed me that General Smith had agreed to the transfer. 25X1Aa6X1A 2. Conferred with Wally and on paper concerning dissemination to At the IAC meeting, 25X1X7 when Mr. Armstrong evidenced difficulty in getting the policy 25X1X7 f d i i SE f S d k tate to acce e to transm ss on o an to s o es 25X1X7 forestall an approach to the President by ; he Zo^'^t added that this desire was not stronger than the desire to preserve the ability to produce good estimates and to prevent the embarrass- ment of any individual agency. 3. Was informed bye that Messrs. Amory and Cabell had considered a third alternative draft revision of 4/2 prepared by Mr. Amory and that General Cabell had later rejected that version in favor of the one achieved by the IAC representatives. 4. Having prepared on Saturday a one-pa a summar for the NSC Progress Re ort, I discussed this with who forwarded it to who later said that he thought it a substantial improvement over the last version used and that he would wish to discuss it with us further. 5. Mr. Beresford, now attached to FOA, said he needed the figures respecting personnel strengths in OIR following the budget allocation. I got him this dope from Jim Ennis. SECRET 3ect riity Information Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 SEMI' VAW Se unity lnform,'Me~1 Thursday, 30 July 1953 1. George Weber of NSC called me about the financial page which he had always wished included in the semi-annual report. I reminded him of the history of this proposal and d tol him there would be no such page. He then called who told him the same. Then Mr. Farley called with th e same result . warned Mr. Amory that this question was up and so w en Hugh Farley called Mr. Amory, Mr. Amory was able to tell him that there would be no financial page, having previously checked this out with the DCI, who had said that he would brief the Council or the President orally on this subject but would not condone a printed report. 25X1A9a ?. Spoke with about OSI's draft regulation on "0" matt d ers an suggested tht thk aey wor with Friday, 31 July 1953 1. Ted Nordbeck brought over a lett f er rom Fishr H eowve FOIAb3bl acceding to the proposal. The letter was sent to DD/I 25X1A9a and a meeting with arranged on Monday so that PRC action can be instituted. 2. Met with military members of IAC and AEC representa- tive on the proposed revision of 4/2 and worked out an alternative draft. Submitted this to DD/I for DDCI. Mr. Amory said he doubted that General Cabell would find this proposal satisfactory and indicated that he felt it had been good to get the views of the Agency clarified.. 25X1A9a 3. of OSI asked for the current dope on 4/2 so that he could take it to Boston, and we provided him with a copy of the memorandum to Gen. Cabell with the two proposed drafts. 4. Ted Nordbeck raised for our consideration the questi~-)n of State-CIA attendance at a London meeting on censorship. Jim Ennis wishes to attend. We suggested that this proposal was largely a military one but undertook to explore the matter further with Ennis. 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 20((10/ @22k-amt 4-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA P61S00750A000600010002-1 *AW SECRE Security Information Tuesday, 28 July 1953 (cont'd.) 3. held an OIC meeting on the subject of Planning. We agreed to think about using the semi-annual report- A wsc_? as the basis for inquiring of various offices how they stood on unsolved problems and deficiencies and how we might aid there. Wednesday, 29 July 1953 1. agreed to get OCD to list the categories of publications at the front of OCD's research aid on "Serial Publica- tions and Information Reports". OCD also agreed to retitle their new "Special Biographic Release", "Biographic Intelligence Bulletin". 2. long staff study to General Cabell on Escape & Evasion seemed lacking in the clarity of its recommendations. Accordingly, it was returned to Dr. Guthe, who undertook to have these recommendations rephrased. 3. At the request of covert Personnel, assembled IAD representatives for review of 20 more files on M mission personnel. 4. Drafted memo to AD/SI on the subject of noise-listening, it having been seven months since OSI was very excited about this subject, at which time DD/I asked that OSI work with OIC. This also seemed desirable to do in the light of the statement in the NSC report that progress on noise-listening was slow. 5. Reviewed and discussed at length with Messrs. Reber and - the _ proposal for linguistic study which DD/I wished pushed but which the apparently interested offices were uninterested. I felt it desirable to try hard to arouse the substantive offices' interest before underwriting the research by OIC. SECRET Approved For Release 2001/0: i (A"-'R 1D61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/285 61 S00750A000600010002-1 RDD DIARY ecHrify Information 27 July - 1 August 1953 Monday, 27 July 1953 1. Held final meeting with IAC representatives on semi-annual report to NSC. Agreed with them that OIC would pursue the matter of a summary with the NSC Secretariat and might or might not return to the IAC representatives with a summary. 2 Messrs d - l 25X1A . . an unched and agreed to leave the IAC Secretariat in OIC. Tuesday, 28 July 1953 1. Issued IAC-D-55/4 (Revised) and drafted letter from DCI to Lay; the letter includes (a) statement that budgets e are not reflected, and (b) request that report be made hereafter annually. 2. OIC was sent an employee suggestion concerning tae OIC Weekly and Daily (the "Weekly" is the one issued as a "-iew" 25X1A9a publication without reference to OIC) I d . suggeste to that the "Weekly" be renamed "Review". - was agreeable but 25X1A9a and the Publication Board man were not, intimating that OCI would publish what and when. it pleased. _ later 25X1A9a informed me that Mr. Sheldon had taken this same view Subse- . quently, sent memo to OCI suggesting our view and that any disagreement be put tot DCI. On Friday, while seeing Mr. Amory on another matter, I was informed that he felt that 25X1A9a memo had been "a little heavy-handed", that he, Amory, had authorized the Weekly" , and that he did not feel that the point was very significant. Mr. Sheldon, who was also present, said that he did not propose to get very excited about this matter. I reminded the group of the DDCI's instruction; this elicited no response. OIC might well (a) use the DDCI and Dq memos as the basis of a regulation, and (b) refer the matter of the "Weekly" to the DDCI, after waiting to see whether there will be any additional OCI comment. EGRET Approved For Release 2001 ! 8' :h 1 DP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 a` 61 S00750A000600010002-1 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Thursday, 9 July 1953 acur ty Information 1. Spoke with Ted about Service. study on the Foreign 25X1A9a 2. Spoke with about proposed DCID 15/1 and gave him the papers prepared by 25X1A9a 3. Left 4/2 Revision with for forwarding to DD/I at the time when SE-36/1 is approved. 4. Left with ~ the materials received by Mr. Amory from and sent to OIC by DD/I. Friday, 10 July 1953 1. Received a long, involved phone call from Weber of NSC Secretariat concerning the semi-annual report. G 2. Met with representatives on the semi-annual report. 1 3 - 2 7 July 1 9 5 3: Military Leave Approved For Release 2004, P. t~?h G#kt# 1t 1800750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 r' ~T .ice )rmation RDD DIARY 6 - 10 July 1953 Monday, 6 July 1953 1. Issued IAC-D-70 for survey. 2. Met with and others concerning NSC-29 in preparation for an afternoon Policy Planning Board meeting. At that meeting Mr. Amory was asked to resubmit a new 29/1 on 30 July. 25X1A9a Tuesday, 7 July 1953 1. Received draft Revised DCID 14/1 o Defectors from DD/P The Committee had not been ale to agree to the ncv4nn.. d f d mimemo to ra te revision. titer checking with regretting failure but suggesting that no further action be taken. Wednesday, 8 July 1953 1. Talked at length with respecting 3/4 and the suggestion that outside experts be called in to survey this field. We sat in with who drafted two memos to the DD/I which OSI might use in lieu of the recommeded survey. staff informed me that he : retrieved from the Jackson Committee some sensitive papers provided them by DD/P. He said the Jackson Committee also had testimony of Messrs. Amory and - and asked if we would want them. I told him that we would and)b..undertook to send this to OIC for DD/I. Approved For Release 2001/08/2 : CIA-FAD 500750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 SECRET Friday, 3 July 1. Loaned our file on the EIC for his aid in preparing a study on DCID-3/4, which Dr. Chadwell will use to talk with the DCI about the proposed review of SRtT intelligence. 2. Attended High Lunch. 3. On seeing OCD's new research aid on "intelligence publica- tions" and on noticing that it contained many references to other than finished publications (e. g. , FI and 00 information reports), I sent a memo to AD/CD suggesting that the research aid be divided into two sections so that it would not appear that there were a myriad number of "publications . 4. infor-ned me that FI wanted to put out a studttr, The question was what to call it and what color cover. We all agreed that it did not fall into any recognized category of publications, but that it was much more like the one-shot job on Paper Mills. Consequently it will be produced as an FI study with a black border. 5. Reviewed 00's revision of Regulation_on Trans- literation and returned it to 00 with certain elaborations. They will recast it and return it. Approved For Release 2001/08/28. A- 61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28: CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Security Irormatcnn Tuesday, 30 June (cont'd.) Received the staff study back in this form and, after checking with the special assistant on functional aspects of publi(-a- tions, approved. Wednesday, 1 July 1. suggested that the DDII offices (particularly ORR, OSI and OCI) should be represented on the NSCID-7 Committee as they are represented on the IPC. I promised to sound out on this. 2 t d th Pl i k B k i h . re urne ng e ann , oo ng t eep e memo on Strategic Division for the time being 3 u I t d t th t h R l i X . gges s e o a t egu on e at 25 1A on Disclosure to Forei n Nationals which had been writt n b 25X1A9a g y e at the request of Cabell might have been improved by coordination with the DD/I, particularly in view of the fact that it touches directly on Regulation _on. Dissemination. She got the point and said she would do better in the future. 25X1A9a 4. Chided on the over-classification/ of the USCIB master list requirements and suggested that, as classified, this document would be so severely restricted in its circulation that it would defeat the very purpose for which it was produced. She indicated that OCI was attempting to get the document classified as Top Secret. I urged that it be classified Secret. 25X1A9a 5. With - attended briefing in OCD by 25X1A9a on machines . were on hand. 25X1A9a Thursday, 2 July 1. Issued TAC Progress Report. 2. Informed agencies there would be no IA.C on 7 Tiily. 3, Drafted second revision of DCID-4/2 to incorporate change suggested by Cabell and Amory and to be ready when SF-3F)/1 is approved. Approved For Release 2084008/I 8 n AiRDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 -fi W61S00750A460000600010002-1 Security l.iformation' 25X1A9a 25X1A9a FOIAb3bl 25X1A9a Monday, 29 June (cont'd. ) 5. Dr. Guthe inquired whether I had any idea how G-2 could be using ORO in the NSC 29 field. I said I had no idea. Later a "working paper", apparently prepared by PMS, on the subject of "CIA Responsibility for Counter-Sabotage" came to OIC for comment. This document, apparently the brain child of some DD/P planners, makes frequent reference to NSC 29 and NSC 97. I drafted comments and held them for return. Later informed me that the NSC ha rev ewe the State Department's 10th Progress Report on NSC29 and, instead of passing it, had referred it to the Policy Planning Board. The DCI had asked Mr. Amory to do something about this. was to hold a meeting on Monday. For that meeting I rounded up of I&S, - of ORR., and of DD/P and exposed Guthe and - to our complete NSC 2c file, Tuesday, 30 June 1. Attended IAC, which took so much time on SF-46 that three small items were left over for July 14. 2. Received confirmed copy of the DCI's letter to General Persons and arranged with that when the DCI's office is informed that Persons has sent the letter to Powers we will be informed so that we may make available to the I.AC agencies participating copies of the letters as sent. 3. Received from Mr. Amory two matters on which he wishes coordinated views to prepare extended replies: a) A suggestion from Mr. Lubell in a letter to the DCI that such matters as the Italian election lend themselves to political analysis (had copies of the correspondence sent to ONE, OCT and Nordbeck for comment). 25X1A9a 25X1A9a b) A study on law in the USSR (after _ had reviewed this, 25X1 sent it, in turn, to ONE, 00, OCT for comment and return). 4. Received from 00 a staff study to the DD/I requesting approval for an OTC, was asked to concur. Suggested to - that OIC had the authority to approve, and he agreed that it would be better to have OIC approve and have the DD/I notified b V copy Approved For Release 2001/08/28 ?'%FA 61S00750A000600010002-1 I,: nrmati!Stl' Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIL?f4JS00750A000600010002-1 R D D DIARY Security Information 29 June - 3 July 1953 Monday, Z9 June 1. Spoke to and of OCI about the problem of assuring the clearance of CIA visitors to IAC meetings. attended Tuesday's meeting but the item on clearances was not reached and will be discussed at the meeting on July 14, at which time will again attend. They suggested a CIA notice, based on the IAC document on clearance s,which would make each AD responsible for assuring proper clearances of their employees attending IAC meetings. 25X1A9a 2. Attended a special meeting called by the fir)'I, at which he explained to the IADs that Chairman Tabor had written a footnote on the CIA budget at the time it was released to the full House. This note said that it was the desire of the Committee that CIA employment not exceed that of fiscal "53. An appeal to the Senate was scheduled for Friday, but did not take place as the Senate recessed. An appeal back to Tabor is thus the next step. The officers were asked to reexa -nine their program so that they could tentatively decide what functions to abandon in case the squeeze remains on. No firings will be necessary in any case. SAM informed me that when this matter was discussed with the DCI on Thursday, Mr. Amory mentioned that one additional reason we would need relief would be so that we would have leeway to pick tap State Dept. functions. When the DCI evidenced no knowledge of this problem, Mr. Amory pointed out that OIC had been pursuing it with General Cabell , which the DCI apparently thought was just fine. On Friday Matt Baird called me and said that he had attended this meeting and understood that OIC was in this problem; in that event, he would like us to rerneml er that the Office of Training will necessarily be affected by whatever happens to the Foreign Service Institute. I under- took to keep this in mind, but told him it had not previously entered our thinking or conversations with State. 3. All agencies replied that they agreed to the proposed printing of EIC-Rl-S2 and ORR proceeded to print it. 4. Returned the proposed regulation on the Watch Office to I with three minor changes and urged its publication. `; ,rrtr;ty inf?~rratinn Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/i -VDP61S00750A000600010002-1 "UritY Information Friday, 26 June (conttd. ) Joint Staff not represented on the IAC. The personalities involved have something to do with this thought, but even with personalities aside the fact that the Joint Staff has no collection or production facilities does make it somewhat anomalous for them to sit as an equal IAC member or as an equal IAC participant in the develop - ment of estimates. Saturday, 27 June 1. Reviewed the draft Progress Report prepared during the week and based on contributions from CIA offices and prepared it for circulation on Monday for a meeting on Friday, July 10. 2. Nhile talking with Amory reDCID'd 4/2J I gathered that a substantial question existed (apparently in the minds of the brothers Dulles) as to the propriety of continuing an intelligence organization in State. Approved For Release 2001/08/2%,L, 0" ?DP61S00750A000600010002-1 - Se urity Information Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : S r- 61 S00750A000600010002-1 *4w- 41111110, Security Information 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25101 A9a 25X1A9a Friday, 26 June. 1, reviewed draft IPC report 25X1A in order to clear up the misunderstanding in some draft of being on leave. 2. spoke to me again about his inquisition into the manner in which the IAC agencies handle critical information. He showed me a staff study signed off by Cabell. At my request he provided me with seven copies, which I undertook to plant with the LAC representatives fnformally in order to elicit their informal reaction. 3. Spoke with about proposed DCID 7/1. G-2 has questioned the inclusion of offers of "services" and of "operational support" as being enlargements of NSCID 7. When it appeared that 00 would lose nothing by dropping this verbiage, I urged 25X1A9a so to do. 4. informed me that he would be gone until 15 July and inquired whether might spent some time with us so that she could learn the details of the IAC machinery and hence be prepared to take over the IAC Secretariat when returned. I expressed surprise that this problem was sufficiently resolved to make it profitable for so to penetrate us. --said it was his understanding that Amory had decided this question and that all that remained was to set a definite date for take over. I played dumb and suggested that we await the return of Messrs. grudgingly agreed to this, saying that ONE would probably not want to assume the IAC functions until August or September anyway. 5. At the DD/I luncheon, Mr. Amory invited comment as to whether CIA should push for unification of military intelligence. It was apparent that he felt that this would be ultimately beneficial to us (e. g. we would only have to go one place instead of four, etc.). No one agreed. Sherman Kent pointed out the theoretical necessity for intelligence to be closely tied to policy consumers. Jamie Andrews pointed out that organizatior6will always have intelligence services, this meaning that if military intelligence were unified, then shortly thereafter each sepatate service would initiate its informal intelligence, the net result being five military intelligence services rather than the four now iA existence and certainly rather than one. All did agree, however, that it would be helpful were the SECRET Approved For Release 20011 28ni IA- DP61 S00750A000600010002-1 ortry I nn Approved For Release 2001/08/lDP61S00750A000600010002-1 security Information "' 25X1A9a Wednesday, 24 June (cont'd .) information at the Friday "High Luncheon" and undertook to supply each AD with a copy of the 22 May staff study to Cabell prepared by OIC and attached tabs on the Foreign Service and State Departmental. r . ,.n /24-3 C." 7S 7---Q Thursday, 25 June 1. Reconvened with IAC representatives on the Powers/Persons correspondence. Unanimously they preferred a shorter draft. We worked out a revision and on Saturday I delivered this to Col. Fuller for General Cabell. 2. At the request of DD/P personnel, assembled in OIC the DD/I people concerned with personnel. Fifty files were reviewed. Those subject to this phase of th reduction appeared to be more mature and to have more to offer than the group involved last winter. 3. Received from Mr. AorLry a memorandum suggesting a revision of DCID 4/2. which .d4 make certain that item No. 1 ("Taking Direct Military Action Against the Continental U, S. ") was specifically worded to include clandestine delivery of weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Amory, who said that General Cabell wanted this done, had been moved to this proposal by the revision of SE-36. I took this opportunity to pull together our tentative more sweeping revision of this directive and to forward it to Mr. Amory "for guidance". On Saturday he stated that he thought the more sweeping revision desirable and suggested that we have drafts ready by July 16, the day when the NSC will reconvene on 153/1 and draft a new policy. 4. asked me whether our NSC Status Report would touch on psychological warfare. I reminded him that we did have a section on Intelligence Support for those programs. He wanted to be able to inform PSB on this question and he under- took to give the PSB man involved OIC's telephone number and interest in the problem. Security info ~tna},'~,,~ Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : GI$ RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 Cl D9 S00750A000600010002-1 400 Security Information Tuesday, 23 June (cont'd.) 3. Was approached by - of ORR as to whether there was AJ'-c "D any writtenlagreement or reference to the problem of searchin;; 25X1X7 ships. I said I knew of none. He had been asked by State for such information as CIA might have on this subject so that State could prepare to answer questions to be put to them by the We suggested to - that he tell the State people who had approached 25X1X7 him that they should rather look for such agreements in State. Wednesday, 24 June. 1. Attended OCD's front office morning meeting, at which briefed his bosses on his discussions with Nordbeck. All agreed to have and Ted work out a detailed agreement on ~ comparable to the arrangement on Biographies. 2. Attended three hour meeting called by and attended by all interested in E&E. Brammell had prepared a 5-page memorandum. 3. At Dr. Chadwell's request, and so that he could answer a question of Adm. Strauss', I located a 1947 paper on atomic en_>rgy intelligence. Apparently there is in the offing a suggestion that AEC drop its intelligence unit and rely upon CIA and JAEIC. (This would, of course, result in the removal of AEC from the IAC.)) I undertook with Chadwell to see that this old material on AE, held in OIC as inheritor from ICAPS, would be turned over to OSI/NED. 4. At Brent's request, explained to him our. contact, interest, and knowledge of Jim Ennis, with whom Brent eventually talked. 5. Nordbeck, apparently frustrated beyond endurance, urged me to press the D/DCI for a meeting with Park or for the sending of a letter to either General Smith or MrYDulles. I sought an appointment with Cabell sometime before his departure in order to get guidance for CIA/State relations during the month of Cabell's absence. Luckily I was unable to see Cabell. Meanwhile, on Friday morning, Ted informed me that the R Area people had finally gotten to Wdsles, who had for the first time seen the problem and had agreed that the R Area should be uninhibited in its relations with CIA a4 in seeking to work out continuance of functions. Apparently Wades licensed R to move towards any solution, whether subsidy, appropriation,$ by CIA, of functions, or whatever. I relayed this Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : C&,~31 1S00750A000600010002-1 Security Information Approved For Release 2001/06(k, i-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 $ecvrity Informat'sou 22 - 27 June, 1953 Monday, 22 June. 1. Was informed by OCI that General Cabell had asked that a special item be added to the agenda for Tuesday and that OCI had disseminated an agenda addendum. Later had talks with and about the availability of this Office for assistance in IAC matters . 2. Delivered dissemination material to Tuesday, 23 June. 25X1A9a 1. Was approached by and about 25X coordination of the insistent that something be done about something, but I was unable to discover either what the problem was or what solutions were 25X1C being suggested. Apparently have not been receiving all results of the a matter which -finds 25X1A9a a allin T di'd t t h pp sugges o -t at he make sure of his facts, including just what reports had not been sent and just what agreements, in addition to those in the IAC document, were outstanding in the IAC. 2. At the IAC General Porter, having been in possession of OCI's material throughout the meeting, raised the matter of clearances for IAC meetings. I endeavored to state the procedure to the IAC. Mr. Dulles asked that the procedure be circulated. Before doing so, I made a copy available to General Cabell and called the IAC representatives to remind them of /9 December 1951 memo, after which I circulated it as IAC-D-68/1. Also asked and of OCI to give this problem some thought. Subsequently General Cabell returned his copy of the procedure to OIC , stating that in his opinion it was the correct way to handle this problem. Later Col. Lansing called to say that Porter had forgotten the procedure but, on reviewing it, felt that it was right. Approved For Release ffTt?A-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/0>f~lj-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 S :curity Information - Friday, 19 June (Cont. ) a meeting next week, consisting of the Air Force psychological man, an Air Force intelligence man (who will be, no doubt, Colonel Erickson, whom Major Nealon will brief), a DDP expert whom - will provide, and myself. At that time, we will try to get the full picture of E&E. This will at least help us to answer the recent approach made to the DCI for major "B-Area Study" about which General Cabell is interested, but the priority of which is in doubt. 7. Drafted IAC-D-42/3, designed to elicit the IAC member's approval of the printing of the EIC China Trade study, as revised to incorporate minor changes proposed by the IAC members. 8. Informed Ted Nordbeck, at his request, of the dates of General Cabell's absence (29 June-26 July). Saturday, 20 June. 1 . Spent three hours reworking the proposed regulation on dissemination, including collating all references to dissemina- tion in the law and directives. SECRET Approved For Release 200V08/28 :.CIA-RDP61 S00750A000600010002-1 ,e< v r y it ormaho Approved For Release 2001/08/28 SE 61S00750A000600010002-1 " `'" rr,._ _M, In Friday, 19 June (Cont. ) 3. Ted Nordbeck informed me that in his opinion we would probably get a decision on FPB more quickly if we worked out in writing the details of the redeployment of functions, money and people. I told him about staff study, prepared for PRC, and subsequently arranged with to get with Ted and work up the kind of paper Ted feels would be useful. 4. Spoke with about current crises in the geo- graphic attache program and urged him to be patient in view of the apparent possibility of an early solution in State. He showed one his interim solution to a problem in South America (namely, ordering an attache, who had been ordered home, to stay). I also suggested that he solve his -problem by sending thereon an interim basis, one of the two men stationed 5. Attended DDI ',unch, at which it was noted th t 25X1A9a a a of OSI will shortl o to CI y g as A Liaison to Mr. 25X1X7 25X1A9a Amory dilated on the failure of intelligence to predict or produce much about vaaous events of the last six months. He made reference to the "Knights of the Round Table" discussion, suggesting that some sort of planning staff was obviously necessary. When Dr. Cushing began to deplore the situation respecting scientific attaches, lvr. Amory asked me to brief the gathering on current developments in State. I gave them what given me that morning namel 25X1A9a , y, - has the problem under advisement and will probably pass the word early next week; everybody should be real patient. 6. Held a meeting on Escape and Evasion problem particu- 25X1A9a larly the peculiar request levied by Colonel Erickson. Colonel Grant had put me on to Major Nealon, and he attended. Also present were (ORR/G), We agreed to continue to sit on the Major's request. I explored the difficulties in Escape and Evasion intelligence support. These grow out of a multiplicity of channels. Air Force intelligence is not entirely aware of what Air Force psyc.inlogical operations want, had asked for, or will ask for. O CD and ORR are not aware of what DDP wants, or will ask for, or what Air Force request DDP will relay, 25X1A9a duplicate or be interested in. We agreed that would arrange Approved For Release 2001/08/28$* i - P61S00750A000600010002-1 S=-curiity Information EE Approved For Release 2001/08/28 :- CIA61 S00750A000600010002-1 SWO --AM rmati on wwr~ Thursday, 18 June (Cont. ) based on two considerations: (a) the galling refusal of certain agencies to accede to the rely f two specific estimates; t$E-`~ o-..,Jt,1 t --q t) (b) the Do's interest in the question as aroused by Colonel Holdson's visit. The DDDI sought advice from General Cabell and when the latter ppeared to echo my sentiments the DDI had me carry on with eneral Cabell. At General Ca1ell's request I drafted a proposed revision of the present procedure for dissem- inating national intelligence incorporating his suggestion that ONE be charged with automatically proposing (on behalf of CIA) that each estimate as finally sent to the IAC be disseminated. Subse- quently filled in of OCD on these proceedings, having gotten agreement from that it was wise for OCD to be intimately involved in matters of this sort. will also attend the IAC meeting on this subject. 4. Spoke, one hour late, with James Ennes, who had come over to inquire further as to whether OIC had any opening available. I reiterated that prospects were black and suggested that he make his own decision as to whether he should formally file his papers with the Agency. He indicated he would do that only when it would be unembarrassing between himself and Park Armstrong. 5. Filled in as to the importance of the semi-annual report on foreign intelligence programs to the NSC. George had been given the job of eliciting OSI's comments. Friday, 19 June 1. Referred -questions as to who was handling revision of the 60 Series of Regulations (on dss liaison) to Wally. 2. showed me the first inventory produced by his NSCID-16 Advisory Committee subcommittee. It is on Chinese lexical materials. Also reviewed his draft minutes of the second meeting. Approved For Release 2001/08/266t~TP61S00750A000600010002-1 `._cu ty InFormation Approved For Release 209O 128' CIA-RDP61 SO075OA000600010002-1 25X1A9a 25X1X7 25X1A 25X1A6a Wednesday, 17 June 1. Received from TDI three copies of a memorandum from in routed to OIC "for distribution. " Sent one copy each to RR, CI and NE. 2. Commander Teeter of Navy requested information as to the 45/12 Revision on NIS dissemination, and Wally filled him in. 3. Joined as he talked with a man who has been RIF'ed as an and who apparently has an opportunity to be employed by- Urged him to accept this opportunity as the best available in CIA. for him. 4. Reviewed with his OSI Staff Study (Part III on the NSCID's). 5. Joined in a meeting in the Pentagon on the Powers-Persons CIC correspondence. Members present from FBI, JIG, A-2, ONI and G-2 agreed to make minor changes and inform me within the next week. Previously State and AEC had indicated no interest. I Thursday, 18 June 1. At the request of-of OSI, who informed me that had previously and tentatively OK'd the proposals, I signed off on a BW proposal for the PRC and a companion proposal for to the DD/I. Was asked by - to held close the USCIF paper on intelligence objectives, pending a USCIB determination of its classification. 2. Passed to a paper from Ted Nordbeck on a proposed advisory committee on technical and industrial information. Subsequently Wally informed me of his and Mr. Reber's previous dealings 4n this, and Wally called Ted for a copy of a report which Ted had proffered to me. 3. Drafted IAC agenda, in the course of which Mr. Amory requested that the last item be listed as "Dissemination of National Intelligence to ~' I demurred to listing this broad subject so baldly and without providing the IAC members with any specific paper or other indication of our concern. The DDI's interest was Approved For Release 2001 /0 rE-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 Sczuri;y Information Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : C -1Rb 1S00750A000600010002-1 Security Information 15 - 19 June 1953 Monday, 15 June: Annual Leave Tuesday, 16 June 1. Spoke with Hodges Parker as to his views after his review of the staff study by on FDD/OCD arrangements to effect the Branch Library. Submitted Parker's suggestions to by memorandum. 2. Drafted comments on proposal for a staff. (the proposal being the one that makes reference to "5, 000 intelli- gence periodicals"). discussed these comments with General Cabell, who tended to feel that this was largely an OIC- type job. 3. Colonel Grant in Air Force informed me that he had not been able to get any more dope on Colonel Erickson's request to the DCI for a study on Escape and Evasion. He also requested more time to concur on the NIE-65 dissemination proposal. 25X1A9a 4. Phoned of Personnel that OIC had no anticipated vacancy fillable by RIF'ers. 25X1A9a 5. After checking with informed Sullivan in Air Force that it would be mutually helpful to JAEIC and Air I 'orce if a substitution in Air Force membership ( for 25X1A9a 25X1A9a could be notified to CIA by written memorandum; this would make it possible to expedite the new man's clearance. Approved For Release 2001/08/28$KAIMP61 S00750A000600010002-1 `. ecurity Information Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 ~r S`C Ep Security Inf'ormntiort 8 - 12 June 1953 Thursday, 11 June 1953, contd. 3. At the request of 8158) in EE, l ascertained from the IAC military members that they would be available and delighted to meet with General Truscott informally and individually in their offices on Monday afternoon. Information Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61SO075OA000600010002-1 Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 1 r, CCClIiltf ?flf0 ,,. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A6a 8 - 12 June 1953 Wedndesday, 10 June 1953, cont'd. 2. Reveiwed with his draft paper on the NSCIDs as they effect CIA, particularly OSI.3,When asked by of OSI whether I would approach Adm. Espe on the proposal that OSI station a man at I suggested -~ have 25X1A9a this approach made by OSI. Navy Ordnance has suggested this CIA representation to CNO, who is now asking DNI for his opinion. I. Reviewed USCIB master requirements list and noted its helpful incorporation of DCIDs 4/2 and 4/1 with new requirements. 5, passed to me the file on the Air Force request for Escape and Evasion studies. This request had been returned to OCD by RQM, the latter saying nothing about DD/P's authoritative interest but merely suggesting that the DD/I should decide. I called Grant in Air Force who will see Erickson, after which we will meet next week. b) Was asked by Commander Teeter on Espe's staff whether DNI might pass to Adm. Radford a copy of the report 44.-, hief-of-Station. At my request obtained 25X1A9a approval. Thursday, 11 June 1953 1. Concurred in the report on NIS prepared by the Publica- tions Supervisor and asked to inform me whether he wished to provide DD/I with copy at the time the basic copy went to DD/A or whether he wished OIC to provide DD/I with an inforyna- tion copy. 2. Turned over proposed revisions of IAC-D-55/4. to Mr. Reber. Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : CIA-RDP61S00750A000600010002-1 edUt' tY '; 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2001/08/28 : 1S00750A000600010002-1 *NOV Uf R ".. W 8 - 12 June, 1953 Monday, 8 June 1953 1. Resolved the question of how to handle, EIC-RI -S2 by sending it to the IAC members for their comment prior to publication, saying nothing about IAC approval. 2. Joined Messrs. on a discussion concerning geographic attaches. All agreed to continue to watch and wait this situation while it developed as part of the State-Foreign Service situation generally. 3. Reviewed a memo from to the IG respecting "Planning", with which OIC forwarded its "Planning Book" and examples of the "Planning" of other offices. 4. Spoke with Hodges Parker concerning the FDD-OCD Library arrangement, giving him our complete file on foreign language library, and asking that he discuss the matter informally with me again next week. Tuesday, 9 June 1953 1. IAC all day. Wednesday, 10 June 1953 1. Received proposed Watch Regulation back from OCI and transmitted it to for printing. Attended IAD meeting with on "55 budget call. This information must be to the DD/I by 26 June. SECPET Approved For Release 201 1$ J w-Ra T6rfS00750A000600010002-1