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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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January 18, 1957
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Approved For Release 2000/08/26 :.CIA-RDP62-00328A00010011;0018-5 7rd 4tttf '.. :L~'.:3# 3Ytrsl ,w :.iga,ka Ago3 yp sk#bjr)gt4xi D. Cc Rwowttl,j the EDM Cogsu pity, thra+4rh ii, Gra'tp I s bas initiated renewed consideration of the qussttoo of multilateral oc%atrs%la o*.r the provision of ships anc ahlp servi Qe" to 4-he Soviet bla--. Tvr papers on this sabjest, sae prepared by Defena. (HG I D-5.31 and tie other try Camara* t WG I D-53.1) p here been discussed in the Working Group. The Group has egreed'that further analysis of the sub- jeet by CIA .*1 the other agencies of the eoorxeeic defense intelli? genre oomunlty would be desirable, before consideration of notion possibi..l.itie. q and has agreed on the att&ahod outlier. for the s tukty, r'a.'g ti slug that sore sodifioat4 cans night seen appropri at. as work progress... Representatives of the Group who have been - oozy tiler-- ing this problem have s ugg esteti . - through thew iii I C hal rsau, that T. write to you on it. I a.lieve f tber;ap,,1ysie to tapartent, and I should Ilk* to req` that rat take rooapaosibility for condwst3.nj an iutsr-eg.nry intelligence study, along the 11nea of the attach et outline, through such organisational arrangsaents as CIA fit to sake. AA you know, this is a difficult subjcotp wit) a, long history, and the gwotion of what to do ahoat obip oortr{ale has from tine to time enjoyed oonsideralle high-level attention. Prior' to the next (.7G sooting? ve .hell have to decide what the U.S. post'. tion should be am the subject. , For the.. revs n*, I hop. that the study can be pews a1 with the beat-equipped p roonnel si&ilablo in the appropriate agencies. I bop.?the study can be traasmittod to Working Gr~,)up I within the next four or five weeks. With that in land, the Group will be able to consider, and prepare its reooa mendations on, the aetioa prohlea. Sin'e.rely yours, H. S. D.Lany Depaty Director for )btual Defense Aesietenas Contra: CC}NFI.DV IAL State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file pproved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100110018-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100110018-5 I1II'RCW CT ION of current et?ipp,ag oont:ole tinder the ,' e'vt* ling i.ntarnationa a ti ofi.? fits vc tlii. pa?es.nted b.l. t relr.sent? the ' op on of IIaLC ag.nci.s rogardIng the ?p.etfie information which snob a paper should contain if it is to a4tisfy the needs of Working Group I for background information. The Ir t-e ?.igezxs. Gomeunity is r.gia- .d to prepare a '~>spe,T ivy ::ag t e n*z#sm-y 3s.& graund information for an ?'&isation of the adegxa q I. 1I. Speed and igs soup. Comparison Bloc Flat with That ? of Free World Introduction (Background - Wbat tb* paper will do) Caaposition of Present Biao-Soviet Bloc 1ercMnt Fleet, (Ine1udiag Xaval A,xli. arias) t r Type of Vessel, Size, III. Sino-Sovist Moo R.gair.rnts for )wheat Shipping .A, Ossan Going Vessels 1. SiaorSoviet Blos Shipping in B:.oo World Trade as Indicated lgr Vayag. Analysis, 1955-1956 a. Tii* rs b. Dry Cargo Yeoss1a 2. 1lestein Shipping in Moe World Trade as Indicated bT Yvyage, Analysis, 1955-1956. a, Tankers b. Dry Cargo Vessels 3. hhstimat.d Total Blos hlegni=?.a nts 1960 b. If all trade sowed in Bloo Ships, Aliowing for rspalrs and Replasea.nt of Bottom now in S.rvte. If V st rn Shipping Continues Available to the Bloc (1) At 1955-1956 lovsls is Actual ?e (2) At 1955-1456 levels as the Psroent.g. of Total Moe Shipping,Regniraments 2=-, Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100110018-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/26 CIA-RDP62-00328A000100110018-5 Coaets1 geei1e Ou rrenct Bloc Position 1~at?zr? Rec t1re-*?ient+~ vaPr!~1~~ Co },~F,pl, 2 :, r Fire ~1s !? ^~.~ t S-trn8 as to ~~ I~ 2~ir:rahan ,,, ?ren o~ ,timed ara "r 4b13- Y of