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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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April 7, 1958
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4 CE S. DEPARTMENT OF COMM# ? COMMITTEE ON EXPORT POLICY STRUCTURE This document is circulated for agency review prior to formal committee consideration. Agency comments, issues or questions to be brought before the formal meeting should be reported to the Executive Secretary (Code 112- Extension 4252) (Room 5312, Commerce Building) by the close of business CONFI11 NTIAL *DOC Exempt Letter On File* 0. C. 130CUNINT- -.NO . 1416 TO: Chairman,. Operating Committee April 7, 195$ FROM: Corixaerce Member SUBJECT: Export of Race Radial Grinding Equipment to Poland The Department of Commerce recommends that three pending license applications covering the export to Poland of two raco radial grinders, with accessories and spare parts be approved. Details of the applications are as follows: Case Nos. (a) 217812 (b) 217813 (c) 217815 Applicant: Van Norman Machine Company Consignee: ]' inistry of Fuel and Power, Katowice, Poland Commodity: (a) 2 Model #667 External Automatic Oscillating Race Radial Grinders, each complete with standard equip- ment and powered by one 5 HP, two 1/2 HP and one 1/4 HP motors, 220/380 volts, 50 cycles, 3 phase, wired for 380 volt operation Total Value : Price $.3.%669,.00 (b) 2 Pump and Tank Assemblies, 2 Spindle Mounts for Arbors, and 4 Diaphragm Arbors Price $ 1,602.00 (c) Spare Parts Price v 1,062.90 35, 333.90 Rating: 1022 Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100170003-5 Approved For Release 208/26 : CIA'0WRFi5AhA0001001 M"3-5 OC DOCUMENT NO. 1416 - 2 This equipment is being purchased under an Export-Inport bank loan, as part of the program for improving coal production. These machines are to be usoc in the manufacture of bearings for maintenance and repair of coal mining machinery. 'It-bas been determined that the accessories and spare parts are for exclusive use with the parent equipment. The Polish Trade Fission has informed BFC that it is in possession of all equipment required for the production of these bearings with the exception of 5 grinding machines. In view of the :importance of the mining industry to the national economy 9f Poland and the need to prevent or minimize production losses through maintenance and speedy repair of egaipment, it is believed- ;,:icet t`1is equipment is reasonable and necessary,for.the Polish civilian economy. Approval is therefore believed appropriate,., pursuant to PD 1315. U:$COMM--DC If the Operating Committee concurs ',in. this. recommendation, BFC will t k 9335 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A0001 0 - a e appropriate aotioi.L. to obtain G COI .'c ,eaxarl.ce.