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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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April 10, 1958
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DEPAPTWNT ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON EXPORT POLICY STRUCTURE review prior to formal committee consideration. Agency comments, issues enc a d f t l n y g or a e t is circu This docume or questions to be brought before the formal meeting should be reported to the Executive Secretary (Code 164- Extension 4252) (Room 5312, Commerce Building) by the close of business April 2 09 1958 CONFIDENTIAL *DOC Exempt Letter On File* 0. C. DOCUMENT NO. 14Z TO: Chairman, Operating Committee FROM: Commerce Liember March 31, 1958 SUBJECT: Export to Poland of Drilling Rigs and Accessories The Department of Commerce recommends that five pending applications for the export to Poland of drilling rigs and accessories be approved. Details are as follows: (a) Case No. 219562 Commodity: 2 Rotary drill rigs with 180 bp input, trailer mounted, with parts and accessories Value: gill rigs - X125,600 9 Parts and accessories - 22329 r 99 Meal rating: 1150 (b) Case No. 211928 Commodity: '2 Rotary drill rigs with 350 by input, trailer mounted Value : X220..557 Meal rating: 1150 ' Case No. 213621 Commodity: Parts and accessories for rigs covered by Case No. 211928 Value : 4723138 Meal rating: 1150 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100170004-4 OC I iiT o. Approved 1 2000/09 7kDP62-0032A000100170004-4 For (d) Case No. 213620 Commodity, 580 Rotary rock drill bits with tungsten carbide .)75 Rotary core bits Value : j256,148 kesl rating; 1150 (e) Case No. 211904 Commodity: 104,000 lbs. 2-7/8" drill pipe Value : 4 20, 727 keel rating : 1154 The applicant on Case (a) above is George E, Failing Company, and the ultimate consignee is the kinistry-of Fuel and Power, Katowice, Poland, The applicant and ultimate consignee on the' other four cases are, respectively, Idecc, Inc, and Centrala. HancLlu Zagranicznegego, Katowice, Poland, The stated end use for this equipment is for exploration for coal deposits. The smaller rigs can be used.to:a depth of 2500 feet, while the larger rigs will penetrate to d,400 feet. ? Equipment ' of this .kind .is _ most generally used for oil prospecting, and the proposed end use has'therefore.been thoroughly investigated by BFC technicians, in consultation with personnel of the Bureau of Twines and the Polish Embassy, The` Bure u of. Mines advises that the stated end use is reasonable and appropriate for the subject equipment? The area to be explored is in the mountains bordering Czechoslovakia. This area has very watery sands, and it is proposed to use the' "ground freezing" method of drilling. In ground freez3,mg, , a hole of from sic to eight inches in diameter is drilled and lined, and freezing . brinE- is then circulated through the hole:' ? The unusual depth for coal prospecting 'is accounted for by the depth of Polish coal deposits. Some Polish coal mines are at present 3,000 feet deep. Important technical data are required for production of the bits covered by Case No. 213620, Theme'data,_however, are not extractable from the bits themselves. (This matter was thoroughly investigated when the proposed exchange of U.S, bit-making. technology for Russian tuxbodrjlls was -under review.) The Department of Commerce- therefore feels that the subject equipment is reasonable and necessary for the civilian economy of Poland, and, considering also the firm.-assurances Against transshipment which the Poles have given to the U.S., believes that approval of these C0NFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/26: 1IA-RDP62-003287010 ~I Approved For RelQpse 2000/08/ P62-00 3A000100170004-4 00 DOCUMENT NO. 1415 - 3 - applications is appropriate pursuant to the intent and specific provisions of PD 1315. The Committee will be interested to note that this equipment is being financed by a U.S. government loan, administered by the Exim Bank. Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100170004-4