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December 9, 2016
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July 24, 2000
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January 9, 1959
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? i w w e .~. r s w ar rw w .s as Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100230001-0 EIC-EDSC/D4a3 Control No. 488861 i3-Fis her-1956 9 January 1959 MEMORANDUM FOB?: EIC Subcommittee on Econc .c Defense FROM : E=cutive Secretary SUBJECT : Transmittal of EDSC Membership List Tice attached list sets forth the current membership of the EIC Subcommittee on Economic Defense and is tra.mitted for the information of EDSC members. Attachments Membership - EIC Subccxmnittee on Economic Defense, 13 November 1958 Distributions cat ~ ~ (52 8-11) 25X1A9 epu y Director (Coordination) State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file 25X1A Approved For Release - 0328A000100230001-0 Approved For Release 2000/08/26 T CIA-RDP62-Ob328A000100230001-0 Control No. 488861 Current as of 9 January 1959 10;MR:SkiIP - EIC SUBCO CTTF, ; ON ECONOMIC DkMSE hel-ISK Extension Room Lu.i1l ;ire CIA C 3i 25X1 Aga x an r Em- euti Sect 4505 2214 N y a kft? 21.09 M Defense (Code U) MIT- Ho Frank NcCaft'yq Principal 57164 2B871 Pentagon Edward R. Van Santa Alternate AFC 57164 2B871 Columbia Pike !ngs W. Hamilton,, Principal Code 189 x 682 For Mailings Directorate of Targets AC4Sf Itateellit.oe Attentions Mrn Kingsley W, H il.ltonc AFCI 3X2 Pentagon Room 4B137 Columbia Pike AEI Taxter Wood, Principal 76743 2D1 O Pentagon Coiumbla Pike eu a E~ Brice, Jr, Princi 76313 5D674 Pentage t k41se Dorothy Ao Di cky Alternate 54597 0664 Pentagon (G NI/OP-922 M2C Columbia Pike Co 3rou (Code 112) 1Robert Reiss Principal 3055 5321 Commerce: Murray Rennert,,, let Alternate ' 3127 3223 Coerce Walter C,, Clyde, 2nd Alternate 4992 184.6 C roe :nth & coast,, w International Coo ration Administration e ICA/S ss Isabel Ann Baldwin5 Principal 3448 616 District National Mrs. Sara Goldman, Alternate 3/a48 616 District National .406 G St et,, W Approved For Release 20,0 / 26 ? IA-RDP62-00328A000100230001-0 C-0-N-F-I-D-I-N-T-I-A-L r r r r r r r r r r r ~. 'Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100230001-0 ARM Extension om R o Treasury (Code 184) R _ -r- rris J. Fields, Principal 5681 5418 Treasury Matthew J. Marks, Alternate 5621 4449 Treasury 15th & Penn, NW State .."'C (Code 182) , Principal "'- liver So Anderson 4146 3335A State Annex #20 , Robert W. Sht* , Alternate 4347 3335A State Annex #20 19th & Conato NW DFI David Handler 4645 Principal 301 State Annex #1 Kvso-,Tse-snes Rude, Alternate 4640 301 State Annex #1 Raymond Pracht 5430 23rd & D Streets, NW LCD Mrao Marie S. Young, Principal 2596 4129 State Annex #20 Jerry Knoll, Alternate 3667 41240 -state Annex #20 MC Leonard Pomeroy, Principal 3998 2105 19th & Coast, NW State Annex #9 Mr. Frank Jo Wathen, Alternate 2554 2307 State Annex #9 16th & Coast, NW Approved For Release 200gLM? : -j2AQ@328A000100230001-0