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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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April 4, 1957
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Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328-A000100410004-7 *DOC Exempt Letter On File* CONFIDENTIAL XWIUIRY TAC448 Nr. John Shepard Coordinator, %antes' Tesk Croups Ralph T. Stevart, rizsotor Agricultural and Ch?toal roducts rivision Ion Exchange Resins eon of Teehnical teah: .eal assignment requested addittonal data on sty .y1 benzene type ion excIante reline vdlioh include (1) an additional .aivator of their 4A significance (I) a reexamination of the significance of water softening as a limiting element to their strategie significanoe and (S) a reexamination of the ion exchange resins used fer uranium recovery Since the prep ration of the fact sheet of Ju t deal of data have boon publithed wtleh permit a more detailed report on matters. Also we have obtained frcm two major prodeers the most available information to them regarding production of ion exshange resins in Europe. The particular resins oovered by the proposed strategic 4ettniton are identifiable ehemicaily as a styrene-divinyl bensene (cross linked polystyrene) ion exchange resins and are Glassed into the following typeet 1. SulfonAted cation exchange resins. 2 Carboxylie cation exchange resins. S, Strongly baste anion exchangers. 4. Weakly basic anion exchangers. 54 Sized bare anion exctangers. Ion exchange resIns of commercial si the following; Trade wee Zoo-Farb Bulfonatd phenol-formaldehyde resins Zoo-Rex, Puol.te Evaluation of 4A S neva: a. Producers in Free Torld Coun.ries a the following; (The number* identiry the types a* listed above, Which are produeoc by ,&eh ? West Germany a) Permutit A.04, Berlin 4 b) Farbentabrieker Bayer, Le rims, 1,2,3,4. it Germany Approirbd 1ebrIPte1eas&'211190/08,21?: IA-RD P62-00328A000100410004-7 CONFIDENTIAL Approved ForRelease2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 .2. CAI F a) Astivit N,V, 1 United Kingdom a) Pernutlt Co.,, Ltd. 1,2,3,4,5. b) United later Softener* Ltd. 1,2,3,4,5. o) Jae Crosfield Sons Ltd, 1.3,4. d) Chas, Leming A Ca. 1,6. .11121 a) Menteoatini 1,2.4. a) ACM Japan a) Mitsubishi Easel. 1,3,4? b) okye YUki Tagiku Kea*, t./.. 1,3.4? The largest yroduoers are rermutit and Boyer of West Germany, Aetivit of Holland, and Pernntit an4 L9nnin4 of London. Other organisations are Gf relatIvely minor importance* Ter rajor dorestio suppliers (few A Permutit) report they have- no figures relative tc quantities produced in toren eouutries. They report that the resinous types are produced in small quantitie* in West Gormary and.. United Iingdon as well as in Japans Holland and Italy, Permutit Co, states that they are exporting large quantities- to lest Germany, japftn, and to many places in the tritilh Conronwealthe It should be noted of the above-listed vanufacturers in sountries with signific productions those not affiliated with the major U.S. manufacturer* are the Perbenfabriken Bayer, W. ermany; Aottvit? Holland; Jas. Crosfield A, ns England? It max indieated by 70, proeusers that the productivity of these three firms i* limited. Many other supplier* offer ion exchange resins for rimer u0011 urier their won trade 00014146 ThOSO eompanies purchase the basic vaterials from the above Iisted producers and rolatie? comrsniAL Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 Approved ForRelease2000/08/22 : CIA4RDP62-00328A&00100410004-7 COfFIPUTIAL b roduation in Jca a I.G. Farben in rast Olenrany producee all but the st ng base ion exchange resins. Thera have been inaoaVons of other produs ion but available information Is meager on ths subject. MATITOTC $F "!gINB Uses for the ion exohsn. resins involve one or a ectabiration of resin types. Newton exehange resin* of the polystyrene chemicol group are being used under conditions tint forrerly osused rapid deterioration. Tey resist osing and reducing atmospheres elevated temperatures and strnnely assist or alaline environments. a* condit )rAnE is the ? n most impo h rooese his -been an element of increasing processes as advanced technology has led industry, a on* uturing y the chemical industry; to spool,' produots or procedures possible the Use at highly purified water. Ion 41.41hance resins produce a pure water, eqvivalent to that obtained by multiple distillations with special corrosive resistant equipment. Through varloos combinations o exohange resins variouo desirable results =ay be obtained* (1) 4 This process purifies water and over (rrn Item 2210), mitt, d of resin tr high pressure boiler water is t46 mil on. 1 %out s vel? ineludes uses such as purifying sed, onemiesi processing metal plating and synthetic Ecttoatod annual sales volute is 8 Lillian. tttced d e.tralization (the sme resins in soecial prooessIng faeilities) ITTigaramMariWTTEhest purity water and is required for television and radar tulle manufacture, eynthege fiber production, high troesuro bt.liere ono (stoker indUstrIal USW". tottnaten annual sales tvlume 12 o3 million. talAurgi involves the recovery of metal* from o slutIone The. . principal Came as ill al *pp leation has been in the recovery of metals from industrial wastes removal of metal oasons from industrial eater. Copper ant zinc now ressovered on a large soale. A tabulation of ion exchange applications rometallurgy covering oommercial? pilot plant and research errk identified rent procedures involving praotieally all metals, and Oa types of the This is an indication of the extensive usefulness of tlAsse products. al isolation of the rare earth metals is :lode possible with ion ?se's-Angers extreotion of uranium* s of strategic trportanee or high pressure turbines be manufacture synthetic on of low acid rormaldehyde for exp yein and other antibiotics and the age resins ineluees Treatment of rare 'earth sae' other Lotion s reoovery of metals, ufacture? produotton of tiovi of uranium.. OONFTTINTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 "IMP Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 .4. CAIFIrENT/AL WITH VS' 0,-4,1LG 13U a vital role la uranium r.aov.ry from ore St b*se anion need to absorb uranyl sulfate from solution. A numbor of ue$ have been deveIJped? each depending on the inhere7A oonditions rge number of plants ha e4ept.d ioz e resins tr U- uumbor there- are 2$ plants In ths Union of Afriea, .n the 7n1te4 States, 2 in AUItr1t an4 ane in R11s.i C. the ore is treated only nor uranium reeovnry. rtt other..414it rooted similarly or only after other minerals have been removed. ion exchangers nre, Aped In recovery, this promos being t1 ajor mailable rintta A atrat.gic uss by typ? are the followings (1) cation ezahanfe. Strom' said resIne (a) Nan ralisinr waterfor turbines. rieuspclystyron. copolymer (a) Ilure water for tdistria1 use. ilk acid resins Streptomycin produotion o sehaners Weakly le resin' use, May ?onto' bogie latefc ste turn,t insroliting? (b) Hyper pure enter for inAustri a) i,;ranium rsoomery. b. The definition reeommended covers products *doh an be identified as rticolar chemioal types, the crotw-lit*ed ?tolystyrene ion epohange resin*, Ind we believe these are the Only strategica11y portant synthetic ion eln&r resin CON*IrgNTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 "Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 .5. COVFINIVflAi The other pirsina at commonly used for hems end industr,a1 water softening not requIring high effisiency 41"0 the "Zeo-arbs su1fonatee *oft's. AIS0 sulfonsted phenol Dorsaldehyde exchange resins are not covered by t)e strategic definition as they are not ueed at ?resent tz any diclosie. ,Ce major :roducer reports they have rt&asUy dieoenticuei :-ro4uctIon ot those. We consider lector conditioning Catt require* styrene type resin' to be . strategically nignifieant for tho above-mentioned industrial uses. Ten exehance rosins vac) have groat teehnologieel signifiaanee. 1r that 4,ey, are necesstry for procemses requiring a special degree of quality mIntrol. Finally, aveilable intonation of foreign rhrofiuntione irAiesten thaT; the TI?gy is the print:0:0a world supsner? 001 rd 4/4/t? r. ielett=e Mr. ii*MWSOCAD kr, ,ItsrL,trd t,lnet-vuTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7 cONFIVINTIAL .C!2 P2O3R31 MITNUIN.:TION NO. 12100 eftentmedl' Flaenothi al Nor slarts-rnaa ter !xper t Sc CUttjr .0 phelviduld (tip1swurboryNeAtet IBINUIPart enopridan it the apart of which to the Soviet nos the UWO, has dellmnittned shouldbe subjectcd to control and tervildWO *drain toologortiamettlatesea tgreenent by coOpm to ?entrain idmatieal with those of the U.S.) An it shall be Olnied en Part dolint it meta both Stanirds No. 1 and 2, and either Standard No. 3 or 4. . Uttelatilti.i/L. The lien poseeSsee oue or more of Attibutea new. .5, do ail-S, And,StAidard 1144 2 Ander Wirt 061 or Standard No. 1 under Part 0.4I is met. Standard No. 2. The oeverege Already afforded by the PlAccrivnt of "T"ad nen an the 11.3. Mate apart Soewrity List is inadequate to achieve U.S. security Objectives. Standerd no. 3. It Ain't* ressesetay'expeoted that V.S. negotia- trona **u be suceeseful in obtaining satisfactory multilateral oentrel by coven prevoidep haverar, it km telsan$birelibar thlt seat nAgetiations'eras.dttng *antra would net oansei ten Osstarol) (a) An expenditure of goad will or herigniiiiiiig power dispr.- porticaate in terms of U.S. national security intermits; or (b) An undue impeet on the 'commie, political, or financial situations of the suusber countries. Standard No. 4.Mere the 5.5. does net iatend to seek iu1ti IIY.I tczitr1 by Cocom or has not be asicee$01ho1 in obt.r.inini ikdoeuate control avecatent by CoOrice (a) Such additional strategic coneeditios aS *mid eontribute significantly to the war potential of the ainropean Soviet Bloc, the U.S. unilateral control of which con reasonably be expected, because of U.S. production, supply or tech- nology, to be effective in depriving the ftropeen SoviA Bloc of a significent contribution to the latter 'a war potential; or (b) Other commodities, whether strategic or not, which rale* such epecill political problems as to warrant U.S. enicrt control to the Furtipeen Soviet Bloc despite the absence of intermit mai controls. NOTE, The degree of control to be applied to an it on Part 0-III ifi= be determined on the merits of each item in term of (a) the possibility of achieving effective control, including the use of licenstng guides, and (b) any overriding oonsiderations of U.S. OCV Approved For Release 2000/08/22 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100410004-7