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December 9, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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Approv d P l eleasq;001/03/02 : CIA-RDP62-003280 0100 If 0b EZ CONFIDENTIAL SENT TO: USRO/ST Paris SUBJECT: Classification of CG/COCOK/CHINCOM Documents REFERENCE: POLTO A-307 1., In accordance with paragraph 7 of the reference despatch, the 'Department is sending a circular instruction to interested posts notifying 25X1A them of COCOM action on downclassification and authorizing the general rule of "confidential" classification for EXCON messages which was sot forth conditionally in the final sentence of W f June 13, 1955, subject to exceptional cases where higher classification is warranted., e.g. CAS reports 20 With respect to paragraph 6 of the reference despatch, llashington classified Secret that are agrees that the USDEL should recommend formal downgrading of the China laterally disseminated Special List and the old International Lists., in the field. 3. With respect to paragraph 5 of the reference despatch, it is not planned to make a further review of the partially downgraded documents in question because of the recent date of the security review, unless the USDEL considers that the failure to downgrade in toto certain of the documents in question is proving to be an obstacle to the general rule of "confidential" classification, State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file ITR:ECD:RBWright:fej Cleared withs ICA/MDAC - Mr. Tilson 12/1/55 Defense - Mro Martino Commerce - Mro George Mr, Garrett EUR/RA -- Mr, Buckle CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100510087-5 D R F T D R A F T ? Approved For Releas ? 01/03/OZo 2-00328AV01005100197-5 CIRCULAR INSTRUCTION Subjects Classification of EXCON Communications 25X1A COCOM Document 2045 COCOM Document 2083, COCOM Document 1901, Annex B 1. The reference instruction indicated that the addressee posts would be notified when agreement had been reached in COCOM to accept a US-proposed list of key documents for downgrading from "secret" to "confidential", Agreement has been reached as of November 3, 1955 on such a list of documents; the list is set forth in COCOM Document 2045 as amended by Document 2083, and appears in its authorized version as Annex B to COCOM Document 1901, Posts maintaining files of COCOM documents may take note of the downclassification of specified documents as may be appropriate for their purpose 2. COCOM agreement upon a key group of downclassified documents means that a general rule of "confidential" classification for future 25X1 C documents and for EXCON communications will now prevail. EDAC and ACEP committee documentation will follow a general rule of "confidential" to the maximum extent possible. classification ~ The addressee posts should now operate on the presumption that all EXCON messages meriting classification will be "confidential" rather than "secret", subject to exceptional cases where higher classifi- cation is warranted, such as "secret" disseminated laterally in the field. ITR:ECD:RBWright:fej ICA/MDAC - Mr. Tilson 12/1/55 Commerce - Mr. George Mr. Garre Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA 2-Q08QQ B0510087-5 RA - Mr. Buckle CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Releas JO01/03/0 C2 A-RDP62-0032801005100 C77-5 CONFIDENTIAL This copy has been reproduced to meet internal needs of CIA. It must not be released or shown to any person outside of CIA. Paris POLTO A 307 Nov 10, 1955 WASHINGTON SUBJ: Security Classification CG/COCOM/CHINCOM Documents REFS: (A) POLTO A-207 to 'Washington, Sept (B) COCOM Doc 2045, pouched Oct 3; (C) Forthcoming COCOM Doc 2083; (D) TOPOL A?19, Aug 1. 30; 1, As indicated in Ref C. COCOM on Nov 3, with certain exceptions, unanimously accepted the Ref B US proposals for downgrading 82 "basic" Committee documents from "Secret" to "Confidential." The agreement was final, i.e., not subject to any reservation period. The COCOM Secretariat will issue the list of downgraded documents as an annex to Doc 1901, which is the Committeees general agreement on security classification. The 10 documents not agreed for downgrading are listed in Para 3 below. 2. USDEL believes that the action taken will substantially achieve the aim-(Ref D) of permitting the overwhelming majority of future Committee documents and related EXCON communications to be classified "Confidential." However, under the agreed Committee rules, delegates are still free,to request a higher (or lower) classification for individual records of discussion which they believe to merit treatment other than "Confidential" and also to submit memoranda with classifications other than "Confidential." 3~ The German delegate, with the Chairs support, objected to partial downgrading of individual documents, on the grounds that it would cause administrative inconvenience. The German delegate also objected to the downgrading of COCOM Doc 1426.01/8 (bearings) and to paragraph 72 of CG Paper XIV (shipping).`' Therefore, the following documents in the Ref B US proposal will retain the "Secret"classification0 JCMyurson :mmd CONS L 10 Nov. 1955 Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100510087-5 4pproved For Releas 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100510087-5 1i S.W CONFIDENTIAL Consultative Group .paper XIV. . COCOM Document 1643 Consultative Group paper XII COCOM Document 1426001/8 COCOM Document 565 COCOM Document 1614?00/3 COCOM Document 777 COCOM Document 1614o0O/3 COCOM Document 1475 COCOM Document 161400/5 4, 44hile some of the documents mentioned in the preceding paragraph may be of some importance for current work, for example, those on shipping and CG paper XII, which includes the listing criteria, USDEL still believes that this will not unduly hamper the aim of having "Confidential" classifications on current material, including shipping and item matters. USDEL has asked other delegations, at their convenience, informally to let us know whether, apart from Doc 1426.01/8, para 72 of CG paper XIV, and the other portions specified as "Secret" by the US, they had any substantive objection to downgrading the above documents. 5. As mentioned in the initial US submission on this subject (Ref B), USDEL has informed the Couinittee that further downgrading proposals might be forthcoming in the future. If, as a result of further study, Washington finds it possible to recommend downgrading in toto for all or some of the documents originally recommended for partial downgrading, that would appear, most useful, 6. USDEL notes that the original list of documents for downgrading received from Washington (Ref D, attachment), did not specifically mention the China Special List, or the old International Lists, i.e., Does 182, 183, 184, Docs 358,,l, ,2, .3 and 700.1, .2, .3, with annexes and amendments. However, since it did include the China Consolidated List which duplicates the substantive coverage (but not the wording in all cases) of both the old International Lists and the China Special List, USDEL assumes that there is no objection to treating the latter as "Confidential." Confirmation of this point would be appreciated, If Washington has no objection, USDEL believes it would be worthwhile to recommend formal downgrading of the China Special List and the old International Lists. 7. USDEL assumes that the Department will inform all interested Missions of the downgrading action taken by COCOM as well as supplying any further guidance (if necessary) on classifying EXCON communications, CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/02 : CIA-RDP62-00328A000100510087-5