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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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January 21, 1953
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Doc. CH/32 (53) Copy No. 4 49 CHINA CO ITTEE The Delegates will find, attached hereto, the "China Special List" which includes all items agreed by the Committee for oubargo to China and North Korea, in addition to the items on International Lists I, II and III. C0 00M Doc. 509 319 533 537 558 575 659 707 723 782 776 868 889 994 1051 Les De'l4gue's trouverent ci-contre la "Liste Speciale pour la Chine" Cette Liste comprend taus les articles - autres qua ceux des Listes Internationales I, II at III - dont la rUsc sous embargo vers la Chine at la Cor('e du Nord a AS accepteo par le Co;aite. Sub-Committee Documents Sub-C,(52) 11 Sub-C. 52) 12 Sub-C. 52) 13 Sub-C.(52) 20 China Cornjttoe 'Documents CH/14 MI/18 CH/21 CH/26 CH/33 Secretariat Paper No.l *DOC Exempt Letter On File* Approved For Release 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00647A000200050005-1 0 SLCRET Definiticn in English 215~~r"_l~! Paraffin Wax and Petroleum Jolly. Petroleum refinery cquipmcnt. Container suitable for use in storing or transporting petroleum, with handles and watcrtirht lids, of capacity of 4 ?allons or more, such as ferry cans or containers for similar usa ` Motor vehicles including tractors; trailers and componc.>nts and spares, servicing equipment and. materials; exca ~,: touring cars, motor-cycles of 500 cc, an. unlor, axyl tricycles undo4 one haff to--A loading capacity. Railway rolling stock n,c.s, and parts thereof. Excavators inc1uc:ing polder showels. Bulldozers, an; -loc.ozors ^rd trail bui.ldors. Barbed wino. Nos. D.;finitic.n c11 l'i .11^y.^.iv 1 Pcraff.ine of :retrolatu:i. 2 Equipo*ient pour le raffinnie clu 3 I petrole . Reservoirs servant a consorver cu a transporter du ptrole, avec poi t;nces it n~ o t fc riletures ' et .r_c'r1os , c, un__.- c;~t.~.cit0 do 4 ca-lions cu plus, tcls que jorry cans ou reservoirs pour u.; ag c sirli.laire. 4 Vchiculos a motcurs, y col1pris tracteurs; rcr:?.orques, parties corr,osaltes at pietas ditachc;os, equipcment ct meteriel dtontrotien; a 11oxce; t on c'.o: vciturcS '.e tauris? e, motoc;yc1ot,es do, 500 cc,,et mcins. of tricycles cl'une capaci to 'o ciia ;o in e:i ivun a a UflO tier io ?tonn ,- Matericl rualant pcar chonins do for Bateaux of parties ccr roianttos i; ;pcrtantos . Nivolcusos r. c caniques, n=Lt.7e1?.uses 'a devers of c1cbroussai21; rs do pistol. Fit do for bvrbele. Tyres and tubes other t .c n the o for taoto-.-cycles of 500 cc. cnd ur or, and pedal cyclos. Tole.cones ar.' birocti?I. s oxcopt opera-Cla..oses having no priems and na nific;:tion less than X 10 Pncus at cha1u'bros air ,:Afros quo ceux pour bicyclettes, of pour moto- cyclottos do 500 cc. of noires . Lon ues-vacs at j r.~olles ?. 11oxccption dos jry:.ell.os c o thc:ucre sans'e, }1:.; 1711psa1:::c clc .grossissc;11011t de 1s 1~e Zz, Approved For elease 2000/08/26 : CIA-RDP62-00647A000200050005-1 ?. Telephone switchl:ocrds . Flo-,able metal tuLintg. Electronic h~;atinr: instru.*ionts used in the metallurgical industry. a) Map -'_;.kinr; instru:ironts for use with p .otor ra phc or aerial photo- praphs. b) Instruments for studyin;p ,ncl interlproting acrira photogra-phs . Foundry rl..nt . 1-hoto-elan printing r:rachines y non Optical. Ultra-sonic dctectors. bber_scrap. i Ru 14 Tv 1;lea uX e c'_i ` tri1 'ti'`?i? r ".l!.r stcnler'.s tu1o ho ii _u s e fJ_c_ri1_les en 1vLc , 'e ch~uff.,r;'c U'].cctr:.Dnique plicction -ins 13industric lcs r1ctau::. 15 ''L) Equi~orront pour 1'ctatlissoment de 1caxtos a p^rtir do photer~rc i~hies tor- . restrec az c.c:rienncs. b) Appareils pour 11etudo ct l'intcr- ~pr~ts.tiori de ibato~ rv.l hie aerionncs . 16 Equipcnont do fonderie. M' chinos ? i:_iprirler dos -lr.ns pho- iti gr4p?hi jues -utres quo los m^.clAnes 1 op t'ique s . 18 ~Ctu ctcur s `. ultra.-s ens . 19 1 Dechets cle cc.outch::uc.