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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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December 15, 1959
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qMrAUZ f eE /4/G S 3--/ Sanitized - Approv d For Rela`se": CIA-RDP62-0068 OR000100320001-2 ow MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 15 DECEMBER 1959 25X1A9a 1. New Work a. D/GG The China Atlas is out. Work is being done on a GM on Overseas Chinese. An article on the Chinese-Indian border is slated for publication in the OCI Weekly. The Kurd project is now winding up. b. D/GL 25X1A9a Busy backing up - activities. 2. Travel 11X 1 A9a D/GG -- is slated for an Area Familiarization trip to Africa starting 1 February 1960. 3. Significant Conversations and Contacts a. National Atlas Committee reported on a meeting of the National Atlas Committee at which it was decided to prepare a statement on reasons we should have a national atlas. 25X1A9a b. Questions Raised by 25X1A9a 25X1A9a i X can i r~~a " reported he was contacted by (LC) on the following matters: (1) The creating of a roster by AAG of specialists in Chinese geography. (The inclusion of any Agency names would not be possible because of security considerations.) (2) Proposed AAG subcommittee to provide coordinated coverage of incoming Chinese geographic materials (abstracts, translations,etc.) wanted to know whether it would be useful for some of our 25X1A9a people to serve on such a subcommittee. has not yet approached Security about this, but believes FDD mi t be the ones to participate. will discuss this further with 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Relea VMA-RDP62-00680R000100320001-2 Sanitized - Approved For Rel - DP62- 680R000100320001-2 C. Meeting on City Plans Pro jecl5X1 A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a the City Plans Pro j2`1 X7 d. Briefing of The new is scheduled to be 25X1 X7 briefed by Chief/G and D/GC tomorrow; he is cleared through SECRET. indicated interest in talking with 25X1 X7 will try to set up an appointment for him. 4. Proble X1 A9a a. - reported on problems raised by the obtaining of some air photog,PR At to of Burma. b. reminded the Division Chiefs that any problems of a policy nature should be referred directly through command lines (Ch/G; AD/RR; DD/I). 5. Public Relations 25X1A9a conferred with Messrs. Terry and Pearcy of State to discuss how the Department of State will be serviced with maps when CIA moves to the 25X1A9a new building. - assured them that some adequate arrangement will be set up at the time of the move. also discussed the possibility of25X1A9a detailing one person to State (physically located at State) sometime before the move to take care of State's requests for maps. This would be on a trial basis to see whether this would be an adequate arrangement at the time of the move. 6. Statement on Major Projects and Activities The DCI has asked for a statement on major projects and activities cut out or "beefed up" since 1 July 1956. asked that the 25X1A9a Divisions prepare a short statement (in terms of man-hours) indicating those activities or major work (1) done away with; (2) decreased in size or people; or (3) increased in size or people. This statement is due into Chief/G by 4 January 1960. 7. Exchange Proposals a. Cartographic Exchange This exchange proposal has been referred to East-West Contacts for action. Two letters have gone out inviting counterparts in the USSR to come to the U.S. next March. Sanitized - Approved For Release :-QIA-RDP62-00680R000100320001-2 Sanitized - Appro d For Releaaq J62-006808000100320001-2 b. Geographic Exchange Q reported that money was now available in Russia for this exchange. 8. IGU Matters reported on his agreement with Gornung to exchange names, papers, and other information relative to U.S. participation in the IGU. 9. Distribution of Unclassified Maps to the Library of Congress At the request of awkim- procedures have been set up for the automatic distribution of selected unclassified maps to the Map Division, Library of Congress, for their use. 10. Staffing During Holiday Season asked that the divisions have adequate coverage of all activ es during the holiday period (about 50% coverage). 11. Records Disposition called the Division Chiefs' attention to ORR Notice 25X1A9a 43-100-1 ORR Records Disposition Pro ram, 8 December 1959. 25X1A9a E MEN of St/A will be around to each of the divisions to talk about the implementation of this program; they are scheduled to see Chief/G on Friday, 18 December. 12. Competitive Evaluation Panel It was decided that Division Chiefs should remain as members of the CEP for the period starting 1 January 1960. 13. Study of Agency Publications reported that a study is currently being made by the Publications omen ttee Chairman) of standard Agency 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For Rele RDP62-00680R000100320001-2 Sanitized - Approved For Rey LA-RDP62-00680R000100320001-2 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 14. Intelligence Collection Guides asked that future Collection Guides should take into consideration available Special Intelligence. It was suggested that perhaps the best way of doin this w to refer it to D/GG to work in these materials. will discuss this further. also asked that we be sure that the best efforts of the 25X1A9a Area go into the production of these Guides,and that they be fully coordinated within the Area. 15. Debriefing Requirements Aii " asked that uestions relative to the surveying of sites for missiles launching areas people, organizations, special surveying projects) be worked in wherever possible in presenting debriefing require- ments relative to geodetic control. is checking with NSA on this. 16. Procurement of Information on Latin American Countries 25X1A9a asked about the coordination of operational support work on Latin American countries and Geographic Attache and other possible 25X1A9a procurement activities. indicated he was currently coordinating with AMS on the matter. 17. E&E Orientation Course (operational techniques) i i " reported that eight D/GG personnel are scheduled to take a one-week E&E Orientation Course early in January. 18. Domestic Procurement Slots 25X1A9a stated that the revised job descriptions on the domestic procurement slo submitted within the next 2 or 3 weeks. will check withts and go over these soon. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Sanitized - Approved For ReI - k,9A RDP62-0068OR000100320001-2