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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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November 10, 1959
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M E `7/V G S 3-j Sanitized - Approved For Releas r- DP62-006808000 002-1 MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEWING, 10 NOVEMBER 1959 PRESENT: 1. New Work a. DJGC Work load remains fairly heavy. A considerable amount of work is being done on ONE contributions and on projects for DD/P. Work is progressing on the GM's on India and Mongolia. b. D /GL Currently busy gathering up maps and city plans for the President's trip. The request for maps of the Indian-China border area which were published prior to 18+2 is becoming a major project. c. D/GG Work is being done on the revision of the GM installation study on the basis of new information. is working on a pro ject25X1 A9a that concerns Soviet intentions regarding guided missiles and the possibility of their using Antarctica as an impact point. 2. Travel Plans a. D/GL Possible trip to Europe for 25X1A9a b. D/GG The possibility of combining trips to London and/or Frankfurt for D/GG personnel attending the IGU next August was discussed. Significant Conversations and Contacts 25X1 Aga 25) J A9 a. reported that called to inform him that ACIC, St. Louis, has printed and returned the first set of maps under the new arrangement. QCARM Sanitized - Approved For Re1eaRDP62-00680R000100320002-1 Sanitized - Appr9ved For Re 25X1 C4a 25X1A RDP62-0Q630R000100320002-1 b. i' spoke before a group of Administrative Officers at the Foreign Service Institute. d. stated he would arrange for a da 's tour at NSA within the next week or so for himself. MOW 4. Possible Rotation 25X1A9a 25X1A9a brought up for discussion the possibility of a 2-year tour within GRA of , OTR. After considerable discussion, it was concluded that it would be more advantageous both to - and the 25X1A9a Agency if he were to be rotated elsewhere in the DD/I (e.g., OCI). 25X1X7 7. Suggestions Awards Program reported that the number of employee suggestions has fallen off considerably. He asked that supervisors encourage their employees to submit suggestions. 8. Staff Study on Nomenclature of ORR Reports announced that a staff study has been submitted to the AD/RR on Nomenclature of ORR Reports by the ORR Task Force set up to study the question. A copy of the staff study is being circulated to Division Chiefs. 6. Disposition of Agency Records 25X1A9a reported on a discussion at a recent DCI Staff Meeting concerning the importance of reducing the amount of paper currently in Agency files (both at Headquarters and at Record Center) prior to the move into the new building. In addition to bringing to a minimum the material kept in current files, we are to examine categories of retired materials: (a) look at "Hold and destroy when no longer needed" materials to see whether some might now be destroyed; and (b) look at "Destroy in three years" materials and see whether they might be destroyed in less time. In short, we are to attempt to get rid of as much unnecessary paper as possible. Sanitized - Approved For Relea..? R 62-00680R000100320002-1 dF0_"JTMT_