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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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October 13, 1959
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M EC-T/,CTS 3-1 Sanitized - Approved For Rele-RDP62-006808000100320003-0 MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 13 OCTOBER 1959 25X1A9a New Work a. D GC Work seems to be on a more even keel. Work continues on high-priority DD/P requirements. commented that 25X1A9a the proposed D/GG project on the Arctic looks good. b. D/GG The Black Sea Study has been issued. EE/DDP has cancelled all urban area studies, with the exception of the one on Sofia. Presently working on a GM on Tirol; D/GG plans to put out a questionnaire along with the next GM to see what use is made of them and by whom. 2. Travel Plans D/GL Will be leaving for Europe early in November. 3. Significant Conversations and Contacts a. Tour to FBID "Wo-announced that he has arranged a tour to FBID for himself and his Branch Chiefs for Friday, 16 October. b. Visit to NSA 25X1A9a stated that he plans to visit NSA in the near future. 25X1A9a indicated interest in joining him. 25X1A9a ~ w:L" check this out with 25X1A9a 25X1 X7 c. 25X1A9a is scheduled to meet with ww~~~ toge per with the AD/RR and Ch/E. Sanitized - Approved For R IA-RDP62-00680R000100320003-0 UMPT M, Sanitized - Approved For R(~ IA-RDP62J680R000100320003-0 25X1 Abb Problems 25X1A9a asked when the "Guide to Collection of Topographic Maps of Czechoslovakia" would be issued, and was told that it is presently being edited and should be issued within a couple of weeks. 5. Personnel Matters a. Report on Status of ORR Personnel 25X1 a read the current figures for on-board personnel in each of the divisions. b. Competitive Evaluation Panel In view of the changes and promotions since the last CEP list 25X1A9a was drawn up, asked that convene the 25X1A9a Competitive Evaluation Panel and update the list. c. ERA Recruiters 25X1A9a At the request of briefed the ERA recruiters on the kinds of people needed by GRA. The recruiters were also provided with the names of the Heads of the Geography Departments at the universities involved. d. Approval of Recruitments and Appointments 25X1A9a read a memorandum from the DDCI to the Deputy Directors which requires that the DD/I and the Director of Personnel sign off on all appointment actions of GS-7 and above. 6. External Research Funds for FY 1962 and 1963 25X1A9a informed the group of what has been proposed to the DD/I by the AD/BR for GRA External Research Projects for FY 1962 and 1963. An authorization of is being requested, divided as follows: 25X1 Al a - Hemisphere Stereographic bases Polar Gnomonic base Azimuthal Equidistant bases -- PI Keys for Africa and SE Asia suggested that the divisions begin laying the groundwork for project proposals on these in the near future. It was also indicated that it may be possible to start some projects toward the end of FY 1961, if there should be any unused funds at that time. The study we had suggested on "Sectors of the Economy Vulnerable to Soviet Economic Penetration" is being referred to EIC. The one concerned with "Basic Studies on China" will probably be undertaken as D/GG projects after we have been given specific requirements by ERA. Sanitized - Approved For Releases CIA-RDP62-00680R000100320003-0 Sanitized - Approved For Rel RDP62-00680R000100320003-0 1 z.s Private Travel to IGU Meetings a. Security Approval and Cover It was decided that would act as coordinator with Cover Branch in setting up cover for those going to the Stockholm meetings on their own. It was urged that the memos requesting security approval and cover be submitted as soon as possible, as cover will have to be established prior to registration. b. IGU-sponsored Excursions The questi l 4inancing IGU-sponsored excursions for personnel travelling to as private citizens was brought up for discussion. In view of the budget situation, only those trips which can be justified from the point of view of area responsibility will be requested. 8. Exchange Proposals a. City Planning Exchange reported that the information transmitted by D/GG on the city planning exchange has been forwarded to who has expressed satisfaction with our evaluation. 25X1 A9a b. Cartographic Exchange 25X1A9a reported that the draft proposal on exchange of cartographers prepared by has been typed up and sent out 25X1 A9a to the military, who have been invited to attend a meeting to discuss the proposal on Monday, 19 October, at 10:00 in office25X1A9a were asked to attend the meeting, at which the draft proposal will be reviewed and revised. 25X1A9a 9. Trip asked that the Division Chi's caution their people to be more cautious in talking on the phone about trip and activities.25X1 A9a 10- PNIO `25X 1 A9a announced that the proposed revision of the Priority National Intelligence Objectives is being placed before the USIB next week. This revision places geodetic and locational information under "First Priority Objectives", due in large part to efforts in this matter. 25X1A9a 5X 9a t%rn Sanitized - Approved For Re1e - DP62-00680R000100320003-0 Sanitized - Approved For Releai. [.kDP62-00680R0001 00320003-0 11. Hull Committee Report complimented the group on their contributions to the Hull Committee Report. All items submitted by GRA were included in the DAD's report to the DD/I. 12. Status of ORR Projects informed the group that from now on only the maps completed will be included in the Quarterly ORR Status of Projects Report. Maps scheduled for completion in subsequent quarters will not be listed. 13? FE Town Plans questioned whether we should be doing something on FE 25X1 Aga Town Plans. It w decided that he would set up a meetin with 25X1A9a to discuss the matter, and that 25X1A9a would also attend. 5X1A9a 14. E&E Orientation stated that he thought it would be beneficial if more of his people could participate in an E&E field orientation. He is going to look into this possibility with St/A and OTR. 15. Relations with ONE 25X1A9a asked for guidance as to whom he should go in ONE to get a rea appreciation of what is wanted in NIE contributions. 25X1A9a suggested that a meeting be arranged with the AD (Sherman Kent). 25X1A9a indicated interest in accompanying- to this meeting to discuss an 25X1 A9a ONE coordinator for map requests for the NIE. Sanitized - Approved For ReIeaEk9 DP62-00680R000100320003-0