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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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September 29, 1959
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MEET /Av G-S Sanitized - Approved For Re RDP62-OQ~68OR000100320004-9 MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 29 SEPTEMBER 1959 a. D/GG 25X1A9a None reported. expressed thanks to D/GC on behalf of D/GG for the fine support on the Laos GM. b. D /GL None reported. c. D G X1A9a reported on plans for careful study of the continent of r.ca to determine the best breakdown into areas for regional base maps. 2. Travel Plans 3- a. jjjjj~~~ Will be leaving for Zurich on 9 October to attend the International Cartography Course; he will return at the end of January. 25X1A9a 3. Significant Conversations and Contacts 25X1A9a a. 25)C reported that is to meet with Col. Diercks of AMS on Thursday about 25X1X4 25X1A5a1 b. reported he had spoken with who seemed quite interested in taking over production of city pans Mona commercial basis; the main problem in such an arrangement would be source materials. 25X1A5a1 c. reported that will be in Washington within the next 30 days. 25X1A9a d. reported on a meeting with representatives of shop and ACIC to discuss reproduction of maps for TAB studies. It has been decided that ACIC will help in the reproduction of these maps. Sanitized - Approved For R qW; TCIA-RDP62-00680R000100320004-9 Sanitized - Approved Fo . IA-RDP62-0068OR000100320004-9 e. reported on a conference with OBI to discuss problems related to D/GC contributions to the NIS. f. reported that Col. Colacicco (representing Mr. Collins will soon contact us and set up a meeting to discuss the SAC request. L Problems asked that the role of St/PB and AD/RR in the final issuance of a GM be clarified. 5. USSR Atlas The group discussed the format of the USSR Atlas for outside distribu- tion, i.e., whether it should be sent in its present form of 2 volumes or 25X1A9a brought together into 1 volume. suggested that a list be drawn up of the 50 recipients we feel would have the eatest need, and send the 25X1A9a atlas to them in the 2-volume form. suggested that, if possible, about 25 copies should be made available to Commerce for sale purposes. 25X1A9a is to coordinate the matter by ascertaining the nu*er of copies available and working with 00/C on distribution. 25X1A9a 6. Debriefing of 25X1A9a 25X1X4B 25X1 X4 ""ims announced that was to be debriefed on 1 October at 10:00 in connection with his recent TDY to 25X1A9a indicated that D GG had already made arrangements to be present at the 25X1A9a debriefing; expressed interest and was provided with the background papers on the matter. 25X1A9a 7. Exchange Proposals a. ACSM Meeting has received a copy of a letter proposing that Soviet representatives attend next Spring's ACSM meeting and visit several mapping agencies. This was referred to GRA by who has asked that we give him a reading of the net intelligence 25X1A9a advantage to the U.S. of the proposal. indicated he 25X1 A9a would ask to prepare a counter-proposalon this, after which an inter-agency group would be convened to consider the matter. Sanitized - Approved For ReIeRDP62-00680R000100320004-9 A WAU Sanitized - Approved For Rele -RDP62-00680R000100320004-9 b. City Planning Exchange a to prepare an opinion as to the over-all net intelligence advantage to the U.S. of a Soviet proposal to have several Soviet city planners visit specific U.S. cities. The proposed timing of this visit should coincide with a conference being held on city planning in Puerto Rico in early June 1960. 8. Oceanographic Research In view of the Bill on Oceanographic Research which has been drawn 25X1A9a up for the approval of Congress, brought up for discussion the question of whether or not we should be doing anything in the field 25X1A9a of oceanographic intelligence. will talk with OSI people to ascertain what is being done in the field at present. 25X1'A9 Materials on Tibet 21 asked the group what interest there would be in certain private materials, manuscript maps, notes and photographs collected by 25X1A9a Professor Joseph L. Rock on his trip to Tibet in the 1920'e. will meet with GG/F personnel and to discuss the probable value of these materials, and arrange to have someone go and look them over if this seems warranted. 10. Status of ORR Personnel iWam read the on-board figures for GRA divisions from the Monthly Status of Personnel Report, as well as the attrition rate for GRA divisions over the past year. inquired whether we would have any interest in having ERA recruiters, who will be going out shortly, do some recruiting for us. It was decided that we should handle this ourselves. 25X1X4 13. Studies being Undertaken by 25X1A9a 25X1A9a reported that is currently undertaking the following studies: (a) Proposal from AGS to make available geographic literature tW &~ fr p jd5R 4): 4M9k.WPP6 0ft8?YO(4 0(8240 *ica. -3-"OL'.Ol[r