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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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September 2, 1959
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Sanitized - Approved For R Divisions to supply all necessary intelligence support to 25X1A9a Ch/G Staff Meeting 2 September 1959 ACTION REQUIRED Item No. Action Required of Ch/G Action Required of Divisions 3 to be given 25X1 Aga opportunity to brief 25X1A9a to check into the possibility of contracting some drafting work on the outside.25X1A9a 25X1A9a 13 -- 14 Sanitized - Approved For Re q IA-RU z- b~$ f OOSIkft ,,ger carry c e names. 25X1A9a to draw up current listin of USSR towns. 25X1A9a to review Memo #678. to discuss specific requirements while on TDY. `rl A-RDP62-0068OR000100320006-7, Transmittal memos to be prepared for signature of either the Division 25X1 A9aPr Area Chief. to look into possibili- ties of producing several of the cities on an unclassified basis. ? i to get his T/O in order be- fore leaving on TDY. All forthcoming trips will be announced at GRA Staff Meetings. Copies of all trip reports to be sent to each division. 25X1A9a will be con- tacting Division personnel in connection with study of requirements picture. QW= Sanitized - Approved For ReI , . IA-RDP62-Qg,680R000100320006-7 25X1A9a MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 2 SEPTEMBER 1959 PRESENT: Messrs. 25X1A9a 1. Detail of Special Assistant to the DD/I (NSC and National Estimates Chief/G announced that the Director has detailed of theU.S. Office of the DD/I, to serve on the Coolidge Group which is reviewing disarmament policy. The DD I has asked that we furnish all necessary intelligence support to as expec tiously as possible, as required. 2. Return of Agricultural Attache to Poland Chief/G announced that Mr. John Wenmohs has just recentl returned25X1A9a from a four-year tour in Poland as Agricultural Attache. h t has talked to Mr. Wenmohs regarding Polish ma s and indicated m 25X1A9a o to remind asked would get in touch with him; 25X1 A9a that 25X1A9a to do this. indicated D/GG interest in debriefing 25X1 A9a Mr. Wenmohs and it was suggested that D/GG contact him directly and set this up. to 3. Assignment of 25X1A9a Special Assistant to the DD /I (FCS) 25X1A6a 9rYlAqn 25X1A6a It was reported that of the Office of the DD/I has been 25X1 X7 d t sl he 25X1 A9a selecte - before he o l lU indicated interest in talkin with 25X1 A9. ind d t s will be kept in mind when comes around for the25X1A9a an leaves, regular briefing sessions prior to his departure. 25X1A6a 25X1 BOc 25X1A9a 25X1 A9aa. A list of USSR towns on which we are working will draw up the current listing. b. Statement as to whether priority requirements specified in Memo January 1959, are still valid of 25X1A9a will review this memo and inform Awk any c anges. on his recent TDY in Europe, spoke to in who asked for clarification and further ainformation regarding our requirements. requested. Sanitized - Approved For ReleaS fDP62-00680R000100320006-7 Sanitized - Apprated For ReleaseT'1A-RDP62-00gjOR000100320006-7 25X1A9a 5. Transmittal memo 5X1A9a It has come to attention that several projects have Branch memos 25X1A9a 25X1A9a recently been trans ed to requesters by memoranda signed by the Chief. reminded the Division Chiefs that transmittal should be signed by either the Division or Area Chief. 6. Unclassified Maps of USSR Cities Chief/G reported that he had received 2 separate requests for unclassified maps of USSR cities, to be made available to Americ an travelers in the Soviet Union; one request came from the East-West Con- tacts Staff, Department of State, and the other from LCD/OCR. After considerable discussion of the difficulties involved, it was decided that would look into the possibilities for producing maps similar o a ose on Moscow and Leningrad on several of the more urgently requested cities. When this has been ascertained, will discuss with the requesters to see whether this would fill the need. 7. T /O Chief/G announced that we will be required to keep a more strict balance between personnel on duty and the approved T/O. People must be assigned to slots in units in which they are actually working. 25X1A9aasked - to get his T/0 in order before leaving on his TDY. 8. Travel 25X1X7 25X1A9a Chief/G stated that he was quite concerned over the laxity of personnel in submitting reports upon return from travel, and asked that this be made the first order of business for returning travelers in future. 5X1A9~ brought up for discussion the need for developing a system whereby each trip by Area personnel can be made known throughout the Area. Such notification should be made both prior to departure (for briefing purposes) and upon return (for debriefing). After discussion, it was decided that (a) all trips (foreign and domestic) would be announced at the GRA Staff Meeting, and passed on to the divisions by the Division Chief, and (b) a copy of each trip report (foreign and domestic) would be sent to each division; the responsibility for arranging debriefings rests with the receiving division. In compliance with this new policy, announced that he is 25X1A9a contemplating a trip to New York next week to review the work being done for the Cartography Division 25X1 A5a2 Sanitized - Approved For Release' :ttA-RDP62-00680R000100320006-7 QULC= ecom or-namwoop Sanitized - Approved For ReT r IA-RDP62-00 0R000100320006-7 10. Study of Requirements Picture Chief/G announced that he had asked to make a thorough study of the whole requirements picture, including coordination within GRA, relationships between the Divisions and St I an y a parent duplica- tion of work, and what follow-ups are made. will be contacting Division Chiefs and individual analysts to gether information for this study. 25X1A9a 11. City Plans Chief, D/GC, reported on a problem in connection with the production of City Plans. There are presently 6 or 7 compiled awaiting drafting. Chief/G suggested that we investigate the possibilities of contracting some of this drafting work on the outside, Chief D /GC to going to check into this. ' ' 25X1A5a2 12. Aeration Alert 1959 reported on OPAL 1959, indicating that he thought it went very well. Because of the type of exercise, requests for maps were not very heavy. There was a heavy reliance on finished intelligence. '5X1A9 also reported that there was a possibility of increasing Map Library space at the center, and that he thought that this sk~Q.uld be done. He will discuss this further with 25X1 H9a 13. Task Force on Reports Nomenclature Acting Chief, D/GG, reported that D/GG is participating in a Task Force set up by the Publications Staff to study the standardization of reports within ORR. St/PB is also investigating the advisability of using the multi- lith process for reports which are currently being dittoed and reproduced in the Geography Division. i4. Feasibility Studies Acting Chief, D/GG, reported on a conversation with relative to feasibility studies, in which asked that copies be provided to25X1A9 the CIA Library. In view of this, it was decided that we should no longer assign code names to these reports. -3- Sanitized - Approved For Relea - DP62-0068OR000100320006-7