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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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August 18, 1959
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MGE-FjNGS 3-/ Sanitized - Apprgyed For Rel A-RDP62-006680R000100320007-6 Ch/G Staff Meeting 18 August 1959 ACTION REQUIRED Item No. Action Required of Ch/G Action Required of Divisions Division Chiefs to make the certification required by ORR N 5-00-8 on all requests for purchase of publications material. Reports to be issued in "Intelligence Collection Guide" 25X1 A9a series, to be edited by Chief, D/GL, to discuss inclu- sion of Map Requirement in the 25X1A9a PNIO's with Divisions to submit Monthly Reports to Ch/G by 3rd working day of each month. Acting Chief, D/GG, to inform Chief/G within the next 2 or 3 days of D/GG personnel to attend IGU meetings. Sanitized - Approved For Rele P62-0068OR000100320007-6 Sanitized - Approved For Rejg&, IA-RDP62-0068OR000100320007-6 25X1A6a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 18 AUGUST 1959 25X1A9a 1. Regulation Regarding Purchase of Publications Material Chief/G queried the Division Chiefs regarding compliance with the recently issued ORR Notice 5-00-8 on the Purchase of Publications Material. Each Division Chief indicated that the required certification will be made on all future purchase requests. 25X1A9a 2. Briefing of 25X1A9a Chief/G reported that he briefed (Chief of the on requirements for topo- graphic maps and geographic data. said he felt that25X1 A9a went away convinced that the intelligence community has a real need for these maps, notwithstanding comments by SAC officers to the contrary. 3. Intelligence Collection Guide Series 25X1A9a Chief/G reported on a meeting between D/GL personnel and of St/I on the publication of background collection reports being produced by D/GL in a more formal manner than in the past. It was decided that these reports will be issued in the "Intelligence Collection Guide" series. stated that the reports are to be submitted to fo 5X1 A9a editing, and indicated he would like to have both D/GL and D GG work into this report series. 4. Priority National Intelligence Objectives Chief/G noted that DCID 1/3, Priority National Intelligence Objectives, 30 September 1958, was currently being revised; any suggested changes are due into ONE by COB 28 August 1959. suggested that it might be a good idea to request that the map requirement be put into the revised PNIO's. is to look at the PNIO's, and discuss this possibility with Mr 25X1 A9a 5. Ethnographic Atlas of Siberia Chief/G questioned Chief, D/GL, regarding our efforts to procure the Ethnographic Atlas of Siberia. Sanitized - Approved ForRMW : CIA-RDP62-0068OR000100320007-6 Sanitized - Approved For : CIA-RDP62-0068OR000100320007-6 6. Monthly Reports In order to get the Area Monthly Report out earlier in the month, Chief/G requested that the divisions submit their reports to him no later than COB, the 3rd working day of each month. The target date for submission of the Area Report to the AD will be the 5th working day of each month. 7. IGU Meetings Chief/G discussed the IGU Meetings with the Division Chiefs, so that he could re 1 to the July memorandum from. Security. asked25X1 A9a 25X1 A9a that inform him within the next few days of the personnel from D/GG who are to attend on an official basis. added that 25X1A9a arrangements for attendance should be made as soon as possible to insure travel and hotel reservations. 8. iiiiiij&Trik Chief, D/GL, discussed his forthcoming TDY in Denmark and his plans for visits to several SovBloc countries. His departure date is dependent upon the issuance of visas for one or more of the countries to which he has applied. 9. Current D/GG Projects of Note Acting Chief, D/GG, noted for the group that three GM's are currently in the mill, as well as several contributions to NIE's. 10. Operation Alert 1959 25X1A2d2 The coming - exercise was discussed, with particular attention to the deficiency of reproduction facilities for maps. ss r ?', Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-0068OR000100320007-6