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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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April 8, 1959
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Al( &: 7- //VCs 5 cbrngg Sanitized - Approved For rMqFZ0U%50U 17 IA-RDP62-00C80R000100320015-7 Ch/G Staff Meeting 8 April 1959 ACTION REQUIRED Item No. Action Required of Ch/G Action Required of Divisions 1 O/Ch/G to pass on names Chief, D/GC, to submit name of those to attend to to O/Ch/G. OAD/RR. Divisions to follow the new outline, as discussed. 3 Ch/G to circulate memo IGU questionnaire to be sent re World Directory to in only by those who have all GRA personnel. legitimate "cover". an 25X1A9a members of a Task Force to consider GRA and ORR War Plans. 25X1A9a paper. 25X1A9a t i Divisions to send in their comments on "Office Periodical" to O/Ch/G by 24 April. Chief, D/GG, to put GRA's CEP into operation as soon as possible after the official appointment of the members by the head of the ORR career service. Division Chiefs to give further through to this problem and suggest to Ch/G what they consider to be the most effective solution. Chief, D/GG, to submit comments to Ch/G on Parts F and G of rman appoin ed Cha Sanitized - Approved For ReI A-RDP62-00680R000100320015-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release P62-006680R000100320015-7 "or 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 8 APRIL 1959 PRESENT: 1. Briefing on Philco TRANSAC S-2000 Computer Chief/G announced that a one-day orientation seminar has been arranged by OCR on the TRANSAC S-2000 Computer. This seminar is to be presented on 20 April 1959 in Room 3-17 Central, commencing at 9:00. Chief, D/GG, indicated that he and - would be interested in 25X1A9a attending; Chief, D/GC, would like to have one person from D/GC attend (probably ). 2. Change in Format of Monthly Reports The group discussed the proposed change in format for the Area Monthly Report. It was agreed that the Division Reports would follow the new outline as closely as possible, but would include any additional items as they consider necessary for division record purposes. 3. IGU World Directory of Geographers After much discussion relative to the filling out of the question- naire sent to many of our people by the IGU for compilation of a revised "World Directory of Geographers", it was decided that only those persons who have a legitimate cover (e.g., teacher at a university) could fill out and return the questionnaire. Chief/G will circulate a memorandum to all GRA personnel relative to this. 4. Publication of an Office Periodical by ORRR The group discussed the memorandum sent to all Division and Branch Chiefs by Chief, St/A, asking for comments on the institution of an "Office Periodical" by ORR. Chief/G asked that the Divisions look this over and submit all comments to O/Ch/G no later than 24 April. 5. Competitive Evaluation Panels Chief/G will nominate the three Division Chiefs as members of the Competitive Evaluation Panel for GRA, with Chief D/GG as Chairman for the first term. asked that the Panel be put into operation as soon as possible, in accordance with the procedure outlined in ORR Reg. 20-58. will make himself available for any assistance needed in the setting up of the Panel, and will sit in on the first meeting of the Panel. Sanitized - Approved For Release .QA_ P62-0068OR000100320015-7 nr_nncxm TEUMM r- d For Release : CIA-RDP62-006 OR000100320015-7 Sanitized - App~ 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 6. Briefing Program in ORR Chief/G asked the Division Chiefs for their opinions of the present briefing program in ORR for personnel going overseas for two-year tours. This was discussed, and it was agreed that the present program is pretty standardized, apparently with little thought given to what the individual's real interests and needs might be. It was suggested that to take care of this standard information, Divisions might draw up a concise one-page summary of essential facts about the Division, with briefings set up only on the basis of real interest or need. The Division Chiefs were asked to give this additional thought and try to come up with ideas as to the most effective kind of solution to this problem. 7. Intelligence Research Facilities and. Techniques Chief/G passed on to chief, D/GG, Parts F and G of the paper prepared by for his OTR course, and asked that MMMO submit 25X1A9a comments to Ch/G, after coordinating them with Chief, D /GC. 8. War Plans As considerable work is to be done in the next month on GRA and ORR War Plans, Chief/G announced he would like to set up a Task Force to develop suggested revisions to the current plans. The following were appointed as members of this Task j orce: 25X1A9a - 2 - Sanitized - Approved For Rel se : CIA-RDP62-00680R000100320015-7 Sanitized - Appropd For Release : CIA-RDP62-0068OR000100320015-7 *9? Briefing on Communications Set-up-for Emergency Conditions Chief/G announced there would be a briefing given on "Emergency Communications" for all members of the Emergency Team who had not yet heard it. This briefing will be presented at 10:00, 10 April, in Room 1121 M. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP62-0068OR000100320015-7