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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1998
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March 17, 1959
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/'J 0"7//4/6 S 3-/ Sanitized - Appro4ed For R ME ' CIA-RDP62-0068OR000100320016-6 Ch/G Staff Meeting 17 March 1959 ACTION REQUIRED Item No. Action Required of Ch/G Action Required of Divisions 1 Chief, D/GG, to keep Ch/G posted on the Conference. 2 None required. 9 SA to Ch/G to review 25X1 Aga paper. Divisions to try to achieve 100% participation in the Federal Service Campaign. None required. 25X1X7 Analysts receiving documents from Munich with questionnaires to fill out as instructed. Division Chiefs to read over CIA R 20-58o and DD/I N 20-580-i. Chief, D/GG, to review Vital Storage List. Divisions to give consideration to submission of articles for Studies in Intelligence. Sanitized - Approved For Rejg#j&A-RDP62-00680R000100320016-6 Sanitized - Approved For R IA-RDP62-00680R000100320016-6 MINUTES OF THE GEOGRAPHIC RESEARCH AREA STAFF MEETING, 17 MARCH 1959 25X1A9a 1. War Planning Conference Chief, D/GG, reported that he is currently attending portions of the DD/P War Planning Conference. Chief, D/GC, will participate later in the session. Chief/G asked that keep him posted on 25X1A9a Conference highlights. Some of the topics of discussion will bear on comments which Chief/G is currently drafting in response to a proposed DD/P memo on UW support. 2. Kilday Committee Chief/G informed the group that the Kilday Committee (in Congress) is being briefed in depth on CIA activities. We are cautioned, mean- while, to refrain from any public comment on the Mansfield proposal, which would set up a Congressional watchdog committee to oversee CIA activities. 3. Federal Service Campaign Chief/G reminded the group that the Federal Service Campaign for National Health Agencies and Joint Crusade comes to a close on Friday, 20 March. He asked that an effort be made to achieve 100% participation. 4. Within-grade Step Increases Chief/G reported that step increases will henceforth be given automatically unless St/A has been notified of below-normal performance. Supervisors will receive prior notice of the impending action in each case. 5. Munich Model Chief/G informed the Division Chiefs that an experiment in rapid ,,5X1 A6a 25X1A6a transmission of information reports is currently underway. The e erimen called the involves special handling of output for a one month period. The reports are taped in the field by means of a "Flexowriter" and will be routed at headquarters with brief questionnaires which will ask for comments on the quality and pertinency of each report. Sanitized - Approved For R RDP62-0068OR000100320016-6 Sanitized - Approved For Re ase : IA-RDP62-00680R000100320016-6 1"W I 25X1X7 25X1X7 Chief G went over the schedule which has been drawn up for and asked that briefings be tailored to meet his specific in eres s. 7. Competitive Promotion Chief/G reported that the new ORR Regulation on promotion policy is to be issued within the next couple of weeks. This regulation sets up Competitive Evaluation Panels within ORR -- one for the OAD Staffs, 25X1A9a one for ERA, and one for GRA. The group discussed the matter at some length. asked that the Division Chiefs read over the CIA and DD/I regulations on Competitive Promotion (CIA R 20-580 and DD/I Notice 20-580-1) preparatory to further meetings on the subject. 8. List of Vital Storage Material SA to Ch/G gave Chief, D/GG, a list of 1950 material in Vital Storage which is presumed to belong to D/GG. was asked to 25X1A9a review the list, and provide guidance on (a) what should be kept in Vital Storage; (b) what should be destroyed; and (c) what should be sent to Records Center. Chief/G suggested that continuing efforts be made to keep Vital Storage material up to date. 9. Intelligence Research Facilities and Techniques 25X1A9a SA to Ch/G told the group that we had received a draft of additional parts of the paper that has written for his OTR course on "Intelligence Research Facilities and Techniques". Will 25X1A9a accomplish the revisions that are needed in the GRA material. 25X1A9a 10. Studies in Intelligence Chief/G stated that one of the Board Members of the "Studies in Intelligence" publication has indicated the Board would be interested in receiving articles from us having to do with Geographic Intelligence. asked that the Division Chiefs give this some consideration. Sanitized - Approved For Releq,?AwJ;i _RDP62-0068OR000100320016-6 6. Schedule for